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Caught in the Act
by Annie

I had just gotten off the phone with my husband, Jon, one morning. He had been out of town for two weeks, and he made it a point to call home quite frequently - either late at night, or early in the morning. We would make love over the phone, making ourselves come with wild abandon. This mornings session had been particularly arousing as he told me that he would be home in two short days, and as I fingered myself to a powerful orgasm, he explained in great detail what he was going to do to me when he got home. Jon is definitely all male. He stands over six feet tall, has dark hair and green eyes. He has hard, rippling muscles, powerful arms and legs and hands, and a wonderful, seven inch cock, that gets so hard, it feels like steel when he fucks me with it.

I was still lying there when my phone rang again. This time, it was my best friend, Lisa. She and I had grown up together and lived together while going to college.

"Hey, Deb, what's up?" she asked, "I didn't wake you, did I?"

"No, I was awake. In fact, I just got off the phone with Jon. He's been in San Francisco for two weeks, and I can't wait for him to come home," I answered.

"Well, then, grab your plastic, I'll pick you up, and we'll go shopping for something sexy to wear when he gets home, and have a long, leisurely lunch," Lisa said. We arranged what time she would pick me up then I got into the shower.

While showering, I was still a little horny, so I was taking my soaped-up shower puff and rubbing it over my clit. I was also thinking about when Lisa and I had lived together at college, before Jon and I got married. Lisa has beautiful, long blond hair, and electric blue eyes. She's of medium height and has large, round breasts, and legs that won't quit. I, myself, am the same height with medium length ash blond hair and brown eyes. My breasts aren't as large as Lisa's, but my husband says they're beautiful, and the nipples are very sensitive. My legs are shapely, and proportionate to my height. Lisa had been my first and only female lover. I remember one particular evening. Neither one of us had dates. I had just broken up with someone, and her boyfriend was away, visiting his folks. I had showered and gone back to my room. I was very horny, so I grabbed one of the magazines that Lisa had loaned me, and my vibrator. I was getting pretty involved, and I didn't hear Lisa come in.

"Having fun, are we?" she asked. I was a little startled, but no too much. We had often masturbated while we talked about our sessions with our boyfriends. Once or twice we had even had a sixty-nine session if we had sex with them on the same night - it was such a turn on.

She came over and sat down on the bed. She took the magazine out of my hand and tossed it on to the floor, and set the vibrator off to the side. She ran her fingers through my hair, kissed me and asked to make love to me. I was so horny, and I could tell she was too, so I agreed. I couldn't believe what a wonderful lover she was. We took turns sucking and fingering each other to orgasm. She used the vibrator on me to bring me to an earth shattering orgasm and I did the same for her. After a while, we were both very satisfied and very sleepy, so we slept together the whole night, not even bothering to shower until the next day.

We had never had another encounter quite like that one since because I had met Jon, and left school to marry him. She gave me a huge dildo as a "private" shower gift, and whispered to me that she hoped to be able to use it on me one day. I told her that she could, but I would get to do the same to her. We agreed, and sealed our bargain with a mind-blowing kiss.

I finished in the shower after bringing myself to another orgasm. I got dried off and dressed, and finished getting ready. I was already thinking that maybe Lisa and I could have a little session and that made me hot just thinking about it. I wore a tight skirt, low cut blouse, and lingerie designed to give just enough support so that my ample breasts peeked out just enough to drive any sane man (or one horny woman) crazy.

I was ready when Lisa arrived. We hugged and kissed each other. "You look great," she said.

"You too," I answered.

We left and had a long shopping spree, and then a long lunch with a bottle of wine. She and I talked about everything.

"Let's get out of here, go back to my house, slip into something a little more comfortable, and talk all night," I said.

"That sounds great!" she answered. "We haven't done that in ages, and now would be the perfect opportunity." She then leaned very close to me in the almost empty restaurant and asked me if I were sure Jon wouldn't be home for a couple more days. I confirmed her statement, and she seemed very pleased.

We got back to my house and unloaded my purchases. Lisa and I had changed into the silk chemise and robe sets we had just purchased, sat on the sofa with another bottle of wine, and talked. We laughed as she talked about some of the exploits of her sex life. I was getting wetter just thinking about her and I making love later, while she described some of what and her current boyfriend had been up to. I also told her about some of the interesting stuff Jon and I had tried. Lisa then asked me if I had gotten any use out of her "gift". I told her that I had, especially with Jon away, more than he was home lately. I told her how I couldn't wait until he got home because of how horny I was.

That's when she leaned very close to me and took me in her arms. She held me so tight I could feel my pussy gushing. I was so wet. We kissed and she told me that she wanted me. I told her that I wanted her too, and how I hoped to convince her to have sex with me. She told me all I had to do was ask, because come to find out, she missed our little sessions. We kissed hard and deep, as if trying to eat each other up, all the while we teased each other's tits and nipples. When we finally broke our kiss she told me she had been wanting to do that all day. I suggested we move to the bedroom, as we would be more comfortable on my bed. We walked into the bedroom that Lisa had decorated for Jon and I moved into before we got married. It had been a wonderful homecoming gift from her when we had returned from our honeymoon.

"I've always loved this room, and this bed," Lisa said.

"You should," I said, laughing, "You decorated it for us." We undressed quickly and hopped up onto the bed. Lisa started kissing my neck, and I was playing with her tits. I'd always loved playing with them because they were so sensitive, she almost came on the spot. I took her nipples in my mouth making them as hard as little steel balls. She then lied me back on to the huge pillows, and went to work on my body. She started on my tits and nipples, kissing and touching them. I could feel my pussy juices running down my legs. "I've missed this wet pussy so much." She said. She took my clit in her mouth and flicked it with her tongue. It felt so good. I'd always enjoyed it when she did that. Jon loved it too because he could make me come several times and would stay down there for hours if I let him. I had a severe orgasm as I thought what it would be like if both Lisa and Jon had played with my clit like that at the same time. Lisa called me a slut for enjoying it so much. She asked what I was thinking about and I told her what I had just been fantasizing about. I then sat up and pushed her down onto the bed. "Eat me, bitch!" She screamed. I kept right on going, making her come as hard as I just did. I didn't realize how love-starved we were for each other.

She pulled me on top of her, and in this position our tits and pussies were touching and it was so arousing. She and I had started grinding our pussies together and the sensation was mind-blowing as we both came like wailing banshees. After this, I grabbed the dildo she had given me. I reminded her of our promise to each other. I took the dildo and slowly entered it into her pussy. She squealed with delight as I started pushing it in and out, slowly at first, then increasing my speed and intensity. She had a massive orgasm, screaming as she came. She then said it was my turn. She had me get on all fours and took the dildo and started it in and out of my hot cunt. I was on the verge of coming when all of the sudden she stopped. When I asked why, she said she had a surprise for me. She pulled a black silk scarf out of my night table drawer that Jon and I had used on several occasions and tied it over my face so that I couldn't see. Then there was a shift on the bed, and I thought nothing of it at first. All of the sudden, there was a powerful set of hands on my ass, and a real live hard cock was entering me. I was very surprised, but I was enjoying it too much because my pussy had been man-starved for so long. I started coming and didn't stop, even when my mysterious lover emptied his cock deep into my love hole.

Then the man, who smelled wonderful, said to me "I've been waiting to see you with Lisa for the longest time. I had to set this little scene up just to do it." With that the blindfold was removed and I was turned around to see the wonderfully hard body of my husband, Jon. I then felt a little guilty, as I looked at Lisa sitting in the oversized, stuffed chair in our room, playing with herself. "Don't worry. I was so turned on by what I saw. I couldn't wait to join you. You looked so wonderful as Lisa was eating you." He then kissed me so lovingly, and I still couldn't believe that he was here, two days early.

"How did you manage this?" I asked. He explained to me that when he and I talked a few days earlier, I sounded depressed, lonely and very horny. He called Lisa and set up the whole afternoon. I asked him how he got home so quick, he said he came in the night before, and resisted the urge to come home, just knowing what I would be doing when he "caught" me. I asked him just how much he saw, he replied "everything." He also said that he wanted a three-way, just so he could see just how Lisa and I spent some of our evenings.

Jon then pulled me close to him and put my hands on his hard again cock. I was amazed. It usually takes Jon a couple of hours to get hard again, but I was not one to complain. He said he wanted to fuck me and Lisa both, if she was agreeable, and of course, she was. Jon laid me down and started to work on my pussy. God, it felt so good having him home and eating me. Lisa came over and put her hot cunt right down on my face. The smell was intense and I started to have another orgasm. I was in heaven, I couldn't believe that I was making love to my husband and best friend at the same time. Jon got up and slipped his rock-hard cock into my pussy, it felt so good after being two weeks without him. I made him pull out and lie down. Lisa took this as her cue, and crawled on top of him and impaled herself on his hard cock. I then sat on his face and he began to eat my hot cunt. Lisa and I were facing each other, kissing, touching, and coming all at the same time. Lisa and I started coming together and screaming at our pleasure. This set off a chain reaction in Jon, who then unloaded his hot come deep into Lisa's cunt. When he finished, I rolled Lisa over and ate my husbands love juice out of her cunt. The combination of the two together tasted wonderful. I promised her that next time, she could do the same to me. Afterwards, we all dozed off together.

I must have been more tired than I had realized, because when I woke two hours later, Jon was lying there watching me, with that look of deep love in his eyes. He kissed me and told me that he loved me very much. When I asked where Lisa was, he said that she thought we needed to be left alone, and took off. She left me a note that said she was looking forward to doing this again soon. Jon then said I should appreciate his patience for not coming home when he arrived in town the night before. He said he had masturbated at the thought of Lisa and I making love. Just the thought of him stroking his powerful cock to orgasm set my pussy on fire. He started caressing my breasts and told me how sexy I looked. He encouraged me to start spending a lot more time with Lisa, especially when he was away, telling him in explicit details what we did. I promised him that I would. And with that, I welcomed him home properly, as only as love-starved wife can.


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