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Club Spartacus Ch. I
by James I. Miller

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

There was a third, even more intense act. The two women from the second act performed again in the third act, again dressed as dominatrixes. They were joined by a third woman, who was much smaller that the first two, and by a very large man. The third woman wore a normal looking skirt and blouse, and comfortable looking shoes with flat heels. She looked like a college student on her way to class, or a young wife out shopping. The large man wore a harness of thick leather straps and metal rings around his upper body, and a metal ring, with two attached leashes, around the base of his cock. Other than that, he was buck naked.

Before the third act began, one of the women came out onto the stage alone. She spoke to the audience, describing what was coming in the third act. She said that some of the material in the third act might be too violent, too intense, for some members of the audience. She warned that oral and vaginal rape, and forced sodomy, would be depicted in the thi! rd act. She said that an adjoining lounge with a complimentary bar was available for anyone who might want to skip all, or any part, of the third act. She pointed out a section of wall where the curtains had been pulled back to reveal a doorway into the lounge.

As the third act began, the two women led the third woman onto the stage, pulling her by a rope that was tied around her wrists. They made her stand in the center of the stage, trembling, while they walked slowly around her. They slapped her face, and poked at her body with their gloved hands and with their electric prods. "Little miss sweet cheeks! Little miss never-been-fucked!" They spat the words at her. One of the women grabbed her by the throat, pressing so hard that the third woman was nearly pushed off her feet. "Okay, bitch," the first woman said, "we'll soon see what kind of slut you really are!" They untied the rope from the third woman's wrists, and then handcuffed her to one of the props that had been pl! aced on the stage. They left her alone. She leaned heavily against the prop. Her knees gave way, and, weeping softly, she slowly sank down onto the stage.

The two women returned with the man, pulling him along by the leashes attached to his cock ring. His hands were handcuffed behind his back. They ordered him to stand facing the center of the stage, with his back pressed against another of the props. They removed the handcuffs from the third woman and ordered her to kneel in front of the man, facing him.

"Okay, sweet cheeks," one of the women said, "since you're so sweet and innocent, I'll explain things to you. See those things hanging down in front of his body? They're his cock and balls. His cock is soft now. Use your hands and mouth to make it hard."

The third woman seemed to be reluctant, but after a moment she reached up with both hands to fondle the man's cock and balls. As she began licking the cock, starting at the tip and working down toward the base, she shifted his balls from one hand to the other, and squeezed them gently. The man moaned softly, and almost immediately his cock swelled up to full size. At about! 7" long and maybe a little over an inch thick, it drew no gasps from Lauren and Tracy (besides, they had already been playing with a cock and balls for some time). The third woman sucked the head of the cock into her mouth. She pushed her head forward, gradually swallowing more and more cock as she went, until her lips were pressed against the man's cock ring. She pulled back slowly, swirling her tongue all around the cock and sucking as she withdrew, until only the head remained in her mouth. She paused to suck hard on the head alone, and to lick along its underside. Then she pressed her head forward again. She repeated the forward movement and the withdrawl several times. The man started moaning in pleasure and pumping his hips toward her during her forward movement, and then pulling his hips back as she withdrew.

Then one of the women suddenly stopped it by grabbing the third woman's hair and pulling so hard that the third woman was pulled off her knees onto her back. "That's enough, bitch," the woman said. "Shit! The way you love to suck cock, I think we'll have to call you slut cheeks instead of sweet cheeks!"

"Stand up, bitch," the other woman ordered. "Strip for the nice man now, honey. Let us all see that precious pussy of yours."

She slipped her shoes off first. Her hands trembled and tears filled her eyes as she started to unbutton her blouse. When the last button had been opened, one of the other women ripped the blouse from her shoulders, letting it fall to the stage behind the third woman. The third woman was ordered to take off her bra next, so she reached up behind her back with just her right hand and opened the clasp. She slipped the strap off her left shoulder, then her right, and the bra fell on top of her bare feet. Her medium sized breasts were exceptionally firm,! with no sag at all, and her nipples stood out straight to the front. She reached back and opened the buttons at the back of her skirt and pulled the zipper down.

"Stop!" ordered one of the women. "You've got to do this part right. Turn around and bend over. (The third woman complied, now thrusting her ass toward the man.) That's right. Now, in order to pull that tight skirt down properly, I'm sure you'll have to wiggle that ass back and forth quite a bit."

The third woman was weeping openly as she complied with her latest instructions. She slowly pulled the skirt down and wiggled her ass back and forth. It took nearly two full minutes to get the skirt off. She was then forced to remove her panties the same way.

When the third woman was completely naked, the other two women made here lie down onto what seemed to be a specially made foot stool. There were clamps near the bottom at each end of the foot stool. The third woman was made to stand against the higher end of the ! foot stool and to spread her legs wide apart. Clamps on that end of the stool were then closed around the third woman's ankles. Then, when she laid down onto the stool, her head was positioned several inches below her exposed ass. Clamps at the lower end of the stool were then closed around the third woman's wrists. Fully restrained, with her head low and her ass high, she was defenseless against whatever the dominatrixes would do to her.

One of the women ordered the man to stand behind the third woman and to rape her beckoning pussy. He tried to resist, but the two women attacked him viciously with their electric prods. In the end, he was forced to comply with their orders. When he stuck the end of his pole into the third woman's cunt, she screamed. I mean, she REALLY screamed. She struggled against her restraints and screamed repeatedly.

That's when I lost it. I forgot what Al had told me before. Worse, I forgot that my pants were open and my erect cock was sticking out. Maybe I was vulnerable because, at that point, I was getting pretty drunk. Anyway, I believed that the rape was real. When I heard the woman screaming on the stage, far too loudly, I said something like "We have to stop them!" and I tried to stand and go down to the stage. Fortunately, the bench was pushed in a little bit under the edge of the table, so when I tried to stand, the edge of the table hit my belly and knocked me back down. I w! as momentarily disoriented. Finally, Al and Rick responded to something that was happening at my end of the table. They came around behind me and grabbed me before I was able to try to stand up again. They held me down on the bench.

"Hold on, boy scout," said Rick. "That's NOT a good idea. Like Al told you before, they're just acting. She doesn't really need, or want, our help." Then he started to laugh. Everyone near enough to know what I had said and tried to do, in fact, started to laugh. Then I recognized my mistake. I had believed too easily. They were just pretending. I was just sober enough to blush deeply. Lauren and Tracy were laughing both at my mistake and at my embarrasment. Everyone in the place, even the performers, must have noticed the laughter at our table and at the two tables on either side of ours. It couldn't have come at a less appropriate point in the show. I had been really enjoying the evening, but now, briefly, I found myself wishing that it would a! ll just end soon.

"Okay now ?" asked Al as I became calm and stopped trying to stand up.

"Yeah," I replied miserably. "Boy scout will behave now." My response caused a little extra laughter at our table, but it was better now because it was partly with me and not just at me.

Al and Rick returned to their seats chuckling. For the next several minutes, Lauren and Tracy suffered intermittent attacks of giggling. I scowled, they giggled. They even giggled as they helped me tuck my deflated cock back into my briefs and readjust my clothing. "Don't worry, Jim," Tracy gleefully reassured me. "None of the people sitting at any of the other tables could have seen your pretty cock sticking out of your pants. And don't worry about Rick and Al. They really don't mind." Then Lauren and Tracy excused themselves and left our table. I heard them giggling softly as they walked away together. I looked around the room as they left. Most of the women were no longer seated at their tables. I assumed that the sh! ow had taken an unpleasant turn for them and that they had chosen to go into the lounge. Later I realized, of course, that they had actually gone out to put on their costumes.

On the stage, the man had his rigid cock completely embedded in the third woman's steaming pussy, and he was pumping his rod into her hard. She was still weeping, but less and less as the rape continued, and she was no longer screaming. One of the dominatrixes was wearing a strap-on 8" dildo. She walked up to the third woman's face and poised the dildo in front of her lips. "You did such a good job with his cock," she leered, "now let's see what you can do with mine."

"Oh, no! Oh . . . NO!" the third woman cried.

"Oh . . . yesss!" said the dominatrix as she slapped the third woman, then grabbed her throat just below the jaw, forcing her to open her mouth. The dominatrix viciously thrust forward, driving the artificial cock painfully deep into the third woman's throat. The third woman gagged and her! body shook violently from the pain being inflicted on her from both ends. After the woman had recovered a bit, the dominatrix picked up the man's rhythm. Now, the third woman's throbbing pussy and mouth were being raped at the same time with the same rhythm.

Ever since dinner, servers in gladiatorial costume had moved back and forth among the tables to deliver drinks. Now, our server returned to our table, but without drinks. "The third act will be ending soon," she said, "and each of you will be asked if you want to join the ladies in one of our chambers. For that purpose, you have each been assigned a number. Mr. Miller, you are number four; Mr. Williams, you are number five; and, Mr. Logan, you are number six. Please remember your number. Enjoy the rest of our show, and the rest of your evening." Then she left.

"Okay, you guys," I said, "now it's time to tell me what ladies' night at Club Spartacus is really all about. What did she mean about joining the ladies in a chamber? And what are these numbers about?"

Al and Rick were still reluctant to come clean. "Look," Al replied, "you've been having a good time haven't you? (I nodded, having already nearly forgotten the sting of my embarrasment a few moments before) Then don't! worry about it. The rest of the evening will be even better. Trust us. You'll love it." They would say no more, so I turned my attention back to the stage.

The first dominatrix, raping the third woman's mouth, was steadily pushing her dildo into her face, pulling it out, then pushing it in again. The man was panting hard and there were heavy beads of sweat on his forehead. He was close to cumming. The second dominatrix commanded him to stop and to pull his cock out of the third woman's pussy. When he pulled out, there was a loud, wet, sucking noise that could be heard througout the room. The third woman, who had stopped weeping soon after the rape of her mouth began, moaned at the loss of the cock.

The second dominatrix then ordered the man to continue raping the third woman, but to use her other hole. "You've had her hot pussy . . . Now it's time to get her tight ass." she ordered.

The man paused only briefly to rub his cock up and down the crack of the third woman's ass, coating it with juices from her cunt. Then he pressed the head of his bloated cock against the helpless woman's ass hole. She was startled by the sudden pressure against her anus. But she was even more startled by her unexpected willingness to accept this new violation of her tormented body. She was EAGER for it. The thought of being raped had, at first, filled her with fear and outrage. But as she had felt the man's hard cock pumping in and out of her increasingly wet pussy, a different feeling had been growing in her. A deep fire of lust had started low in her belly, and had quickly grown and spread throughout her body. Her nipples were fully erect and tingled with pleasure as they were pounded into the top of the foot stool from both ends. She had even started to like the feel of the dominatrix' dildo sliding back and forth in her throat. She wiggled her ass at the man in encourageme! nt and relaxed her ass hole as much as she could. The head of the man's cock slipped inside the third woman's anus.

The man pressed forward steadily and soon had his throbbing prick embedded to the hilt in the third woman's rectum. She moaned into the dildo as her bowels were streched by the invading meat. As the man began pumping his cock into her, the man and the woman were both moaning, and the woman began to drool freely around the dildo that was still steadily raping her mouth. For the first few strokes, the man pumped the third woman's ass slowly, gently, because he didn't want to cause her any more pain than necessary. But then, the stimulating massage that the man's cock was getting from the third woman's back passage, the sweet, wet heat of her bowels, took over. The man lost his self control and started pumping his cock into the woman's ass violently. But he didn't need to be concerned about hurting her at that point. She was moaning constantly, desperately wantin! g the orgasm that was getting closer and closer to her, and she wiggled her ass at the man, encouraging him to fuck her harder. Faster and faster, harder and harder, he pumped his cock into her.

The second dominatrix came up behind the man. She reached in between his legs and grabbed his balls, squeezing them none too gently. Then she reached further and started rubbing her fingers over the third woman's outer pussy lips. She pushed three fingers into the third woman's hole, and started pumping them in and out. In moments, the walls of the third woman's pussy began to spasm against the pumping fingers, coating them with hot feminine cum. At the same time, the third woman's bowels closed down tightly around the man's pumping cock, squeezing it again and again, pulling the cum from his balls, as he shuddered violently and pumped his load into her ass. Seeing and hearing the intense, simultaneous orgasms of the third woman and the man, the first dominatrix thrust her dildo viciously forward one final time, then she too achieved her release.

I think the performers felt drained. The third act was over. The audience (nearly all just men now) applauded and the performers l! eft the room. The lights were turned up and people started to talk. "All right," I began, "let's try again. Do Lauren and Tracy come back now, and we go home, or is there something else still to be done?"

"Yes . . . no . . . YES!" answered Al.

Just then doors started to open behind the red curtains, and the women started returning. My jaw dropped to see that they were now all dressed in dominatrix costumes! Lauren and Tracy came back to our table. In their costumes (not as revealing as the women had worn on stage, but still very daring), they looked even hotter than before. My softened cock began to quickly swell again.

"We're back, guys," said Lauren. "It's time to start the last, and by far the best, part of ladies' night. Jim, Tracy and I are both going into chamber number four, along with two other women."

Lauren stopped talking as one of the performers, the one who played the third woman in the third act, walked up to our table. She appeared to be wearing only a ! short bathrobe, with nothing underneath. My softened cock was back out to its full 8 inches. The woman spoke to me. "I understand you wanted to come down and rescue me when I started to be raped," she said.

("Oh, no! Tell me you didn't come over here to talk about that!" I thought.) "Yes," I glumly replied. "I'm sorry for the disturbance I caused."

"No problem," she laughed. "It was sweet. Besides, I'm flattered that you thought that my acting was so believable." She walked up close to me and, as I stood, she put her arms around me. She placed a warm, wet kiss on my lips, then briefly stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. As she ended the kiss and released her hold on me, she asked "What number are you?"


"Well, maybe later I'll come by chamber number four to rescue you . . . . . if you want to be rescued, that is." Al and Rick laughed at that last part. She gave me a very sexy look and left.

"Jim," Lauren continued, " Tracy and I really hope that you will come to chamber four with us to play the role of our submissive male. Please come. I promise it will be a lot of fun for everyone."

I think I was a little apprehensive because of the show that we had seen! . "I don't know," I said. "What kind of stuff will you ask me to do? And what kind of stuff will you do to me?"

"Don't be such a wimp," chided Al. "Listen, Rick and I do this as often as we can. It's great! We love it . . . . and you will too. Like Nike says, ' just do it ', for god's sake!"

How could I ignore wisdom from Nike? "Okay, I'll go with you to chamber four and play your submissive male . . . . but I better love it!"

The women both looked pleased. "Put your hands behind your back, dog!" ordered Lauren. Tracy, the logical enforcer of the pair, grabbed my hands and held them behind my back while Lauren snapped a pair of handcuffs onto my wrists. She then snapped a leather collar, with two leashes attached to it, around my neck. "Okay, dog, now you're ready to come with us," said Lauren. Though I was placing myself at their mercy, I was not concerned. I could see no threat in the way that Lauren was talking to me. She smiled when she said the word ' dog '. It seemed to be just a fun bit of role playing. So when Lauren and Tracy pulled on the leashes, I willingly followed them to an elevator. We went up two floors, then walked down a short hallway to a large metal door with a ' 4 ' on it. The door was opened by someone on the inside. I couldn't see anything inside the room because the room was in total darkness. "Enter, dog," ordered Tracy as she pushed me hard into the darkness . . . .

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This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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