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Catholic School Life
Pt. I: David's View
by PB

(This is a story, that I have collected from different points of view. The main character of each story will narrate their view on things.)

Hi my name is David. I am a black male about 5"9 and like girls around 5"3 to 5"11. I currently attend a catholic high school. I am a senior there and I have been dating a girl named Sarah for a few months. Sarah is the hottest Chinese girl, I have ever seen before. She had the nicest face, long black hair, a nice round ass, lovely shaped legs and big tits I can bury my face in.

Ever since the 2nd date I have been fucking Sarah like the horny slut she is. I pretty much force her to always were kilts to school. She would come wearing kilts with kneehigh socks and black high heels, kneehigh black boots or pantyhose when it was cold. At first period, we would have math together and our teacher was blind. Every time she went up to ask him a question, I would flash her pussy in front of him or finger it.

My classmates didn't know what was going on cause their were tables that concealed all the action. Sarah's friends knew all about our sex lives but we didn't care. Sarah hanged out mostly with Chinese and white girls. Her best friends were Stephanie and Vanessa. Stephanie is one of her Chinese friends, she is about 5"5 about inch taller than Sarah and she is okay looking and has medium sized tits. Vanessa is 5"7 and has dark blonde hair and blue eyes, she's great looking and has long legs. Sarah would always tell her friends about my dick size and they would always get curious.

One day I went to Sarah's house and she invited Stephanie and Vanessa over. Sarah started playing with my cock and asked her friends if they wanted to see it. They were like sure. Sarah pulls out my cock and I have a throbbing 10 inch on me. The girls looked at awe and Vanessa started to faint. Sarah and Stephanie picked her up and Vanessa said she was all right. Sarah had to go to the store around the block and asked Stephanie to come alone. She agreed and they went off to the store leaving me in the room with Vanessa. Vanessa then asks me if she can stroke my cock once. I was like okay once but you will have to do something for me. Vanessa was like I will do anything for you. I get out my cock and Vanessa starts to stroke it and looks at it like the big piece of meat it is.

Vanessa thanked me very much and asked me what can she do. I told her that I was about less than a 2% average short of getting my scholarship for university. I currently have a 76 in English and I need it raised to an 80 if I want my scholarship. My English teacher is Mr. Hancock. He was real good with the students and he liked teaching us but I had quite a few bad assignments that dropped my mark. I told Vanessa that tomorrow after school go to Mr. Hancock and try to raise my mark to an 80. Vanessa agreed and I knew she was a good candidate cause she did always gave Mr. Hancock the occasional stare and did find him kind of a cute.

Shortly after, Sarah and Stephanie came back from the store. Stephanie and Vanessa left and told us that they were going to the mall. I found out it was getting late and I went home and promised Sarah I will have sex with her within this week. I gave Sarah a big kiss on the lips and I left.

I went home and looked for my small camcorder. I knew this camcorder will provide me with evidence to see if Vanessa raised my mark or not. The next day I went to school and at about lunch when no one was in the class I put my camcorder at the back of the class in some plant at lunch I put my tape in and hit record. I would have taping of my class in the beginning and it will leave just about enough time to catch Vanessa talking to Mr. Hancock about my mark.

After school, I left and hoping Vanessa has kept her word. The next day I went to school picked up my camcorder without getting caught and went home after school to see if Vanessa figured out a way to raise my English mark or not.

To Be Continued...


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