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Comforting Mother
by American Heretic

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Just for a moment, I realized the insanity of what was happening here. As much as I wanted her, I felt that I had to make sure that she was not simply having a knee-jerk reaction to her disappointment at realizing that she and my father would never be getting back together. Even in my lust, I didn't want her that way.

"Mom...are you sure you want this?" I asked, wondering if a yes or no would be the more welcome answer.

Wrapping her hand around my ever-closer-to-erupting cock, she wistfully said "Do you remember when I walked in on you while you were masturbating? I've been fantasizing about this moment since then."

My chin could have hit the floor. I had no idea.

She grinned. "Does that surprise you, my beautiful child? Are you shocked that your mother is a sexual being? I have always loved sex, and going 15 years without it has been really hard. When I saw this huge cock, it was all I could do to walk away instead of jumping in bed with you. I've thought about trying to seduce you often in the past couple of months, but you were so embarrassed at me just walking in on you, I didn't want to take the chance of losing your respect. So, I just kept my fantasies. I never dreamed that those fantasies might become reality"

You could have knocked me over with a feather. Mother had other ideas.

She leaned foreword and lightly licked the head of my cock. It was like someone had hooked me up to 220 voltage and threw the switch. I felt like I was going to explode. She licked it once or twice more then opened her mouth and took the glistening head into it. Slowly, wetly, her lips moved down the shaft of my quivering dick, her tongue caressing the bottom side of it. I was in heaven. About 5 inches she swallowed, then she began to withdraw even more slowly. Back to the tip, then down again, a little faster. And once more.

That's all it took.

My entire body stiffened up, and I unceremoniously emptied my load into my mother's mouth. Four, five, six times I pumped, in the most intense orgasm I had ever had. I don't know how much I shot, but it was dribbling out around the corners of her mouth. She slid her lips down my cock one more time, and slowly withdrew all the way this time, milking my now painfully sensitive cock of the last drop of my cum, then sat back and used her finger to wipe away that which spilled out of her mouth. Then she licked the finger clean.

"Mmmm...", she moaned as she licked her finger. "I'd forgotten how good that tastes."

I was ready to collapse. Never in my life had I had so intense a orgasm, even with the best of porno to get me turned on. I sat down on the bed next to her, and allowed myself to flop back on the bed, my knees hanging over the edge, She twisted her body around and lay next to me, on her side, snuggled up close to me. "Need some time to recover, sweetheart?" she asked mischievously?

I looked into her eyes and said "That was awesome". She smiled broadly. I had never seen such a look of absolute joy in a person's face before. She pulled me to her and kissed me deeply, her tongue again intertwining with mine. I could taste the salty-bitterness of my own juices in her mouth as we sucked each other's lips and tongues. I cupped one of her massive tits in my hand, massaging the huge nipple with my thumb, It was as hard as my cock had been (and was now starting to get again), and about 3/4 of an inch long. I kissed my mother's luscious lips again, then her chin, then her neck. I licked my way down her chest, and began kissing her fleshy globes, wanting to kiss every square inch. Finally arriving at the huge firm nipple, I flicked it a couple times with my tongue, then took it between my lips,

"Ohhhh..." she moaned. "Yes, honey, she panted, "suck mommy's tit" I took more and more of the nipple into my mouth, sucking gently, wanting to get the entire fleshy mound into my mouth. Mom continued moaning. "Oooo, that feels SO good!!"

Her breathing was really ragged at this point. I continued working on her boob, and began massaging the other with my free hand. Then I switched, giving the other some mouth attention.

Her hands were busy as well. She had found my semi-hard cock, and was gently fingering it back to a full erection. With her other hand, she took her free hand and guided it down her body, to her still covered crotch. "Rub me,", she gasped.

Slowly, with a feather's touch, I began tracing the outline of her slit with my fingertips. God, her panties were soaking! I traced its outline from the top, slowly to the bottom, and back to the top again, just as she was doing with my now re-engorged cock. Softly she moaned, a moan of deep and long forgotten pleasure, still stroking my iron manhood, more and more quickly. I reached the top of my stroke, then continued up word to the top of her cotton panties, slipping my fingers under the waste band. She opened her legs a little more to give me easy access, and I ran my hand down over her pubic bone, across the thick but silky soft hair there, and to the very top of her crack.

I lingered there a moment, still gorging myself on her breasts, my giant rod still in my mother's comfortable grasp, list allowing the tip of my finger to rest lightly in the top of her twat.

"Please!" Mom pleaded with me. "I need you to touch me so bad!!" I looked up into her lustful eyes, and moved up to kiss her. Again we ground our mouths together passionately, exchanging saliva with our heavy sensitive tongues. I then sat up, and began pulling her panties down. She lifted her hips to aid me, and I pulled them down to her feet, then threw them to the floor. I turned to look at her, and got my first glance at her pussy.

Her lips were very well pronounced, perhaps a little pouty. She was dripping wet, and I could just see her inner lips beyond the dark auburn hair that covered her love slit. I admired this view at length, my first view of an actual cunt rather than just a picture of some anonymous slut in some flat magazine. I reached out with both hands, and ever so gently parted her pussy lips to get a better view of the inside. What I saw delighted me. It looked like some exotic flower just in bloom, its petals fully open, just waiting for some bee to come and fulfill it. I saw her stiffened clit, and was amazed at its size and at how much it protruded from its little sheath.

And I could clearly see the opening of her hole, covered with moisture, ready for my big cock to penetrate it.

I began running my thumb up and down her inner lips, crossing her love button along the way. Her hips began thrusting ever so slightly, and her breaths were coming in gulps now.

"Yes, honey," she gasped. "Rub mommy's wet cunt' Finger my clit. Ohhhh," she moaned. I continued this way for several minutes, not to hard, not to fast. Her moaning increased, and she looked like she was glowing. Her body was covered in tiny droplets of sweat. Her eyes were tightly closed, and she was licking her lips almost incessantly. On the next pass, I slipped my thumb into her love canal, and she rewarded my action with almost a scream, closing her legs around my hand lest I withdraw.

I wiggled my thumb, and thrust it as best I could, while I tickled her clit with two of my fingertips. Her breath was coming in shorter and shorter gasps, almost like a dog panting. I watched the beautiful agony in her face, the muscles in her neck and shoulders relaxing and contracting, as she approached her orgasm. Suddenly, without warning, her eyes snapped open, and she bolted upright, pushing me over fully on my back, leaned over me, and plunged her mouth down again on my swollen dick. She swallowed it down to the pubes. I could feel the head slip into her throat, and her tongue licking back and forth over the top of my shaft.

She bobbed her head once or twice, then threw one leg over my chest, and with her weight on her knees, moved back until her sweet pussy was mere centimeters from my face. I didn't hesitate.

I ground my face into her beautiful womanhood, burying my tongue deep into her hole. I began licking like a dog lapping up water, covering her snatch with my saliva, wrapping my lips around her clit and sucking on it. My mother's pussy was delicious beyond anything I had ever tasted, and I wanted to devour all of it.

I could hear little moans escaping around my cock from my mother's mouth. Her legs closed around my face as I licked and sucked, exploring every nook and cranny of her love box with my eager mouth. Our rhythm increased, and she was bobbing up and down on my shaft with the intensity of a steam engine. The slurping of our 69ing was very apparent, I knew that if someone were walking by, they would be able to hear it.

About the time I felt that I was almost ready to shoot my second load of the night into my mother's wonderful mouth, she stiffened up, and sat up ever so slightly, pulling her mouth from my cock.

"Ohhh..." she gasped. "Oh, my baby, you're doing your mommy so good. Just a little more <gasp> jusssst a little moreeeee....ahhhhHHHH!!!" she screamed, he voice an almost hypersonic whine...then, her entire body shuddered, and she roughly ground her pussy against my face. I could feel the muscles of her vagina contracting against my tongue, and the moisture flowed like a river, as she fell across the line and had a massive orgasm. Again and again her body shuddered as the pleasure washed across her like waves in the ocean. I continued lapping away at her now soaked cunt, wanting to swallow every drop of her hot tasty juices.

Then, just as suddenly as she had thrown me down on my back, she moved again. She took her cunt away from my mouth, turned herself around, and straddled my still rock hard cock. With wanton desire in her face, she said, "It's time to fuck Mommy, darling".

She positioned the head of my cock at the threshold of her womanhole, and ever so slowly began lowering herself down on it. Centimeter by centimeter it disappeared into her twat. "Oh honey, you're so big" she moaned as her pussy enveloped my dick. With fascination, my gaze shifted between the sight of my cock entering her vagina, and the look of intense pleasure on her face.

To my surprise, her cunt was incredibly tight. I hadn't really expected it to be so, not at her age, and not after having had 5 children pass through it that way. It felt like a vise though. A vise lined with silk.

After long moments, our pubic bones came together, and mom sat there motionless, her head thrown back, her hands resting on the bed behind her. And yet, she wasn't motionless. the muscles of her vagina began to expand and contract, almost rippling from bottom to top. I had no idea that a pussy could do that.

Finally, she started rocking back and forth on my cock, just a little. Perhaps 2, maybe three inches per thrust. My own hips began to respond as I lifted them to meet her thrusts, and we developed an easy natural rhythm with each other. Just before she got to the top, I would start down. Just before she would get to the bottom, I would start to thrust up again. For hours it seemed we fucked this way, slow, cool, easy, no urgency at all, both of us seemingly with the idea of making it last as long as humanly possible.

Ever so slowly, our rhythm began to increase, faster and faster my pole slid in and out of her socket, and with longer, deeper strokes. She lay herself down upon me, her tits crushing into my chest, her mouth finding mine, desperately sucking on my lips and tongue, and me sucking hers. Our strokes became long and firm, my cock pulling out almost to the head, than slamming back in, hitting bottom, withdrawing again, al the while the muscles of her pussy contracting on the uptake, relaxing on the thrust. I could feel myself moving toward another orgasm, and pulled my mother's body tightly against mine, my mouth devouring her ear lobe, sucking on it, my tongue slipping into her ear. My breaths were coming more shallowly, and I began arching my back, trying to drive as much of my cock into her hot cunt as I was able.

Finally, I was there. Her muscles were locked around my cock like a vice, and my dick felt like it was at least double the size it had ever been before. I began gasping. "Mommmm...." I began.

"I know, honey, I can feel it. Just hold on for a moment longer, I want us to cum together...just a minute, only one moment moreeee...."

I held it for all I was worth, and finally knew that I could hold it no more. "Mom, I'm cummmmming....arrrrrgh!!!" My dick twitched inside my mother's vagina, and I felt the first shot of my hot cum explode into my mom's pussy. At that moment, she pushed her weight up onto her hands, arched her back, and screamed.

"Arghhhhhhhhh!!!!", she screamed. "Cum with me, baby!!!! Fill mamma's pussy with your sweet cream! Oh my godddd..." Again and again my cock exploded, shooting it sticky liquid deep within my mother's body, and again and a gain her pussy shuddered as she came herself. I had never felt such a feeling. It was as if I had entered joy itself.

Mom's body, still quivering in orgasm for the second time that night, still continued slowly rising and falling on my now spent manhood, trying to milk it for all it was worth. As her orgasm finally began to fade, she again rested the length of her body against mine. She kissed me deeply and soulfully, our arms wrapped around one another, holding each other as closely as possible, enjoying the afterglow. My cock remained inside her pussy as it softened, and we lay there together, occasionally kissing and nibbling at each other's facial features, just enjoying the cool closeness we were sharing.

"Are you alright, my love?" she asked me finally, a touch of concern in her voice.

I smiled up at her, kissed her lips lightly. "I'm just wonderful, Mom. I love you so much".

"I love you too, my sweet darling boy." A thought crossed her face. Wistfully, she added, "I guess you're not such a boy any more. You're completely and fully a man now."

I again wrapped her up in my arms. "I may be a man physically, mom. And I may be your lover now. But I'll always be your little boy." She smiled, a tear in her eye, and again kissed me softly. Then, without another word, we snuggled together, and went off to sleep.

The next day, I moved into her bedroom.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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