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Cute Lil Alli Saves a Relationship
by Buck

My wife Karen and I have been married for six years. We are pretty attractive couple in our late twenties and our sex life has always been great but like many couples it has started to get routine and boring. We both agreed we needed something to spice things up again. One night in bed we were sharing our favorite fantasies with each other. I was very pleased to hear both our fantasies involved group sex or at the very least, one more very horny participant (male or female). Over the next two weeks, the conversation we had that night controlled my every waking thought. I was so determined to make our fantasies come true I left work early on Friday and headed to a couple of local clubs and bars looking for the right kind of person or persons.

Well, I can tell you those places are no places to find people. All I found were freaks and losers. I gave up on the search after a two hours and headed for home. I stopped by the grocery store to pick up dinner for the night. After grabbing up some steaks and veggies, I headed for the checkout. At the register, there was absolutely the cutest little girl I have ever seen. She had a small figure, soft brown eyes and long hair to match. She was very happy and had the best smile I had seen in a long time. As she started to ring up my stuff, she excitedly introduced her self as Alli and announced that today was her 18th birthday (No wonder she was so happy). I told her how sorry I was she had to work on her birthday and she said it was OK because the party her boyfriend Gary planned went bust because most of their friends were going on a ski trip for the weekend. She said it would just be her and her boyfriend tonight. Which was fine with her but she was looking forward to the party. When she told me that I felt the familiar twinge of the hardening cock in my pants. I was horny as hell, so asked her if she would like to have her party at my house with my wife and her boyfriend. Her eyes widened and huge smile appeared on her sweet little face. She said the party she was going to get tonight was going to be a real special party and asked if I could give her the special party that her boyfriend promised her. Her question was the final step to a full erection. I promised her that she and her boyfriend would never forget her 18th birthday. She said her boyfriend was picking her up at 9:00. I paid for the food, gave her directions to the house on the back of my receipt, gave her a wink and told her I would see her at 9:30.

All the way home I found it hard to concentrate on my driving and ran two stop signs and almost sideswiped a car. I couldn't wait to get home and tell my wife of the surprise plans for the evening. It was 7:00 when I walked through the door and found Karen coming out of the shower drying her hair. She asked if I had any special plans for the evening. My only response was to drop my pants and free my rock hard cock from the prison of my pants. She was quite surprised about the answer to her question but was also very intrigued about my plans. I told her all about my afternoon at the clubs and bars and she seemed a little disappointed. What I told her next brought an uncontrollable smile to her face as well as mine. I continued to tell her about my conversation with Alli and how her tight little body turned me on and how I wanted to fuck her right there at the store. The only response she could give me was a low moan and look of total lust and desire. Her fingers were now between her legs as she softly rubbed her swelling clit and juicy pussy. I then told her that Alli would not be coming by herself, she was bringing her boyfriend Gary with her. I told her that I didn't want to be the only who could play tonight. She jumped up and down on the bed and asked what time our guests would be arriving. When I told her that they would arrive at 9:30, she said great, we still have some time to prepare. She proceeded to give me one of the best blowjobs I have ever received. She greedily attacked my cock with her hot mouth and swallowed me whole. The suction from her sexy mouth was so great I knew that I wouldn't last long. I could fell the tip of my prick ramming the back of her throat. She was squeezing my sac and running her finger across my sensitive asshole. Her attention to my prick was too much to bear as I started pumping my seed into her mouth. She swallowed everything she could catch, licked her lips and gave me a kiss that would have made a priest give up his collar. After catching our breath we composed ourselves and got things ready for our guest's arrival.

We had our dinner and few drinks and finished preparations for what we hoped would be a fantastic night. At 9:30 the doorbell rang as if it was shot from a starters pistol. I opened the door to find my fantasy standing there in a red leather skirt that barely covered her ass. She wore a matching tank top, no bra and nipples she could have rang the doorbell with. Next to her was a 6' tall, blonde hair, blue-eyed great looking kid. I asked them to come in and make themselves comfortable. On the way in Alli brushed her hand across my already hard prick and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek. I introduced Alli to my wife and Alli introduced us to Gary. I poured everyone a drink and we moved into the living room. I turned on the stereo and found a dance CD I thought we would enjoy. Karen wasted no time in getting to know young Gary. They were soon bumping and grinding to the tunes. Their hands were exploring each others asses and they soon started kissing. Alli was sitting on my lap watching her boyfriend shove his tongue into my wife's waiting mouth and rubbing my cock through my pants. My wife looked at me as if asking for approval. I slowly nodded my approval and she started to undress this tall hunk of a kid while his girlfriend sat on my lap stroking my now exposed cock. I began rub Alli's firm tits, causing her nipples to become even more stiff. I guess the scene of my wife stripping her boyfriend and running her tongue all over his chest was too much for her to take because she stood up and as quick as a flash was standing in front of me in all her birthday beauty. I leaned forward, put my arms around her and caressed her perfect ass pulling her young pussy to my mouth.

My first taste of Alli was incredible. She tasted like the sweet nectar of freshly picked piece of fruit. I drove my tongue deep into wet pussy as I lowered her to the floor. I looked up in time to see my wife take Gary's huge cock into mouth. They were both naked now and seemed to forget we were in the room just ten feet away from them. Gary on his back had his hands on the back of my wife's headed guiding his dick up into her throat. Alli got up onto all fours so she could watch the show as well. She put that sweet ass right in my face in which I was more than happy to stick my tongue in. I was working my tongue in and out her tight ass and squeezing her hard nub telling her what hot little cutie she was. She was yelling at Gary to fuck my wife's mouth while she was shoving her ass at my face. Hearing her yelling like that just got me harder than I thought I could get. Alli told me to go lie by Gary so she could mimic what my wife was doing to him. I lay down and Alli immediately plunged down on my prick like it was the last one she would ever get. I could here Gary moaning and my wife answering with her muffled approval. The incredible scene of my blowing this young kid and Alli's perfect technique was too much for me to handle. I announced that I was going to cum and Alli and my wife intensified their efforts on their pieces of meat. Gary to announced he was ready, Alli pumped my cock with her hand and shoved my cock all the way down her throat. I couldn't hang on and let loose one of the largest loads I could produce straight into her hot little mouth. I could tell that Gary let loose soon after I did by the way Karen was noisily gulping her dessert. Both girls raised up with very satisfying looks on the faces and happy to see us guys were still very hard and wanting more.

I got up and positioned Alli on all fours and sank my steel into her steaming cunt. Gary did as I did and the girls were facing each other being rammed from behind by hard cocks. My wife had nothing but pure lust in her eyes as she watched me fuck this young girls dripping pussy. She started telling me to fuck her harder and repeated the same to Gary. Gary obliged, really pounding hard into pussy causing her to bump into Alli on every thrust. Before long the girls were exploring each other's mouth with their tongues.

Karen had never experienced another woman until then and it was even hotter than I thought it would be. Experience or not, Karen was very much enjoying the attention she was receiving on both ends. The girls broke their kiss and Karen rolled onto her back so she could see her new sexy stud as he pounded her with his large cock. Alli moved her pussy over Karen's face and sat down right on it. Karen started to attack her pussy with intensity trying to put her entire tongue into Alli. I once again positioned my cock at Alli's dripping snatch and drove my prick home feeling Karen's hot tongue guide the way. I was slowly pumping my prick into Alli, Karen licking Alli's snatch and my prick at the same time and Gary driving his rod into Karen for all it was worth. What a picture, I didn't believe it could better than this but then Alli asked me to fuck her ass while my wife ate her pussy. I was in heaven; I started working a finger into her tight ass, then two. When she was ready I pulled my sopping dick from her pussy and started put the head at her puckered rear hole. Alli then shoved back and my prick sank into her with ease. I was ramming her ass with all I had building up to what I knew was going to be the biggest cum of the evening. I heard Karen tell Gary to stick his hot cock in her virgin ass and fuck her like the slut she needs to be. Gary wasted no time, he was loosening her ass with his fingers making her squirm and bite at Alli's pussy. Watching this I could fill my balls start to tighten and heat up. It was just a matter of time now and Alli knew it. Her hot ass was gripping my cock trying to suck me in. Gary now had his cock entering Karen's ass, she reached up and pulled Alli to hear mouth and really started to go town on her young snatch. I was ready to cum and announced my intentions to the room. Alli started to yell, YES! YES! SHOOT YOUR HOT CUM INTO MY ASS. I NEED TO FILL YOU FILLING ME UP. I AM GOING TO CUM! I AM GOING TO FUCKING CUM ALL OVER YOUR BIG DICK! I let loose for the third time of the night. It lasted for what seemed like hours. Alli came as I was filling her bowels to capacity. I could fill her spasming in orgasm tightly around my cock. I came with one last shot and collapsed to side of this sexual circus. Alli kept her position over Karen, my cum was dripping from her used asshole onto Karen's face and neck. Gary was keeping up his pace in Karen's ass, giving her a good smack now and then. Alli moved off of Karen and leaned next to me and started to kiss Karen helping her to her orgasm. Karen was bucking and twisting telling her young lover keep pounding hard. She was well on her way to best cum of her life and everyone knew it. Alli and I were kissing and sucking Karen's hard nipples and Alli was furiously rubbing her clit. Karen started a high pitched squeal and her back raised off the ground as she began a very hard orgasm. Gary started to fill her ass with his hot load and road out Karen as she started to come down from ecstasy.

We all lay there on the floor recouping and regaining the strength just to get up. Alli had rolled over to Karen and they were softly caressing each others spent bodies. All I could do was sit back, take in all in, and think to myself that fantasies do really come true. I believe that CUTE LIL' ALLI and her friend have saved or at least revived my special relationship with Karen and things have never been better. We have met with Alli and Gary many times since that first night and have even added a few new friends to the mix, but those are stories for another time. THANK YOU - CUTE LIL' ALLI


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