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Creature of the Night Pt. I
by Kip Carson

Catherine awoke trembling. Her body was broke out into a cold sweat, God that nightmare seemed so real. She was almost too frightened to go back to sleep. She climbed out of her large bed and turned on her bedroom light. She examined herself closely in the mirror. There wasn't any blood or claw marks any where. She felt relieved that this was only a dream. She glanced down at her fabulous 38D's. Her tits were so big and firm. She hadn't met too many people who believed they were real. But they were.

She pulled her nightgown over her head, and began to rub her massive melons. She firmly pinched the large dark colored nipples between her fingers and her thumbs. Her eyes moved down ward, and she began looking at her finely trimmed dark patch of pussy hair. She always kept it trimmed nice and neat. It was short enough that you could notice the bright pink, puffy lips of her cunt as she stood naked before you. "I look damn good for 35," she thought to herself as she put her nightgown back on.

Catherine climbed into her large bed and shuffled beneath the satin sheets getting comfortable. She hadn't been asleep long, when she was awoken by an eeire chill in the room. Her tired eyes tried hard to focus. It looked as if there was a fog or fine mist in her room. "My eyes must be playing tricks on me" she thought.

Suddenly she saw a small black winged creature flying around her room. She watched as the bat like creature flew around her bed, almost as if if were watching her. Catherine gasped as the creature landed on the floor at the foot almost taking on a human like form as it changed. The creature looked like a man now as it walked towards her.

Catherine tried to scream, but the man put his long fingers against her lips, silencing her. Catherine looked into the tall handsome man's mysterious eyes, and she lost all fear. The man peeled the covers from her body, and began pulling her nightgown off of her. Catherine lie there totally naked in front of the mysterious stranger. He climbed onto the bed with her, and she noticed his long black fingernails as they began to trace circles around her large swollen nipples. Catherine gasped. The man began sucking her nipples hungrily.

She felt a sharp stabbing pain in her breast and realized that he was biting her breasts. She could see the drops of blood as they trickled from the corner of his mouth. The pain was severe, but the pleasure from it was incredible. She held him by the back of his head as he sucked the blood from her breasts. His skin felt incredibly cold. He raised his head and looked at her. She saw the sharp fangs inside of his mouth, very visible now. They were covered in her blood. She tried to talk, but there was no sound. She couldn't even move.

The man began to take off his long black cape. He neatly folded it ,and sat it on her dresser. He removed the rest of his clothing, folding each item as maticulously as he did the cape. His body was very muscled. Catherine looked at his big broad shoulders. Her eyes wandered down his muscled frame, and she saw his very large, thick swollen cock. "This man was really built" she thought to herself. She was getting very excited.

As she reached for his erect cock he grabbed her hand firmly and pushed it away. She put her hand at her side. The man climbed on top of her and began biting her neck. Catherine moaned softly as she felt the blood trickle onto her soft shoulders. She felt his hard cock as it pressed against her wet, excited pussy. The man suddenly thrust himself inside of her. His cock sent waves of pleasure gushing throughout her hot body. Catherine moaned as he began plunging himself in and out of her hot , aching pussy. She put her arms around him, and dug her nails into his muscular back.

He continued to fuck her wildly. His fangs dug deeper into her soft neck, as his cock throbbed excitedly inside of her hot pussy. Catherine's body trembled, and her pussy tensed up, as her orgasm rocked her. She could feel her hot pussy juices as they gushed from with in. His cock throbbed uncontrollably as her extremely tight pussy clamped around him. He sucked the blood from her neck hungrily, and she felt him explode inside of her. His cum erupted deep into her hot pussy, filling her with his jism. Catherine climaxed again as she felt his hot cum continue to gush inside of her. The man removed his fangs from her neck, and climbed off of her.

She watched as he suddenly seemed to transform into a bat and fly off. Catherine woke in a cold sweat. "What a dream" she thought. She climbed out of her large bed and looked in the bedroom mirror. Her neck had two puncture holes in it. She removed her nightgown, and both of her breasts each had puncture holes, or bite marks on them. She felt between her legs and could feel the hot cum as it seeped from her moist pussy lips.

"No one will ever believe this" she thought to herself. She covered the fang marks with small bandages and went back to bed.

Once asleep, she sensed a presence, and there stood her mystery man before her again. His open mouth revealing his large fangs. Catherine removed her nightgown and pulled him to her breasts. She held him tightly as his fangs sunk into the soft flesh. Her pussy instantly spasmed, and she began climaxing. The stranger moved his mouth down her body. She trembled as she felt his breath upon her creamy thighs.

The pain was incredible as he thrust his fangs into the tender flesh of her soft inner thighs. She held him grinding against his face. His tongue swirled across her creamy thigh lapping up the drops of blood that flowed. She climaxed again. Her pussy felt flooded as her juices exploded from within.

The stranger's mouth wandered towards her moist pussy. She screamed as his fangs bit into the soft pink lips of her hot cunt. It hurt so bad, but yet the feeling was so intense that she came. He sucked her hot pussy juice up hungrily as it flowed from her moist hole. She ground her pussy against his face. His fangs sank deeply into her very tender labia. She felt the mixture of her blood, and her juices as they both trickled down her thighs. Catherine begged the stranger to fuck her. He quickly mounted her. His large cock filled her pussy. Catherine moaned as she came again. His cock throbbed passionately inside of her.

His fangs were once again buried deep into her large breasts. The way he bit her, really made her hot. She had never felt such pain and pleasure at the same time. The stranger fucked her for hours, slowly sucking th blood from her large, beautiful breasts. She awoke later, and couldn't even muster the strength to climb out of her bed. She felt the searing pain where the vampire had bit her pussy lips. She could see the blood as it oozed from the bite marks in both of her breasts. She tried to climb from her bed, but couldn't move. Suddenly there stood the man again. She welcomed him as his fangs once again sank into her tender breasts. She dozed off or passed out, she wasn't sure which.

The following day, she awoke and couldn't stomach food or water. She was very thirsty, but could only think about drinking one thing..... blood. Catherine put on her sexiest clothes and decided to go pick her up a man. Maybe she could get laid and fed all at once...

To be continued...


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