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Confessions of a Sex Addict Pt. III
by TopGun115

Midweek at the office I got a call from Karen, she told me the party was definitely on for the following Saturday, "If it's anything like the last one you both will be welcome to stay overnight" she told me. "Oh, by the way Peter, remember our conversation about young looking girls?" she asked, I told her I did and asked why?

"Well, a couple we know intimately will be coming and they have teenage twin daughters, if I was to say they looked young would be an understatement! They will be bringing the girls with them on Saturday"

"Are you telling me they are ok about letting their daughters have sex with strangers?" I asked.

" Are they ok? They have been fucking their girls for the last couple of years, the twins might look naïve and virginal but believe me they definitely know how to please - sexually that is!" I told Karen I couldn't wait to meet them.

"Oh, just one other thing Peter, we have only one rule, come midnight the fun starts, everyone strips off and whatever happens from there on happens, are you both ok with that?" I told her that would be no problem and we would see her on Saturday. Throughout the next few days I felt like a young boy waiting for Christmas day to arrive, I had talked to Pam about Karen's party, she seemed to be ok with everything although a little quiet, I took Pam shopping and bought her a very sexy outfit.

Saturday finally arrived, Pam spent most of the afternoon bathing, getting herself ready with makeup etc. we planned to arrive at their house about 10pm, that way I thought we could get ourselves settled in before the magic hour of midnight, Pam as usual looked stunning, she had put a lot of effort into making herself look very sexy, all in white, a short, very low cut dress, so thin it fitted like a second skin, her nipples jutted out through the fabric, white stockings and high heels, she lifted the skirt to show me she wasn't wearing panties, her smooth pussy looked very inviting.

I wanted to fuck her there and then but had been saving my cum for the last few days - I planned to have a very hectic evening! We got a cab; the address Karen had given me was in the best part of town, very exclusive! Their house was shielded from view by a very tall wall, the large entrance gates firmly closed, there was an intercom at the gate, I pressed the button, and introduced myself to the person on the other end, the gates swung open and we headed up to the huge house about 800 yds away.

I paid and tipped the driver, Karen was waiting at the door, "Hello Pam, Hello Peter" she said, kissing us both, so glad you could make it, come with me, I want to introduce you to some others" There were about twenty people already there, there were some very sexy looking women present, my prick soon became hard and stayed that way, then I saw them - the twins! They were with a couple I presumed to be their parents, Karen lead us to them.

"This is Peter and Pam" she said introducing us, "And this is John and Sue and their daughters Kerry and Laura" we shook hands and kissed and spent the next half hour chatting to them, the twins looked so young, they were dressed identically in short mini skirts and tiny halter type tops, they both wore ankle socks which added to their young looks, they had their blonde hair tied in bunches, I found out later that Laura wore pink ribbon and Kerry wore yellow, if I didn't know better I would have guessed their ages to be pre-teen, they both seemed at ease with everything, they joked, laughed, acted like 'normal' John steered me to one side, "So Peter, Karen has told me you have a desire to fuck a young looking girl, how do you like the twins?" he asked, I told him I thought they were both very sexy indeed, "Are you sure they won't mind, I mean..." "Hell no Peter, they love sex, they can't get enough, I've been fucking them for over a year now, I've told them about you and they are both excited at the prospect" he assured me, "Your wife is a very sexy lady Peter, I am looking forward to fucking with her, Sue wants her as well, we should all have a great night!" I looked across at Pam, she beckoned to me, "Excuse me John, I think Pam wants me" I went to her, "Christ Peter, those girls look too young to be here, I think we should leave" "Karen told me they were teenagers and their parents are happy with them here so I can't see any problem Pam, besides I want to fuck them both, it's all been arranged" I told her, "You mean to say you knew they would be here, why didn't you tell me about this 'arrangement' Peter, perhaps you didn't say anything because you really know it isn't right, they're too young! This is getting out of hand Peter, Please, I want you to take me home, I don't feel comfortable here any more" she said, "Look Pam, we'll stay for a while, see how things go and decide later" It was getting near midnight, some of the guests had started already, I noticed a few people playing with each other, groping, some of the women were stripped off, guys sucking at their tits and fingering them, Luckily for me John came over to us, "The girls are waiting for you Peter, you'd better hurry, they have had to turn down a few offers already" he joked, he turned to Pam, "How about it Pam, fancy joining me and Sue for some fun?" he asked, Pam smiled, shot me a very angry look and took his hand and went with him to join up with his wife who I could see was quickly stripping off her clothes. The twins ran over to me, they took hold of one arm each and took me upstairs to a spare bedroom, "Karen told us to look after you well Peter, she said we could use this room, so Peter, do you like what you see?" they both echoed, "I love what I see!" I told them, "Now, how about you girls showing me you gorgeous young bodies?" I suggested, acting in unison they unzipped their skirts and they fell to the floor, then pulling their tiny tops over their heads they both stood before me naked, their pussy's shaved smooth, they had hardly any tits, just little mounds and tiny but erect nipples, unclothed they looked younger still, "C'mon Peter, now it's your turn" they laughed, I quickly stripped off my clothes, as soon as my prick was out they pounced on it, both of them encircling it with their tiny hands, they took in turns to suck on it, taking as much of my prick into their mouths as they could, I sat on the bed watching them, watching their heads bob up and down, I wanted some of their pussy, Laura joined me on the bed, she lay back and opened her legs, then while Kerry continued to suck my prick I was able to lick at Laura's tight pussy lips, I licked my tongue deeply inside her cunt, she was already wet, I have never experienced such a young pussy, I licked along her crack up to her tiny ass hole, using only my tongue I slid it inside her, Laura moaned out loudly, "Oh yes Peter, I like that, I like you licking my ass hole" I fingered her cunt as I licked her ass, Laura continued to moan out loudly in pleasure, Kerry now had most of my prick buried into her mouth, she expertly sucked on it, I took hold of her and pulled her on to the bed, joining her sister, they both lay back giving me access to both of their tiny cunts, I licked and kissed one while fingering the other, swapping around from cunt to cunt, "Now Peter, fuck us now" they told me, I pulled Laura forward a little, rubbed my prick along her pussy lips then slowly entered her, god she was tight, Laura cried out a little a first, I took it slowly till I was buried deeply inside her, then I slowly at first fucked her, at the same time I fingered her sister, Kerry leaned across and both girls kissed each other, then it was Kerry's turn to get some prick in her cunt, as before I took it slowly till she got used to it, she urged me on, "Fuck me harder, deeper, Harder" she cried out, Laura was now licking along her sisters pussy as I fucked her, she licked my prick as I pulled half way out, we changed positions several times, I was now pumping away as hard as I could, these girls are used to big pricks I thought, I fucked the girls in several positions including the ass holes, every time I was near to cumming I pulled out and resumed licking their cunts, I wanted this experience to last as long as I could make it until I was finally ready to cum, "Suck my prick girls, suck my cum out of me" I asked, I lay back on the bed, both Laura and her sister went to work on my prick, "I'm cumming" I told them watching my spunk spurt out in streams hitting them on their faces, some going into their open mouths, they took in turns sucking every drop from me until I was dry, they edged their way up the bed, one lying each side of me and we spent the next ten minutes kissing and playing around, I sucked on their tiny, erect nipples, making them squeal with pleasure, It wasn't long before I was hard again, "You wait here girls, I'm going to find Pam, I would like her to join us" I told them, I went downstairs, couples, threesomes, foursomes all over the place, basically a mass of bodies all fucking away, I saw Pam, she was with John and Sue and another guy, she had a prick in her cunt and was sucking on one, Sue was sucking away at her tits while Pam fingered her cunt, I watched them for a few minutes then went over to them, John noticed me, "Having a good time Peter? Are the girls looking after you ok?" he asked, I told him I was and said I would like it if he, Sue and Pam would join us upstairs, they thought it a good idea and we all went up to join the twins, the girls were in a 69 position on each other when we got there, I couldn't resist it, my prick was hard so I got up behind Kerry and slid my prick into her inviting cunt, Laura immediately started to lick it as I fucked her sister. Pam and Sue both lay on the bed, kissing, playing with each others tits, John lay between their legs and started to finger and lick at both their wet cunts, for the next hour we swapped around in a variety of combinations and positions, there seemed to be endless ways of fucking different girls, it was very erotic to see Sue licking out the twins cunts, to see John fucking them, seeing the twins suck their dad's prick, we both managed to cum at the same time shooting our streams of spunk over the faces and into the mouths of the four girls, later Karen, her husband and another guy joined us, it all turned into an orgy of naked bodies fucking like rabbits for a long time, eventually we all began to tire and I fell asleep with Sue at one side and Pam at the other, next morning I awoke to find Sue sucking on my prick, I just lay back until I shot my load of spunk into her mouth, much later after a shower and a hearty breakfast I fucked Karen before Pam and I made our way home. Pam was very quiet for a couple of days, I thought it best not to talk about the party, I knew that although she had gone along with what I wanted she was still upset about the twins, I think the fact that I kept them being there a secret from her hurt her, I tried my best to make it up with her, eventually she broke down and out it came, she told me that she didn't want to attend any more party's, she didn't want to be fucked by strangers any more, basically she told me it was either I change my ways or she was leaving - it was my choice, I didn't know what to say, I tried to make her change her mind but it was no good, I didn't want her to go, I told her I would change, she seemed relieved and kissed me, "Let's get things back to normal Peter, the way they used to be, just you and me" she said, "Ok Pam, Let's do that" I replied, I lasted two days before I went back on my word, a phone call from John asking if I would like to pay a visit, the twins needed fucking he said, of course I went, ended up fucking Sue and the girls and that's how things went for the next six months, I tried my best to keep my secret from Pam, I really didn't want to lose her but I was addicted to sex, there were so many women I could easily fuck, I found it too hard to refuse what was being handed to me so easily! Another problem was my boss David, he had been keeping on at me for ages asking if he could 'pay a visit' of course I couldn't tell him that Pam was no longer interested so I stalled him, one night I bought up the subject of David, I asked Pam how she felt about him coming over one night, "I told you Peter, I don't do that sort of thing anymore" she replied, "But he's my boss, I want to keep him sweet, you know how much he fancies you" I argued but to no avail, I now had other things on my mind. The twins had told one of their close friends about me and foolishly I agreed to them bringing her around to my house one afternoon when I knew Pam was to be out, their friend Jenny was as adorable and innocent looking as they were, she had a very nice body, if anything she looked even younger which really turned me on, she had beautiful tiny tits very suckable nipples, as a special treat for me the decided to wear their school uniforms when they came, I took great delight in slowly stripping their clothes off them until the three of them were naked, then they stripped me and we spent the next hour having the most incredible sex anyone could ask for, Jenny lay back on the bed while I licked and played with her sweet pussy, the twins, either side of her sucking on a tit each, I managed to get them positioned so I could finger their tight cunts at the same time, then I slowly slid my prick into her cunt, she cried out, it was so tight, I took it slow and gentle until her cunt had loosened up then picking up speed I pumped into her, fucking her harder, deeper, she moaned loudly telling me how good it was, I shot my first load of cum inside her, then pulling out the twins sucked me clean and dry, then they turned their attentions to Jenny's spunky cunt. I fucked all of them, their cunts, their ass holes, they sucked and licked my prick until I shot my spunk over them, then it happened, I didn't hear her come home until the bedroom door flew open and there stood Pam, she looked at the four of us on the bed, "How could you Peter, you promised me you would change, How could you" she burst into tears and stormed out, I quickly got dressed but it was too late - she had gone.

It was four day's later when she phoned, she was staying with friends, I told her I was sorry but she said she couldn't believe me any more - "I'm thinking of getting a divorce" she told me, I was shocked at the news, "Please Pam, you don't mean that, I'll change Pam, I promise, just give me one more chance" I begged her, she agreed to meet, to talk.

"I'll hear what you have to say Peter but I'm not promising anything" she told me. I managed to talk her around, she came back to me and I stayed faithful to her for the next couple of months but the urge to fuck another woman proved too great and secretly I managed to live my two lives, fucking Karen, Beth, the twins, Sue and many others.

I even managed to keep on good terms with David - I introduced him to Karen and her husband, the trouble is I know it is just a question of time before Pam catches me out again - I really do not know what to do! - My conclusion: Sex is like drugs, once addicted it is hard to kick the habit.

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