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Club Spartacus Ch. II
by James I. Miller

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

This is a work of fiction. It is not intended to be an endorsement of the activities described, nor is it intended to serve any instructional purpose. It is intended SOLELY for the entertainment of adults.

(Jim had gone to Club Spartacus with Al, his wife Lauren, Rick and his wife Tracy. Now, Jim was going into chamber 4 with Lauren, Tracy, and two other women, to "play the role of their submissive male.")

Propelled by Tracy's hard push on my back, I stumbled into the darkened room. Lauren and Tracy quickly followed, and the heavy, metal door was loudly clanged shut behind them. My eyes tried to pierce the darkness without success. Before I could see anything, my arms were grabbed from behind (my hands were still handcuffed behind my back) and I was pushed forward about ten stumbling steps. I was surrounded by four shadowy female figures. More hands, this time from the front, pulled my shirt up out of my pants. The shirt was pulled up under my armpits, exposing my skin from just over my pants to just under my nipples. I felt something being tightly wrapped around my body over my bare skin, then I heard a padlock being snapped closed. The leather collar was removed from my neck. "Stand still," I heard Lauren's voice command. Then, the dark, shadowy female shapes that had been all around me moved away.

For a few minutes, there was nothing. No sound, no movement, no light. I s! imply stood in total darkness listening to my own breathing. My cock had been erect when I first entered chamber 4, but now, as I stood there in the darkness, it went soft. Then a very dim blue light came on over my head. Most of chamber 4 remained invisible to me, but I could now make out a small part of the room around where I was standing. A female figure appeared in front of me, just at the edge of the blue light. It was Lauren. She broke the silence.

"Chamber 4 is a new reality," she said, "much different from the world outside." One difference that I noticed immediately was in Lauren's voice. Before, when Lauren spoke there was always a hint of girlish playfulness in her voice. Now, her voice sounded flat and very businesslike. "You can forget about being Mister James Miller. That sort of name does not apply here. You need a new name, one more suited to the new reality. Here, your name will be . . . . Spot."

("Shit!" I thought. "Now I'm a dog with a dog's name!") Unfortunately, my new name struck me as being funny. I grinned, and maybe even chuckled softly. That was my first mistake.

Anger immediately covered Lauren's face. She stepped forward and slapped me, hard. "You think that's FUNNY?" she shouted. "Get that stupid, fucking grin OFF your face!"

What was going on ?

Her anger was REAL. She stood there for a moment, breathing hard and glaring at me. I was startled by Lauren's stinging slap. But I was far more startled by her manner. Who WAS this angry woman? I was confused and I started to be more than a little concerned about what I had gotten myself into. This woman, this Lauren, was NOT the Lauren who I had been with for nearly five hours. It was definitely not the Lauren who had gently fondled my stiff cock and balls during parts of the second and third acts. This Lauren was very dark, very threatening, just the opposite of the real Lauren.

Slowly, the anger on the new Lauren's face lessened. She continued "We are Mistresses Lauren, Tracy, Shannon, and Amy. You are here for the sole purpose of giving pleasure to your mistresses. You must realize that we have all power here. You have none." She held up a small plastic box in her gloved right hand. She pushed down a button on the top of the box.


I was immediately hit by an intense, burning pain that went through my entire middle! My legs buckled and I fell hard to the floor. I groaned loudly, then gasped for breath as I writhed on the floor in pain. For a few moments (but it seemed much longer!) the pain tore at my guts. Gradually, the pain lessened. Finally, it stopped completely. I stayed on the floor, gasping for breath and trying to recover.

"Stand up now!" ordered Lauren. I stood with some difficulty. My legs wobbled, and I was trembling and panting hard. Lauren continued "The belt that has been locked around your waist delivers a powerful electric shock. It is like the belts that are used in prisons to control violent convicts when they are out of their cells. We use the belt because it gives us power without actually harming our slaves. It causes great pain, but not actual injury. Each of us has a control box that can make the belt deliver its shock to you. You were not shocked because it pleased us to shock you. Nor was it a punishment. You have done nothing to deserve that extreme kind of punishment. But, since this IS your first time, that demonstration was NECESSARY so that you will understand the reality of chamber 4. You will not do what you want here. In fact, you have no wants here . . . . except to give pleasure to your mistresses. You will do nothing here except what we tell you to do. We, on the other hand, will use you in whatever way we choose to use you . . . . "

As Lauren spoke, I began to understand. I was not expected to "play"a submissive male. I was in chamber 4 to BE a submissive male!!! I started to feel my first real fear of the night. I was truly at the mercy of these four women. I was not afraid of being at the mercy of the first Lauren. But I was afraid of being at the mercy of this ne! w Lauren. She had already demonstrated her willingness and ability to hurt me. I knew almost nothing about how I should behave. I tried frantically to remember a couple of adult stories that I had read about dominant women and submissive men. I tried to remember so that I would know what to do. I didn't want to make this Lauren angry again. Before, I had trembled from the shock that I was given as a *demonstration*. Now, I trembled in recognition of my helplessness and in fear of what might be done to me.

Lauren continued "You will keep your eyes lowered to the floor in front of you at all times, unless one of your mistresses orders you to look up. You will not speak, or make any kind of sound, unless one of us orders you to do so. You will not move, or do anything, unless one of us orders you to do so. Do you understand and accept this new reality, Spot ?"

Maybe it was a trick question. "Yes," I answered.

Again, Lauren's face was immediately covered by a dark cloud of anger and she aimed a slap at the left side of my face. This time, I saw it coming and ducked just before it landed. She hit the top of my head instead of my face. Ducking her blow was my second mistake . . . No, maybe that was my third mistake. My second mistake was answering the question before I had been given permission to speak. But ducking my punishment (a simple slap) for the second mistake was a really BIG mistake. It drew a much larger punishment. All four ! women converged on me at once, three of them suddenly emerging from the darkness. They grabbed my arms and legs and pushed me roughly down onto my knees. They pulled my shirt up over my head and down over my arms, to the handcuffs that were on my wrists behind my back. Then they started to beat my naked back, chest, and arms with riding crops. I closed my eyes and winced under their sharp blows. As they beat me, I started to feel a real anger toward these women. After all, Lauren had promised that I would have * fun * in chamber 4. Maybe I wasn't playing the game right, but I saw no fun in being beaten. But I didn't show my anger. I held it inside. They stopped after each had given me three or four hard lashes. I felt little relief when they stopped. I knew that I could make some simple mistake at any time to trigger another attack. I trembled as my uncertainty and fear grew rapidly inside me.

"I will try again," Lauren said. She spoke slowly and placed strong emphasis on ce! rtain key words. "This time . . . you MUST learn. You do not speak until one of us tells you to speak. You do not move at all unless one of us tells you to move. When you speak to one of us, you address us as 'Mistress'". She paused. "Do you understand and accept this reality, Spot ?"

This time I did it right. I knelt in silence, with my eyes lowered to the floor directly in front of me. It was unnatural for me to be submissive like this, and doing it made me feel pretty uncomfortable. Like most men, I was used to taking the lead with women, used to playing a dominant role. But my submissiveness had a great effect on Lauren. She sighed and spoke softly for the first time in chamber 4. "Okay, Spot. That's right." She pulled the glove off her right hand and came up just in front of me. She gently touched the left side of my face with her soft right hand . . . .

What was going on ? ? ? She touched only the left side of my face. B! ut her gentle touch and soft words hit me like a Mack truck! I had been feeling so alone . . . . so helpless . . . . since coming into chamber 4. I was in desperate need of a little tenderness, maybe even a little affection. Lauren's unexpected touch suddenly filled my need. It immediately lifted the fear from me, and it released a flood of emotions within me. I had been having some pretty strong feelings. But I had erected a sort of mental dam to keep them under control, secret, inside myself. Lauren's touch broke my dam, and my feelings came rushing out to overwhelm me. My eyes started to fill with tears of emotion. I trembled harder and pressed my face against Lauren's hand, trying to get as much of her touch as possible.

When Lauren saw what her touch was doing to me, she raised her gloved left hand to the right side of my face. "Look at me, Spot," she softly said, as she turned my face upward toward hers. When I looked at her face . . . . I saw that she was the first Lauren again. God . . . . I was SO happy to see her! I couldn't deny the powerful release that I felt at seeing the first Lauren again. Tears started streaming down my cheeks.

Lauren continued in her soft voice "Now, that's not so hard, is it? WHY do you make us keep punishing you? If you just accept the rules and obey them, there won't be any need for us to punish you. That will be up to you, though. When ! you disobey, you are denying us OUR pleasure, and for that you will be rightfully punished."

She released my face and stepped back. She started using her chamber 4 voice again. "Eyes down, Spot! If you are always obedient . . . . and if you pleasure us well . . . . we will show you our appreciation. That will be your only source of pleasure here, so you must learn to value it. I now give you permission to answer immediately whenever one of us asks you a question."

With my emotions back under control, and with my eyes again lowered to the floor, I answered "Yes, Mistress."

Then Lauren gave me an important test. "Now, tell me who you are and what you will do."

A few minutes before, I had been resigning myself to the idea that I would have to obey the silly *rules* of these women just to avoid punishment. But Lauren's touch gave me a new reason, a much better reason, to obey. I could accept the new reason much more easily than I could accept the first one. If that touch was her way of showing me her *appreciation*, I sure as hell would try to get more of it. I wanted to be touched like that . . . . I NEEDED to be touched like that . . . . again and again.

I spoke slowly and softly. "Mistress, I am . . . . Spot . . . . slave to Mistresses Lauren, Tracy, Shannon, and Amy. I will keep my eyes lowered at all times, unless one of my mistresses orders me to look up. I will not speak or make any sound at all that I have not been ordered ! to make. I will not move in any way unless I am ordered to move, and then I will move only as I have been told. My only want is to give pleasure to my mistresses. My only pleasure is in earning the appreciation of my mistresses." As I finished speaking, I knew that I had sold out completely. The women had total control. And since Lauren had relieved me of my fear, I didn't care.

The new Lauren looked at me skeptically. "You say the right words, Spot. Let's see if you really mean them. I promise that you will regret lying if you don't mean them. Your first task will be to strip yourself naked. You don't need clothes here and we require immediate access to your genitals. Mistress Amy will now remove your handcuffs. As soon as they are off, you will remove your shirt and leave it behind your feet."

The thought of being naked in a room with four women was making my cock swell rapidly again. Mistress Amy came up behind me, opened the handcuffs, and removed them from my wrists. ! My hands were now free for the first time since they had been handcuffed behind my back at the end of the show. But as long as I had that damned electrified belt locked around my middle, free hands gave me no power. I pulled my shirt off my hands and then dropped it just behind my feet. I returned to my kneeling position with my eyes lowered and my hands now down at my sides.

"Without getting off your knees," Lauren ordered, "now remove your shoes and socks. Leave them on top of your shirt."

I had to drop back from my upright posture to reach my feet. I rested my butt back on my heels, but I stayed on my knees. It was more difficult than I thought it would be. I almost lost my balance a couple of times as I reached back to work off the shoes, and then the socks. I dropped them all on top of my shirt. I again returned to my upright kneeling position.

"Stand up now, remove your pants, and drop them on top of your other clothes. Then remain standing," ordered Lauren. I complied.

By the time I was standing there wearing only my briefs (and that damned electrified belt), my cock was fully erect. The four women converged on me again, but this time it was not to administer punishment. They walked slowly around me, evaluating my body. "When one of us tells you to move," said Lauren, "you will execute the required movement at once."

After a moment, Tracy told me to raise both my hands and to interlock my fingers on the top of my head. I complied. The women started touching, squeezing, and poking various parts of my body. They concentrated on the bulge in the front of my briefs and on my ass. I started to pant softly as their probing increased my sexual arousal. Then one of the unfamiliar women told me to remove my briefs and to drop them on top of my other clothes. I complied and then returned my hands to the top of my head. It was embarrassing . . . . but also extremely exciting . . . . to be standing there essentially totally naked, my dick sticking straight out from my crotch, while the four women continued their examination.

"Spread your feet apart until I tell you to stop," ordered Lauren. I started slowly spreading my feet, and Lauren told me to stop when they were about thirty inches apart. "Now, put your hands on your knees and lean your head down until I tell you to stop." She told me to stop when my head was down just about even with my knees. The women all came around behind my upraised ass. Different pairs of hands took turns pulling my ass cheeks apart. Fingers traced my crack and probed my ass hole, and reached between my legs to squeeze my cock. I felt totally humiliated to have them using me like that. It was especially humiliating when one of them forced a finger through my anus and probed my rectum. The women seemed to be enjoying themselves at my expense. "He's so hot inside," one of them observed. "And so hairy outside!" added another, followed by a chorus of enthusiastic giggling.

And I must admit that I was enjoying their examination too. As I was being poked and probed, I slowly came to recognize that being treated like a piece of meat was increasing my sexual excitement to a fever pitch. Even when someone reached between my legs and pulled my stiff prong painfully downward, it just increased my sexual arousal. Maybe it was because I had never had sex with more than one woman at a time before. Maybe it was because I was really starting to enjoy being sexually used by women. At that point, I was getting completely into this new erotic adventure. I was panting with lust and my cock felt like it was on the verge of shooting out my load just from their touches. Their examination finally complete, the women moved away into the darkness.

"Get back onto your knees, Spot," ordered Lauren. I returned to my upright kneeling position with! my eyes lowered and my hands down at my sides.

Female voices came from the darkness. The women were discussing their impressions of my body. "I guess I can play with his ass and some of his muscles, but shit . . . . his thing won't be worth a damn! He better have one hell of a tongue!" complained an unfamiliar voice.

Then I heard Tracy suggest "Maybe we'll just have him wear one of our strap-ons and push his out of the way."


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by James I. Miller.

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