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Coed Temptation
by Curioser

Things were getting out of hand. It was getting to the point where I didn¹t want to look at my webmail account - but couldn¹t quite work up the self-control not to. In the next set of pics she sent she was at a football game or something, large crowd, lights, field, bleachers. The photos showed her entering the stadium, dressed in a short skirt, knee-high stockings, white blouse, etc., looking like any other coed among hundreds there.

Then, in a series of shots, she finds a seat near the top of the bleachers, spreads a poncho over herself and a friend. Her friend looked a lot like her - blondish, healthy, wicked legs, at that stage where girlish cuteness was just giving way to downright sexy.

Then the pics are obviously being taken under the damn blanket. Buttons opened, a nipple being pinched hard, a skirt up, fingers tracing puffy pussy lips through wet white panties. They get kind of confused in the final shots but I got the point. Shit. What the hell was I going to do with her? My cock, of course, had a pretty good idea. It was sitting up and begging like a bad dog.

There are more nerve-endings on the head of an erect penis than anywhere else on a man¹s body. When each and every one of them is screaming in mad exquisite pleasure it¹s pretty hard to consider scruples. Watching the raging purple knob of my swollen cockhead being swallowed whole by the dripping lips of my niece¹s tender sweet nasty little barely legal cunt quickly erased from my brain all thoughts of what was right and what wasn¹t.

Leaning over the bathroom sink, the crotch of her blue bikini bottom yanked up on one fat, firm, fleshy buttock, legs spread, she was dancing impatiently on her tiptoes, quivering like a colt as my nerve-screaming shaft slowly pushed aside the wet willing walls of her greedy, sucking palpitating puss.

Outside, the party was well into its fifth hour, everybody getting drunker and louder, falling into the pool, her parents and my wife among them. After teasing and tempting each other from afar all evening, she¹d followed me upstairs and slid into the bathroom with me, both of us a little bit high and a lot horny. She flicked off the light and turned to me, a dim light coming through the frosted window cast her soft fuzzy grey hues.

She leaned into me and whispered, Fuck me. Fuck me like it¹s the last time you ever will, her eyes glowing from beer and lust. She turned away very deliberately, looked back over her shoulder at me and wiggled that fine bikini¹d ass ever so slightly. With her other hand she cupped a breast, pinching her nipple through the blue fabric of her bikini top.

No way, I said - for effect. I mean how could I not?

Pleeease. I¹ve been wet all night. And sticky too.

She dipped a hand down the front of her skimpy bottom, brought it out and showed me a moistened finger glistening in the dim light. She licked it clean, very slowly, lots of tongue action, little sucking noises.

You¹re a bitch to be doing this.

I can¹t help it, she whined softly. My body just...wants you. Wants to be fucked by yours. I don¹t want anything else. fuck.

You gotta find somebody your own age.

She stood closer, whispering an inch from my ear: I know. I will. This can¹t last forever. But when I go to bed at night, and my hands wander down to my pussy, and stroke my clit and I¹m all hot and nasty...I think about you. And I cum so hard. I cum so my whole body shakes and the juice drips all over my legs and ass. I came five times last night thinking about you fucking me.

She bit my earlobe. Her hands, ever so tentative, reached up to stroke, ever so gently, my nipples, which swelled hard to her touch. I grabbed her wrists, spun her around so she was leaning over the sink. Our eyes locked together in the mirror, burning desire. I yanked the crotch of her blue bikini to one side. She spread her legs and gasped. I slid my own shorts to the floor and when she felt my prickhead nudge against her insatiable, barely legal, greedy grasping little cunt, her knees buckled. I held her small but oh so curvaceous frame against my much larger body.

I gazed down at the taut athletic curves of her. In the dim light I could see her sinous haunches stretching wide, feel her flat belly against my hand, taste the saultiness of her neck in my mouth, smell the perfume of her hair. I ran my hand up and palmed a handful of tit, kneading the flesh, so smooth against my rough skin, feeling her rigid nips swell uncontrollably.

She began to squirm against me, hands reaching back to hold my head, butt trying to impale itself on the stiffness of my rigid and insistent shaft. Her breathing came in raggedy gasps.

Hard, fuck me hard. Fuck me like it¹s the last fucking time you ever will.

As she said that, her cuntmouth found my cockhead and she used her weight to sit back on its hardness, literally falling slowly downward till she had swallowed it full inside her. I reached my arms around her to hold her against me and I thrust my hips upward. She arched backward and her legs lifted off the floor. I held her aloft for several moments writhing and gasping, skewered on the spike of my cock.

The view in the mirror of her torso wriggling, her breasts stretched tight against her chest, legs wrapped backward around my legs, arms holding my head and mouth agape - would make a dead man hard.

I did - I fucked her like it was the last time. Driving my cock up into her slobbery wet drooling cunt, mauling her little tits with one hand while the other stroked her clit, sucking on her neck, plundering her fine slender budding body with the unrelenting madness of illicit lust.

I hissed and growled all the while: you fine fucking slut, you make me feel like one huge red hot cock that wants to climb inside you and explode in a million colors, flooding your body and brain with my cum, I dream about being inside you feeling your cuntlips around my badness sucking the big head pulling the jism from my balls, your body is made to be impaled by hard red cockflesh, oh I want to feel you cum sweet little whore feel your hot nasty girl honey pot overflow and drip your bad girl cumslut juice all over my balls...

...and so on, and on, and on. She sort of became catatonic when I got to talking, eyes rolled back in her head, body quaking in orgasm after orgasm. We ended up with her face jammed into the mirror, her ass suspended in midair, legs dangling, as I held her hips in place and pumped the contents of my scrotum out through the nerve-screaming head of my full mast pole into her jelly-dripping, juice-filled, sorely abused little badgirl puss.

Fuck. Funny, we both gasped the word at the same time. We started to laugh. Then somebody was pounding on the door, some drunk. I told him to get lost, use the one downstairs. She washed herself up, straightened up her bikini.

She turned to me before going and said: there¹s only one way this can go on.


As she opened the door and walked out she looked back over her shoulder and said this: I¹m going to seduce your wife.

I watched, slack jawed and stunned, as that cute little freshly-fucked ass disappeared down the hallway. And I had to take a cold shower before I could fit in my swimsuit again.


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