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Confessions of a Sex Addict Pt. II
by TopGun115

Next morning Pam was up and showered before I awoke, I joined her in the kitchen and she made me coffee, she was still very quiet, again I bought up last night, "Pam, we need to talk, didn't last night make you feel horny? I know I did, can you honestly tell me you weren't turned on?" I asked, "I would be lying if I told you that Peter, sure I enjoyed the experience, but..." "Look Pam, all I'm saying is that getting together sexually with other people is no big deal, It is only taking what we've got that bit further, adding another dimension, I think it would make what we have that much better!"

"Ok Peter, you win, if it makes you happy I'll go along with what you want, I just hope for both our sakes nothing goes wrong, I've heard and read about couples that have split up through 'swinging', what if you meet someone else, someone you love more than me, what happens then?" "I love you Pam, more than anything or anyone in the world, that'll never change, trust me Pam, I'll always love you, I only want us to have a bit of fun" I told her.

"Well, as I've said, I'll do whatever you want" she said, kissing me, I hugged her, pulling her tight. At work my mind raced, I couldn't think of anything other than making contact with some others, how was I going to do it? The phone rang, it was David telling me how much of a great time he had last night and to expect confirmation of my promotion within the next few days.

Throughout the week I thought of nothing else, when I got the letter relating to my promotion I showed it to Pam, she was very excited upon hearing the news, "We will have to get David over again so I can thank him personally" she said, surprising me, I looked at her, she noticed the way I looked, "Well, isn't that what you would expect me to do?" she asked laughing, "That's just what I would have hoped you'd have said" I told her.

Friday night I left work late, I stopped off at the local bar to have a drink before going home, inside I bumped into an old university friend - Jim, who introduced me to his wife, Beth, it took all of ten minutes for the sexual chemistry to start to work, Beth was gorgeous, she was about Pam's age, taller and with bigger tits, we had a couple of drinks, I could tell by the way she openly chatted and acted that she was a 'fun girl'

It was getting late, "How about dinner one night?" I suggested, both Beth and Jim accepted my offer, "We've got nothing planned for tomorrow, and by how you've described her we would love to meet Pam" Jim said, "Ok, tomorrow at eight, we'll meet you here then go on somewhere" I told them, I gave Beth a kiss and made my way home. "Where have you been? It's so late I was getting worried" Pam told me when I got home, I told her I had stopped off for a drink and told her about meeting Jim and Beth, "I've arranged for us to meet them tomorrow for dinner, should be a nice evening, how about tomorrow you go shopping, get yourself something sexy" I suggested, "It sounds to me like you are after more than just a nice meal Peter, are you thinking about anything else?" Pam asked, "Why don't we wait and see" I replied.

Jim and Beth were already there when we arrived, Beth had spent a lot of time on her appearance, she wore a tight dress, fairly low cut, what I presumed to be stockings and high heels, I introduce them to Pam who looked stunning, she wore a jacket but underneath her top was semi see through, her lacy bra easily seen through the material, a very short skirt, stockings and stilettos, we had a drink there and then went to the restaurant, over dinner we all laughed, chatted and got on very well, during the meal I felt what I presumed to be Beth's foot rubbing against my leg, she kept giving me very sexy looks, it was almost midnight, "How do you two feel about coming back to our place for a night cap?" I asked, "That's a great idea" replied Jim, "It's much too early to call it a night" we got a cab and made our way home, it was fairly squashed in the cab, I could feel Beth's tit pressing into my arm, she casually rested her hand on my thigh, giving me an instant hard on, I noticed Jim's hand was similarly resting on Pam's thigh, he was gently squeezing it, things were turning out better than I had expected.

When we arrived home we showed them into the lounge, Pam excused herself and went to the bathroom, I'll get some ice" I said, Beth stood up, "I'll help" she said following me into the kitchen, leaving Jim alone, "Thanks for a lovely evening Peter" Beth told me, "It's not over yet Beth, I think it might get better yet" I replied, I stood close to her, my hand reached out and took hold of hers, I pulled her closer to me and we kissed deeply and passionately, I cupped her tit feeling it's firmness, her nipple was hard pressed into my palm, she covered the bulge of my prick with her hand and gently squeezed it, I wanted to fuck her, I wanted it so bad, we stopped kissing and went back into the lounge, Pam was sat next to Jim on the couch chatting, "Where did you get the ice from Peter, Alaska?" joked Jim, Pam looked at me in a knowing way, as we chatted and joked I managed to steer the topic of conversation towards sex, both Jim and Beth seemed at ease, it was time to make the next move, I put a slow dance record on the hi-fi, "C'mon Beth, let's dance" I said pulling her up from the couch, she was a little unsteady on her feet, the drink was probably affecting her I thought, we danced close, her head rested on my shoulder, I noticed Jim and Pam were dancing too, I could feel Beth's tits pushing into my chest, she ground her hips forward, rubbing herself against my hard prick "I want to fuck you Beth" I quietly whispered into her ear, Beth looked up at me, "That would be nice Peter, I would like that but what about Pam" she asked, the record ended, Beth said she had to use the bathroom, Pam said she would take her. While they were gone I fixed Jim a drink, "Beth is a very sexy lady" I told him, "Yes she is Peter, and I think Pam is gorgeous" he replied, "Look Jim, don't take this the wrong way but Pam and I...well, were both kinda curious about having some fun times with another couple, you know - nothing serious, just fun, have you ever thought along those lines?" Jim laughed, "It's funny you should say that Peter, ever since Beth met you she has not stopped going on about how she would like to fuck with you, she has been horny as hell all evening, you must have noticed, we both have talked about swapping, it's something we would like to try as well, I sure as hell would like to have some fun with Pam" When the girls rejoined us they were both giggling like schoolgirls, I looked at Pam, she gave me a sexy smile, I put on another dance record and again danced with Beth, Jim doing the same with Pam, again Beth pressed herself tight against me, this time I openly moved my hand up and cupped her tit and kissed her, she responded, her tongue deeply explored my mouth, I squeezed her tits hard, tweaking her nipples through the fabric of her dress, I looked across and saw Jim was giving Pam the same treatment, they too were kissing and groping each other, I reached around the back of Beth's dress and unzipped her, sliding the straps off her shoulders the dress fell to the floor, she stood in front of me now dressed in just stockings and suspenders, either she had not worn panties or had not bothered to put them back on after using the bathroom, her pussy was crowned with a tiny triangle of dark hair, she knelt in front of me and unzipped my trousers releasing my hard prick, she took it in her hands and started to wank it slowly, I quickly took off my shirt and looked across and saw Jim had removed Pam's top and bra, he was kissing and playing with her pert tits, her nipples stood out hard, Beth was now sucking deep on my prick, I took hold of her head and fucked her mouth forcing my prick deep into her throat, she choked a little at first but carried on with her fantastic blow job, she stopped sucking, "Fuck me Peter, please, I want to feel your cock inside my cunt" she begged, she lay back on the carpet, legs wide open, her pussy looked very inviting, I got down between her legs and started to play with her pussy, god it was wet, I slid a couple of fingers into her cunt as I played with her nipples, her juices were running out of her, I attentively started to rub around her ass hole, she did not object so I slid a finger slowly inside, it was very tight but after a while and using her juices as a lubricant I managed to make it loosen up, I fingered both her cunt and ass hole at the same time, Beth was moaning out loudly now, her head was rocking from side to side, "Now Peter, I want to feel your cock inside me, fuck me hard Peter, hard and deep" Jim was getting sucked off by Pam who now was naked apart from her stockings, he played with her pussy, fingering her cunt, I positioned myself between Beth's legs, my prick rubbed up and down over her pussy lips, "Don't tease me Peter, Fuck me!" I did as she asked and slid my prick easily into her wet cunt and started to fuck her, "Deeper, Oh yes, that feels so good, fuck me deeper!" she shouted out, I fucked her as hard and as deep as I could and still she wanted more, I pulled out and turned her over so she was on her hands and knees, her ass looked inviting, I positioned my prick at the entrance of her tiny ass hole and slowly, a little at a time slid it into her, "Oh fuck, Yes, fuck my ass, Ooohhh" she cried out as I buried my prick deeply into her ass hole, her tits hung down beneath her, I reached under her and grabbed a handful of tit flesh and squeezed as I fucked away, Jim was now fucking Pam who was lying on the carpet with her legs up over his shoulders, he was pumping deep into her, Pam, like Beth was moaning loudly, I continued to fuck Beth's ass hole for a couple more minutes then pulling out of her I took her by the hand over to Pam and Jim, I asked Beth to get on top of Pam in the 69 position, then asked Pam to lick out Beth's cunt, Beth lowered herself down over Pam's mouth and I watched Pam's tongue dart out, licking, probing Beth's wet pussy lips and cunt, Jim continued to fuck away at Pam, he played with Beth's tits as they hung beneath her, Beth licked Jim's prick as he slid in and out of Pam's cunt, I positioned myself and slid my prick into Beth's cunt, Pam continued to lick away, every now and then I withdrew and Pam would suck it deep into her mouth, this carried on for a while until I felt myself ready to cum, I shot the first stream into Beth's cunt, then pulling quickly out the next was deposited into Pam's open mouth, the remainder I squirted over Beth's pussy, rubbing it in with my throbbing, oozing prick, Pam licked at my prick, then at Beth's pussy and cunt, licking and sucking my spunk out, Jim said "I'm cumming" and I saw him pull out of Pam's cunt and Beth take his prick into her mouth, she took it all, swallowing every drop, when she finished there was no trace of his spunk. We rested for a while, had a couple more drinks then with a little work from the girl's hands and mouths our pricks were hard again and for the next hour we had sex again. Jim and Beth stayed the night and next morning after showering and breakfast we fucked again before they left. Later I asked Pam if she enjoyed their company as much as I did, "Yes Peter, I did - Jim and Beth are a lovely, sexy couple, I had a great time, are we going to see them again?" she asked, I told her that Jim had told me he knew of an 'Adults Only' night club, he said that he and Beth had been there once and asked me if we would go with them one night, "And what did you tell him?" Pam asked, "I told him I would ask you first, how about it Pam, fancy a sexy night out?" "If you're sure that's what you want, you know I'll go along, I've told you Peter, I want you to be happy" I kissed her, "Great, I'll give him a call later and get something fixed up for next weekend" I called Jim, he told me that when he visited the club with Beth there were about twenty other couples and about a dozen singles there, he said it turned into an orgy - people having sex all over the place, although, as it was their first night there Beth was a little reluctant to participate and they left after a short time, he told me that on hearing that we would be going with them next time, Beth was very excited. Saturday night came and we called for Beth and Jim, Beth was wearing a longish, very tight white dress, it was split up one side almost to her waist, if she was wearing panties I couldn't see any signs, she definitely didn't wear a bra, the dress was split at the front, nothing more than two thin strips of material just about covering her nipples - god, she looked sexy! Pam had chosen to wear a tiny mini skirt, black stockings and an open mesh top, her hard pointed nipples poked out through the mesh, as it meant a walk to the club from the car park both girls opted to wear coats over their sexy outfits. We arrived at the club around 11pm, there were about twenty people there, the clothes most of the women wore left nothing to the imagination, my prick got rock hard and stayed that way, we got a table and ordered drinks, later things started to liven up, I noticed a couple dancing, they started openly playing with each other, another couple nearby did the same, I saw a guy fingering a girl sat at a table near us, she looked across at me and blew me a kiss, half an hour later couples were fucking away, guys joined them for threesomes, couples joined other couples for foursomes, I was now fingering Beth, she had my trousers off and was wanking and sucking on my prick, Jim was down between Pam's open legs licking and fingering her cunt, I saw a guy go over to her, his prick sticking out in front of him - he must have been about ten inches long, he reached out and cupped her tiny tits in his hands, Pam looked me in the eyes and took hold of his prick and started to suck on it, Jim took hold of Pam's legs and draped them over the arms of the chair, he pulled her slightly forwards and slid his prick into her cunt - Fucking hell, what a turn on! A woman walked over to me and Beth, she was naked apart from her stockings and suspenders "Hi, I haven't seen you here before, is this your first time?" she asked, I told her it was, she was about forty but very sexy looking, big tits, very nice trim body, "My name's Karen, I'm here with my husband, look - he's over there, with that blonde woman" she said, pointing across the room, Beth continued to suck my prick, Karen leaned forward and kissed me, as she did I grabbed a handful of tit flesh, taking hold of her nipples between my fingers and tweaking them, we kissed deeply then she joined Beth at my prick, looking down and seeing the two of them both licking, kissing and sucking at my prick was very erotic, Karen played with Beth's tits, they both kissed, trapping my prick between their lips, I wanted to fuck one of them - I didn't mind which one, I was still sat in my chair, Karen sat down on my lap facing away from me, slowly lowering her cunt down on to my prick, then bouncing up and down she rode my prick, Beth licked away at my prick and Karen's pussy as we fucked, she joined me playing with Karen's tits, after about 5 minutes I felt myself ready to cum and told Karen, she pulled off my prick and again they both sucked on my prick until I started to cum, covering their faces with my spunk, using their tongues they cleaned each other up, swallowing all of my cum. I looked across at Pam, she had been joined by another guy, now on her hands and knees, she had a prick up her cunt, she was wanking on one and was sucking on Jim, "So, is this your partner?" asked Karen, looking at Beth, "No, she's the one over there with the three guys" I pointed her out, "Oh, she looks so young and innocent" commented Karen, "I must go over and join in the fun, she looks a bit outnumbered to me" and left us, taking hold of Beth's hand we went over to where another couple were fucking and joined in with them. This is how it carried on for the rest of the night, I fucked with and got sucked off by several different women, I fucked their cunts, their asses, their mouths, I saw Pam get fucked by a lot of different guys, after shooting my spunk for the fourth time I felt absolutely drained, as much as I would have liked to have carried on I knew I was finished for the night, I managed to get hold of Pam, we got dressed leaving Beth and Jim still fucking away and left the club. During the evening I was given many telephone numbers from couples and some single women, I gave our number to a few who I would have loved to see again. While chatting to Karen she invited us to a party she was giving two weeks later, again she remarked how lovely and young looking Pam was, "Do you have a thing about young looking girls Peter?" she asked smiling, I told her that I had often wished and fantasised about fucking a young girl - not too young you understand, teens would be nice, "Well, you might get your wish granted Peter, I'll give you a call with details of my party, I'll tell you more then" she said. When we got home we showered and got into bed, I told Pam about Karen's planned party, "I think we'll have a great time, don't you Pam?" I said, cuddling up to her, "Peter, let's not let sex rule our lives, please Peter, you know I had a great time tonight and I know that you did, but do we really have to see other people so often, I mean once in a while is ok but you seem to want to do it all the time"

"We're both young Pam, in a few years time we might be dead, let's enjoy ourselves while we can, you know how much I love you Pam, how much I care for you, fucking other women is only about fun Pam, you know, when I saw you tonight with three different guys you really turned me on, you looked so fucking sexy, I love you Pam" I kissed her passionately, "And I love you Peter" she replied, we fell asleep cuddled up to each other - me, I had plenty to dream about!

To be continued...

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