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Club Spartacus
Ch. III - "Lauren & Tracy Sort of Do Me"

by James I. Miller

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Then she stopped pausing on the downstrokes. She was just going up and down on my tongue fast. There were no more *games*. She was fucking my brains out on my tongue!! "OOOhhhh . . . . SHHiiiitt!" she suddenly groaned, as her orgasm hit with full force. She pre! ssed down onto my tongue and her whole body shuddered violently. The walls of her pussy squeezed down tightly onto my tongue, and her outer lips spasmed against my chin, as she flooded my tongue and face with her sweet cum. For a while, I couldn't breathe at all. But I didn't care. We were both in sexual heaven. She was awesome.

When her strongest spasms had passed, I pulled my tongue out of her and gasped a lungful of air. She pressed her cunt down against my cheek. We stayed like that for several minutes, panting and slowly recovering. She got off my face and told me to roll over onto my belly. She removed the handcuffs again. "Crawl to the big mattress and lay down on your back, spread-eagled," she ordered. A brighter red light was turned on, illuminating a larger part of chamber 4. I saw that Tracy and I were about twenty feet from a large mattress that was surrounded my metal loops and rings that were embedded in the floor.

When I was laying spread-eagled on my back, Lauren tied my wrists to metal rings near the top of the mattress. Tracy tied my ankles to similar rings near the bottom. Tracy (on my right side) and Lauren (on my left side) started kissing and licking my naked flesh . . . . everywhere. I groaned and pulled against my restraints. I twisted my body back and forth a little as they pressed their hot lips and tongues against my skin. But I couldn't really move. Their kissing, licking, and sucking was a delicious, exciting sort of *torture* that had me panting for more. They covered my hairy legs, my balls, my cock, and much more, with their spit. Lauren slowly slurped her way up from my waist to my left nipple. She licked a few slow circles around it, sucked it into her mouth, then suddenly bit HARD into it.

"OOWWWW! Fuck!" I screamed at the sudden, sharp pain, and I jerked hard against my hand restraints. Lauren smirked at my useless effort to break my hands free. I couldn't even really move my hands, let alone hope to free them. "Awwwww!" she mocked me. "Is poor itty bitty dicky Spotty-wotty all tied uppy-wuppy?" (or some goofy shit like that). She slowly leaned down, watching me as I watched her, and bit my nipple again. But this time, she bit gently. She was just showing me that she could chew the hell out of me if she wanted to. God, it was exciting to be completely at her mercy like that! I did hope that she wasn't going to chew the hell out of me, though.

Lauren stood up beside the mattress and Tracy moved away. Lauren just looked down at me for a few moments, enjoying my helplessness. She started to slowly remove the remaining parts of her dominatrix costume. Her body, though smaller than Tracy's, was every bit as beautiful. The smooth skin under her firm breasts angled down to a tiny waist, then curved out over her smoothly rounded hips. Her thick, brown pubic hair was neatly shaved into an arrow head shape, pointing down to her cunt lips. When she was totally naked, she laid down on top of me. The top of her head was just under my nose. Her tits were pressed against my chest. Her firm nipples felt hard and hot against my skin. My erect cock was trapped between her pubis and my groin. For a while, she rubbed her body back and forth and up and down over mine. Then she moved up and pressed her left tit against my lips.

I had been imagining this, and wanting it, ever since I first saw Lauren in her blue evening gown. I moaned loudly. I kissed hard against her soft tit. I opened my lips just enough to suck hard on the erect nipple and aureola. Then it was her turn. She moaned loudly and pressed her tit harder into my face. I opened my mouth a little further and sucked in a bit of the soft tit flesh around the aureola. Then more. And again, until my mouth was opened as far as I could get it, and was filled with as much of her left tit as I could suck into it. I sucked and slurped, then she pulled back until her nipple was just over my lips. I licked all around, and all over, her nipple until my tongue began to get tired.

She raised up a little more and pressed her tits together with her hands. I licked all over her left breast again, then quickly moved to her right breast. I pressed my tongue hard against her right nipple. I licked from the bottom of her right tit to the top. I sucked the nipple back and forth, in and out of my mouth. I was in sexual heaven again. She liked it too. We continued for many ecstatic minutes, moaning, panting, pressing our naked flesh tightly together.

She moved down a little and reached to my groin for my cock. But it wasn't there any more. As I had been sucking and slurping her tits, getting more and more excited, my cock had gotten so engorged with blood, that it was now sticking straight up. Lauren was surprised when she didn't find my cock against my groin, but she smiled when she realized where it was. She moved her ass back and forth a little until she caught the shaft of my prick between her cunt lips. I felt her hot lips throbbing against my cock, and her cream poured out over my cock and balls. ("Put it in! God, put it in!" I implored with my eyes. "Let's fuck each other's brains out!") But Lauren didn't look at my eyes. And she didn't put it in.

Instead, she pressed the side of her face against my chest and moaned deeply. She started pumping her ass up and down, dragging her lips sweetly along the shaft of my cock. She was jerking me off with her cunt lips! God, it was hot! She held me tight and moaned as she moved her ass up and down. Our moans got louder and louder, and her ass pumping got faster and faster. I had been damn hot before, especially with Tracy. But this time I was at such an intense sexual peak, I really expected to cum at any moment. ("Yes! Yes! Yes! Oooohhhh . . . . Laureeeen!" I screamed in my mind.) Then suddenly she groaned "Oooh goddddd . . . . Jimmmmm!" as she clutched me tightly and shuddered violently. (Note: That was the only time that she called me Jim in chamber 4!) But as soon as her violent shuddering began, she pressed her pubis against my groin and stopped pumping up and down. My cock felt her hot cunt lips spasming against it, as hot cum flooded out over my cock shaft and balls. She was awesome. But I didn't cum. I was so hot . . . . and so close . . . . but I didn't cum.

After Lauren had recovered from her orgasm, she stood beside the mattress and looked down at me again. I was moaning constantly, and unconsciously writhing back and forth on the mattress as far as I could. I had never been to such a peak of sexual excitement before. Normally, I would have cum long before reaching that kind of peak. But Lauren and Tracy had a special kind of knack for getting me more and more excited without making me cum. I was still at that incredible peak, out of control. I guess my body wasn't going to really let me have control again until after I actually cam.

Tracy, now completely naked, came up beside Lauren and they both looked down at my pitiful, moaning, out of control form. "We better let him finish soon," said Lauren. "I've never seen a man so in need of sexual release."

"I haven't either," agreed Tracy. "Should we use some cold water again ?"

"No," answered Lauren. "I'll get some desensitizer, though, and use some of that."

They both moved! away from the mattress for a moment. Tracy came back first. She covered my head with the black hood and said "You won't be needing to see any more." Then she released my wrists and ankles from their restraints.

"Stand up, Spot," ordered Lauren from right beside the mattress. I stood up. Lauren took my right hand, and Tracy took my left. "Come with us," said Lauren as they started to gently lead me forward. We walked slowly together for nearly a minute. They started to pull my hands out to the sides, and Lauren said "Stop, Spot. There's something right in front of you now. Move forward carefully until you press against it, then lean forward a little onto it." I moved forward carefully, as they held my hands out to the sides, until something hard pressed against my belly, just above my navel. I leaned forward from my waist, laying my upper body onto a hard, padded surface. There seemed to be nothing there, though, from my waist down.

Lauren and Tracy tied me to . . . . the thing (whatever it was) with thick straps that went around my waist just over my navel, and around my chest just under my armpits. Then they pulled my hands down and tied them to the sides of the thing. Tracy told me to step up a little on each side of the thing, and then tied my legs to it. I couldn't see myself, of course, but I knew that I must have looked damned funny. Completely naked (except for the black hood over my head), hugging tightly against some kind of thing with both my arms and my legs, and tied securely to it. Maybe it was good that I couldn't see myself.

I knew that Lauren and Tracy were attending to me, but I couldn't tell which woman was doing which thing to me. They pushed my ass cheeks apart a little and added more restraints to my upper legs to hold them apart. Then I heard the sound of a spray can and felt something cold being sprayed all around my ass hole. "We have to clear the way a little here first," giggled Tracy. Then they started shaving off the hair around my ass hole. Soon, they were satisfied that the way was clear enough, and they wiped my ass with a warm, moist cloth. Then I heard them moving away from me and the thing.

After a few moments, soft hands suddenly began to gently fondle my cock and balls. I felt something cool being applied to my cock, all the way from the tip down to the base. I assumed that it must have been the desensitizer that Lauren had mentioned using. But it didn't seem to be doing anything. My stiff cock was still throbbing and almost shooting out my load from the gentle touches I was feeling. I didn't think that I was *desensitized* in any way.

Then, soft hands began to caress my ass. Fingers gently traced my crack and pressed against my ass hole. I felt something cool being applied to the outside of my ass hole. For a moment, I thought that it might be the desitizer. But then it started to change. It started to heat up. And the fingers started pressing it into my rectum. The fingers pressed deeper and deeper, and turned all around, applying the warming stuff to all parts of my rectal tube. Inside my body, the stuff heated up even more than it did on the outside of my anus. It was getting hotter and hotter. Then my ass hole and rectum seemed to be expanding, to be opening up, in response to the heating. The opening up was followed by a pleasant tingling and hypersensitivity to touch.

From the front, Lauren said "Spot, this will be easier and more enjoyable for you if you will just relax your ass hole."

From the front, Tracy asked "Spot, have you ever had a cock up your ass before ?" ("WHAT?" I thought. I was startled by the question. "What the hell do you mean *before* ?") I jerked reflexively against my many restraints. I couldn't answer right away, but after a moment I said "No, Mistress . . . . Please, Mistress, I don't want to have anything up my ass."

"Maybe you really do, but you just don't know it yet," suggested Lauren. "Just relax and let yourself enjoy it, Spot. It will be much better for you if you don't try to fight against it."

It was useless to protest further, and I knew it. But they wanted to hear no more from me, so they raised up the bottom edge of the hood, put a ball gag into my mouth, and clasped it behind my head. Then they lowered the hood down over the ball gag. Shit. I couldn't see anything, I couldn't say anything, and I could hardly move. How was I supposed to be have *fun* now ?

Hands started stroking my cock and ass again at the same time. Then a hot tongue pressed against the end of my dick. ("God!" I thought. "That's Lauren's sweet tongue . . . . or Tracy's sweet tongue.") A moment later, another hot tongue pressed against my anus. I moaned, long and low, into the ball gag. The tongue on my cock began to quickly lick all over it. The tongue swirled all around the head, and it licked firmly along the top of the shaft all the way down to the base. It slurped wetly over each of my balls. Was there desensitizer on my dick? I sure didn't think so! The incredible feelings that the tongue was giving me raced through my dick, through my balls, through my whole body. When Lauren told me that there would be *fun* for me in chamber 4, this was the kind of stuff that came into my lascivious mind. I pulled against the thing that I was securely tied to. A constant, low moan started rumbling in my throat. Yes, I was having *FUN* now. Intense, incredible, awesome, fun.

While the tongue in front was giving my cock its special bath, the tongue in back was . . . . doing things to my ass hole. The feelings it was giving me were totally new to me. The tongue licked across my bung hole, and then licked circles around it. It pressed against my ass hole. Then suddenly! it popped through into my rectum. "Gaahh!" I moaned to the ball gag. God, it was exciting! The tongue up my ass felt kind of strange to me, but extremely exciting. I started to enjoy the sensations in my ass almost as much as I was enjoying the sensations on my cock. Then the tongue pulled out of my ass. It was immediately replaced by a thick hardness pressing against my anus. "Gaahh!" I moaned again to the ball gag. I reflexively squeezed my ass hole tightly closed, for which I was *rewarded* with a sudden, stinging blow to my right ass cheek. ("Okay, okay! I give up!" I thought.) I had already had enough ass beating. I slumped down a little against the thing and concentrated on relaxing my ass hole. It was a little hard to concentrate just on my ass hole, considering the incredible feelings that the mouth in front was giving my cock. My ass hole loosened up enough to let the head of the fake dick slide into me. It hurt some, but not nearly as much as I had expected it to. Just as the fake dick penetrated my ass, the mouth in front swallowed the head of my cock. "Owwwww!" I groaned at the pain in back, "Aaahhhh!" I moaned at the pleasure in front. The hot mouth in front swallowed more and more of my cock as the fake dick was steadily pushed all the way into my ass. When I felt hips slap against my ass cheeks, I knew that my virgin ass was being fucked with a strap-on cock. My body started to tremble steadily, in rhythm with my moaning. I wasn't cumming yet, but the sensations in front and back were just too much for me. I was on an incredible sexual high, even higher than before.

My cock was expertly deep-throated, while my ass was being pumped faster and faster. Chamber 4 was filled with the lewd sounds of uninhibited, animalistic sex. There were loud slurping sounds as the mouth pleasured my cock. There was the loud, rhythmic slapping of female flesh against my sweating ass cheeks, as my bowels were sweetly pumped. And there was the loud moaning of a man and two women in sexual ecstasy. My bowels started to tingle urgently, and to throb in rhythm with the pumping cock so deliciously violating my ass. Sweet pressure was building up in my cock. Would they cum first and simply stop again, leaving me panting and wanting, I wondered? Then my wondering abruptly ended. The throbbing that had gripped my bowels grew into violent spasms. I was cumming hard in my ass. My bowels squeezed down tightly onto the strap-on dick, again and again. The first spasm in my bowels spread through my body to my cock, triggering spasms there. The first huge wad of my cum blasted from the end of my cock forcefully. The mouth recoiled slightly from the impact of my man goo, and I heard a deep, muffled moan. There were more moans, and the sounds of slurping and swallowing as more and more goo shot from my cock. I closed my eyes tightly under the hood. I enjoyed the intense sensations thoroughly as I just let the violent spasms in my ass and ! cock run their course.

When the spasms in my ass finally ended, and when my balls had been pumped completely dry, I collapsed, trembling and panting, onto the thing. I was totally spent. And totally satisfied. After a few moments, Lauren and Tracy came up near me, one on each side. They gently kissed my cheeks through the black hood. Then they moved away and left me alone in chamber 4.


A little while later, I felt a thick bathrobe being laid across my back and over each of my shoulders. The hood was pulled off of my head and the ball gag was removed from my mouth. A dim white light filled chamber 4, and it gradually got brighter until the whole room was lit normally. An unfamiliar woman, wearing a long white nurse's uniform, was attending to me.

"Hi," she said when I looked at her. "My name is Jennifer. I hope the ladies didn't hurt you last night, Mr. Miller."

Now I knew that my ladies' night visit to chamber 4 was really over. I was back in the other reality, the one where I was Mister James Miller. "Call me Sp . . . Jim," I said. (Shit! I had almost asked her to call me Spot!) "No, I'm okay."

Jennifer continued "Our members are all really nice ladies who wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone. But sometimes a few of them do get carried away. We have two staff physicians, one lady and one man. Either of them would be glad to see you if you'd like to talk to one of them."

"No," I answered. "I don't need to see a doctor."

"Good," she said as she started to work on the restraints to release me from the thing. I could now see that it was a heavy metal frame that was bolted to the floor. The adjustable legs left plenty of room for one of my mistresses to be in front, deep throating my cock, while the other was pumping my ass from behind. "I'm glad to hear that you weren't hurt," Jennifer said. When she freed my arms, I slipped them into the sleeves of the bathrobe. "And I hope you enjoyed yourself last night," she continued. The last restraint was untied, and I was free. I stepped back from the metal frame and tied the robe closed in front.

"All of your clothes and personal belongings have been taken to the shower room over there." She pointed out an open doorway leading into the shower room. "You're welcome to shower before getting dressed. Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Logan have already showered and dressed. They're waiting for you now, with their husbands, out front. The other two ladies left sometime during the night." I just nodded and smiled weakly at her. She continued "In about a week, you'll be getting some things from Club Spartacus in the mail. There's a questionnaire about each of the ladies you were with last night, and about what they each did to you. And there's an application form and an invitation for you to apply for regular membership in the club, if you'd like. Do you live in town, Mr. Miller . . . . uh, I mean, Jim ?"

I answered slowly. "No. But my personal financial situation has recently improved quite a bit. I guess I could afford to move here if I wanted to. How about if I just rented an apartment at Club Spartacus and stayed here all the time ?"

Jennifer laughed. "Good. I guess you really aren't hurt. And you did enjoy yourself last night. Unfortunately, we can't offer you an apartment here. But we'd love to have you join our club and visit whenever you can. If you need anything more from us today, just pick up the intercom phone over by the shower room door. Someone will answer right away, and we'd be happy to assist you in any way that we can. I hope to see you again at Club Spartacus, Sp . . . . Jim." She smiled a knowing smile and left.

As I showered, I thought about all that happened in chamber 4. Strangely, I could hardly even remember the bad parts now. I remembered vaguely being given a vicious electric shock, but now it almost seemed like it happened to someone else. What I really remembered . . . . vividly . . . . was the last two hours with Lauren and Tracy. I knew that I would gladly take that shock again (Hell! I'd gladly take it ten times over!) for the chance to simply re-live those last two hours. I knew that Lauren and Tracy had given me the most exciting . . . . the most enlightening . . . . and the most intense, sexual experience of my life. I was completely drained and completely satisfied. I had learned things about sex, and especially about my own sexuality, that I might have never found out if I hadn't gone into chamber 4. One thing did bother me, though. After what happened last night, I was afraid that the rest of my sex life might be dull and boring by comparison. I knew that it wouldn't really be easy, but I made a promise to myself to keep the same sort of fire in my future sex life as that which had consumed me so completely last night.

As I dressed, I thought about how my new friends had behaved earlier. Several times during the evening . . . . at Al's house, on the way to the club, during dinner . . . . they seemed to be laughing at some sort of joke that they were unwilling to share with me. Now I understood. The joke was me. They could have told me in advance what to expect at Club Spartacus. But they chose not to. They enjoyed my innocence. They enjoyed "leading the lamb (me!) to slaughter," so to speak.

Well, if they had some laughs at my expense before, maybe now I could have some laughs at their expense. They couldn't be really certain of how I would feel about some of the things that had been done to me in chamber 4. Especially the things like that shock. I decided that I would pretend to be angry about those things. Maybe I could make them squirm a little, make them feel guilty about leading this lamb to slaughter! Then, after I had enjoyed watching them squirm for a while, maybe I! 'd tell them how much I had really loved my visit to chamber 4. And maybe I'd even admit that I intended to visit Club Spartacus again on Friday night as soon as I could.

I saw them waiting for me, all together, in the member's lounge. Perfect. Lauren and Tracy were back in their pretty evening gowns. I smiled to myself as I thought about my plan to make them squirm. I had to concentrate to keep from smiling on the outside, and to lock my face into an angry frown. As I walked toward them, my plan seemed to be working. Lauren and Tracy, especially, seemed to be getting more and more nervous as I neared their table. Before I reached the table, Lauren stood in front of me, blocking my last two or three steps.

"Jim," she said, "I hope you can forgive me for giving you that awful shock. The club management says that we have to do it to first timers to break them in right." She had a delicious look of nervousness on her face. ("Ha, Ha!" I thought. "Now who's afraid, my sweet mistress?") My frown was working. She thought I was really mad at her! "And maybe we shouldn't have just let that bitch Amy hurt you that way. She's been on probation for doing things like that to the subs. After what she did to you last night, I'm sure her club membership will be canceled." She was starting to have a little trouble speaking. She kept her eyes lowered as if afraid to look at me, and she started to shuffle her feet slightly, like a little girl who had been sent to the principal's office.

She continued "I . . . . we hope . . . " Her voice broke. She was still looking down at the ground and shuffling her feet. She was so apologetic. Damn! Maybe my plan was working too well. I didn't want to make her feel this bad! " . . . that you finally did enjoy . . . " Her voice broke again. She sighed and her lips trembled. ". . . something that we did to you last night."

SHIT! Enough! I reached out and took her right hand with my left hand, simultaneously dropping to my knees in front of her. I raised her hand and pressed it against the side of my face. With my eyes properly lowered, I said "Please, Mistress, use my right name." I slowly raised my head and looked at her face. "I am Spot . . . . happy and devoted slave to my wonderful mistresses . . . . Tracy and Lauren." Then I finally smiled at her.

For an instant, I thought maybe I saw the hint of a return smile. But maybe not, as she scowled darkly at me. Then she whispered "You sweet bastard!" as she wrapped her arms around my head and hugged my face tightly to her bosom. Just before I lost sight of her face, though, I saw that a broad smile was rapidly appearing there, and that this time her eyes were starting to shine with newly forming tears!

EOF "Club Spartacus"

This is the final chapter of my story about Club Spartacus. It was fun to write. I hope that it didn't turn out to be too long to read, and that you have enjoyed reading it. If you would like to comment on my story, please use the E-mail link below.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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