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Club Spartacus Ch. I
by James I. Miller

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

I was feeling pretty smug about how the meeting had gone at Megatech. Before the meeting started, I knew that some of the executives had expressed reservations about my proposals. For the first hour or so my chances had looked pretty slim. But then two of the younger managers, Allen Williams and Rick Logan, had spoken up to support my point of view. They really helped to persuade some of the other managers to broaden their thinking so that they would be able to understand and accept my ideas. In the end, Megatech agreed to all of my proposals with only a few minor changes. Wow! I was stoked ! The contracts were to be signed the following Monday.

As we were leaving the meeting, Al and Rick invited me to celebrate the deal with them and their wives at a nearby private club. They seemed to be pretty enthusiastic about the idea of a party. I didn't quite feel like a real party, but I did feel like doing something, and I was grateful for their help at the meeting, so I accepted their invitation.

That evening, we all got together at Al's house. Al's wife (Lauren) was a 26-year old brunette who could have been a top model or actress. Well . . . except that maybe at only about 5' 4" (my guess) and 110 lbs (another guess) she might have been considered to be a little too small for modeling or acting. But her face had such natural beauty, she needed only a very small amount of makeup to emphasize the flawless features that she was born with. And her body added to the overall effect. She was wearing a blue evening dress that was cut just low enough in the front to reveal a modest amount of cleavage. The dress clung sweetly to her body, and as she walked, it was obvious that her slender body was firm in all the right places and soft in all the right places.

Rick's wife (Tracy) was a 30-year old blonde (bleached, I thought) who was nearly as beautiful as Lauren, but in a different way. At 5' 9" and maybe about 135 lbs (more guesses) she more or less towered over Lauren. Tracy's special strong point was her killer body. She appeared to be about 38 - 26 - 36, and tight as a drum. She also wore an attractive evening gown, but her's was red and strapless, and more daring than Lauren's. The tops of her breasts were pushed up out of the dress, revealing nearly everything down to the tops of her aureolas. The dress ended at least five inches above her knees. Her legs were long and beautifully proportioned, the skin was smooth as silk and nicely tanned. It was obvious that Tracy was proud of her legs and enjoyed showing them off. Tracy did use a little more makeup than Lauren did.

Incidentally, I didn't notice how Al and Rick were dressed, and I can offer no guesses about their height, weight, or measurements.

We enterred Club Spartacus through a small outer room. There were several large posters on the walls to promote the special theme nights at the club. Mondays were "gladiator night," Tuesdays were "slave night," and Fridays were "ladies' night."

In only a minute or two, we were greeted warmly by the hostess. "Good evening, Al . . . . and everyone. I'm glad to see you back again." Then she looked at me, extended her hand, and said "Hi, I'm Gail. Is this your first visit to our club?"

"Yes," I answered as I took her hand.

"Gail," quickly explained Rick, "this is Jim Miller." (We exchanged greetings as we shook hands) "He's here from out of town. He just got the best of Megatech for BIG bucks. He's our guest here tonight to celebrate his deal."

"Well," laughed Gail, "I certainly agree with your reason to celebrate. It's not often that anyone gets the better of Megatech. And, of course, you couldn't have chosen a better place for your celebration, especially since it's our ladies' night. But you members already know that . . . . you DO seem to enjoy our ladies' nights."

"Best night of the week to be here! " Offered Al. He paused a moment, and then added "Gail, you look lovely tonight, but I'm a little surprised that you're not in the usual ladies' night costume. Will you be joining in with the other ladies tonight ?"

"No, not this time," answered Gail. "But don't worry, you won't miss me. There's a real nice assortment of very attractive ladies here tonight. It promises to be an exceptional ladies' night." Then, looking at me, "I think Club Spartacus can give you a very unique and exciting experience tonight. I hope you enjoy yourself."

"Thank you," I replied. "Nobody will tell me exactly what to expect, and your comment about there being an attractive assortment of ladies here has me . . . . puzzled. But from the hints I've heard, it does sound like a really special evening is at hand."

A waitress came into the outer room and spoke briefly to Gail. She was wearing a costume that made her look like a female gladiator, or maybe like Xena, warrior princess. I assumed that it must be the "usual costume" that Al had mentioned. "We have a five-top set up for you now," said Gail. She led us to a long, narrow table and seated us all on a comfortable bench so that we would all be facing the center of the room. Al and Rick took seats at one end of the table, and I wound up at the other end, sitting between Lauren and Tracy. The seating arrangement seemed a little odd to me, but I didn't mind being seated between these two lovely women.

I looked around the room, which was pretty unusual because it was in the shape of a circle. There were about twelve elongated tables in the room, arranged in a circular ring that was about fifteen feet in from the cylindrical wall of the room. The wall was completely covered by thick, plush red curtains. The floor inside the ring of t! ables sloped gently downward, like a giant funnel, toward a large stage in the center of the room. The stage was set about three feet lower than the floor under the ring of tables. There was a gap through the ring of tables, through which there was a sloping access ramp that extended from a doorway in the wall down to the stage. This ramp was used by performers going to and from the stage, and by helpers who carried props to and from the stage between acts. There was a small combo and a female vocalist on the stage. She had a sweet, very feminine voice and was singing some blue numbers. There were people seated at every table, with everyone facing toward the stage. I didn't take special note of it at the time (after all, it was ladies' night), but there seemed to be at least four or five times as many women in the club as there were men.

We began the first course of a delicious late dinner at about 8:30. Dinner was followed by a steady supply of drinks. The real entertainment started at 10:00. But it was what followed the entertainment that really blew my mind.

The first act was a slow, sensual dance performed by two very pretty women. I was a little surprised when, piece by piece, they started stripping each other. I never thought that I was a prude, but when I had been married (my wife divorced me after only a little more that three years together, no children), I would never have taken my wife to a place where the entertainment included stripping. Yet, here I was, with two couples who seemed to be really enjoying just that kind of entertainment. The dance / strip was very erotic. It didn't take long for me to grow about 8" in front. The pressure building up inside my pants made me a little uncomfortable, and I guess it showed. Lauren and Tracy moved in a bit and I was made very aware of their soft hips a! nd legs as they pressed against me. As the women on stage removed each item of clothing, there was a lot of deep kissing and caressing of soft, newly exposed skin. After about fifteen minutes, they were both totally nude. Al leaned over his wife toward me and said "Good thing this is a private club. We pay membership dues and everything. They wouldn't be able to go totally naked like that if this place was open to the public."

After more deep kissing and titty sucking, one of the women laid down on her back in the center of the stage. The second woman lowered her lips to the right breast of the first woman and started licking slow circles around the nipple. The licking got faster and faster, and the circles got smaller and smaller, until she was licking, and then sucking, the nipple itself. The first woman moaned and grabbed the head of the second woman, pressing her head hard against the soft tit flesh. Then the second woman put her right hand over the first woman's left breast, with the nipple precisely centered in the palm of the hand. For a long moment, the second woman pressed her open hand down against the breast, then she squeezed the breast firmly. Then the hand began to slowly drift down the body of the first woman, slowly caressing and squeezing the naked flesh as it went, until the hand was on the pubic mound of the first woman. The hand paused to massage the mound, and to gently pull at ! the thick hair that was growing there. Then the hand went between the legs of the first woman, and the index and middle fingers of the hand found the first woman's outer lips. The lips were hot, swollen, and very wet. For a long moment, the fingers rubbed back and forth, back and forth, along the crease between the lips, and the first woman's nectar flowed out freely to coat the fingers. Then the fingers gently opened the lips and pressed in between them. The first woman's clit was swollen and throbbing, and the fingers found it almost immediately. When the fingers stroked the clit, the first woman moaned and began to writhe uncontrollably against the stage. The second woman pulled her sucking mouth from the first woman's right breast and moved it down to the first woman's crotch. The mouth blew a stream of warm air over the clit, then started to lick firmly against it. The first woman moaned "Uh Huh! Uh Huh! Do it to me . . . I wannnt it so!" As the mouth licked the clit, th! e fingers suddenly plunged deep into the first woman's hole. The walls of the first woman's pussy clamped down tightly onto the fingers and poured sweet cum over them, as the first woman convulsed repeatedly.

The women kissed and held each other briefly while the first woman recovered from her first shattering orgasm. Then the second woman laid down on her back, and the first woman shifted around over her until the women were in the classic "69" position. They were both still hot, and they quickly started using their lips and tongues to pleasure each other. With tenderness and knowing beyond the range of a man, they licked and sucked at each others pussies until they both were moaning loudly and writhing against each other, pressing eagerly against the stimulating oral assaults. The word "orgasm" somehow seems inadequate to describe the violent convulsions that simultaneously swept over the bodies of the two women. They rested briefly in each others arms after the cataclysm had subsided. They stood, still naked, the audience applauded, and the first act was over.

As the two women picked up their shed clothing and left the stage, I leaned toward Al and asked "I know this is a private club and all, and I'm . NOT . complaining, but is that kind of entertainment the norm here ?"

Al thought briefly and then replied "That might have been a little milder than most. Usually there are three or four acts. Maybe that was about normal for the first act."

The second act, as Al had implied, was at a higher level of erotic intensity than the first act. It was performed by two young women and a young man. Both women, dressed in dominatrix costumes, were a little bigger and maybe a little younger than Tracy. In terms of overall beauty, Tracy had them beat. Their costumes were made entirely of soft, black leather and hard, shiny metal. The costumes included gloves that covered the palms and backs of the hands, but left the fingers and thumbs bare; collars and wrist band with metal spikes; thigh high boots with spiked heels; and combination garter belts / crotchless panties to which various accessory items were attached. The young man was dressed in a T-shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. His hands were handcuffed behind his back, and there was a ball gag in his mouth.

The two women led the young man down the access ramp and onto the stage with leashes that were attached to a leather collar around his neck. He was ordered to stan! d in the center of the stage without moving. One of the woman removed the collar from his neck and took off his tennis shoes. The other woman pulled a straight razor from a pouch attached to her garter belt and cut off the young man's T-shirt. Then, she cut the buttons off his fly and freed his erect cock. Both Lauren and Tracy gasped when it leaped into view, and I couldn't blame them. His rigid cock looked to be a very impressive ten or eleven inches long, and to be as thick as one of Lauren's ankles. The woman with the straight razor cut through the man's woven belt and pulled off his jeans. Except for the ball gag, and the handcuffs behind his back, the young man was now totally naked.

At that point, my involvement with Lauren and Tracy became a little more heated. They each slipped off a shoe and started rubbing my legs with their feet. And Tracy (the bolder of the two, I guess) put her hand into my lap and started secretly stroking my hard-on through my pants. "At least Al and Rick are far enough away," I thought,"so that they can't see what Tracy is doing now. I hope that Lauren doesn't notice." From that point on, my shallow, labored breathing was caused by more than just watching the erotic performances on the stage.

One of the women on the stage covered the man's head with a black hood. Then both women produced riding crops and started to beat his naked ass and back. They taunted him "Asshole braggart !" they said. "That fucking thing looks like a piece of sausage. How did you glue to your crotch ?" they demanded. The young man's ass and back were turning a bright pink under the beating the women were giving him. The women told him to prove that his ! thing was real, not just a piece of glued on sausage, by making it soft. They allowed him about one minute, without beating him, in which to lose his erection. But during that minute, they fondled his cock and gently tickled his ass and balls with their finger nails. When he failed to lose his erection, they increased the intensity of his torture.

They started shocking him with electric prods. ZAP ! (groan) "Asshole ! Dickhead !" the women screamed at him. "If it's real, make it soft . . . NOW !" ZAP ! (groan) Now and then, the young man was pushed off balance and had to move his feet a little. They really went at him then. ZAP ! ZAP ! ZAP ! (groan ! groan ! groan !)

I guess I was a little concerned at this type of "entertainment," and my face gave me away. Al leaned over toward me again and said "Don't let it bother you, Jim. They're just acting. The guy on stage loves it, and besides, the beating they gave him and those electric shocks aren't nearly as nasty as they seem. The riding crops and the electric prods are specially made to produce a lot more noise than the beating or the shocks are really making. Just forget about feeling sorry for him and enjoy their performance."

I relaxed a bit and decided to follow Al's advice. After all, if that guy really wanted to get away from those women, he should have been able to do it with all those people around, right ? And Lauren and Tracy chose that moment to get frisky again. They were really getting into this part of the show. Their shallow breathing and glazed eyes betrayed their arousal. Lauren grabbed the back of my head and twisted, so that my face was turned toward her. She planted her! soft lips on mine, then quickly opened her lips and slid her tongue into my mouth.

"Gahh! Mmph! Mmph!" I said. I was totally taken by surprise. My first reaction was to kiss her back, but that was only for a second. Then I started to pull back. ("My god," I thought, "what could she be thinking?") Her husband was sitting there, right beside us, for god's sake! As I pulled back from her kiss, she just gave me a kind of smile. Al just kept sitting there, watching the show like nothing was happening except on the stage. What was this ?? I was beginning to wonder a bit about these people that I had gone out with.

Down on the stage, the women gave up on trying to make the young man prove that his cock was real. Instead, it seems, they decided to make good use of it. "I guess you know, now, that bragging about a cock like that can get you into trouble," they told the young man. "Now let's see if you know what to do with it." They removed the hood and ordered the young man to lie on his back in the center of the stage. He had a little trouble because his hands were still handcuffed behind his back. One of the women pulled a small can of shaving cream from her gater belt and covered the young man's thick pubic hair with a heavy coating of the foam. The women kneeled down on either side of his groin. Then, passing the straight razor back and forth, they took turns shaving off his pubic hair. Within minutes, the young man's cock and balls were hairless.

One of the women sat across the young man's chest, while the other woman started to play with his monster cock. The first woman slowly inc! hed her way higher and higher, until her pussy was nearly against his chin. She reached behind his head, unclasped the ball gag, and pulled it out of his mouth. Then she grabbed his head between her gloved hands and scooted up the final inch to press her steaming pussy against the young man's eager lips. "Eat me," she commanded. He started licking at her outer lips, slowly and gently at first, then faster and faster and harder and harder. He found her clit and licked at it repeatedly, then stuck his tongue as far up into the woman's pussy hole as he could. The woman groaned and ground her cunt into the young man's face. She started rubbing her cunt up and down, up and down his face, until he was coated from his chin to his forehead with her sweet cream. Faster and faster she rubbed, harder and harder he licked. Suddenly he again thrust his tongue as far up into her as he could, and he pumped it in and out of her pussy. She groaned and flooded his face with her cum.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Tracy were starting to reveal a level of female lasciviousness that I had never seen before. Their obvious lust, apparently triggered by the events on the stage, was at the same time exciting, appealing . . . . and more than a little intimidating. Of course, Lauren noticed immediately when Tracy started stroking my erect cock through my pants. For a while, she did nothing. But now she reached over and started to unfasten my belt. At the same time, as if planned in advance, Tracy pulled the zipper down. My pants flopped open, with my cock making a tent of my briefs in the opening. Lauren pulled out the elastic waistband and Tracy reached inside to grab my cock. At once, I groaned involuntarily and shuddered at their touch. I looked to the left to see how Al and Rick would respond to my groan. They didn't. I tried to participate more actively in the fun by reaching up inside Tracy's short dress, but she pushed my hand away and glared at me angrily. Damn, L! auren and Tracy were good. In a flash, they had taken complete control away from me. I tried to just sit quietly and watch the show. But it wasn't easy, with my pants flopped open and two beautiful women fondling my cock and balls.

On the stage, while the first woman was slowly working her way up the young man's chest, the second woman had licked at his dick until it was gleaming with a heavy coating of her spit. Then she stradled his hips and pressed the tip of his prick against her pussy hole. It was almost funny for a long moment. She just sat there, suspended, as though sitting on a chair. Then, suddenly, her lips parted and the tip of the monster prick was inside her. Not the whole head, just the tip. She moaned as she was opened up. Then, again, she was seemingly suspended. With determination, she wiggled her ass back and forth and pressed downward, trying desperately to impale herself further. Slowly, bit by bit, she sank down onto him. As impressive as thay guy's cock was, the way that she was able to take it into her pussy was equally impressive. In, in, in it went, inch by inch. Finally, she had it in to the hilt. She rose back up, but only about three or four inches, leaving most of the monster cock still soaking inside her juicy cunt. Then she sank back down. She repeated this several times, until she was loosened up enough, and the monster cock was slick enough, to enable her to slip up and down more easily. After that, she rode the cock hard. And as she rode him, the young man began groaning into the sweet pussy that covered his face, and began thrusting his hips upward, propelling his cock into the juicy cunt that so sweetly tormented it. Inevitably, the young man's moans were accompanied by violent shuddering, as his cock started spurting out thick jets of cum. Spurt! Spurt! Spurt, until the pussy fucking the cock was filled with thick white goo. And the woman fucking the cock started shaking her head vigorously from side to side and groaned, and her pussy evened the score by covering the monster cock and the hairless balls with lady goo.

The women recovered quickly, the young man still looked shaky. They put the ball gag back into his mouth, put the hood back over his head, and put the leather collar back around his neck. Then they pulled on the leashes to lead him from the stage. The second act was over.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by James I. Miller.

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