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Chat Room Lovers Pt. I
by ShySky

I met him online, Through a mutual friend in a Christian chat room of all places. Imagine meeting a guy who your sexually interested in, from a chat room of that caliber. Its quite amazing to me still I think.

We had talked on the phone, chatted together many long hours. Finally we were to meet. There would be no computer screen between us now. Only the intense fact of being "together." For someone who has been through the things I have been through, this was a rather difficult situation. Still he promised to be slow and gentle with me, and I took him at his word.

As I stepped off the plane I saw him waiting for me. Oh he was gorgeous. A beautiful man if there ever was one. And such a smile to melt your heart you've never seen! I looked at him with a shy smile and nodded when he asked if my name was Anne. I blushed bright red and allowed him to kiss me gently on the cheek. Whoa, talk about an intense rush of feeling. His kiss was feather light and very gentle. He took my hand and grabbed my bags with the other. I blushed through the airport until we got into his car. Slowly he smiled at me and looked into my eyes with a different sort of light in his eyes. Never having seen his eyes to such a degree I felt myself starting to melt deeply inside, like soft butter.

We continued onto his home and quickly got out of the car and went into the house. There he had dinner all ready and candles set out, the mood was perfect. I asked if I had time for a quick freshening up, and he agreed as he went into the kitchen to set out our meal. As I walked in he pulled my chair out for me and then handed me my napkin. Again I blushed when our hands touched. Smiling again he sat down and together we prayed over dinner.

We continued talking quietly over dinner and finally after we had cleaned up the kitchen, or he had rather not allowing me to lift a finger, only to hand me a glass of white wine. We walked into the living area and sat down close on the couch. Feeling rather emboldened by the wine Instead of sitting next to him on the couch, I sat down on his lap and curled up on him, laying my head on his heart, as I had done so many times in the chat room. Only this time it was for real, And the sensations I felt were much more intense.

His hands encircled protectively around me and he stroked my hair gently, and his hands went down over my back and I smiled up at him and leaned forward to kiss his lips, our tongues mating for the first time and together we surged against each other. Holding each other as if we were a lifeline.

Slowly his hands crept down my shirt and I unbuttoned it rather quickly for him to have better access. I removed my bra and sat there only in a schoolgirl skirt and nylons as I had removed my shoes earlier in the evening. I took the buttons on his shirt and removed them slowly one by one until I could run my hands over his body and feel the muscles defined within him. I blushed as i could feel him growing hard beneath me and giggled nervously.

"need some help with that?" I asked him softly. He nodded and I moved off of him to undo his slacks and then removed them and his shoes completely as I lowered my head to his throbbing shaft and took it within my mouth tasting slowly, a little bit hesitant on what I was doing, but nonetheless willing to try so long as I didn't become afraid.

He seemed to sense my hesitation and stroked my hair and back gently as I continued to suckle him. I could feel his legs growing tense and stopped what I was doing.

He slowly lifted me from him and laid me on the couch caressing my feet and legs as he removed my nylons and silk panties. I blushed again as I saw him looking at me in just my skirt, and then that was removed too and he was watching me as i sat there naked, slightly shivering, more from being nervous than cold. He laid down next to me and cuddled with me and whispered that I didn't have to be frightened because he wasn't going to hurt me.

I blushed as I realized he had read my mind. His hands began exploring my body and i felt myself rising to the occasion, so to speak. I moaned softly as his lips were everywhere at once. His hands trailed down my stomach to my inner thighs and then finally to where I was soaking wet from being on fire for him. He gently began to touch me and i nearly jumped out of my skin because by then I was entirely too sensitive and told him so.

He smiled and slowly moved over me, smiling down at me as his lips met mine once more. He began to slide his hard member into me and I gasped in delight at the feel of him. I blushed at my own thoughts and then giggled slightly feeling quite nervous. He stilled within me and then slowly as I relaxed began to move in rhythm with my body as I felt myself beginning to push back against him, needing the complete ecstasy that he was giving me. Finally as we both neared our climax I pulled him close to me and whispered , "I love you" to him, and it pushed us both over the edge. We cried out together and I felt like my heart would burst from pleasure and Joy. Coming back down to earth we smiled at each other and he moved to lay beside me.

I quickly cuddled up against him and held him tightly to me as we fell asleep together.... Three days later I left him to go home. To come back or not, I would never know until the time again happened. But I know this. I would never fear him again...

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