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Carnal Theft
by Overlord of Evil

Before she wakes in the morning, I slip into her room and hide myself in the shadows. Even as she sleeps, the radiance of her beauty nearly blinds my eyes. Her lithe arm rests upon a crumpled pillow, her chin tucked just below the warmth of the comforter. I want her. I should take her now, as she sleeps, without warning. But, even as I contemplate the act, she rolls over, her eyes open, and she sits up in bed.

The comforter falls carelessly away, exposing the delicate curvature of one bare breast. Its pink nipple fills my vision for the moment, and my mouth begins to water. I shrink back further into the shadows, even though I know she could not possibly have caught sight of me. She leans forward, stretching and arching her back like some giant jungle cat. Will I see that same cat in her actions and reactions later? And her back! Perfect and unblemished, like a new canvas awaiting the artist's stylus to forever mar it's beauty. My desire is almost unbearable and I feel the first stirrings of that loathsome animal between my legs.

She rises and gathers up a few things for the bath. Her fluid movements are soft, yet outstanding in their nudity. She becomes an unwitting temptress as she moves about, flaunting that which I so desire. She shall pay later for her indiscretion. She slips into a terrycloth robe of pure white that must be as nothing next to the softness of her skin, hiding from my eyes the objects of my lust. She leaves the room to go to the shower just in time for surely I would not have been able to resist taking her for much longer. Ahhh, but it will be better this way. Now I shall have her clean and fresh, as close to virginal as any man, save , of course, her first. While she is away I try to steal from her bed the scent of her frame. Cigarettes! No matter. All that will be washed away when she returns. And her true scent would only serve to torment me in her absence. I return to my shadows, and wait.

She returns through the door like a breath of fresh Spring. She has bathed, and her silken, tawny, shoulder-length hair has been replaced by a damp turquoise towel. She moves toward the sink, where I know the inconvenient little door will be used to block her actions from my view. As much pleasure as I would derive from continuing to watch her morning ritual, having it blocked from my view is a thought most intolerable! I must have her now!

Like lightning I am behind her, right hand over her mouth before she can utter a sound, left arm about her middle pinning her arms to her sides. She tries to turn to see who it is that has her, but I am too quick. All she manages to do is shake the towel loose from her head. I whisper silently in her ear "Shhhh. You know I won't hurt you, but I can only be taunted for so long."

As I inhale, that which I tried to steal from the bed fills my nostrils. Her scent! Fresh and clean. It is tangles in her hair and clings tenaciously to her body. But with every breath I tear a little of it away and make it mine. I can't bear to be this close to her and not test the softness of her skin. I must know it's touch, like that of a peach. I trail soft butterfly kisses down her neck from her ear and across her exposed left shoulder, tasting my way along her body, forcing her scent onto my tongue. As I make this journey I feel her relax just a bit, the tension brought about by my swift and sudden arrival ebbing away. Good, she will enjoy this now.

As I continue to kiss and nibble over her ear her mouth parts ever so slightly under my right hand and her tongue seductively invites a single finger inside her lips. A soft moan escapes just before her mouth closes on my finger. She grazes it with her teeth, ever so gently, and rolls her tongue around its tip, suggesting that, were this not my finger, she could do so much more. I loosen my grip on her arms but do not let go, for then she might turn and see me. I press my body hard against her form, the full grown monster between my legs cursing our clothing. Being this close but not actually feeling her is exquisite torture! I begin to move her toward the sink.

But wait! The mirror! That would spoil part of the fun, wouldn't it? I simply can not allow that! I tell her not to worry as I remove my digit from her orifice. With my newly freed hand I undo the tie of her robe, and remove it from about her waist. Then, very skillfully, I tie it over hr eyes, using it as a make-shift blindfold. We continue towards the sink.

Now that her robe has been loosened I can no longer resist. I bring my right arm up under hers and slip my hand gently into the robe, immediately finding the delicate globe at her left chest. I grip it gently, letting the nipple slide down between my two fingers. It's hard! She IS enjoying this! I close my fingers, gently squeezing her nipple, and the tiniest gasp issues forth on her breath. I let loose my grip on her arms with my left hand, and let it too slide beneath the robe, traversing the plain of her stomach and eventually finding that dark damp forest between her thighs, so casually flaunted earlier.

I now have her fully in my embrace. Were I a vampire she would soon be dead. But I am not, and so she shall live, live to experience the ecstasy of a man inside her. As my right hand massages the globes of her breasts and my left hand slowly and gently slides a single finger through the moist crack of her cunt, my mouth continues to place kisses between nibbles across her neck and shoulders where the robe ahs begun to fall away, held in place only be the closeness of our bodies.

I feel her left arm move backward underneath mine, and her hand begins to grope over my pants. With amazing speed she has found her mark, and her hand tries to grasp the rod between my legs. Unable to really hold my organ through my clothes, she settles for simply caressing and massaging it, and now moans begin to escape my lips as well. For what seems like days, we stand, pleasuring each other, without ever consummating our act. As my finger enters her, her hand works deftly at unleashing my animal. Without my actually being aware of it, suddenly she has freed me! Her hand runs over the length of my shaft, finally resting my member in her palm. She grips my tightly, and begins to slowly pump my manhood up and down.

Then come her first true words since this encounter began. "I can't take it any longer. I need you inside of me." SHE can't take it any longer!? I'm the one in glorious agony, and SHE can't take it any longer! I must admit that my patience could not have held out much more either, but to have her ask of me the ultimate act is an unexpected and erotic surprise. My hands and mouth stop what they are doing long enough for me to lift her bath robe above her waist.

I tell her, "Lean over the sink." She bends at the waist, exposing to me the flower of my desires. With my cock in my right hand, I tease her by rubbing it's head up and down the opening between her legs, never actually entering her. She shudders with anticipation, and her breath comes in short inhaling gasps. Finally I can stand no more. My shaft enters her as I lean forward, draping my arms about her chest, enveloping her entirely. She pushes back against me, pushing me even deeper inside her body. We both moan now, in ecstasy. Suddenly my pelvis has a mind of its own.

As my mind races to keep control of my hands on her breasts and to savor every breath of her new and pungent scent, my hips thrust my beast repeatedly in and out of her. Without thought, I find myself on tiptoe, straining for those last couple of inches with which to penetrate her and maximize our pleasure. And still she continues to buck against my hardness. Like the pistons driving the wheels of a train, we are in perfect rhythm. Again and again and again we slam into each other, each driving the other to push harder, go longer, and fulfill the other's every carnal desire.

At last that glorious feeling begins. At first it is simply a heat growing at the base of my scrotum. Then I can feel the fire as it begins to climb the length of my shaft. I drive harder and deeper than even I thought imaginable, and it seems that she responds with that last bit of effort to plunge me to the very core of her being. The muscles in my legs and ass tense, as In one final thrust I push myself into her. And at that instant she, too, pushes back against me with all of her might. I feel as if our bodies will meld into one at any instant, and I explode with glorious fury deep within the walls of her body, pouring forth a hot molten load of unimaginable passion! Suddenly I am everything, and nothing. The stars in the heavens are as dim as candles seen from afar compared to the explosion of light in my mind, and yet I feel as small as a single gull over a vast and tractless ocean.

It is done. Our moment has passed, and we again are only two people in the act of copulation, no better or worse than the animals that have been doing this for millions of years. An yet I wonder, do the animals experience what we do? Can their tiny minds grasp the all-encompassing awe of the final act? Probably not. That is what truly separates us from them.

Her breaths are deep and heaving. I withdraw my failing organ from her body and disentangle myself from her frame. I quickly do up my pants and flee the scene of my crime before she can even think about taking of the blindfold to identify her assailant. By the time she looks for me, I am gone, like a black bird on the night's wings. Will she ever guess who it was this morning? Probably. Will she confront me with the question? Maybe. Will I admit my actions to her? Never.

Until we meet again, my love, remember what we have given each other.


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