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Champaign in the Distance
by Brad Bender

I was driving through Illinois on a rainy evening in late March. My destination, Savannah, was still many miles down the road. The driving rain, bumpy roads and lack of sleep all contributed to the fatigue I was beginning to feel. A mileage marker showed that Champaign was 140 miles away and, although I planned to drive straight through, a warm bed was very inviting. In another hour I would decide if I should stop and get some rest before continuing on my journey.

Emergency flashers in the distance caught my attention and I slowed down to see if I could offer assistance. As I pulled in behind the stopped vehicle a stunning female form got out and approached my window. Opening my window I was greeted by and attractive, soaking wet, and somewhat frustrated woman who said her name was Susan. She said that she was on her way to Champaign for a weekend teaching conference and that her transmission had failed. A tow truck had been called but wouldn't be here for another 2 hours. She was unsure about what to do. I introduced myself and told her I was heading in that direction and I could take her there. This seemed to relax her and, with only a moment's hesitation looking into my calm, reassuring eyes, she accepted my offer. After a quick phone call to her auto club and another to a friend relaying my license number and description she went to her trunk for her luggage.

Getting out of my truck I said, "Let me help you with that." I stowed her bags in the back of my truck and made room for her in the passenger seat. I held the door open for her as she seated herself and relaxed for the first time in hours. Sitting in the driver's seat next to her I started the engine and proceeded down the road...leaving her car in the distance.

We elaborated on our introductions and, after some initial awkwardness, our conversation became comfortable, light-hearted and intriguing. Not only was she attractive but she was also very intelligent, friendly and inviting. We both commented that it seemed as if we had known each for years. My gaze inadvertently dropped to blouse when I noticed that it's shear and soaked material left very little about her breasts to the imagination. I tried to stop myself from staring at her obviously beautiful breasts with nipples pressing hard against her bra while we conversed...but I couldn't help myself. She noticed my gaze after a few glances in her direction and followed it.

"Oh my God! I'm so embarrassed," she gasped while trying to pull her blouse from her clinging breasts. Her face turned a very becoming shade of crimson and instantly the atmosphere in my truck became a little more guarded.

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to stare but...." I started to stammer.

"No need to apologize. I should have realized I was showing more than I should with the rain and all." Susan offered as a shiver went through her body.

"You really do need to get those wet clothes off. There's a rest area up ahead about 30 miles. Do you have any dry ones in that duffle behind you?" I asked.

"I am getting cold but I don't see why I can't change right long as you promise to keep your eyes on the road." she added with a smile.

The tension seemed to drop off instantly at that remark and as she dug through her duffle bag she placed a lace bra in the space between us and followed that with buttoned-down men's shirt, and a pair of boxers. She reminded me not to peek as she began to unbutton her blouse. She had to lean forward to get the soaked garment of her shoulders and when she did this, her breasts, only restrained by a sheer bra, were visible in my peripheral vision. They were even more incredible than I imagined. They appeared soft, milky white, and with cleavage that rose and fell with her breathing. As she reached around to unclasp her bra her breasts sprang free. They were larger and than I expected...and hoped for. Her nipples meeting the cool air seemed to rise from her areolas in an instant. This couldn't be happening I said to myself. I tried to focus on the road but I kept glancing, ever so slightly, in Susan's direction. By now she had her bra and shirt on and was slipping off her pants. As she pulled the pants off her ankles I noticed that her panties were made of the same material as her bra...very sheer. I could see her pubic hair and the outline of her pussy through the material and tilting my head to the side I glimpsed an incredible ass as she pulled her boxers on. Waves of excitement raced through my body and it didn't go unnoticed.

"Now, it looks like you're showing a little more than you should," she said looking down at my lap and growing erection with a smile and a muffled laugh.

It didn't help matters that she was now staring at me. I tried to shift and ease some of my no avail. I was getting harder by the second and Susan was doing nothing to direct the focus away from my obvious sexual excitement. Instead she seemed to revel in it.

"That's what you get for peeking, naughty boy," she want on to say while never lifting her eyes from the bulge in my jeans. "Did my breasts excite you? Or was it my legs? Were you looking at my pussy through my panties?" As she asked these questions Susan got on her knees and started to slowly unbutton her shirt and unclasp her bra. She placed my hand on her breast and said, "Go ahead and hold my tit. I know you want to. Oh, that's right...pinch my nipple. It feels so good."

I couldn't believe the turn of events. Here was this sexy, beautiful, endowed woman letting me explore the delights of her body while I drove through the remotest parts of Illinois. If I could have freed a hand I would have pinched myself to make sure it was really happening. Instead I let my fingers run down her face to her breasts and then her stomach and finally her pussy. I slid the material to the side and felt her wetness with my palm. She let out a moan as I inserted first one and then another finger into her dripping pussy.

"Yes! That feels so good," she uttered as she started to move up and down on my now drenched hand. She started to buck uncontrollably and grab at her swaying breasts. Her nipples were like buds between her fingers. She pinched them and drew saliva down from her mouth to cover them. This caused her eyelids to flutter. I couldn't take my eyes off her as she lost herself in sexual excitement.

I then let my thumb find her clit for the first time. The effect on her was electric! She started to writhe and shake and she dropped her pussy down hard on my hand trying to force me even farther into her body.

"Ron, I'm coming!!!" she screamed over and over again with her eyes closed and sweat forming on her neck and chest. "Oh my God! This is incredible! Don't stop!" she yelled.

I felt the walls of her pussy hold my fingers tightly and then a wave of her juices enveloped my hand as she came. She started to shake uncontrollably as her breathing came in short, sharp breaths. This seemed to last for hours. When her breathing returned to normal she lifted herself off my hand and brought my fingers to her mouth. As she kissed and sucked each one of them, she offered them to me as well. I tasted her sweet juices and then she leaned over to kiss me and let her tongue explore my mouth. She stole some kisses while I drove and then let her eyes and hands rest on my lap.

"It's your turn now," she growled as she pulled at my belt and then opened my jeans. The sound of the zipper lowering made me shudder in anticipation. As Susan pulled my briefs lower and freed my cock, she let out a low moan to match my own. Her lips wrapped around the head and then the shaft. I felt her tongue, lips and hands on my cock and balls as she stretched herself across the seats of my truck. I looked at her ass in the air and felt her tits as they swayed beneath her while her head bobbed on my lap. I felt her hair as her slurping and sucking increased in intensity.

Even though the lines on the road were a blur I was able to notice that the rest area, once too far away, was now only a minute away. I lifted Susan's head from lap and said, "I need to be inside you when I come! You're driving me crazy! Let me make to love to you." Without a word said she pulled off her panties and held them in my face before draping them over my pulsing manhood.

As my truck came to a stop in an empty parking lot, we dashed out to a shelter 30 yards in the distance. She was only wearing her shirt and she opened that as she lay across the picnic table. Her breasts were still flushed and heaving as I spread her legs and joined her on the table. I admired her body before entering her pussy with my hard cock. She gasped in delight as my cock slid between the muscles that only minutes before held my fingers so tightly. I went in as far as I could go and remained there motionless while my mouth took her nipples in my mouth and sucked them furiously. I wanted to savor every moment and every part of Susan's body. I sucked her breasts and held her sides and then I started to pump furiously into her warm pussy. I would bring myself to the edge of orgasm and then stop to make this ecstasy last as long as I could. I did this over and over then over again. It was bliss!

Susan's breathing intensified and I knew she was reaching orgasm so I increased my pace and brought my lips to hers. We let our tongues dance together as my cock slammed into her. Each thrust caused her to emit a high-pitched yelp and that only added to my excitement. I was both close to coming and blacking out when I felt the onset of an incredible climax.

"I feel you so deeply inside of me! You feel so big! Fuck me Ron! Fuck me!" Susan screamed as her thrashed from side to side as I kissed her neck and felt her tits as they shook relentlessly.

"I'm coming! Do you feel it baby!?" I moaned as I shot my come deep inside her pussy. It felt as if my whole body was on fire as the convulsions in my cock refused to subside and I was completely oblivious to everything but the feeling of her body on mine.

"Me too! Oh, yes I feel it too," replied Susan through short breaths.

We held each other tightly until our breathing returned to normal. As I slowly pulled out of her, Susan leaned forward and kissed the tip of my cock ever so gently. We stood up and held each other tightly. As if with a mind of its own my cock rested comfortably in the cleft of her womanhood as I kissed her sweet lips and stroked her beautiful hair. This fact wasn't lost on Susan as she pushed herself closer to me let her head rest on my shoulder while she let pussy accept my now semi-hard cock.

After we resumed our drive and at Susan's request, I decided to spend the next couple of days in Champaign and be with her while she attended the teacher's conference. I told my boss there was car trouble (no lie) and Susan and I spent the weekend in our hotel room getting to know each other better mentally, emotionally and physically. Visions of her rain-soaked blouse still never fail to excite me...


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