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Creature of the Night IV
by Kip Carson

Catherine was a full fledged vampire now. She quickly overcame the guilt from her first kill. She still thought about it every so often, but knew that it was just a part of her new life. Victor and her were lovers every night. Victor was taking her with him to feed tonight. Catherine's body quivered with excitement. It was a cold, dark gloomy night. Catherine saw the mist like fog begin to cover her room, and knew it was Victor. "Hello, my dear" he said. "Are you ready to feed?" he asked her.

"Oh, yes Victor, she moaned, oh, yes".

Victor took her to the dungeon. The S & M club where Catherine had killed Bitch. As they entered the dark smoke filled club, all eyes again focused on the 2 of them. Catherine was dressed in a see thru black silky dress. She had a black lacey bra, and matching panties beneath. You could see her pale white skin, thru the transparent material of her outfit. Victor himself, looked quite well. All the ladies eyed him as he led Catherine by her hand thru the club.

Victor was dressed in black leather pants, with a white dress shirt, and topped it off with a very long black leather over coat. The tail of his over coat barely missed dragging the ground. Victor was 6'2" tall, and very firm and muscular. Victor led her to a table near the back of the room. They sat and sipped on bloody mary's. "When do we feed, who do we choose?" Catherine anxiously asked him. "Be patient my dear, he said, they will come to us".

Sure enough, moments later 2 ladies strolled towards their table. "Mind if we join you?" they asked. "Of course, be our guests" Victor stated. The two women sat down at the table with Victor and Catherine. The first lady was a stacked blonde, barely dressed in a bikini top, and a short leather skirt. She announced her name was Mindy. The second, a dark haired Goth Girl said her name was Jen. Jen wore a black dress, white stockings, and long leather boots. She had numerous piercings. Catherine looked at the rings that hung from her eyebrows, lips, and the stud in her nose. The dress was open at the belly, and you could see the gold navel ring thru her belly button.

Catherine's patience wasn't as good as Victor's. She was ready to grab one of the girls and sink her long fangs deep into her neck right there. Victor knew her thoughts, and whispered to her, "Be patient my dear, it will come". Catherine obeyed her master and sat quietly. Suddenly a man walked to the table. He was a very fine hunk. Catherine felt herself get very wet as she looked at him. He almost had an animalistic look to him. His eyes were wild, and quite evil looking. He turned her on fiercely. "Hi, my names Zak" he said. He held Catherine's hand and kissed it softly.

Catherine softly moaned. She looked at Victor and he nodded his approval. She stood and began to dance with Zak. As she and Zak slow danced to the slow song playing, he began to kiss her neck. His long tongue slid against her soft skin. She became very aroused from this. She looked back to see Victor's reaction to what Zak was doing to her, and he and the 2 girls were gone. "That bastard" she thought. Zak's hands firmly gripped her firm ass cheeks. She could feel his hands as they began to spread her cheeks apart. Her pussy juice began seeping from her panties. Zak slid his hand beneath her dress and was now rubbing her moist panties.

Catherine moaned. Zak's finger slid inside of her panties and expertly found her wet swollen clit. He began to rub it wonderfully. She moaned loudly as he brought her to a hot wet orgasm right there on the dance floor. "Wanna go someplace more private?" He asked her. "Oh, God yes" she answered. Zak took her hand and led her out of the club. The air was quite chilly. They began walking down the street. "I live really close to here" he said. Sure enough, they were climbing the steps to his apartment moments later. He lived in a beautiful hi rise apartment. They entered his apartment, and he told her to make herself comfortable.

He returned with a couple of mixed drinks. Catherine needed something to drink besides alcohol. She wanted to fuck him and feed from his large muscular neck. She stood and pulled him to her. He was surprised by her strength. "So, you like to play rough" Zak said to her. "Well, 2 can play at that game" he continued. He quickly picked her up and tossed her to his sofa. He tore his shirt from his body with one hard tug. Catherine looked at his large muscular physique. The need to feed became quite intense. She could almost see the blood flowing through his large veins.

Catherine noticed the wonderful view out side of the large bay window in his apartment. She looked at the beautiful full moon in the dark sky. Zak noticed the full moon, also. Suddenly he almost acted as if he was afraid to look out the window. He began to close the shades. "No, please, leave them open, the moon is so romantic" Catherine pleaded. "I really need to close the shades... you don't understand.... he added. Catherine looked at Zak, his eyes began to change color. The whites of his eyes turned blood red. She noticed as his bare upper body began to throb. Suddenly he appeared much more hairy. Maybe she was delirious from not feeding to today, she thought.

But there was something strange obviously happening to him. His face began to change. His teeth began to grow. His fangs were bared, and they were much larger and more ferocious than hers or Victors. His fingernails grew long and thick. His body now much more hairy, and he was still shifting his appearance. He almost looked like an animal now. He began to growl. Suddenly the biggest change of all, his face was distorting, and his jaw began to protrude. He looked like a WOLF. He pushed her to the sofa. He tore her dress from her body. His lower body had been changing also.

His pants no longer fit him. They clung to him in shreds, she watched as his large pink cock began to protrude from his hairy body. His cock looked almost as if it belonged to a large dog, instead of a man. Her need to feed suddenly changed to fear. Catherine wanted desperately to leave. Zak held her down. His strength was unbelievable. She felt his hot breath as it blew across her bare breasts. His long, dog like tongue flicked across her erect nipples. She loudly moaned. She reached between his hairy legs, and grabbed his pink dog like cock, and began to stroke him. It was so HUGE, it was almost 11 inches long, and probably a good 5 inches around. She stroked his cock lovingly, the pre cum oozed from the pointed tip.

Her fear was now subsiding, being overrode with her desire. "God, fuck me with your big cock" she pleaded. Zak mounted her. She felt as if he was tearing her apart as he entered her. As he began to thrust his dog like cock deeper into her wet pussy, she yelled. His body was still changing as he began to fuck her like a wild beast. His claws were pawing at her body. Her breasts were bleeding from where he had tore her. He looked like a man wolf now, fully. His large cock stretched her pussy widely. She held him by his furry back as he deeply pumped away inside of her.

"OH GOD" she moaned. Her orgasm hit her hard. Her entire body was shaking. This animal was fucking her like no man had ever. Not even Victor, who was the best lover she had ever had. Zak was pumping his enormous cock deep inside of her. She continued to climax. His long dog like tongue licked her gorgeous breasts. His nose was wet and cold, like an animals. She felt his long, thick dog like cock as it began to throb and pulsate wildly inside of her. She moaned and held him tightly. Zak grunted and she felt his cum as it squirted deeply inside of her. He shot so much, that she wondered if maybe he wasn't pissing inside of her.

She climaxed repeatedly as his cum poured into her hot pussy. Suddenly she felt a searing pain. It felt as if his already enormous cock suddenly grew larger. "Oh fuck, that hurts" she screamed. She realized that he had a large knot like a dog, and was now hung inside of her. Zak began to howl. It was very loud and the sound almost hurt her ears. She felt his cock pulsate wildly again. Suddenly, he began to squirt inside of her again. "Oh, shit" she yelled ,as she began to climax with him. Zak's hot cum erupted inside of her pussy again. To Catherine's amazement, there was as much as before.

Once again she felt the stream of hot liquid as it poured into her hot pussy. She held him tightly, and thrust her hips wildly against him. He continued to cum for a few minutes. His knot seemed to go down, and he withdrew his large cock from her. "Wow, you are incredible" she moaned. "But, what the hell are you?" she asked. Zak pulled the shades closed, and began to appear more human. His hair just seemed to shrink back beneath his skin. His jaw began to shift and he once again began looking more and more like a man. He slowly appeared to look more human now. "I like you, am a creature of the night" he told her. "I am a were wolf" , he added. "Victor wanted you to get an education tonight" he continued.

"Now, let's go feed" he told her. "You've torn my dress to shreds" she exclaimed. "I have nothing to wear" she added. "Wait here" he told her. He left the room and returned with another dress almost identical to the one she had been wearing. "Put this on" he instructed her. Catherine quickly dressed while Zak threw on a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt. They quickly left his apartment. They headed towards the club. They heard soft moans coming from the alley. "Follow me" he told her. As they rounded the corner, they noticed a blonde prostitute on her knees. She was sucking a man's cock. "Shh, be very quiet, and patient" Zak told her. They watched as the prostitute moved her mouth up and down the man's large hard cock. She held the thick base with her hand and stroked him. His cock was very huge.

He grunted as the whore licked and sucked the large pulsating head of his cock. "Suck it you whore, make me cum" he yelled to the woman. "Mmm, yes" she grunted. He tossed his head back and she jerked his large cock wildly. His cum erupted from the head like a volcano. His white cum splashed into the night air. She continued jerking him off. He moaned as his cum landed on her face. Catherine heard Zak begin to growl. He was once again not human. He pounced through the air quickly. He landed directly across the back of the prostitute. She screamed once, but that was the only sound she made. Zak quickly tore into her. Catherine could smell the fresh blood as it poured from the woman. Catherine tackled the john to the ground. His large penis still hard, she sunk her fangs deep into his cock. He screamed loudly. The blood squirted in massive amounts. Catherine sucked the blood from the dying man's penis.

Zak was tearing the prostitute apart. Catherine continued to suck the man's blood, but almost felt digusted and sick by the mess that Zak had made of the woman. Zak growled and tore her flesh apart. Catherine was now full. She watched as Zak literally ate the woman whole. Catherine feared Zak now. She realized that he was a dangerous creature. Zak looked up from his meal just in time to see the fog like mist cover the air. Catherine flew away. She flew as fast and hard as she could. She entered her own house, feeling quite relieved. "Well, did you and Zak have fun?" Victor asked her. "What the fuck, he is an animal! she exclaimed. "Oh, yes, they are the less fortunate of the creatures of the night" he told her. "They are a little rougher and less coothe, but they still basically do the same as we do" he told her.

Victor tossed Catherine to the bed, and pushed her dress up above her waist. He tore her panties from her. She was still very wet from all of Zak's hot cum. Victor thrust into her pussy with great passion. He sank his fangs into her breasts. She moaned as he fucked her lovingly. He slowly sucked the blood from her large breasts. She moaned as his cock sank deeply into her pussy. She held Victor firmly against her. Her long legs were wrapped around his ass keeping him deeply inside of her. Victor fucked her faster now. She moaned "Oh ,yes, fuck me baby" Victor fucked her harder and harder. Catherine felt her climax as it built up inside of her. "Oh, God, yes" she grunted. He moaned and she felt his cock pulsate inside of her pussy. His cum erupted into her pussy. She grunted. Victor's cum squirted into her. His fangs sank into her breasts deeply. She climaxed again. Catherine felt her self become sleepy.

Victor carried her to her basement, and laid her in her coffin. "Good night my dear" he said. He gently kissed her on the lips, and a fog like mist covered the room and Victor flew away...

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