The Best Erotic Stories.

Chat Room Lovers Pt. III
by ShySky

(Chat Room Lovers, is a sequence of stories that are meant to be loving, sexual, and most of all, erotic)

She woke up the next morning, ....finding him missing she became panicked. As she jumped from the bed she headed for a cold shower to help relieve her fears. Quickly she relieves herself and jumps into the shower. Looking out the frosty glass she sees a shadow figure near the door.

"Is that you Hon?" She called out.

"Yep, sweetie, How you feeling this morning?" He asked.

"A bit panicked, I thought you had just left without saying goodbye to me." She said as she relaxed her body in the shower.

"Awww, sweetheart, I wouldn't ever just leave you like that. I know how badly that affects you." He returned.

She smiled, "You had a shower yet?"

"No, Love, I didn't want to wake you." He was grinning outside the shower as he began to strip.

"Oh, Well, I'm awake now, Why don't you come in and join, me and we'll see if we cant take care of that shower problem." She giggled slightly. He stepped into the shower a few minutes later and pulled her to him, smiling as he felt her wet slippery body press up against him. A few seconds later he noticed how freezing cold the water was. He rubbed his hands up and down her arms in attempt to warm her as he reached for the water facet to bring the temperature to a more bearable level.

She stood shivering for a few more seconds until he reached his mouth over and began nibbling on her neck. She gasped at the feeling quickly lighting on fire within her. His hands went to her waist and he ran them along her inner thighs, teasing and touching softly.

Quickly his finger darted within her parted thighs and she gasped as she fell against him. Her body exploded into a multitude of bright lights. He held her body tightly as his fingers continued to massage her. Her face showed the explicit pleasure he was bringing from her. He kissed the top of her head and picked her up carefully and walked out of the shower and into the bedroom. He gently laid her down on the bed and moved between her thighs to lick her most secret spot ever so gently sensing that she was extremely tender by now.

She wiggled a bit to try and get his mouth away from her as the feelings were too intense for her to accept right now. He smiled at her and moved to lay down next to her once more. She clung to him tightly, as if he were her lifeline. He returned her embrace and together they fell asleep.

He woke to the most exquisite feeling in his body. Opening his eyes slowly he tried to bring his arms around her but found that she had tied his hands to the posts with nylons. Noticing the gentle material and not wanting to break it he simply decided to lay still while she continued this exquisite torture of him. He could feel her tongue bathing his hard cock and slowly began to move his hips back and forth against her mouth. She pressed down on his abdomen to hold him still and he quietly obeyed feeling the tension in his loins begin to gather.

She obviously noticed this as she moved her mouth off of him and straddled his hips once more and began to impale herself on him slowly. She began to move in a steady rhythm her breasts bouncing as she began to get faster, She leaned over his mouth and allowed him to take her breasts and lick and tongue them. He could see that she was close to cumming and this quickly began to set him over the edge. She moved off of him right before he came and quickly took him back in her mouth and sucked him until he shot his cum deep in her throat. She licked him dry then laid down on the bed next to him. Shyly she asked him how he felt.

"Glorious darling. Thank you so much for that." He smiled at her.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. I liked giving you pleasure." She responded as she untied his arms from the nylons. He quickly gathered her to him and together they fell asleep...

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