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Cum to Angellean's Hotel Room
by Angellean

It is to be our first meeting. I am waiting for you to arrive at the hotel. We are both nervous. Unknown fears churning in our stomachs. Not knowing what to expect on the other side of the door. Your insides are fluttering madly with nervous anticipation and your thoughts are running wild about what is soon to happen. What will she be thinking when she first sees me? Will she approve? Will she be disappointed? Will I? Although we have "conversed" many times before we've never really met.

You check at the front desk and find that I am already in the room and I have the key. You gently knock on the door wondering to yourself if you should leave while you still have the opportunity. The soft tread of my footsteps coming to answer the door makes your decision for you. The moment has arrived. The doors opens and you look upon my features for the first time. You smile to yourself as your eyes slowly scan my body from top to bottom. You gaze at the long reddish hair dangling along my sides, my soft smooth shoulders hidden under the locks of hair. You slowly look into my eyes and see the love and warmth that I have been possessing for you. You are very pleased with what you see before you. The "Mona Lisa" smile on my lips tells you that I am also pleased with what I see. You go to say hello, but before any sound can escape I put my finger to your lips whispering to you to savor the moment and that I want nothing to break this spell. You understand and concur, nodding slightly.

You enter the room and I immediately start to unbutton your shirt, stopping to kiss each new portion of skin that appears. As I am kissing your chest and licking your nipples I begin to run my fingers through your hair enjoying the feeling between my fingers. After a few moments my fingers begin to slowly glide downwards across your chest, feeling the muscles under my fingertips, and my fingers wander down further. They press against your pants, tracing the outline of your cock through your jeans, measuring its size. You almost let out a moan but remembering my desire for silence, you fight back the urge. You try to kiss me but I look are you and you realize that its clear that I am in control of the situation and that, right now, I have no desires to make love....yet. I want to make love to you but I want to do it my way. You've never been in this position before when a woman takes full control over you, but you find it uniquely erotic and surrender yourself to me totally.

I start to undo your belt, then you jeans, finally pulling them down but leaving your underwear in place. There is, however, no disguising your erection and I smile approvingly as I put my lips to it through your underwear and kiss you. It seems to you that your cock is bigger and harder than it has been ever and you attribute it all to me and my actions.

You are standing in front of me wearing almost nothing at all while I an kneeling in front of you and I start to slowly unbutton and remove my blouse. My delicate black lacy bra only enhances what is beneath and it is obvious that I have a larger set of breasts than the majority of women and that I know of the pleasure that they can bring. It appears that I am aroused as my nipples are very erect and showing through my bra. Your eyes stare at the sight of these magnificent breasts in front of you, you head tilts a little to the right and a smile crosses your soft lips. I don't remove my least not yet.

I slowly reach out and hook my fingers on the band of your underwear slowly pulling them down, inch by inch, taking my time as if I was unwrapping a very special gift. My eyes are fixed on your body watching as your underwear slide down. My big brown bedroom eyes, remain watching your cock while the swell of my breasts increases as my breath starts to become more shallow. As your underwear falls to the floor my hands and lips immediately go to you, to your prick, wrapping it, engulfing it, tasting it, swallowing it. At first my actions and movements are slow and tentative but I soon start to embrace the moment and start sucking you with reckless abandon. I manage to take your entire length and width deep into my mouth. You have never been so deep within a woman's mouth before and the feeling is absolute ecstasy.

You place your hands on my head, not so much to guide me as to control me because my lips and tongue and mouth are close to bringing on your orgasm and it's much too soon for that. You want this moment to last, if not forever, at least for a long, long time. But I am not to be denied. I am ravenous, almost needing you to cum in my mouth. I place my hands on your ass as if to try to get you further into my mouth, deeper into my throat, urging on your orgasm. You try to fight it off but my mouth is overpowering and you succumb releasing in my mouth just as I wanted or needed. I manage to swallow it all down without letting any drip out and I continue to suck on you, trying to get you hard again immediately. Without removing my lips from your prick, I drop my hands to the clasp on my bra, knowing the effect it will have on you seeing my magnificent tits set free. And I'm right. Seeing my massive tits with their large pink aureoles and the huge erect nipples puckering in the cool air, along with my oral manipulations, causes the effect that I want and you start to harden within my mouth once again. I look up at you and smile, pleased with the effect that I have on you.

Now you are not to be denied either, and you grab my arms to lift me up, crushing your chest against mine and directing my head closer to you, bringing my lips to yours and taking your first kiss from me. My knees buckle somewhat and I would fall if I was not supported against you. You taste your cum on my mouth and that seems to excite me even more. I've had my way and now you're about to have yours. There is nothing I can do about it even if I wanted to. You lift me up and carry me to the bed, placing me on my back in the center of the bed. You straddle me across my stomach and reach out to lift my arms above my head. The effect of this position has on my tits is spectacular, making them appear even larger and fuller than they actually are. I close my eyes, waiting for what is to come. While you continue to hold my arms, you bend down and place your lips against my pink nipple, not yet licking or sucking or biting it, just holding it between your lips and the sensation is overwhelming to me. I start to move trying to entice you to do something, anything, with my nipple and you gently flick your tongue across it, wanting it almost as much as I.

Your saliva makes the nipple shiny in the light and when you softly blow against the wetness my nipple stiffens even ore and my large aureoles puckers from the coolness. I'm enjoying the sensation, anxiously awaiting for another one. Leaving one of your hands against my arms, holding them in place, you lower the other hand to the tit that you were just attending to. As you place your mouth against my other breast your hand starts to touch my tit, gently squeezing it, kneading it. I almost wince, not from your actions but from the roughness of your hands. The roughness is something that I am not used to but I like it because that is the way a man should be. It cause feelings that I have never experienced before but I hope that I will be experiencing them much more often in the future. You now lower your other hand bringing it down my arm, across my armpit, along the side of my body, delicately feathering along my ribcage causing tiny goosebumps to magically appear all over my torso.

Your mouth remain on my nipple sucking it hard causing me to whimper with pleasure but you place a finger against my lips reminding me of what I desired at the beginning of this encounter and I turn silent once again. I start to lower my arms but you push them back to where they were and I leave them there knowing it pleases you for me to do so. Your mouth and hands and fingers are now touching, caressing my tits, bringing my obvious pleasure. I've never had a man pay so much attention to them or seem to enjoy them so much and the feeling of letting myself give in to the pleasure is exquisite.

Your erection is still prominent and I am beginning to hope that there is more to come, that you will be putting that big hard cock where I need it most. But you seem to be engrossed in what you are doing and the pleasure that you are giving, seemingly oblivious to the growing need within me. But after what seems like an eternity, you finally lift your hands and mouth away from my breasts and your body from mine. My eyes remain shut, as if not knowing what is coming next only adds to the moment. Your hand feathers down my side, across the slight lift of my belly, down to my skirt. As you start to pull it off I lift my hips to accommodate you. The last thing that I want at this time is to cause any difficulty. Now there is nothing between our two naked bodies but the dainty pair of scalloped panties that are covering my cunt and I know that they are coming off very soon. You slide your body closer to mine almost trying to possess me and you place your mouth against mine kissing me passionately that you take my breath away.

Your free hand moves down to my pussy and you can feel the dampness even through my panties. You begin to slide them off my ass, along my legs leaving me completely open to your gaze. The scent from my cunt and the dampness are hypnotic, consuming you with lust and there is nothing that you want more than to make love to me and fuck me hard right now. But you resist the temptation because you know that there is still so much more that you want to do to cause me, and you as well, pleasure. I place a hand on your cock to ensure that your erection doesn't disappear but there is really no need. It's not going anywhere. You place your hand on my cunt and run your middle finger along the slit. I am so damp that I am dripping and the moisture is running down the crack of my ass. You use your finger to scoop it up and you bring it to your lips to taste me for the very first time. You start to lower your body bringing your head down to my pussy and you use your hands to spread my legs, opening up myself and allowing you total access to my most private parts.

You have purposely left the light on for this moment because you like to look at a woman as much as you like to feel her or taste her. And you love the way I look spread out before you. My cunt is glistening with dew through my strawberry blond trimmed pubic hair, my legs open to encourage you further, my tits full and natural, my eyes closed, my tongue running across my lips. There is nothing like new lovers and this perhaps is the defining moment. The moment when a man gazes upon a naked woman for the first time and understands that she is his completely. That she will do anything for him or to him that he desires as long as he gives her what she needs. As long as he gives her the good, long, hard fuck that she desires. One like she's never had before.

After looking at me you slide between my legs, and, ever so softly, run your tongue along the entire length of my wet slit just barely missing my clit. The anticipation, which has been building for a long time, has been too much for me and my body shudders with my first orgasm of the night. You hold my while I cum, not touching my clit any further because you don't want to overwhelm me or oversensitize me. You want to make this last and be as enjoyable for me as possible. And that means understanding when to ease off and let me catch my breath. There will be plenty of time for multiple orgasms later. You slide in between my legs placing them over your shoulders and you take my hands and place them on my cunt. I understand instinctively what you mean and I use my fingers to spread my lips, opening myself up so you can see all that you are about to possess.

You, once again, start to use your tongue and your lips and you mouth to give me oral pleasure, gently licking, nibbling my pussy lips, sliding your tongue deep inside me, almost as if it were your cock, using it to fuck me but still never touching my clit. You use your fingers to gently tug on my pussy hair causing me to writhe on the bed from the combined feelings of pleasure and pain. How could anything feel this good? I want to sign, to moan, to whimper, to cry from the pleasure but I remember our rule and I remain silent. You continue to play with my cunt because you love to be the cause of my pleasure and because it also gives you so much pleasure. I am much too aroused and wet and my juice continues to run out of my pussy, down the crack of my ass. This time, however, instead of using your finger to taste it, you use your tongue. Starting at the bottom of my slit you move downward, ever so slowly stopping only when your tongue arrives at the bud of my butt.

You continue to run your tongue over my ass lapping up all the stray juices, causing me to tingle all over from the newness of the experience. You love the taste of my dew...sweet, sticky, warm, thick....almost like honey. You then start to move your tongue back up to my pussy, sticking it in deep and continuing upward until it brushes against my clit for the first time.

The feeling that washes over me at this moment is indescribable. The waiting, the anticipation have heightened every nerve in my body and I go limp, just giving in to the moment. This time, however, you don't stop to allow me to recuperate. You continue to lick my along my entire seam paying special attention to my engorged, aroused clit. It seems that each time you touch it that I am overwhelmed by wave after wave of what seems like one long continuous orgasm. You continue to love me with your mouth and I want it to go on and on and on...but I also want it to stop. Because, before I am completely spent, I want to feel your cock enter me, to go deep into my cunt, spreading the lips wide and causing me to get even a little more wet. If that were possible.

And now, you want it too! Your body crawls up mine until we are face to face, chest to chest, belly to belly. I love to feel the weight of your body against mine and you love the fullness of my breasts underneath you. You use your knees to spread my legs even more and then, while supporting yourself on your left forearm, you reach down with your right hand and stick your fingers deep into my cunt to take some of my wetness and spread it over your hard, thick, throbbing prick to make entering me just that much easier. And then I take my hands and grab your cock guiding it to my slit. You slip the thick head in and then pause, wanting to linger for awhile and revel in the extraordinary feeling. I, however, don't want to linger. I want to fuck! I take my hands and place them on your ass and use them to push you further into me, until our bellys slap, our hair mingles, and you are deep within my cunt. Heavenly!!

Our hearts are both beating faster and we both seem breathless. You then slowly, ever so slowly, start to withdraw until only the head of your cock remains in me. Then back in. We start to increase the tempo, you thrusting into me and me lifting my hips and ass off the bed to meet you with every thrust. We manage to continue this for a while, never wavering from the rhythm we have established until, from the excitement and the sensation, we are both on the threshold of an overpowering orgasm. But not wanting to cum quite yet you back off and allow us a moment to recuperate. You withdraw from me and roll over onto your back and grabbing my hips, you sit upright and pull me onto you. Once again I use my hands to guide your cock into me until I am impaled on you. You take your hands and start to manipulate my breasts, running your palms over the entire end, the underneath, the cleavage.

Your fingers start to flick over my nipples and I am so absorbed by the incredible feeling I almost forget to start fucking you again. But them I remember and I begin to rock my hips back and forth on top of you. You gently, at first, roll the thick, hard nipples between your fingers. Soon you start to not only rub them, you start to tug on them, squeeze them, pinch them, knowing that I like it just a little rough sometimes. That the pain is somehow pleasurable. You love having your hands free while we make love. It allows you to touch my body and caress my face and hair while still feeling your erection surrounded by my pussy. And that's what you do. As I ride you up and down, slowly at first, then a little faster, up and down, up and down, you continue to touch my tits, to rub my sides, to gently scratch my legs. By now we have, once again, come to the precipice as our orgasms come ever closer. Now we start to fuck with an urgency that will not be denied. I ride up and down on your cock and my breasts are bouncing and flopping from the abandon of our fucking driving you wild with lust.

You take the index finger of your left hand and, reaching around behind me, stick it into my cunt along with your cock. The tightness is amazing. However, you don't leave your finger there for have other plans for it. While we continue to fuck you take your finger and place it against my asshole. Then you slowly start to push it into me. I gasp, unable to hold the sound in any longer finally breaking the rule we set. The feel of your finger in my asshole, moving in and out, increases the pleasure I am experiencing and suddenly, I am swept over by another, overpowering, unending orgasm. I let out a cry and collapse on top of you. Feeling the muscles in my cunt spasm from the orgasm and the sound of me cumming sends you over the edge and you erupt shooting wave after wave of your hot cum deep inside me. You also let out a cry of delight and grab me to hold on ever so tight. I use my well developed pussy to milk every last drop of cum from you. We roll over onto our sides with you behind me, spoons position, your arms enveloping me and your cock still in me. Our bodies dripping with sweat...our muscles sore and spent.

Our heartbeats gradually return to normal and our breathing start to slow down. We are completely exhausted and we start to cuddle, not needing any words. We are totally and completely least for now!


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