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Creature of the Night Pt. II
by Kip Carson

Catherine couldn't believe what was happening to her. First off, she had been totally fucked silly, and had her blood sucked by a horny good looking muscular vampire. Not once, not twice, but many times last night. Now as she looked into the mirror, she noticed that her eye teeth were noticably longer and pointed. She was craving ...... blood.

She knew that she had to go out and find someone to fulfill her craving. She quickly took a shower. She put on her shortest black mini skirt. She slid on a pair of sexy fishnet stockings, complete with garter belts. She picked out a red button up sweater. She put the sweater on with out a bra. Her huge firm, 38 d's looked incredible beneath the tight sweater.

Her large nipples were quite obvious as they pushed against the red material. She looked at herself in her full length mirror and liked what she saw. She shouldn't have any trouble at all picking up a man for the evening, she thought to herself. Catherine got into her sports car and drove to The Wildside the newest nightclub in her town.

As she entered the club, all eyes were upon her. She sexily swung her hips as she walked past the ogling eyes. Catherine smiled at the staring people. She sat at an empty table, soon to be joined by an obnoxious man. "Not him" she thought, "I's probably kill him". She walked to the bar and ordered a scotch and soda.

She noticed a gorgeous blonde standing at the end of the bar. She had never had a woman, but she looked at this woman and knew she was to be the one. The woman smiled at Catherine, and began inching closer to her. Catherine returned a smile. She looked at the large white firm breasts, barely concealed by her tiny dress.

Catherine's mouth watered as she stared at those humongous tits. The woman introduced herself as Christy. She began looking at Catherine, eyeing her hot body, up and down. Christy's hand moved closer to Catherine's hand. As Christy touched her, Catherine felt herself dampen between her legs. "Let's leave" Christy whispered to her. "Where shall we go?" Catherine asked. "My place is only a few blocks away" she replied.

They arrived at Christy's place moments later. Christy told Catherine to make herself comfortable. Christy left the room. Catherine sat on the couch, looking at the various collectibles around the room. Christy obviously liked unicorns, she thought, looking at the many pictures, and statues.

Christy came back into the room wearing a small see thru black teddy, she had black fishnet stockings and garters on. Catherine looked at Christy's bright pink nipples visible through the thin material. "I hope I'm not being too forward" Christy stated, referring to her change of clothing.

"No, not at all, you look good enough to eat" Catherine told her. "Mm that's kind of what I had in mind" Christy moaned. Christy walked towards Catherine, stopping directly in front of her. Christy slid her hand between Catherine's long luscious legs. Christy felt the dampness of Catherine's panties. "Mmm, somebody's already hot and wet" she sexily whispered. She pushed the mini skirt up, and began sliding Catherine's wet panties off.

Catherine loved how brave and direct this girl was. Christy began pulling Catherine's wet pussy lips apart with her long, red fingernails. Christy's wet tongue thrust inside of her wet pussy. Catherine moaned as she felt the wet flicking tongue move across her wet pussy lips. "Ooh, yeah, eat my wet pussy" she moaned.

Christy began sucking on Catherine's throbbing clit. Catherine moaned as Christy thrust 2 fingers inside of her juicy cunt. Catherine held her by her long blonde hair. "Mmm, so nice, yes, suck my wet pussy for me" she moaned. Christy was an expert pussy licker, and she made Catherine cum hard, very quickly.

Catherine's sweet pussy juices ran down her thighs, and covered Christy's pretty face. "Show me those beautiful breasts, honey" Christy said to her. Catherine unbuttoned her sweater. She quickly pulled it off. "God, they are so beautiful." Christy told her as she took one of the large nipples into her mouth. Christy nibbled on the sensitive nipple, gently. She began to suck her nipples hungrily. Catherine moaned.

Christy was rubbing her wet pussy against Catherine's thigh. Catherine thought this felt neat. Christy's juices were running thru her thin panties. Catherine thrust her hand between Christy's tender thighs. Her hand immediately touched the wet panties. Catherine slid a finger inside the leg hole of her panties. She had never touched another woman's pussy before. She was instantly turned on again, as her finger slid against the very wet pussy lips.

Catherine asked Christy to remove her panties. Christy quickly peeled them off. Catherine knelt between her legs. As she sniffed the hot cunt aroma, she could feel her fangs grow even longer. Catherine began to suck on Christy's throbbing clit. Christy moaned as her wet tongue slid against her wet pussy slit.

Catherine ate her pussy feverishly, making Christy cum. As she began to climax, Catherine sunk her fangs into the tender pink, wet pussy lips. Christy screamed in pain. "Ouch, what the fuck?" she asked. Catherine continued sinking her fangs deeper into the juicy pink lips. Christy began moaning. Catherine knew from her experiece last night, that Christy would soon be loving every minute of it.

Catherine began sucking the drops of blood from the punctured pussy lips hungrily. As she did this, she began rubbing Christy's swollen clit for her. Christy held Catherine by her long dark hair, grinding her pussy against her mouth. Christy came hard, filling Catherine's mouth with a mixture of blood and pussy juice. It was incredible.

Catherine continued sucking her until she pushed her head away. "Please stop, it's way too sensitive" she begged. Catherine removed her mouth from Christy's hot pussy. Catherine looked at the tender thigh exposed above the black fishnets. She began licking it. Christy moaned. Catherine bit her hard, her fangs entering the tender flesh without mercy. Christy yelled loudly, trying to push her away.

Catherine was very strong now, and she continued sucking the warm blood that flowed from the fresh puncture holes. Christy calmed down quickly and began moaning. Catherine then pushed her to the floor. Catherine hungrily licked Christy's large white breasts. She sunk her fangs into the tender pink nipples. Christy's body shook. Catherine sucked harder and harder. The blood was pouring from the pretty nipple.

She began kissing Christy on her lips. Christy's tongue entered her mouth, and the fucked each other's mouths passionately. Christy held Catherine by her long dark hair as they kissed. Catherine's pussy was grinding against Christy's. They rubbed their pussies together. The feeling of another woman's hot pussy rubbing against her own wet pussy really turned her on. Catherine climaxed, biting Christy's breasts as she did.

Christy held her firmly as her fangs sank deeply into her other nipple. "God, you are so incredible" Christy moaned as Catherine sucked her bloody nipple. Catherine felt she was full at the moment, so she stopped her feeding. "God, don't stop, it's wonderful" Christy moaned.

"I must leave now" Catherine told her.

"Can I see you again?" Christy asked. "I'm sure you will" Catherine said with a devilish grin. "I'm sure you will" she repeated, laughing lightly.

Catherine dressed and left. Once she was home and in bed, her visitor appeared. "Did you eat well?" he asked. "Oh, God, yes" Catherine told him.

"Good, you will need your strength" he added. He climbed into her bed, and she climaxed as his long thick cock entered her. She held him close as his long, sharp fangs sank into her breasts. "Mmm yeah" Catherine moaned. She thrust her hips beneath her master, taking him deeply into her wet pussy.

"Fuck me, master, fuck me hard". she moaned. His cock pounded away furiously inside of her. She came and her pussy tightened. Her hot wet pussy firmly gripped his thick cock. He grunted and she felt him explode inside of her. "Ooh yes," she yelled. "Fill me with your cum, master, fill me" He continued to thrust inside of her. His long thick cock emptied it's hot cum into her.

His fangs were now sunk into her neck. She felt all tingly as he drained her blood. Her pussy still convulsing around his hard cock. She drifted into a deep sleep. When she awoke, he was gone. Her phone rang, and it was Christy. "Please, come see me, I need you" Christy begged her over the phone. Catherine was hungry.

"I'll be right over" she said with a smile on her face, her long fangs protruding from her pretty mouth, "I'll be right over"...


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