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Cock on a Rock
by Steplianna

Katie is a senior in high school and has never had the slightest sexual tingle in her life. She has been curious about masturbating and has tried it to no avail, she gets horny but as the song goes, "she cant get no satisfaction." She is very pretty but extremely shy and is a true nature lover. She is tall and graceful with D cup breasts, and large green eyes.

For Spring break, Katie was planning to spend alone in the woods for 9 days, living off the land and being one with nature. Her parents knew she would be fine and gave her their cell phone just in case and Saturday morning, she head off into the woods.

For the first day, she just hiked straight into the woods, enjoying the wildlife. She had decided to go to a part of the woods she had never been to before, only because it was about a day and a half's hike from her house.

It was sunset when she found a large clearing filled with tall grass and green ivy (not poison ivy). Taking out her blankets--she never brought a tent or sleeping bag because they took up too much space--and made camp. She took off her clothes and slipped naked under the blanket and was asleep before her head hit the pillow.

After she fell asleep, a swirl of fog encompassed the clearing, not as a thick layer, like arms very slowly swinging around. It lifted up the blanket and moved it off her. Slightly chilled, Katie shivered and mumbled in her sleep, but didn't awaken. The fog moved over her body, causing her nipples to harden. Gently, the fog spread her legs a few inches apart and the ivy wound around her ankles and spread them wider and she could feel the coolness of the fog move over her pussy lips.

The fog grew warmer and more moist as it swirled around Katie's body, causing it to respond to the attentions of the fog. Her body controlled by the fog, Katie's hands rubbed her tummy, slowly moving up to her breasts, running her palms over her nipples, feeling the first sexual sensations of her life. She pinched her nipples and gasped at the glorious feelings arrowing down to her pussy. Her hands cupped her breasts and began to massage them gently, moaning in delight.

She felt her pussy lips opening and the moist air blowing over her clit, making it swell, the feelings magnified by the pussy juice now coating her clit. The fog lifted one of her hands off her breast and placed it over her pussy. Using pressure on her fingers, the fog told Katie what do to.

She rubbed her clit, whimpering and moaning at the wonderful sensations and the heat building within her, she couldn't get enough of it. As if reading her thoughts, the fog took her other hand and urged her to thrust a finger in her pussy as she rubbed her clit. Katie cried out as the fire in her increased a hundred fold. Her fingers sped up, going faster and faster, needing something but she didn't know what. She could feel that she was almost there when suddenly, her hands came to a rest on her pussy. Unable to make them touch her body again, she sobbed in frustration. She looked around for something--anything to help her relieve the fire in her pussy. She could still feel her pussy juice, now on the tops of her thighs.

"Come to me..." A whisper on the wind in the night. Still delirious with desire, Katie blindly followed where the voice led her. She ran through the woods in a daze for a couple miles, still naked in the night. The gentle breeze moving over her body only served to stoke the fire. She heard a noise. Jerked out of her daze, she looked around and stopped. Fascinated, she walked closer.

About 40 feet ahead was a river and beyond that were two bears. One was getting ready to mount the other. She could hear the pants and grunts of the two bears and envied the female. Katie's body felt like it would melt it was so hot. Moaning, she fell to her knees and clawed the ground mimicking the movements of the female bear, imagining the male's big hard dick forcefully thrusting in and out of her pussy. Whimpering as her movements grew faster, she prayed for release, she couldn't think, her body did not belong to her anymore. It felt like some force had taken over her.

"Come to me..." There was the whisper again from the direction of the river. She stopped and stood, following the voice again, this time instinctively knowing that only the voice could bring her release. Slowly, she walked into the shallow, slow-moving current of the river.

As she stepped into the water, Katie's eyes were drawn to a long rock in the middle of the river. Reaching it, she climbed the rock and stood on top of it, looking down and saw a perfectly chiseled shape of a muscled man embedded in the rock. She ran her gaze along the length of him and gasped as she saw his cock standing straight up in the air. Kneeling down, she saw that it was about a foot long and three inches wide. she tried to wrap her hand around it but it was too big. She felt rather than heard his moan.

Fascinated, she ran her hands over the chiseled body, starting with the washboard stomach. She kissed the muscles and slowly worked her way up. Reaching his nipples, she licked and sucked them as she straddled his hips and rubbed the head of the cock along the length of her pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned in ecstasy as she lowered herself onto his dick.

The pain was slight and the pleasure tremendous as his dick broke through her cherry. Her pussy stretched around the monstrous cock and she began to ride it. The fire in her pussy made Katie ride him faster and harder with every thrust. She made ecstatic noises every time she felt his dick deep in her pussy. On their own, her pussy muscles clenched around the dick each time she thrust it into her. The fire built higher and higher as she rode him faster and faster. Her nails clawed into his chest and she felt non-existent hands, but she knew they were his, kneading her breasts. She leaned into the hands and her clit now rubbed against his dick, making her even more frantic.

She closed her eyes and let out a long and low moan as her body began to tremble and jerk wildly. Stars burst behind her eyes as her world shattered into a million pieces and her cries of ecstasy were heard by all the animals in the woods. Exhausted and out of breath, she collapsed against his chest.

As she recovered, she noticed something. The chest now moved and it was no longer the color of granite, but a golden color mirroring her own. Startled, she looked up at the face to see that it now too, was human. Stunned, she just stared at him, SURE that he had been made of rock when she had found him. He sat up and cradled her in his lap, looking down at her with kind, loving eyes as he explained his story.

"My name is Caterius," he said, "I used to rule this forest until I was imprisoned for using magic to frighten hunters away. I could not stand to see my animals hurt or killed, I defended them and was punished. I have laid here for over a thousand years, encased in the cold, hard granite of this rock. Until you freed me."

"How did I do that?" Katie asked, fascinated and still a little shocked.

"Even though I was imprisoned in the rock, I could still use the animals to see the land through their eyes and one day I saw you sleeping one night alone just inside the woods. You looked so peaceful and at one with the animals here that I was intrigued by you and would watch for you everyday, hoping you would come. Sometimes you did and sometimes you didn't but I always hoped."

"How old was I when you first saw me?"

"Eleven or so, I think. I watched year after year as you interacted with the animals and your enchantment with the forest grew. I also watched as your body blossomed into the rich lushness that it is today and slowly over the years, I began to want to touch you, feel you, love you. I love you, I've known it for some time now." He said as Katie gasped.

"I didn't have much power left...isolation from the forest does not let me recharge my powers, which was why I was imprisoned on a rock in the middle of this river instead of on shore. So I planted the thought of coming to this part of the woods where my spell from long ago still had effect. Last night I watched you sleeping and you were so beautiful that I couldn't help myself. I had to touch you and so I did."

"That was you? Then why did you stop? You had to know the state you'd left me in!"

He nodded. "It was and I'm sorry about not leaving you satisfied, but I wanted to see you, feel your body on mine, so I called for you to come to me. Then, on your way, I saw your reaction to the bears." Katie blushed from head to toes. "No, don't be embarrassed about your response to them. It was wild, primitive, and only made me want you more. I wish I could have taken you like that as we watched the bears. Would you like that someday?" Katie nodded, lost in the memory of the bears, it making her pussy moisten all over again.

Suddenly, Cateris hugged her to him. "I don't want you to leave me, you can't leave me. Life would be unbearable without you with me. Will you stay with me?" He asked, his eyes both wary and hopeful.

"I-I-yes, I'll stay with you," she said shyly, feeling love for him take root in her heart and knowing she couldn't bear to leave him either.

Cateris sprang up and with a whoop of joy, hugged her close and spun her around in his arms. "You mean it? You'll stay? Here?" He asked, still not quite believing she'd said yes.

Smiling brilliantly and wrapping her arms around his waist, she said, "Yes, I'll stay. Here. With you. Always." His eyes full of love, he kissed her with all of the emotion within him, making sure she knew how he felt and she did the same.

"Come on, let's get off this rock."


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