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Chance Meeting
by FSW

It started off as just another day at the office. Boring as can be. pushing paper work from one pile to another. But some days are just like that. As the morning came to an end, lunch was in order. Seems like everyone was busy for lunch, so I decided to head home for a bite to eat, you know, check the answering machine, email and so on.

Arriving home, I let the dog out and then decided to get me something cold to drink. It was unusual for a message to be on the answering machine, but there it was, a red 1 blinking at me. Sitting down to turn on the TV, I hit the play button to listen to the message, probably a salesman or telemarketer. As soon as I heard the voice, I knew it was definitely not a salesman. The sound of your voice caused my heart to race, much less the message. I don't know how you managed it, but you said you were in town and had checked into a hotel. There was a number with a room extension saying to call you. My hands shook as I picked up the phone and dialed the number. My heart raced as the phone rang and I still couldn't fathom it when you answered the phone. You quickly explained that you had managed to sneak away for a few days and all you could think of was meeting me.

As I listened to your sweet, sexy, sultry voice, I became anxious, yet nervous, not comprehending what you were saying. I asked, "I'm sorry sweetie, but could you repeat that?" You answered me in a shy nervous tone; "Can I see you today?" I knew I had to go back to work, but maybe I could get out of there early. I almost exploded with excitement, as I seemed to shout, "Yes" into the phone. "I have to go back to work just to make an appearance and tie up a few loose ends, but I should be able to get away around 3." As I hung up the phone all I seemed to remember was your voice saying, "Ok, I will see you then. Hugs and Kisses."

I went to the computer to check my messages, but couldn't concentrate. I grabbed some clothes so that I could change out of my suit after work and decided to go grab some lunch and head straight back to work, hoping that I could get away even sooner. Work was a waste of time because I couldn't keep my mind on it. All I could think about was You.

In such a rush to leave work, I forgot to change clothes and didn't realize it until I left the parking lot. As I drive, the closer I get to your hotel, I can feel my heart fluttering with anticipation. I'm here; my dream is going to finally come true. However, I'm not really sure if I can even remember the room number. In all the excitement, my brain has turned to mush. As I pull into the hotel parking lot, I am thankful that I can finally remember the room number. Quickly getting out of the car, I make my way towards the room.

As I knock on the door, I can hardly take the anticipation. As you open the door, I can see that you are wearing a red sheer shirt with matching panties. I am mesmerized by the look of your luscious lips that match your outfit. I find it hard to believe that this is happening as you invite me in. I can't keep my hands away from your body as my eyes take in all of your enticing body. I pull you close and look deep into your eyes as I bend my head to kiss your searing lips. You seem to melt in my arms and your sweet fragrance makes me want you even more. Our lips part and I regretfully pull away so I can take a quick shower and change clothes.

I rush quickly in the shower because I want to spend every available minute with you. You look at me and ask if you could join me. I tell you "No, because I want this afternoon to last all night and forever." As I quickly towel dry, I can feel my blood starting to boil as I think of you in the next room. I hurriedly dress and join you.

I enter the room and you are relaxing on the bed. I come to you and sit beside you on the bed. At that moment, there is a knock at the door. A voice says, "room service". I had ordered a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries with whip cream to surprise you. The look of nervousness on your face quickly fades as I explain what I have done. I pay him and roll the cart into the room as he leaves. I pop the cork and the look of surprise is still on your face as I pour 2 glasses. I hand you one of the glasses and pick up a strawberry, run it through the whip cream and slowly feed it to you. A bit of whip cream is stuck on your chin and I lean forward and gently lick it off. As we sip the champagne, the strawberries slowly disappear and there is nothing left but the whip cream. I put a dab on your neck and move to lick it off. My lips and tongue on your neck brings goose bumps to your skin as I sensuously kiss your neck, ears and work my way to your lips. As my tongue glides over your lips, I can feel the passion rising in me and I have a hard time controlling myself. My tongue parts your lips so I can taste the chocolate and champagne that danced across your tongue. My hands slide across your body and slowly push your shirt up and expose your beautiful breasts. My hands slowly caress each lovely breast as your nipples perk in anticipation of pleasures yet to come. I pull the shirt over your head and toss it on the floor then bend my head over and start to kiss your neck and chest. As my hot lips move towards your breasts, you softly moan in pleasure. My tongue circles around your breast and slowly moves toward the nipple. I feel your hand caressing my back as I gently run my tongue across your nipple and draw it sensuously into my mouth. In the background, I can faintly here "Amazing" playing, and you are truly amazing. Your legs begin to shake as I continue to fondle and tease your breasts. I gently lower you to the bed and you pull my shirt off. Your excitement is evident in the red panties you have on. I can smell the fire burning inside you. I can continue to kiss my way down to your belly button as my hands are caressing your body. I slowly kiss the inside of your thighs and you arch your back wanting more. Not wanting things to end to quickly, I have you turn over for something special.

I start to gently massage your neck and shoulders. With each stroke of my hands, I also leave a gently wet kiss. Once I have covered every inch of your neck and shoulder, I cover your back in its entirety. Just to keep you wanting me more, I move from your back to a very sensuous foot massage. I work the tension out of your feet as your begging me to take you. I remind you that good things come to those who wait as I move to your ankles and calves. I can feel your legs shaking in anticipation as I move to your thighs. I can see by the wetness of your red panties that you are almost ready for me. You roll over and I slip my fingers in the waist of your panties and teasingly start to pull them down. As my hand casually brushes your pussy, you arch your back and moan with desire. As the panties come off, I start to caress and kiss your inner thighs. You can feel my hot breath on you and try to pull my head closer. I playfully push your hands away and my tongue slowly traces around the outside of your pussy lips. The hot breath and my searing tongue are driving you crazy as you ask me to lick you more. I continue to lick and kiss the outside as I watch your clit begin to swell. I trace around and around it as you feel the explosion build inside of you. I run my tongue across your clit as the orgasm explodes deep inside of you and I can see your body shake in the rapture. I flick your clit with my tongue as your moans get louder and louder. I gently pull your clit into my mouth as my tongue dances around and around it. The sweet taste of your juices is like the sweetest honey I have ever tasted. I moved down and slowly run my tongue around your wet slit. As you moan, I slowly begin to insert my tongue into your pussy as my fingers tease your clit. I continue to run my tongue in and out as your back arches again as another wonderful orgasm hits you. I can feel your pussy spasm on my tongue and it seems like you will cum forever. I move to kiss you and you quickly undress me. As my manliness springs forward from my shorts, you grab it with your hand and whisper in my ear, "Take me now!"

More than happy to satisfy your every whim, I slowly rub the head of tool on the outside of your pussy. You beg me to stop teasing you and give it to you now. As the head of my cock stretches the lips I can feel you orgasm as the head penetrates you. I drive the full length deep inside of you as your pussy contracts in orgasm. I continue to thrust in and out with slow rhythm that you match. With each stroke, we grow closer and closer to extreme ecstasy. As the passion builds to new heights, you kiss me and then scream my name. The pleasure is too much for me as my pace grows faster and harder. The feel of your tight wetness is more than I can handle. I can feel the fireworks starting to explode as your pussy contracts around my cock one more time. The long deep strokes in and out are driving us both wild. I thrust in one last time as the cum spews forth deep inside of you as we are both spent in passion.

We lay in each other's arms waiting for the energy to build so we can replenish our desire for one another.

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