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Cassandra's First Lesson
Pt: II Cassandra Returns
by BluesmanII

The door to the limousine swung open smartly, and the driver stood at attention as he held the door open. Cassandra stretched her long legs after the ride and strode to the perimeter of the vestibule, dropping her suitcase as a statement of her presence! She had returned!

The ensuing weeks since her premiere visit were a haze of professional and family commitments that seemed to interrupt the serious business of her libido and it's nurturing. She fretted about the incredible need to return to this place, the end...she succumbed to her desire and created a space of time that enveloped an entire weekend.

Her husband had taken the children to his parent's house in Vermont and she'd made the excuse that she was going to visit once again with a female college chum in metropolitan D.C.

If her husband could see her flush complexion as she disembarked from the limo, the sundry oddments that her suitcase housed - including a pair of long, black, gloves, silk stockings with garter belts, several types of brassieres and a collection of body ornamentation that was purchased from an online store - he might have correctly deduced that his wife was on some kind of erotic vacation and leaving him with the baby-sitting duties!

She thought that ONE more visit might just satiate this strange compulsion of be be used sexually by anyone at any time. The mansion had been an ideal discovery. It was upscale, elegant, it's patrons were clean and educated. It was not far from her residence or work. It was, simply, made to order.

A nice looking young woman, perhaps 25, with long, dark legs and tawny hair done up in dreadlocks, strode up to Cassandra and said: "Welcome back! Please come this way!" Cassandra followed obediently.

Cassandra was led to an anteroom different from the one in which she was first introduced weeks earlier. That time, the room was very businesslike. Comfortable armchairs, a desk, a receptionist, and an incisive, probing, interview to determine her degree of familiarity with "the life" and also her resolve to actually participate.

This time, her resolve was an accepted fact and her presence signaled an unmistakable interest in further exploration. THIS anteroom was distinguished by it's superb rendition of a Heironymous Bosch depiction of Hell with it's attendant tortures, lost souls, and assorted demons. This tableau covered the walls and the domed ceiling so that the painting constituted the entire decor of the room save a few spare pieces of furniture and the carpet. A desk was centered in the room with a couple of chairs in front and one behind. She was led into the room by the girl in dreadlocks, allowed to take in the decor, then told to sit in front of the desk and was promptly blindfolded.

During the previous visit, she was only allowed to ANSWER the questions put to her by an attractive assistant to the man who had been introduced to her as "The Master". This time, she needed more information and she insisted on asking a few basic questions.

"It is not our custom to answer is our privilege to ask them." The voice that spoke to her from across the table was masculine, measured, and patient with an almost lyrical quality to it. She'd HEARD that voice before!

"Excuse me..." she replied. "Am I in the presence of the Master?"

"You are indeed, my beautiful one! What is it you wish to ask me? I may or may not decide to answer. It depends upon the question!"

"Well...if it's all right with you...shall I address you merely as Master? Do you have a name? I read 'The story of O' and THAT Master was Sir Stephen. Do you call yourself by a name? Do the other slaves have a name for you?"

"You may call me Sir Everett...or simply "My lord".

"I prefer Sir Everett, if it pleases you My lord!"

He smiled at her inspired inclusion of both titles in one sentence!

"And..." he hesitated..."You have OTHER concerns, I'm guessing?"

"Ummmm...yes, My lord...I do indeed. May I inquire if it is to be my fortune this visit to be used by men other than yourself? And...if this is so...what assurance have I that I will not be at risk to contract STD's?"

"You did not seem so concerned at your last visit as I recall." he stated.

"I was pursuing a personal demon that trip. I ignored good sense and trusted circumstance. If I am to be used by multiple partners this visit, I wish to be assured of their health and cleanliness."

"I should not tell you this, but I will - because I truly found you satisfying - and I want you to feel at home here. My clients - that is those men who are among the few that I invite to this retreat - are the movers and shakers of our society. Their names are writ large in newspapers, television stories, magazine articles and even movies! I invite them here to negotiate favors for myself and other clients. I offer them delectable pleasures not afforded them elsewhere with this level of security and anonymity! In are wholly assured of their provenance and their good health!"

She seemed relieved with that disclosure and he observed her physically seeming to relax a bit. "You have....OTHER concerns?" His eyebrow arched as he asked this last question.

She bit her lip pensively, and started to answer, then stopped. "Yes?" He prodded. "Well..." she hesitated. "I want to explore the side of me that needs to be dominated, but I'm afraid to allow you full control. Isn't there some sort of safe-word that you'll give me to alert you to my limits? Isn't there some sort of agreed upon trigger to stop whatever it is we are know...just in case?"

He smiled, and the tone of his voice as he spoke made him seem unduly amused by this question. "My dear lady...if you don't allow me full control, then you are not being dominated. Yes? And if I give you a "word" to turn on the punishment, or turn it off, THEN you are not being dominated. True? It is my discretion - and my privilege I might add - to meter out punishment to you or reward you at my whim and my will. It cannot be any other way. It is not in my interest to create an unsafe situation that might cause long term harm. Let's just say that this place could not withstand the" He smiled again and she pictured him with that grin as he wielded a whip over her prostrate body. The thought caused an involuntary shudder, and, remarkably, a flush of heat that warmed her face and spread throughout her body. "So..." he stood and faced her. "You'll be staying?" She bent her head and quietly replied: "Yes". "Excellent!" He banged the table for effect and paged the girl in the dreadlocks into the room. "Angelica...Please escort our friend Cassandra to her room".

The girl returned and took Cassandra by the arm and led her from the room. She was relieved of the blindfold at this point and was handed to a girl named Anya. Anya looked at Cassandra in a way that connoted a sense of kinship and this put Cassandra somewhat more at ease. Cassie took inventory of the girl's features. Brown hair, brown eyes, a bit over five feet with a lovely figure and smooth, light brown skin. Her teeth gleamed as she flashed a smile at Cassandra and Cassandra guessed that the girl was part Latino and part Caucausian. She wondered at her age but put it near thirty. Perhaps that was the reason for the look that seemed almost conspiratorial. They BOTH were a bit older than the young twenty-somethings that seemed part of the normal retinue here at the mansion.

Anya was wearing long, black patent leather boots, a frilly black mesh skirt that barely concealed her ass, a thin nylon top over a black bra with half-cups that did not conceal her dark, well-defined nipples. By contrast, Cassandra, still dressed in street clothes, six inches taller, pale skinned and blond, seemed a counterpoint to this small but exotic flower. She followed the girl as she walked down a marble hallway toward a staircase that wrapped around a column and rose into a second floor. Cassandra wondered what she would find up there.

As the two ascended the staircase, Cassandra casually asked: "Anya, Just how many girls are here right now?" "Oh...I don't know!" Anya responded diffidently. "Enough, I suppose!" "Thanks for THAT!" thought Cassandra.

The staircase delivered them to a landing with a long hall to the left of the top of the stairs, and one to the right as well. Anya stepped quickly toward the right and proceeded down a rather long hallway with several rooms on either side. Most of the doors were locked. Behind one on the left that was open just slightly, Cassandra could hear the pounding of bedsprings and a woman's shrieks as she climaxed. She strained to see if any part of this event was going to be visible from the hall, but none was. Cassandra wondered at what was going on, but kept her curiosity to herself.

They arrived at a spacious room with a view that overlooked an English garden. How beautiful! Cassandra thought. This man must be very, very, rich. She thought briefly about her presence here then quickly dismissed the thought.

Anya spoke. "You may rest here a bit. The Master has requested that I dress you and present you to him in two hours. It is now four O'clock. I will come for you at six O'clock. This is what he wants you to wear." She flung open a set of louvered doors in the room revealing a closet with several costumes on hangars. Anya reached forth and took one and hung it from a wall peg.

It was a simple, but lovely Japanese robe that tied with a cord. It was quite short and vermilion in color with an interesting pattern of plants and birds. "These heels." said Anya matter-of-factly.

Cassandra fretted. She had brought so many lovely things herself. "What may I..." Anya cut her off. "Nothing! Master is very strict about MUST wear what he decides upon!" Cassandra sat on the bed and Anya walked over to her. She sat right next to Cassie and took her hand. "Please...If you are like me, you will WANT to do all you can to please Master. He is not easily displeased. You came here to feel what it's like to let go...didn't you? To allow someone else to make all of the decide when you eat, what you eat, where you sleep, who you sleep with, what you wear, even how you fuck or are fucked. Am I right?" Cassie turned and with a sympathetic look she planted a long wet kiss on Anya's lips. Anya did not resist and the two parted after a minute. Anya to do whatever it was she was supposed to do for the ensuing two hours, and Cassandra to ponder her presence and what she hoped she would achieve here.

Cassandra had just begun to drift off to sleep when she heard a faint knock on the door. It was Anya. "What? You are not dressed? Oh my god! Let me help you ...HURRY!" Cassandra, still a bit lethargic said.. "What's the hurry? It only takes a moment to jump into that robe." Anya protested. "You don't understand! Master expects us downstairs immediately! And you have not even fixed your hair or put on your makeup." It was true. Cassandra had taken off her makeup when she got to the room. "What will happen?" she asked Anya. "You don't want to know...just HURRY!"

Cassandra put on her makeup with a few economical strokes. Less is more! she thought. She threw off her blouse and pantyhose and Anya watched admiringly as Cassandra stepped into the print robe. "You are really beautiful!" Anya said sincerely. "Thanks!" said Cassie. "Not too bad for an old" She shot Anya a conspiratorial wink.

The two stepped, no...ran down the hall to the staircase and took the stairs two at a time.

From the study, Everett watched them on closed circuit TV.. He saw the kiss in the bedroom and their frenetic run down the hall and down the staircase. He grinned broadly! I LIKE this one he thought! She has an interesting blend of compliance and defiance. Let's see which is stronger!

Cassandra was delivered by Anya to the dining room. Lord Everett stood to greet her as Anya led her in. "My dear Cassandra...SO nice to see you again! Please sit down." Cassandra sat where he directed her to sit, on a small stool next to his chair. He handed her a long, thin, glass of spirits to numb her a bit. Cassandra did not know it but Lord Everett had a rather full schedule in mind for her that evening!

She drank the strange potion and asked what she had been served. It was neither harsh like Grappa, nor too sweet like B&B. Truth to tell, it was somewhat medicinal in taste.

"Mmmmmm....that my dear is Chartreuse! The ONLY liquor after which a color has been named. This is the 151 proof variety. A very old and very well guarded recipe owned by monks and made by one distillery in Europe. In France, I believe. Please have another... I think you are going to want it". The WAY he said that made her shiver and she readily swallowed another large draught of it.

Everett swung her stool to face him. She was now a 1/2 ft. lower than his seat, her knees forward, legs at either side of the stool with the toes of her shoes pointing down and her legs slightly behind the stool. Lord Everett opened her Japanese print robe with one deft flick of his thumb and her still firm breasts were exposed to his view. His hand cupped one and held it from underneath. His thumb traced the outline of the nipple and the sensation caused it to rise in anticipation of more of the same. But instead, he held that breast firmly and pulled out a small whip. It had a leather handle but six thongs only with a length of only about six inches. He gently whipped the breast he held and increased the force until he saw her flinch. he then began the same treatment of her other breast. Her breasts were now red and perhaps even just slightly swollen. The nipples were rock hard! He flung off the robe and fitted her with a leather corset that uplifted each breast and forced it through a wire reinforced bra with the cups cut out. There was a leather latticework across her stomach, and garter clips for stockings at the bottom. There was no crotch and he made her change heels to a stiletto, black patent leather pair. He made her walk in those heels. At first she was clumsy, but after a while she managed to master it. "Good!" he said... "Excellent!" He motioned her over to where he still sat and forced her to her knees.

He undid the zipper of his leather jeans and pulled out his substantial cock. She could instantly feel a phantom sense of it's contour and hardness in her mouth from the previous visit. This time he was not gentle. He shoved her head onto the purple knob and forced her down on it till she nearly gagged. He groaned as she swallowed it's length but her ineptness caused him to pull her off, toss her down, and command Anya to come into the room.

Anya came and knelt where he pointed. He gathered her hair in one hand and held his erection in the other. She instantly went down on him swallowing the long, hard cock down to the pubic bone! She made a gulping noise, but did not gag as he settled into a rhythm that became more frenetic as each stroke brought him closer to orgasm. Finally, he pulled her head up as she began swallowing the cum that frothed into her mouth in hard pulses. "Don't swallow!" he commanded! "Cassandra...HERE!" She obediently knelt next to Anya. He directed her to lie on her back right at his feet. She did, and as she did, Anya knelt above her, and under the Master's direction she opened her mouth letting a long stream of his cum slip out of her mouth and into Cassandra's. Cassandra swallowed as she supposed she should and was surprised that she did not find this revolting. The girls kissed deeply until the Master directed them to break it off.

Now...having performed oral sex as her first real act back at the mansion, Cassandra felt the familiar twinge of fear mixed with excitement! What would happen next? She needed little time to attain the answer.

The Master fastened the buttons on his leather jeans, stood at length raising himself up to his Six-foot plus height, and smoothed his hands over his close cropped hair. "Now dear! Now we shall have some real fun with you!" Cassandra was brought into the basement. Her previous visit was spent nearly entirely in a room not unlike any ordinary room whether bedroom, drawing room, or den. It had stucco walls, wood floors - rather comfortable looking from the little that she saw of it due to the blindfolds.

Down in the basement of the house, the slightly more chilly air caused her skin to erupt in goosebumps and kept her nipples rock hard. She followed Anya and was amazed to see the array of cuffs that were chained to the walls, slings, pulleys, horizontal boards, vertical boards, tie-downs, and other assorted manacles. She shivered as much in apprehension as from the cold. She was blindfolded and stretched so that each arm was pulled at a 45 degree angle from her body and raised above her head. She heard the sound of pulley's being adjusted and fixed. Her feet were bound around the ankles and the ropes pulled so that each leg stretched apart and then was pulled forward so that she was, in effect, held completely off the floor with all limbs spread. She smelled the scent of a candle wick and was startled to feel hot wax dripping onto her hard-sore nipples! She jumped against the tension in the ropes and twisted in the air seeking to avoid the dripping wax. No chance of it. It was expertly drizzled onto her thigh's soft skin close to her cunt and the heat of the wax beads aroused her greatly. She moaned and was promptly silenced by a gag that was tightened around her mouth. Wax drops fell onto her belly just above her pubic area, back onto her nipples, and on top of each thigh. She writhed in anticipation of more, but suddenly it stopped! Someone at arm's distance had uncoupled her binding and reversed them. The same with her feet. She was now suspended above the floor but facing down and totally spread-eagle. A whistling sound creased the air and she felt the sharp sting of a whip! It hit her nude derriere and was followed by a succession of blows that made her cry out! But the cries were muffled by the gag and no one paid attention to them anyway. She felt the back of her thighs redden under the abuse, her back, her calves, her arms. Someone either wanted her more docile, or had decided to simply avail himself of the opportunity to punish this girl. This was worse than the whipping in the previous visit and Cassandra wondered when it would cease!

By the time that the rhythmic blows stopped, Cassandra was warm from the sudden redness of her skin and was crying into her blindfold. She dangled unattended for moments, her shoulders becoming sore from being suspended.

Gentle hands brought her down and she was deposited on the floor on a warm tile floor. The tiles themselves were warmer than the air and she assumed they were heated from beneath. It was a welcome change and she was just getting comfortable when she felt the hairy body of a man graze hers. Female hands grabbed her and propelled her toward a body that was reclining on the floor in front of her. Her hands were free and the female hands guided hers so that each hand fell upon a hairy thigh. So! A man was lying, legs spread, on the floor in front of her. She was not surprised when his cock was directed into her mouth. She sucked vigorously finding strange comfort in the sucking sensation. She was getting into a good rhythm of trying to please this anonymous man when she felt firm hands, a man's hands on her ass and felt someone's rigid cock probing her cunt! The head of it felt quite large and the man was bumbling about seeking a slick entryway. Female hands parted her thighs (she could tell from the nails!) and the stiff member was pushed inside of her! She felt the cock pressing it's way into her and in a moment she was feeling the unmistakable sensation of a hot cock fucking her. It jammed it's way in, then slowly withdrew. All the while her mouth worked the other male's rod and a rollicking good fucking became the order of the day as she swallowed one prick and felt the other lusciously penetrating her!

A pair of hands grabbed her head and pulled her up and down viciously in order to accelerate the speed at which her lips and tongue were stroking the cock in front of her. Whether it was a girl's hands, the Master's hands, or the man's own hands, she couldn't quite say. She yielded to their force and the cock plunged in and out rapidly and without warning pumped thick clots of warm, salty, cum down her throat! She swallowed but more followed. Just as his cock relaxed and she was able to disengage from it, the one that was fucking her pulled out and she felt his cum squirt all over her ass and back!

A female hand wiped a quantity of it up and presented it in a cupped palm to her lips. She tilted her head back and swallowed that also! The balance was spread about her sore back and almost was a balm to relieve the soreness. She was left on the tile floor, still blindfolded and gagged, to rest. It's warmth had her sleeping within moments.

NEXT- Cassandra is gang banged by women!


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