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Club Spartacus Ch. II
by James I. Miller

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

The center leash was pulled again, and I had to crawl backwards a few feet, until I was just at the edge of the red light. "Stop," commanded Tracy. She reached down under my groin and squeezed my stiff dick. Her squeeze made a little clear pre-cum shoot from the end of my rod. "Hey, Shannon," she said loudly, looking up toward the futon. "You must have one hell of a sweet pussy! Eating your hot cunt has this poor dog so excited, he almost blew his wad right onto the floor!" The women all laughed at my overheated condition. Tracy was, of course, right. I did! almost shoot my wad when Mistress Shannon cam on my tongue. "You must not cum, Spot," warned Tracy. "If you cum without permission, you will be punished." ("Shit!" I thought. "Is there no end to the list of things that I can be punished for ?")

Tracy moved away into the darkness. She came back after a moment and placed a small plastic bucket on the floor directly under my cock and balls. "I'll help you cool off a little," she said. She reached down behind me and removed the clamps from my legs. "When we tell you to move from one place to another, you must still crawl on your hands and knees," she warned. "Raise your right leg . . . . like a boy dog taking a piss." More humiliation. I raised my right leg up and rotated my pelvis to the right. I was balanced on my left knee and hands . . . . just like a boy dog taking a piss. My cum-filled balls hung low, and my rigid dick stuck out from my body at an unusual angle. Tracy reached under my right leg and, from a pump spray bott! le, sprayed COLD water onto my genitals. When the cold water first hit me, I jumped so hard I almost fell down. But as Tracy quickly pumped more of the cold water onto my genitals, I got used to it and it actually started to feel pretty refreshing. The water ran down over my balls onto my cock. Then it ran down the shaft and poured off the end of my dick into the bucket. I guess I did look a lot like a boy dog pissing into the bucket. Of course, that made my mistresses laugh at me again. After Tracy had sprayed nearly the whole bottle of water onto me, and it had run down into the bucket, she picked up the bucket and told me to put my right leg down. I was back on my hands and knees. Then Tracy moved away into the darkness.

The red light was turned off. I heard a little noise and knew that the women were removing the futon. After a few minutes, the dim red light was turned on again. There was a small wheeled cart where the futon had been. From my hands and knees, even though I had gotten pretty good at sneaking looks without being caught at it, I couldn't see what was on the cart. Then Lauren said from the darkness "Your cushion is just behind you, to your left side. Kneel on your cushion, Spot." I complied. When I was up on my knees, I was able to see that there was a selection of hand-held and strap-on dildos on the cart. Lauren continued "Now, learn from Mistress Amy."

Mistress Amy walked in between me and the cart. I stole a glance at her and then had to struggle to keep my eyes (for the most part) down. She was almost naked, wearing only her fingerless gloves, a leather collar with metal spikes on it, and leather garter belt. Facing me, Mistress Amy said "We'll start with an easy one. I wi! ll choose a cock, and you will deep throat it." She turned her back toward me and started searching through the dildos on the cart. With my head turned downward, but my eyes as far up as possible, I was able to enjoy the view of Mistress Amy's pretty ass for a few minutes as she searched for just the right dildo. Finally, she selected a hand-held, red jelly cock that looked to be about five inches long, and a little over an inch thick. She turned away from the cart back toward me. I got another quick glance at her naked tits and pussy, then I had to keep my eyes really lowered, as she walked up right in front of me. Holding the dildo in her right hand, she put her gloved left hand gently on the right side of my face. I liked the way she was touching me. It reminded me of the way that Lauren had touched me. I started thinking about what it would be like to fuck her. "Look at me, Spot," she said. I turned my face upward and looked at her. "I hope you appreciate the value of what! I will teach you. If you are able to deep throat their cocks, many of the mistresses here at Club Spartacus will appreciate you." I didn't think that having the red jelly cock down my throat would be any fun. But it didn't look too bad. I thought I could do it just to gain Mistress Amy's appreciation. ("Pretty soon," I thought, "I'll have them appreciating me so much, they'll let me start fucking them!")

Mistress Amy held the dildo up to my lips. "Start with a good licking," she said. I stuck my tongue out a little and started to lick the end of the rubber dick. I guess my lack of enthusiasm was pretty damn obvious. "I said a GOOD licking, not a fucking dead licking! Put some LIFE into it!" she ordered. I tried harder. I started licking the end of her little dildo vigorously, and I swirled my tongue all around it several times. Then I licked back and forth all along one side, down to the base. Then I licked over the top of the shaft, and back and forth along the other side ! until I had worked my way back to the tip.

"Open," commanded Mistress Amy. I opened my mouth to let her push the dildo in. I had to open a lot wider than I expected to. Then I felt the dildo sliding into my mouth. "Keep using your tongue. And suck on it," she said. I moved my tongue all over the tip and then sucked on it loudly, as she slowly pushed the dildo in deeper. My mouth was feeling more and more filled. My tongue was getting cramped, but I did manage, for the most part, to keep it moving over the surface of the dildo. When a little more than half of the red jelly cock had been pushed into my face, it reached my throat. Mistress Amy pushed it in gently just a little further . . . .

S-H-I-T ! For an instant, my throat closed down tightly around that innocent looking piece of rubber. I gagged violently. I HAD too! And my body shook violently with the sudden sharp pain. As I gagged, I reflexively raised my right hand and grabbed Mistress Amy's wrist. I pushed her hand away and pulled my ! head back to get the damned thing out of my throat and mouth.

Even as I did it, I knew that it was a BIG mistake. The other three mistresses immediately converged on me. They grabbed my hands and held them behind my back as the handcuffs were put on again. Lauren stood in front of me and glared at me. The scorn in her look really hurt me. She reached down, pulled the cushion out from under my knees, and flung it away into the darkness. I closed my eyes and hung my head in abject misery. The women moved away and the red light was turned off. From the darkness behind me, I heard fragments of conversation as the four women discussed my punishment. I trembled with fear as I wondered what sort of punishment they might choose.

After a few minutes, the dim red light over my head was turned back on. Tracy came up beside me and covered my head with a black hood. Now I couldn't see anything, even with the secret glances that I was getting pretty good at. ("Shit!" I thought. "I'm TRY! ING to do this their way, but it looks like they're never going to appreciate me enough to let me start fucking them!") That was it. The handcuffs and the black hood. Maybe they decided to not punish me for pushing Mistress Amy's hand away because they understood that it was a reflex. I didn't really choose to do it. I had to do it.

Mistress Amy came back up directly in front of me. Damn hood! I didn't like the way she was using me, but at least I had been enjoying stealing glances at her body. "Come on, Spot!" she said. "You must concentrate to control your gag reflex. We'll start again, and this time, you'll do better." She shifted the hood around a little so that my mouth was centered in a large hole. "Open." She pressed the tip of her red jelly cock against my lips again.

Damn! I couldn't believe how hard it is to take something into your throat like that! Before I had gotten married, a couple of my girlfriends had been able to deep throat all of my 8 inch cock. Suddenly I had a much deeper appreciation of their ability to do that. As Amy pushed the dildo through my lips again, I was determined to take it without gagging. I tried to concentrate on relaxing my throat and fighting against the gag reflex. As the dildo reached my throat, at first I was almost successful. I changed my first impulse to gag into a painful moan and a cough. But then, as she pushed it in just a little further, I lost control. I gagged violently again, and my body shook with pain. This time, though, I didn't pull my head back.

Amy left her cock in place. "Fight it! Fight it!" she screamed. As I struggled to maintain my upright kneeling posture, tears filled my eyes and started running down my cheeks under the hood. I couldn't help it. Her damned fake dick was ki! lling me again. I was sweating heavily, and my body was trembling. I was breathing frantically through my nose.

She left the cock in place for a few moments, and I started to adjust to feeling it in my throat. The pain subsided and I no longer felt the urgent need to gag. As I became calmer and more in control of myself, Mistress Amy gently pressed her left hand against the right side of my face. "Good, Spot," she said. "You're starting to get the idea. Rest a minute, and then we'll finish with this one." After a couple of minutes, she moved her left hand to the back of my head. "Okay, Spot, it's time for you to take the rest of it. Remember: you must concentrate to relax your throat and control your gag reflex." She started slowly pressing her cock deeper into my throat. Surprisingly, I took the last half of her red jelly cock into my throat without too much difficulty. I guess my gag reflex is triggered mostly at the entry into my throat. After that has been passed, the ! rest is *down hill*.

After she had her red jelly cock in to the hilt, Mistress Amy pulled it slowly back out until my throat was empty. She left the head of her fake cock in my mouth. "Now, again," she said, as she started to slowly push it back in. When the head started to go down my throat, I again felt a powerful urge to gag. But I concentrated hard and was able to bring it under control. She slowly pushed it in again to the hilt. Then she started to slowly pull it out of my face and push it back in with a slow rhythm. Her rhythm got faster and faster until, after a few minutes, she was pushing her little dick into me and pulling it back out almost as fast as she could.

She pumped my face rapidly for several minutes, then she said "Okay, Spot, that's all with this one. Remember everything you've learned for the next one." I heard her turn away from me and go back to the wheeled cart. She rummaged through the dildos for a few moments, then she came back directly in front of me. "Look at my beautiful cock, Spot," she said as she pulled the hood off of my head.

I was startled to see that Mistress Amy was wearing a leather panty to which a fearsome looking black jelly cock was attached! It was at least nine inches long and almost two inches thick! I pulled back a little and shook my head *NO*. "YES!" corrected Mistress Amy. "You WILL deep throat my cock for me! Start with the licking." She poised her huge cock in front of my lips.

I knew that I wouldn't be able to do any of the rest of it, but maybe just the licking wouldn't be too bad. I started licking all around the head of her over-sized dildo. When I pressed the dildo strongly to one sid! e with my tongue, Mistress Amy gasped and her hips quivered. I looked closely at her panties while I pushed my tongue against the fake cock. I discovered that the dildo was connected to a clit stimulator, and then the clit stimulator was connected to a pussy plug. The forces that I applied to the dildo were being passed on to her clit and pussy! I started to lick all over the black cock with increasing enthusiasm, pushing it this way and that with my tongue. I was enjoying the effect that it was having on Mistress Amy. She was getting very wet. The odor of her sweet juices was very clear.

Of course, Mistress Amy did not know that the licking was all that I intended to do. All too soon, she put her gloved hands on the back of my head, just behind my ears. She pulled her dildo back from my lips and said "Open!" She pressed her thumbs against my throat, just below the jaw on each side, and I was forced to open my mouth. It was not enough to get the dildo in. "More! Now!" she fi! ercely growled. ("Hell No!" I replied in my mind.) But my resolve collapsed immediately. She pressed her thumbs in harder, and I kept straining to open my mouth wider and wider. There was a cracking sound and pain shot through my jaw. Finally, the huge piece of rubber slipped into my mouth. Mistress Amy gave me no chance to adjust to the feeling of having her second cock in my mouth. She pushed her dick quickly into my mouth until it was filled like never before. As her dildo enterred my throat, my eyes bulged from their sockets and my body shook violently with intense pain. "No gagging! No gagging!" she screamed.

My nostrils flared wide open, and my chest heaved with my frantic efforts to breathe. I groaned in pain and tears again filled my eyes. But I didn't gag. As her dick enterred my throat, Mistress Amy paused only a moment. Then she pushed at least two more inches into me. My eyes rolled wildly. I was pretty sure that I was about to be suffocated by her huge black cock. Mistress Amy pressed forward again. I felt like I was going to pass out. She continued mercilessly pushing her cock into me. Incredibly, she finally had it in to the hilt.

For a moment, she held the back of my head and simply wiggled her hips to push her cock back and forth against the walls of my throat. Then she moved her hands to the sides of my face. "Look at me, Spot," she said. I lowered my shoulders a little so that I could turn my face upward to look at her. She looked me straight in the eyes and coldly said "Now I'm going to rape you. And before I'll stop, you're going to make me cum harder than ! I've ever cum before!" A sharp chill ran down my spine, and I trembled with my greatest fear of the night.

She pulled her hips back a little, and three or four inches of rubber cock slipped out of my mouth. She immediately pushed it back in to the hilt. She repeated the short withdrawl and reinsertion until she was rocking her hips back and forth with a slow, steady rhythm. Thankfully, I started to feel less and less pain. My throat and jaws quickly became numb under the relentless pounding that Mistress Amy was giving them. And I was able to get deep breaths of air now and then as she pulled her hips back far enough to leave only the head of her cock in my mouth. She no longer paid any attention to me. I was just a hole that she was using. But as my throat became completely numb and I started to feel a little better, I watched her closely. Her head was thrown back, her eyes were closed, and she was moaning constantly as the clit stimulator and pussy plug did their work. She! kept at it, forcing her cock into my face and pulling it back out, gradually getting faster and faster, for many minutes. I didn't feel too much pain as she continued raping my mouth, but I did start to feel seriously tired.

Then Mistress Amy leaned forward a little, with her head over mine. Her naked tits hung down just in front of my face. Somehow, though, I didn't really feel like looking at them anymore. She was trembling and moaning loudly. I actually did start to enjoy her savage, uncontrolled lust as she neared her orgasm. I HOPED that she would cum harder than she had ever cum before. She rocked her hips far back, pulling her dick nearly out of my mouth. For an instant she simply froze, with every muscle tensed. She was moaning and panting like a bitch dog in heat. I could tell that her orgasm was at hand. She suddenly thrust her hips viciously forward, jamming her cock into me as far as it could go, and she shuddered violently in the grip of a mind-blowing orgasm. ! "Aaahhhhhh!" she screamed, as she pressed her pubic mound against my face. I have to admit it: I enjoyed Mistress Amy's tremendous orgasm. I felt like I had a kind of share in it. ("That HAD to be her hardest orgasm ever!" I thought. "If she ever cam harder than that, it would have registered as an earthquake!")

When her violent shuddering finally passed, Mistress Amy pulled her hips back from my face and her huge black dildo slipped out of my mouth. I was a little disappointed at the time that I did not feel greater physical relief when the thick piece of rubber was at last pulled from my throat. My throat couldn't even tell that it was gone. My throat and jaw would be completely numb for many more minutes. After she cam, Mistress Amy seemed to no longer know that I was even there. She said nothing to me. She didn't even look in my direction. She simply moved away into the darkness.

Tracy came up behind me and removed the handcuffs. A moment later, Lauren came up in front of me. "Look at me," she said. Panting slightly and trembling with fatigue, I slowly looked up at Lauren's face. She put her bare right hand on the left side of my face again, and! she seemed to smile at me. "Good job, Spot," she softly said. I had been cruelly used by Mistress Amy. But Lauren gave me instant peace. I was rapidly becoming more and more devoted to Lauren. Her soft words and gentle touch did it to me again. I sighed deeply, and my body shook with a strong shudder. Tears immediately filled my eyes and started streaming down my cheeks. For me, being appreciated by Lauren was simply . . . . the best. It made all the other things seem almost unimportant.

"Rest a bit," Lauren softly continued. "You may lie down if you want to." I was very tired. Gratefully, I laid down on my side. Lauren disappeared into the darkness for a moment, then came back and placed my kneeling cushion under my head. The dim red light was turned off and chamber 4 was again in total darkness.

After a few minutes ("Not enough time for a decent rest!" I thought), another dim red light was turned on over a different part of the room. "Get up on your hands and! knees now, Spot, and pick up your cushion," ordered Lauren from the darkness. Easy stuff. If she had told me to flap my arms and fly around the room, I would have tried my best to do it for her. "Crawl to the red light to please Mistress Tracy."

I carefully glanced toward the red light. Tracy was under the red light, resting on the low futon. She was facing toward me. As I had done before, but now able to crawl more normally, I started slowly crawling toward the red light . . .

This is the second chapter of my story about Club Spartacus. I hope that you have enjoyed the story so far. Look for the final chapter ("Lauren & Tracy Sort of Do Me"). If you want to send me any comments about my story so far, please use the E-mail link below.

This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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