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Confessions of a Sex Addict
by TopGun115

For the last two years I have been a virtual sex addict, what started out as fun has turned into something that I cannot no longer control, it is wrecking my life and I know now that I need to change my life or loose my wife!

I'm still (only just) married to a very beautiful, sexy lady - Pam, we married 6 years ago, she is now aged 25, has a fantastic slim, young looking figure, beautiful firm, pert, young looking tits with the most amazing nipples I have ever seen, she seldom wears a bra and without makeup she could, and sometimes is mistaken for a teenager, she keeps her pussy shaved smooth because she knows I like it that way, she has a lovely easy going personality, most guys would be very happy and think themselves lucky to spend the rest of their lives with her - but not me, I wanted more, much more!

I am called Peter, I am 34, and for the first few years of marriage I thought of no one except my wife, sex with Pam was fantastic, she did everything she could think of to please me, looking back now I realise she did this because she loved me so much. Before I got married I was free and single, sex came easy to me, for some reason women were attracted to me, and not wanting to exaggerate I fucked as many girls as I could, I was at university studying for my degrees, then I met Pam, she was different, I actually fell in love with her - something until then I had never experienced, I think what attracted me most was how young she looked, I have always had this obsession about young girls. Pam did everything I asked of her, I loved to see her dressed sexily and would often buy her revealing, daring, sexy clothes, I even bought her a school uniform - blazer, skirt, blouse, tie, ankle socks etc. she looked so cute and innocent when she wore it and SO YOUNG! I became very voyeuristic, in the beginning she would dress up for me and I would talk her into visiting a seedy night club or an adult cinema with me, it turned me on to see other guys looking at her, eyeing her up, sometimes when I knew someone was watching I would expose her tits or get her to go down on me, this progressed to actually fucking her in alleyways or car parks at night, anywhere there was a risk or a chance that we would be seen. Pam never complained so I guessed she was turned on as much as I was by what we were doing. At that time I had a very good job, I was a Marketing manager with an advertising firm, at a firm's party one of the directors commented on Pam, how gorgeous she looked, how lucky I was to have such a sexy wife, I knew what he was getting at and suggested to Pam that she dance with him, a bit of harmless flirting from her would surely enhance my prospects I told her, Pam at first was not very keen, but after some persuasion from me she did as I asked, later she told me that he 'came on' to her and had blatantly asked her to go upstairs with him, of course she declined his offer tactfully. A couple of days later he called me to his office and in a roundabout way he told me that promotion was on offer to me - If I got Pam to 'play ball'!

When I got home I told Pam about my conversation with him, "You almost had me believing you there Peter, you are joking - aren't you?" I told her I wasn't joking, she didn't want to know, "Don't make me do this Peter" she said.

"But Pam, don't you want me to get promotion, can't you see that by doing this we would have a better life, more money, a better house, a better car - it's only sex, you don't even have to like the guy, all you have to do is let him fuck you, I can't see the big deal" I argued. She ran up to the bedroom crying, I made a drink and sat and thought what I had done, what I had asked her to do - was it that wrong of me to ask this of her? I went up to talk to her, to tell her I understood, I was going to tell her I was sorry for what I said, what I had asked of her.

I sat next to her on the bed, "I'm sorry Pam" I said.

"It's ok Peter, I've been thinking about what you said, you're right, I should do whatever I can to help you, If you want me to sleep with him I will, if you're sure that's what you want" she told me, "Have you thought about how it could happen?" she asked, "How about we invite him over for drinks and take it from there"

I said, "Ok, you arrange it, you know I love you Peter, I'll do anything to make you happy, you know that don't you?"

"I love you too Pam" I told her, we kissed and in no time we were both naked, fucking each other passionately. Promotion although welcome was the last thing on my mind, the thought of seeing Pam getting fucked by another guy was really turning me on in a big way. The next day I saw David at the office, "How about you coming over for drinks on Saturday?" I asked, Pam told me to tell you she would love to see you again" I told him, David told me he would love to so I made the arrangements with him.

Saturday I took Pam shopping, she bought a very sexy dress; I left her at the salon to get her hair fixed and went for a drink. That evening after Pam had taken a long soak in the bath and got ready she joined me downstairs, she looked so sexy, my prick hardened as soon as I saw her, the white dress was so thin and tight it fitted like a second skin, Pam did not wear any underwear just a pair of white hold up stockings, her tits pushed out against the material, her pointed nipples jutted out, the darkness of her nipples could be easily seen, the dress was ankle length but split up one side so the stocking tops were visible, as usual her pussy was shaved smooth, "Are you sure you want me to do this Peter? We could change our minds, it's not too late"

Pam said taking the drink I had made for her, "Don't worry Pam, it'll be fun, just enjoy yourself, let yourself go, you look so fucking sexy Pam, just think - in a couple of hours you will be getting the attention of two guys - don't you feel turned on by that?" I asked.

"You know I am doing this for you Peter, I love you, I only need you" she replied. Moments later the doorbell went, I kissed Pam, "Just be sexy and flirt with him" I told her.

"Take things as they happen and enjoy the experience" I said going to open the door.

David's face said it all when he saw Pam, "Hi David" Pam said kissing him on the cheek, "Nice to see you again"

"Great to see you again Pam, you look absolutely stunning" he replied, "You two guys go and sit down and I'll fetch the drinks" she told us, I sat in the armchair, David on the couch, Pam handed us our drinks and sat next to David, for the next half hour we made general small talk, then -

"So Peter, as I told you there's a promotion coming up and I think you are the man who should get it, my recommendation will swing it for you I'm sure" he said.

"That's great David" I said, I got up and went over to the couch and sat at the other side to Pam, as I sat I casually draped my arm around her shoulder, then as I talked to David I started to play with one of Pam's tits over her dress, I felt Pam tense up, David of course noticed what I was doing and took it as a sign, it wasn't long before his hand found itself on her leg and he quickly started to stroke it as we chatted, moving it higher and higher up her thigh, Pam turned to me, a look of uncertainty and nervousness on her face but I quickly kissed her deeply, as we Kissed I took one of her hands and moved it over towards David's prick who by this time had his hand under her dress, by the look of it he had almost reached her pussy.

I stopped kissing and quietly suggested to Pam that perhaps she might want to kiss David, she did as I asked and turned to him and they kissed, I continued to play with her tits, sliding the straps from her shoulders, pulling down the front of her dress, exposing her tits. This carried on for about ten minutes, David and I both mauled her tits whilst we took in turns kissing her and we both fingered her now very wet cunt, "Why don't you take your dress off darling?" I suggested, Pam got up and stepped out of it, now only wearing her stockings, I unzipped my trousers and quickly took them off, my hard prick stood out, David followed suit and soon was naked, his prick was a bit smaller than mine but fairly thick, "How about giving David one of your special blowjobs as a way of saying thanks for what he is going to do for me" I said to Pam who was still standing in front of us, Pam smiled and knelt in front of David, she took his prick in her hands and started to slowly wank him, then leaning forward she kissed and licked along the length of it, I noticed there was some pre-cum oozing out and watched her lick it off, soon she had his prick deep into her mouth and was sucking hard on it, she looked so sexy, I sat wanking my prick, watching, then I got up and went behind her, her ass looked inviting, I positioned myself behind her and started to lick and finger her wet pussy lips and juicy cunt, she was very wet, I slid my fingers into her cunt easily, she turned to me, "Fuck me Peter" she begged, David held her head with both hands as he deep fucked her mouth, I heard her choke a couple of times - he must have his prick down her throat I thought to myself, I rubbed my prick along her pussy lips, then slowly entered her, she moaned deeply as I slid my prick into her wet, juicy cunt, as I fucked her she pushed herself backwards, trying to get more of me inside her, I heard her gag and choke a few times on David's prick, but she continued to suck on him as he leant forward and mauled her tits at the same time. "Fuck me hard and deep Peter, oh that feels so good, fuck me harder, deeper" she cried out, I did as she asked and with all my power I fucked away at her cunt, although she was wet her cunt was still tight as it always was, after about ten minutes I pulled out of her, "I think it's David's turn to try out your cunt" I said, David didn't need to be asked twice and pulled out of her mouth, "Why don't you lie down on the floor Pam" I instructed, she did as I asked, David immediately positioned himself between her legs, he lifted her legs up on to his shoulders and lunged forward with his full length sliding his prick into her, Pam cried out as he fucked away at her cunt "Yes, fuck me deeper David" she told him, she turned her head to face me as I knelt at her head and allowed me to slide my prick into her open mouth whilst I played with her tits and rock hard nipples, we changed positions several more times, I wanted to fuck her ass hole but decided to wait till later, David said he was going to cum, "Where do you want it Pam?" he asked, "Over my tits David, cum over my tits" she replied, I stood watching as he shot his load of spunk over her tits, then using his prick he rubbed his cum over her nipples (something that Pam loves) I was just about ready and slid my prick back into her mouth, she took all my spunk in her mouth and swallowed most of it, she sucked me until I began to soften, she looked so sexy lying there, now with David's prick in her hand, slowly wanking on it. I had finally realised one of my fantasies - seeing Pam get fucked by another guy, for the next hour we fucked her again, I fucked her ass hole while David fucked her cunt, Pam looked so dirty, so sexy, this time she took David's cum in her mouth and mine deep inside her cunt, she sucked off David one more time before exhausted, we all agreed it had been a very nice evening and before David left I told him that we would arrange another get together one night. After he had left I sat cuddling Pam on the couch, we were both still naked, "Did you enjoy that Pam?" I asked, "Yes I did Peter but it is not something that I would want to repeat, I did as you asked, I had sex with your boss but to be truthful I wish it hadn't happened" "But it was only sex wasn't it! You must admit it was good, haven't you ever thought about getting fucked by different guys, didn't tonight turn you on? I know it turned me on watching you and David, go on Pam, admit it was good, admit it was something you enjoyed! How can you say you don't want to do it again? I know I do!"

Pam looked at me, "Christ Peter! Why can't you just be happy with me, don't I please you Peter? Don't I satisfy you? I love you Peter, I don't need anyone else, of course I enjoyed it, and you know I adore sex but am I hearing you right? Are you now saying you want me to do this again? What next Peter, are you going to bring home strangers and get pleasure from watching them fuck me?" Pam now had tears in her eyes, I pulled her tight to me, I tried to explain to her how I felt "Pam I love you so much, but tonight made me realise how much I enjoyed the experience of getting involved with other people, it's only sex Pam, love doesn't come into it, it's just fun - excitement! That's what I want, I've got you Pam, you're my wife, I love you - don't you understand what I'm saying Pam?" "I don't know Peter, I need to think about what you have said, I need time" We went to bed that night, both of us seemingly deep in thought - Me, I was thinking about how I could arrange to get together with another couple.

To be continued...

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