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Club Spartacus Ch. II
by James I. Miller

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

This idea was greeted with general agreement, and then another unfamiliar voice suggested "Maybe the best thing would be to just turn him around and use his hole instead."

I blushed as they crudely ridiculed my body. But their ridicule was only increasing my lust. I didn't know why being degraded by them was making me feel hotter, but I realized that it was. The four women gathered in front of me just beyond the range of the dim blue light. I could see them only as dark shapes, now and then faintly illuminated by a bit of blue light. I could tell, though, that they were removing various parts of their dominatrix costumes. They all removed parts of their costumes to uncover their breasts and their pussies. Tracy and one of the unfamiliar women removed their thigh high boots.

Suddenly, Lauren appeared right in front of me again. And she was angry again. "Eyes down, Spot!" she shouted. "SHIT! Why won't you obey?" Knowing that they were revealing their bodies more fully, I had been unconsciously peering into the darkness in their direction. I admit it: I was trying to see as much as possible. Lauren simply caught me. She continued "We are NOT dressed this way for you to stare at us! NOTHING here is for you! We are dressed this way for our own convenience and comfort."

Lauren trembled with real anger as she spoke. I trembled with suddenly renewed fear as she spoke. I really hated the feeling of my returned fear. I wanted to plead with her, to ask her to release her anger so that she might be the first Lauren again. I needed to be with the first ! Lauren instead of this angry chamber 4 Lauren. I guess the look on my face disclosed my desire to speak.

"Do you wish to speak?" Lauren angrily demanded.

"Yes, Mistress, please," I softly replied.

"Very well . . . . you may speak."

"Please, Mistress, punish me at once," I softly begged. "I am truly sorry for my latest disobedience. I do not mean to deny you pleasure. Please, punish me now so that I may try harder to earn your appreciation."

What was going on ? ? ? Even as I spoke, I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of my mouth. Or maybe it wasn't really my mouth any more. Maybe Mister James Miller was no longer in chamber 4. Maybe there was a new * chamber 4 Jim * who was doing the talking . . . . or had Mister James Miller truly become Spot?? Even though I was astonished by my words, I knew that I really meant every one of them. I just HAD to get the first Lauren back!

"You understand . . . . you must now be punished at a higher level. You have had enough chances to learn. Do you still wish to be punished for your latest disobedience ?"

"Yes, Mistress, please," I whispered fearfully.

"Very well. Lay flat on your belly, with your nose to the floor and your arms extended straight out over your head."

I assumed the position she had given me. As I lowered myself, I had to press the head of my still erect cock against the floor to make it lie upward against my groin. Lauren raised her riding crop high and quickly gave me five hard lashes across my naked ass. I winced as each blow landed. But this time I felt NO anger toward the woman who was beating me. It was, after all, my own fault. I MADE her beat me by disobeying the rule about keeping my eyes lowered. My ass felt like it was on fire. But I held the position and my cock remained stiff under my belly.

After the last blow had fallen, Lauren stifled an abrupt gasp. "Amy, bring the salve! ," she said. In a moment, one of the women knelt down beside my burning ass. She wiped my ass with a cool cloth and then she gently applied some kind of cream to my flesh. The cream immediately stopped the pain. It made me suddenly feel pretty good. The beating was over, and now the pain had been taken away.

"The salve will stop any bleeding, prevent infection, and help the broken skin to heal quickly," explained Lauren. "Okay, Spot, the debt for your disobedience has been paid." She disappeared into the darkness for a moment. She returned and dropped a small cushion onto the floor beside me. "By admitting to your disobedience, and by accepting responsibility for it, you have earned a bit of comfort. Kneel on the cushion," she said.

"Thank you, Mistress," I breathed softly as I gratefully knelt on the cushion.

Tracy came up behind me and put a clamp around each of my legs, just above the knees. The clamps were connected by a very short length of chain, making walking impossible. Tracy moved away, and then Lauren came up in front of me. I knew that her breasts and her pussy were now exposed. It was hard for me to keep my eyes lowered to the floor. But then Lauren went down on one knee in front of me. Her firm tits were suddenly right there in front of me! I could look at them even while keeping my eyes properly lowered! They were perfect. About 36C, with no sag at all. Her nipples were firmly erect. God, how I wanted to caress and suck those beautiful tits! Lauren snapped a leather ring, with three long leashes attached to it, around the base of my cock.

"When we tell you to move," she said, "you will crawl on your hands and knees. You will put one of the leashes across your left leg, one of the leashes between your legs, and one of the leashes across your right leg. You will drag! the leashes behind you as you crawl. Do you understand, Spot?"

"Yes, Mistress."

After a moment of silence, a dim red light came on over another small area of the room. It was about thirty feet away from where I was kneeling under the blue light. One of the unfamiliar women was under the red light, reclining on a low futon with her back toward me.

"Spot, pick up your kneeling cushion with your teeth. Crawl to the red light and learn from Mistress Shannon," ordered Lauren.

I first arranged the three leashes as Lauren had told me, then I picked up the cushion. To crawl, I had to lean forward from my knees, extend my arms, and put both hands together on the floor. Then I shifted my weight onto my hands and pulled my knees forward until they were just behind my hands. It was pretty clumsy and slow, but I started to crawl toward the red light. As I reached the edge of the area that was lit by the dim red light, the leash that was dragging between my legs was suddenly pulled back and up, hard. My erect cock was pulled painfully downward. My legs, which should have been coming up behind my hands, were instead held back by the leash. I lost my balance and fell, jamming my cock into the floor. I was hurt and startled. What the hell was I doing wrong? After a moment, I resumed my crawling posture. But the leash was held firm. I was not being allowed to crawl under the red light. I pulled against the leash for a moment, but that only increased the pressure on my cock. Why was I being prevented from approaching Mistress Shannon? I needed to figure it out as quickly as possible to relieve the pressure on my cock . . . . Then I thought I could feel a very light pressure on the leash that was across my right leg. I thought I understood. Instead of trying to crawl directly toward Mistress Shannon, which would have meant that I would have been approaching her from the rear, I turned to the right and tried to crawl around the area that! was lit by the red light. It worked! The tension on the center leash was relaxed and the pressure on my dick was relieved. I was allowed to start crawling again, as long as I wasn't trying to crawl directly toward Mistress Shannon. Apparently, I would be allowed to approach a mistress only from the front.

When I had crawled around the lighted area so that I was directly in front of her, I was allowed to turn to the left. "Leave your cushion here," ordered Lauren. I dropped the cushion and then started crawling toward Mistress Shannon. Without seeming to look up at her, I was able to see that she was covered with a red shawl from just below her exposed tits to the tops of her feet. When I had approached to a distance of about six feet, the center leash was held again, and I had to stop. I knew that I would have to wait for her permission to approach any closer. I hoped that she would give her permission soon. I tried to back up just a little to ease the pressure on my cock. But that didn't do any good. In fact, the leash was pulled back harder and the pain being inflicted on my cock was increased. I knew that it would be best for me to simply remain motionless and wait. While I waited, hands from behind groped my cock and balls. I never knew who it was. I dared not look back to try and see.

Finally, Mistress Shannon spoke. "What is it you wish, Spot ?"

"Please, Mistress, may I approach so that I can please you and learn from you ?"

Mistress Shannon replied "When I say 'now,' you will approach only far enough so that your mouth is able to touch my pussy. You will use your mouth for my pleasure. Have you ever licked and sucked a woman's pussy before, Spot ?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Have you ever pleasured a woman with an orgasm by doing it ?"

"No, Mistress," I truthfully replied.

Mistress Shannon responded with strong contempt in her voice. "That is usually the case with men! . YOU will have to learn to do better!" She pulled the shawl from her lower body and dropped it onto the floor beside the futon. She was then fully exposed from the bottom of her black bustier to the bottoms of her feet. "Now."

The tension on the middle leash was relaxed and I crawled forward until my head was between Mistress Shannon's widespread thighs. One of the women came up on my right side until her face was just a little above, and a little behind, my right ear. When she started whispering into my ear, I knew that it was Tracy.

"First, gently kiss up and down all along her outer lips," Tracy whispered. "Don't let her feel anything but your lips and your hot breath teasing her cunt."

As I started kissing Mistress Shannon's outer lips, she moaned softly and pressed her thighs against the sides of my face. Her cream started leaking from the slit between her lips. I started kissing harder, trying to gather as much nectar on my lips as possible. Then I eagerly licked! my lips to get a taste of her. Her juices were hot and sweet. ("Damn! This is getting good now!" I thought.) I was starting to have some of that *fun* that Lauren had promised.

"Now, extend your tongue just a little and lick up and down where you have been kissing," whispered Tracy.

Slowly eating Mistress Shannon's juicy twat this way had me panting with lust. My cock was so swollen it was a little painful. I extended my tongue until just the tip went into the crack between Mistress Shannon's outer lips. I licked up and down, up and down, her crack. Mistress Shannon was moaning almost constantly now, and she started to slide her ass back and forth on the futon. Her juices were flowing out more freely, and I eagerly lapped up as much as possible. I started to think that maybe what Lauren had said about my having no power was not quite true. After all, I was making Mistress Shannon moan and move her ass back and forth. I started to relish this bit of control, this li! ttle power, that I still had even after my surrender.

"Now," whispered Tracy, "explore her cunt gently with the tip of your tongue until you find her clit."

This is the part, I knew, that I hadn't been any good at before. But I knew that I had to give it my best shot. I stuck my tongue into her a little deeper, then I pulled back a little and started licking upward toward her pubis. I probed gently back and forth as I licked upward. Then I felt the tip of my tongue press against Mistress Shannon's clit. It was swollen and fully extended from its fleshy hood. I pressed my tongue against it and Mistress Shannon gasped.

"Hold on, Spot!" Tracy ordered. "You're going to work on her clit, but you have to do it gently. Don't rush it. You can gradually lick a little faster and harder."

I started licking slowly up and down Mistress Shannon's clit. On the third slow lick, she suddenly thrust her hips upward, pressing her cunt into my face. But her movement made me lose her clit. My tongue was still pressing into her labia, but it was no longer on her clit.

Mistress Shannon growled angrily and pulled her cunt away from my face. ! "Clumsy male oaf!" she accused.

The center leash was suddenly pulled, hard, and I had to quickly back up a little. "Come on, Spot!" scolded Tracy, no longer whispering. "When she moves, you move your mouth with her! Now you'll just have to wait to see if she's willing to let you try again."

I waited on my hands and knees, with my head bowed low. Tension was maintained on the leash so that my cock was held downward again. After a few very long minutes, Mistress Shannon spoke.

"This will be your last chance with me, Spot. If you fail again, you will be punished." She spread her knees so that I could again service her cunt. "Now."

Tension on the center leash was relaxed just enough so that I could crawl forward to press my face into Mistress Shannon's cunt again. Tracy came back up to her coaching position. "Start over," she said. "Just like before. Do the kissing, then the gentle licking. When you find her clit, concentrate on keeping your tongue right over it."

I began kissing Mistress Shannon's outer lips. This time, she did not moan. And her outer lips were dry. ("Shit!" I thought. "She's going to make it harder this time.") I was going to have to MAKE her start responding to my oral efforts. I started to gently suck on her outer lips as I kissed them. I kissed and sucked, and sucked and kissed, until her sweet cream started to leak out through her crack again. I was encouraged. I felt like I was starting to win some sort of contest. And I started having fun again. Finally, after I had teased her sensitive tissue for several minutes, she started to moan softly again. I was getting to her!

"Now," whispered Tracy, "find her clit again and concentrate on it so that you don't lose it."

Again, I gently probed Mistress Shannon's cunt until I found her clit. It was just as firm and swollen as it had been the first time. She was moving her ass around again, and her movements were rapidly becoming a threat. I focussed on her clit and tried to! concentrate so that her movements wouldn't make me lose it again. As I licked up and down along her clit over and over, and sucked it in between my lips, she started to tremble and to massage her own breasts with her hands. I was pushing her rapidly toward a powerful orgasm. ("Cum for me, woman!" I thought. "Let it take you!") Fortunately, I was able to keep my tongue over her clit, even as her movements intensified.

Then Tracy hissed urgently "Now give her hole the attention it craves! Push your tongue into her until your jaw aches, then push it in some more! Pull it back a little, then push it all the way in again! She's close. Make her cum now!" Tracy's directions were now frantic, betraying her own enjoyment of what I was doing to Mistress Shannon's pussy.

("Yessss!" I thought.) I was enjoying the effect that my cunt lapping was having on Mistress Shannon, and on Tracy too. I stiffened my tongue and, all at once, thrust it as far as I could into Mistress Shannon's pussy. Her hole was extremely hot and wet. My nose pressed against her clit as I wiggled my tongue back and forth. Mistress Shannon moaned loudly. She put her hands on the back of my head and pressed my face into her cunt hard. I wiggled my tongue back and forth again, then I pulled it all the way out. I quickly gasped a deep breath of air, then I thrust my tongue back into her as far as it would go. Suddenly, Mistress Shannon shuddered violently as her orgasm swept over her. The walls of her vagina squeezed tightly down onto my tongue again and again, pulling it even deeper into her pussy, as her cum poured out over my face. I gently licked up and down her crack as her trembling gradually weakened and finally ended. As I raised my head over her thighs, Mistress Shannon sighed with contentment and pulled her cunt away from me.


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by James I. Miller.

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