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Cum Ride With Me
by Voyeurx2

This is a story written by two lovers. One way of making each other think, fantasize, and otherwise bring out the erotic side of each partner. Either he or I will start with an email of a fantasy, and then let the other pick up the fantasy and continue. It can be so much fun and let you know things about your partner you may never know! Now, the question is will they or do they become reality??

He emails her and writes...

There is a place I would like to take you to, where I used to ride horses... its in the Gunpowder State Park...deep valley with ridges all around, the Gunpowder river runs through it...its a beautiful place. Imagine both of us on one horse, bareback, in the heat of the summer sun, you sitting in front of me, my arms wrapped around your body. We gallop through the valley while my hands explore your body, your ass grinding into my hard cock, you feel my excitement. We come to an a small group of trees on the bank of the river, I jump off the horse and help you off, into my waiting arms...a long passionate kiss, tongues exploring each other. I layout a blanket (where it came from we'll never know, but its a fantasy, who cares (lol)) and place you on it. I stand over you removing my shirt and come to your knees and take my cock in your mouth, licking its full length, tickling my balls with your finger tips...deep in your throat, to the base, ohhh it feels so good. You bring me to the brink and I pull away. I kneel beside you and kiss you deeply; we fall to the ground in an embrace. I kiss my way down your body, removing your shirt, exposing your beautiful breasts to the sun..your nipples are hard as I take them in my mouth. I pull at your shorts removing them and your panties in one motion, my tongue continues its decent, kissing your thighs, you spread your legs for more attention. To be continued...

She continues...

We are in a barn, just back from riding. And it was fun and fulfilling, but I still need more! We have just washed the horse down and scraped the water off for him to dry faster. It's hot, and we are wet. After we turn out the horse and get back to the barn, I get you over to the hay room. Teasing you with a passionate kiss, I tie a lead rope to one arm. You see the mischief in my eyes, but you don't' say anything. Then, I grab another lead rope. I do the same to the other arm. I take you out of the hay room and into the hall of the barn. I hook the end of the lead rope to the right wall of the hall. I take your left arm and hook that rope to the other wall. I can see your erection through your pants. I like it! I unbutton your shirt. It stays on you, but your chest is exposed. I kiss your neck, nibble it, slide my tongue down it. Then to your breast bone.... Down to your navel. I unbutton your belt, undo your pants, and slide them down your thighs to your shoes. I kiss your knees, your thighs. Kissing your balls while my hand massages your shaft. It's so hard. Precum is glistening in the sun that is spilling in through the open barn door. I take your cock into my mouth and play with the head. Rolling my tongue around the edges, sliding it down to the balls.

Sucking the balls, grabbing your ass. I work my way up to your cock again. And I take it slowly all the way to the base and back up again. You can't touch me because your hands are tied! It's such a turn on. I get up and take off my shirt. I make you watch while I play with my nipples. They are so hard. I go over and pull the mounting block over to you. I get on it so that my breasts are at your mouth. You take one in your mouth. Sucking, biting lightly. My hands all over you, can't hold them still. I get down. Turn away from you and slide my pants down over my ass. Bending over to take them all the way to the floor of the hall. The sun is still coming through the door behind me. You can still see me, even though I have am somewhat of a silhouette. I step out of my pants and turn around. I play with both of my nipples. Caress my stomach, go down to my clit and rub it slightly. It feels so good, and all you can do it watch. Your cock is still so hard. I slide a finger into myself. It's hot and wet. I take it out and come over to your rock hard dick.

I take it in-between my lips again and work on you with such a frenzy. Back and forth in and out. I work on your balls with one hand while I rub my clit with the other. I am soo horny. I can taste you. I can't get enough of your cock. Just then we both hear something. You look up and I turn around. It is a man. He is there. The sun is starting to set so we can't make out who it is. He doesn't move. I turn back around and work on your dick some more. My hand still working on your balls. The other one back at my clit. I hear him approach, a belt being unbuckled and a zipper being undone. Just then, he reaches down and grabs my hips and pulls me up so I am bending over sucking your cock and letting him see my ass and cunt. He plays with my clit. I am very wet and very horny. I know you are getting more aroused by watching what he is doing to me. Then, he inserts a finger. I am tight but wet enough that it slides in easily. In and out with his finger, while my mouth moves up and down your cock. We do this together almost in rhythm. I start to feel his body get closer. I arch my back to get ready to receive his cock. Taking you further and further into my mouth. Wanting to get fucked by both of you. Not being able to get enough.......

He continues...

This stranger is pumping you hard, forcing my cock down your throat with every thrust, you accommodate my cock so well, muffled sounds escape from your lips as you rub your clit for that extra little something, you feel your pussy being to contract around his rigid tool...wave after wave of rapture washes over your body...your knees are weak but he holds you in place, fucking you like a man possessed.

I loosen the leads from my arms and pull out of your mouth to find a blanket, spreading it out, you lie down in the middle of it...the anonymous lover climbs between you legs and reinserts his massive tool, you cry out as his cock opens you up. I kneel beside your head feeding you my cock, fucking your mouth as you play with my balls. You alternate between my shaft and taking my balls in your feels incredible. I can tell by the look on your face that a second orgasm is approaching and I pinch your nipples to heighten the sensations. Your legs wrap around this stranger as you're being impaled by his cock, your juices seep from around his cock and run down your ass. Your orgasm erupts, making your body go complete and intense are the sensations.

Your lover rolls over, and now you are on top, I step closer so you can resume your oral involuntarily grind your hips into him...I can tell what you desperately need...I pull away from your mouth and move behind cock is wet with your saliva, I place it at your "rosebud" looking for a sign that you approve, feeling you push back against my cock is all the encouragement I need, falling slowly forward my cock sinks into your feel soooo full, cock in your ass and pussy at the same time, a twinge of pain is quickly replace by pure pleasure, unlike anything you've ever experienced. We being a slow rhythmic fuck, I'm laying on your back, kissing your neck as your nipples are being gently bitten, your mind is lost in a world of ecstasy, you can't conceive a conscience thought, just giving and receiving pleasure...

Our pace quickens ever so little, but it is enough for your lover to announce his impending ride him until you feel his warm fluid shooting inside, stream after stream as it runs back out of your pussy. The feeling of your body in orgasm takes me over the edge as well, and I deposit my load deep in your bowels, filling your ass with my cum. We collapse, exhausted, sweaty, and satisfied.

I can tell that you still want to play (your insatiable), you sit up with a glimmer and sultry smile, you part your legs and begin to play with your sloppy, cum filled pussy. Jism is leaking from your ass and pussy, you finger yourself to a frothy mess. You taste the cum that clings to your fingers, your pussy is so open, you insert 3 fingers and throw your head back, it sways side to side as we watch your pussy contract, expelling a large amount of the strangers cum onto the blanket. Finally you seem content, but now your display has resulted in 2 hardons.....what ever shall you do?

To Be Continued...


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