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Club Spartacus
Ch. III - "Lauren & Tracy Sort of Do Me"

by James I. Miller

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

This is a work of fiction. It is not intended to be an endorsement of the activities described, nor is it intended to serve any instructional purpose. It is intended SOLELY for the entertainment of adults.

( In the first chapter, Jim had seen an erotic show at Club Spartacus. Then in the second chapter, he had gone into chamber 4 and had provided his sexual services to Mistresses Shannon and Amy. He was then ordered to please Mistress Tracy )

I felt so tired, I trembled as I slowly crawled toward Tracy. At least, since she had removed the leg clamps, I could now crawl normally. That was less tiring than the peculiar crawling that I had to do when the leg clamps were on. Without obviously looking up at her, I was able to see that Tracy was indeed reclining on the same low futon that Mistress Shannon had used. She was covered from just under her chin to the bottoms of her feet with a large red shawl. There was a low, one-step footstool in front of the futon.

When I reached the edge of the red light, Lauren told me to drop my kneeling cushion. As I then continued to crawl forward, I started expecting the center leash to be pulled back to signal me to stop. I started to feel nervous. The center leash was not pulled and I was starting to get pretty close to Tracy. Why wasn't I being told to stop? I couldn't stop without being told to . . . . could I? I was starting to be really concerned. Where were my damn instructions? Finally, though I felt really nervous about doing anything that I had not been specifically ordered to do, I stopped. I had to stop, even though it would probably mean that I would be punished again. I was only about two feet from the little footstool, and that was only about two feet from Tracy's legs. I remained motionless, with my head bowed down low, fully expecting to be punished for having stopped without being ordered to.

In a few moments, Tracy spoke. "What is it you wish, Spot ?"

After a brief hesitation, I answered "Please, Mistress, may I approach to please you ?" I guess stopping without a signal was the right thing for me to do. Maybe the signal that I was given before, when I was crawling toward Mistress Shannon, was supposed to be enough. Now, I was expected to behave in the same way without the need for another signal. I guess. I wasn't really sure about anything in chamber 4.

Tracy suddenly pulled off the red shawl and stood up. "Look at me, Spot," she said. I raised my head and gasped loudly. I couldn't help gasping. She was wearing only a red bustier and red fingerless gloves. And a spectacular pair of red pumps with four or five inch spiked heels. Her red bustier and red shoes seemed to shine with a light of their own. They glowed and glittered far more brightly than anything else under the dim red light.

But it was not how she was dressed that made me gasp. It was her incredible body. It was beyond any body that I had ever seen, or even imagined. Her perfectly formed 38C breasts were fully exposed and were pushed up slightly by the top of the bustier. The nipples seemed to glow with a red fire, just like the bustier and shoes. Her belly was flat and firm. Her thick pubic hair was a light blonde color, and the thin, delicate outer lips of her cunt were clearly visible between her slightly parted legs. Her legs were magnificent. Long, firm, an! d beautifully sculpted. My cock had gone soft while Mistress Amy was raping my mouth with her red jelly cock, and it had been soft since then. But one brief look at Tracy's body and it started to swell faster than I had ever seen it swell before. After a couple of minutes (I think Tracy liked the way that I was looking at her, so she let me do it for a while) She said "Look at my pretty shoes, Spot. Do you like my pretty shoes ?"

I knew, of course, what to say. "Yes, Mistress, I like them very much."

"Would you like to please my pretty shoes ?"

("My god!" I thought. "She's going to tell me to do her shoes!") I didn't really feel enthusiastic about the idea. How could it be *fun* to kiss and lick a woman's shoe? But I answered "Yes, Mistress, please."

She took two small steps toward me, then sl-o-w-ly turned around in a complete circle. She was teasing me with her body. And I loved it. I forgot all about being tired. I started panting with lust and my cock was as hard as steel as Tracy let me stare at her tits and pussy . . . then her high, firm ass . . . . then her tits and pussy again. If she had started turning around a second time, I might have had to jump up, grab her, and rape her. But she didn't. She took two steps backwards and sat down on the futon. Then she put her right foot up on the footstool. "Eyes down, Spot. Crawl up beside the footstool, and then kneel, with your hands behind your back," she ordered.

I complied, kneeling beside the footstool with my eyes lowered and my hands behind my back. Lauren came up behind me and snapped the handcuffs onto my wrists again. Then, surprisingly, she opened the padlock and removed the electrified belt. "You will still obey, won't you, Spot ?" she asked.

I felt ! kind of funny to suddenly not be wearing that control belt any more. But I didn't think that taking it off really changed anything. "Yes, Mistress. Thank you," I replied.

"You must please my pretty shoe with your mouth only," Tracy said. "You may begin now."

I leaned down to kiss her shoe. Fortunately, one of the adult stories that I remembered reading was about a dominatrix who had her male sub kiss, lick, and suck her thigh high boots. I remembered that the dominatrix wanted him to turn his head so that she could see his lips and tongue at work. I turned my head to the side so that Tracy could easily see my mouth, then, with my lips extended out in an exaggerated way, I kissed the outside of her shiny red shoe.

"Wait a minute!" said Tracy. I came to an upright kneeling position with my eyes lowered. "Spot, have you ever kissed and licked a woman's pretty shoe before ?"

"No, Mistress," I answered.

"Then how is it that you already know the right way to do it ?! "

"I once read an erotic adult story, Mistress, that described how it should be done."

"Spot!" she playfully scolded. "I didn't realize that you were the kind of dirty dog who would read stories like that! Did you whack yourself off when you read that story ?"

"No, Mistress."

"Why not? Didn't reading that story turn you on ?"

"Not the boot licking part of it, Mistress."

"Oh," she laughed, "boot pleasing is not nearly as exciting as shoe pleasing. Boots aren't pretty and they cover too much. You will be turned on by pleasing my pretty shoe . . . . won't you, Spot ?"

Again, I knew what I had to say. "Yes, Mistress, I will be very turned on by pleasing your pretty shoe." I lied (at least I thought I was lying).

"Continue. And let me see and hear how turned on you are getting."

I leaned down, turned my head to the side, and kissed the outside of her shoe again. Then I stuck my tongue out a little and slowly dragged it along the outside of the shoe, licking back and forth as I went, toward the toe. ("God, this is so nasty !" I thought. "She wants me to just give up my last bit of dignity for her pleasure. And I'm fucking doing it!") I was surprised. I was getting turned on by doing her shoe. It was SO degrading . . . . and so nasty . . . . it was deliciously exciting. And as I started to get into it more and more, Tracy saw that I was enjoying it, and that turned her on. We started feeding on each other's excitement. She gasped in response to my moan. I groaned in response to her sigh. Like that. It was definitely *fun*. When I reached the toe, I scooted around on my knees, keeping my tongue pressed against the shoe the whole time, and licked up onto the top of the toe. The shiny red leather covered only the ends of her toes. I licked down off the leather and pressed my hot, wet tongue against the cracks between her toes. Tracy gasped and pulled her foot away from me. I thought I had made her angry. I slumped down a little and bowed my head down low. After a moment, Tracy simply said "Not yet," and put her foot back in place on the footstool.

I pressed my lips against the leather over her toes and loudly kissed it. Then I extended my tongue and licked down to the inside edge of the shoe. I licked back and forth, bac! k and forth, as I worked my way toward the heel. Tracy started giving me little directions. "Please that part again," or, "now a little more to the front," things like that. Then she said "Now let me hear you please the sole."

She was going to make it nastier and nastier for me. I loved it. She pointed her toe upward and rested the back of the shoe on the footstool. I pressed my lips against the sole of the shoe, giving it a loud *smack*. Then I stuck out my tongue and started to lick back and forth across the sole, slurping as loudly as I could. Tracy moaned softly and her right leg trembled. After I had worked on the sole for a few minutes, she said "Now . . . . the heel." She raised her foot so that the heel was two or three inches above the footstool.

I turned my head fully to the side and rested my right cheek on the footstool. I took the tip of the spiked heel between my lips and sucked on it loudly. I started slowly pressing forward, sucking and slurping the whole time, swallowing more and more of the heel.! I felt a surprisingly strong urge to gag when the heel started going into my throat, but I was able to bring it under control. I took the heel into my face as far as it could go, then I sucked on the whole thing for a few moments.

"Now take my pretty shoe off, Spot," ordered Tracy.

I slowly pulled my mouth off the heel, sucking frequently as it emerged from my face. I licked up to the top edge of the shoe. Then I stiffened my tongue as much as I could, pressed it into the shoe along the outside of Tracy's foot, and tried to push the shoe off. It didn't work. The shoe was on too tight. My tongue wasn't strong enough. Realizing that I wouldn't be able to get it off with just my tongue, I lifted my tongue out of the way and pressed my lower front teeth against the top edge of the shoe. This time when I pushed down it worked. The heel of the shoe slipped off of Tracy's foot. I scooted around on my knees until I was facing away from the futon. I stuck my tongue into the shoe between the shiny red leather and Tracy's toes. I lifted the shoe completely off her foot. With the shoe carefully balanced on my tongue, I leaned down and set Tracy's pretty shoe on the floor between the footstool and the futon.

Tracy put her bare foot on the footstool, with her toes pointed upward. I scooted around the footstool so that I was again facing the futon. I leaned down, turned my head so that she could see, and pressed my lips against the outside of her foot. Then I started working on her foot just as I had done with her shoe, licking back and forth, back and forth, working my way along the outside of her foot to her toes. Did I already mention how degrading and nasty it was, and how I loved doing it? I was surprised by how much I had enjoyed doing Tracy's shoe. But I could ! already tell that I would enjoy doing her foot very much more.

I carefully licked the top of each toe, then stuck the tip of my tongue down into the cracks between her toes. I sucked each toe individually into my mouth, and sucked and licked on each one. Then I took the whole end of her foot into my mouth and sucked hard on all her toes at the same time. Suddenly, she pulled her foot out of my mouth and said "Lay down on the mattress, Spot, on your back."

I had concentrated my attention so much on Tracy's shoe, and then on her foot, I hadn't noticed when Lauren had put the narrow foam mattress onto the floor behind me. I was confused for a moment, but when I looked back and saw the mattress, I complied with Tracy's instructions. To make it a little more comfortable, I had to bend my arms up to get the handcuffs into the small of my back. My stiff cock laid down against my groin.

Tracy slipped her foot, still shining with a coating of my spit, back into her pretty shoe and stood up. She walked to the mattress and stepped across my waist with her right foot. She quickly sat down across my belly and laid down onto me. She scooted her body down a little, catching the end of my stiff cock in her crack and pulling it straight up. I felt the shaft of my rigid cock pressing against the slit between her pussy lips. Her hot juices flowed out between her lips to coat the shaft of my cock. ("Put it in! God, put it in!" I implored with my eyes. "Let's fuck each other's brains out!") But Tracy didn't look at my eyes. And she didn't put it in.

Instead, she pressed her mouth to mine. She alternately fed me her tongue, then feasted on my tongue, as she pumped her ass up and down to rub her cunt lips along the shaft of my cock. She moaned into my mouth, and I moaned into hers. The way her hot nectar was pouring out onto my cock, she might have been almost as excited ! as I was. She sat upright across my belly, with her knees pressed against the floor on each side of me. She started to scoot higher and higher up my body. When her cunt was almost up to my chin, she stood up. My view was . . . . extraordinary. I looked at her with deep appreciation, starting at the red pump on her left foot. I hadn't tasted that one yet, but it looked just as good as the shoe on her right foot. Then I looked up along her shapely left calf to her left knee, up the inside of her magnificent left thigh. As my gaze approached the top of her leg, I saw that there was a stream of her hot juices running from her cunt down along the inside of her right leg. Her cunt lips had looked thin and delicate before, but now they looked hot and swollen . . . . and delicious.

Tracy moved up a little and then quickly squatted down over my face. Her aim was perfect. She pressed her juicy cunt directly down onto my mouth. She moaned and I groaned when her cunt lips pressed against my face lips. I kissed her cunt and sucked eagerly, pulling her lips into my mouth, along with a mouthful of her sweet juices. Tracy shuddered, and almost fell off her pretty red shoes onto my face. I pulled my head back a little, pressing it hard into the foam mattress, and stuck my tongue out as far as it would go. I moved down to just in front of her ass hole, then licked hard all the way along her crack. I did it again. Her juices poured down my tongue and into my mouth. There was so much, I pulled my tongue back into my mouth and swallowed. Tracy started rubbing her cunt up and down over my face. She rubbed and rubbed, until all parts of my face were covered with her nectar. It was great.

Then she positioned her cunt an inch over my lips. "Tongue . . . . NOW!" she gro! aned. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and stiffened it. It was sticking stright out from my face. Tracy lowered herself down, taking my stiffened tongue directly into her pussy. Our excited moans filled the room. I started unconsciously pumping my hips up and down, in my mind thrusting my steel-hard cock into her steaming pussy.

I had never felt anything like this. Her throbbing pussy was squeezing my tongue again and again. She raised up a little, and then thrust her pussy back down over my tongue. Again. Then again, slowly getting faster and faster. Tracy was riding my tongue just like a woman rides a man's cock. My mouth was filling with her juices, but I knew better than to pull back my tongue to swallow this time. I just let her cream fill my mouth until it started leaking out over the side, running down my cheek in a little stream.

I was starting to get a little tired. But I loved what Tracy was doing, and I strained to keep my tongue out as far, and as stiff, as possible. She didn't want me to do anything except what I was already doing. She discovered that when she was all the way down onto my tongue, my mouth and nose were both covered. I couldn't breathe until she rose back up a little. She started pausing on the downstroke, waiting for me to start squirming in a quest for air. When I had squirmed to her satisfaction, she would rise up on my tongue again. Then I would gasp for air, and she would moan in response to my gasp. It was a little hard to go without air until she was satisfied . . . . but I loved what she was doing. She was awesome.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by James I. Miller.

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