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Chat Room Lovers Pt. II
by ShySky

(Chat Room Lovers, is a sequence of stories that are meant to be loving, sexual, and most of all, erotic)

As she sat down in her chair quietly she thought and contemplated about their last visit together. The tenderness, the kissing, the loving feelings of being together. She smiled at the newly awakened senses in her body as she thought about him, and the things he had done to her.

The phone rang and she walked over to answer it. She smiled immediately as she recognized his voice. "Hello, Anne." He greeted her.

"How are you feeling sweetheart?" He questioned.

"Hi yourself," She responded. "I'd be better if you were here with me."

He paused a moment and then said quietly. "Look out your front window honey." Curious she walked over and gasped when she saw him on her doorstep.

Quickly she went back and picked up the phone without letting him in. "You are beyond amazing, let me hang up the phone and I'll let you in."

He entered and immediately she flew into his arms, tears falling down her face as she had missed him something terrible. He walked over with her to the couch sat her down across his lap and held her gently stroking her hair and whispering softly to her that it was "ok" he was here now. They stayed that way for maybe fifteen minutes as he slowly calmed her down. Finally her sobs quieted and she was resting peacefully on him, her body now completely relaxed. He could tell by her breathing she was asleep. He picked her up gently and took her into another room, and then another until he found her bedroom.

He laid her down on the bed and she began to stir slightly. He quickly laid down beside her and pulled her close to him and cuddled her close. Slowly his hands began to take on a life of their own, caressing her shoulders, her back, her arm. She never moved. He then began snaking his hands down the front of her chest. As she was already dressed for bed it made it very simple to remove her yellow silk nightshirt. Slowly but surely he undid each button revealing her body to him. His hands began softly touching her breasts as he caressed her with his fingertips. He then moved her a bit away from him and slowly lowered his lips to one breast and began to suck lightly on the nipple. He heard her moan and froze for a moment, continuing when she had settled one more. He bathed first one nipple then the other with his tongue. He smiled tenderly down at her still sleeping form. He moved away from her and down to remove her silk shorts. He knew she didn't wear anything underneath them and slowly moved her legs apart.

He reached up and began running his hands down her thighs to her inner leg. He could see that her mound was becoming more and more aroused as he teased his way around her. He reached a finger up and slowly began to massage her as she moaned again. This time he didn't care if she woke up as she was already to the point of being completely aroused. He moved up along her body and planted a trail of kisses as he went.

His mouth finally reached hers and he eagerly sought to kiss her face, her lips, her eyes, and watched her open her beautiful green eyes to him and gaze at him adoringly. He feathered a hand over her breast and he could see her acknowledge how aroused she was even in her sleepy state. She pulled him close and held him tightly for a few moments then smiled and reached her hand down to his now rock hard shaft and began to caress it with her hands. Suddenly feeling the need for more urgency she laid him down on the bed and straddled his hips with her thighs and gently lowered herself onto him as she smiled down at him. She then moved her upper body over his mouth and sighed as he suckled on her nipples while she rode him. The need between them grew more and she began to move faster with shorter strokes, he reached out to massage her clit while she was doing so and found herself on the edge of ecstasy. Quickly He came, at the same time as she cried out his name.

She collapsed on top of him, her body heaving from the feeling within her. she felt him slipping out of her and she moved to lay beside him, laying her head down on his chest. She smiled at him as she saw him close to falling asleep. She closed her eyes and pretended to be sleeping and when he dozed off she got up to go wash herself off, then brought a towel and some vanilla scented water back and began to bathe him quietly. He saw what she was doing and smiled. Then as she put her nightshirt and bottoms back on, she crawled back into bed with him, seeing that he had also been pretending to be asleep as he had put his bottoms back on. She laid her head down on his chest once more and sighed contentedly.

"Feeling better now sweetheart?" He asked her quietly with his low deep voice. She smiled as a way of answering and then decided to speak as well. "I feel much better now that your here with me." She closed her eyes and slipped off into a contented sleep, safe and comforted in his arms.

(More coming soon with Chat Room Lovers 3)

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