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Church Tales
Ch. 1: Church Virgins
by Jimi Linden

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The story you are about to read is true. All events and behavior are faithful accounts of past occurrences, although names have been altered to protect my ass and keep me out of court. Writer's license and humble discretion have been utilized where and when I felt it necessary to avoid embarrassment or legal action.

My boyfriend and I originally met at church and had been going together for almost a year before I finally decided to get serious about our sexual relationship. We had parked, necked and petted till we were both so frustrated that many nights I went home with my insides in actual pain and Leo had told me his testicles ached for days after our sessions.

Because of his college expenses, Leo could not yet afford a car of his own. We were always forced to double date with one of his friends that was fortunate enough to have wheels. Most of the time we double dated with our best friends, Dotty and Chuck.

This pair of young lovers was quite dissimilar in appearance. Dotty was a perky little brown haired beauty just barely five foot tall. Hazel eyes that ordinarily danced with mischief twinkled from the depths of her cute oval face. Like many short girls she was blessed with an oversized bosom, short legs that broadened out too quickly, as they rose to her well-rounded derriere below a waist not yet rid of its baby fat. Though not really "dumpy", she probably would have to fight the "battle of the bulge" for the rest of her life.

Chuck was a tall, lanky farmboy type with a face best described as sharp featured. His nose was straight, long and almost pointed in its sharpness. A chin, pointed similar to his snout, doomed him to an evil countenance. Dark brown hair and gentle brown eyes tended to soften his resemblance to a tall spear. From his six foot two inch height he looked down on most of the world around him with amusement. He and Leo shared both similar personalities and a mutual, almost fanatical, distaste for sports.

Dotty was just tall enough to snuggle her ear to Chuck's nipples when they danced. Leo and I often wondered quietly to each other how they would fit together nude. I had even been crude enough to suggest that if Dotty was on the bottom of a missionary position encounter she could bite his belly button. Leo's answer was to suggest an impossible physical act for them involving simultaneous oral and vaginal stimulation.

We almost always went to the drive in movies where it was private and dark. These sessions accomplished two very important missions. Firstly, they allowed us to do some preliminary kissing and light fondling. And secondly, the night was fully dark by the time we left the movie and drove to the mesa above Albuquerque for some serious petting.

Unfortunately, Leo and I indulged in much more vigorous caressing than our friends (or so we thought). Though we could watch them kiss and we were pretty sure they were petting, from the back seat of Chuck's car; we could never be absolutely positive what was going on in the front seat. Since Dotty was so short and Chuck was just as exceptionally tall, we would watch her head disappear below the back of the front seat as she stretched across the cushion to meet his explorations. The longer they petted and the foggier the windows became, the less we could see of the front seat action. Dotty's moans and Chuck's labored breathing kept us well posted as to their excitement though.

Leo would slip his hands up the back of my blouse and unhook my bra almost as soon as we parked to supposedly watch the movie. Then while Chuck kissed and nursed Dotty's breasts (this much we had ascertained by sneaking an occasional peek over the seatback) I would have my own breasts stroked, squeezed and the nipples gently pinched to rock hardness.

He would continue with his hands hidden by my blouse until it was dark enough to prevent unwanted observation. Since I always wore a skirt on dates, at the earliest opportunity his hand would slip under my dress and between my knees. Leo would glide his hand up and down the tender skin of my inner thighs working his magic fingertips ever closer to the center of my sexuality. His fingers would slip under the elastic of my flimsy under garment and he would caress deep into the core of my womanhood. His ministrations would bring about an ecstatic throbbing deep inside my body and I would erupt over and over.

After we left the drive-in our usual schedule included a stop at a local restaurant where Dotty and I could "freshen our makeup". The restroom was always crowded with other girls doing the same thing and we were repeatedly amazed at the number of pairs of panties being removed or replaced. Neither of us was bold enough to remove our panties at the drive-in movie.

From the restaurant we would go to the mesa to park. While Chuck was busy driving, Dotty would turn around so she could talk to Leo and I. Leo loved to feel me up, with his hand hidden by my clothes, while Dotty was looking right at us. He would sit calmly, with his fingers buried in my now sopping fur and carry on a limited but seemingly intelligent conversation. I was almost always so hot that the best I could offer to this dialog was an occasional breathless uh-huh or huh-uh. Dotty either never noticed or was too polite to comment on my lack of participation.

Once we were parked on the secluded mesa, our evening really began. Dotty would stretch out across the front seat and Chuck would kneel on the passenger side floorboard. He could then stroke his hands over the full length of her body almost as if he were playing a piano keyboard. Though these positions obviously allowed for some very interesting action, we never attempted to look over the seatback to see what was going on. Our politeness was dictated by our anxiety to entertain our own desires.

As soon as we were sure Dotty and Chuck weren't watching, Leo would begin petting me in earnest. I'd open my blouse and raise my hips so he could slip my panties off. Then while nursing my nipples Leo would invade my vaginal canal with his ever zealous fingers. Having been fondled and felt for most of the last three hours I was always so wet that he could stick all four fingers in me. Some nights I suspect he could have slid his whole hand inside my wanton depths. (I never told him that until years later because I mistakenly believed it would turn him off if he knew how loose he was making me.)

Our front seat companions eventually told us we were making such loud sloshing noises that they were embarrassed.

We also discovered that, at least partially because of our back seat action, Dotty and Chuck had actually been actively engaged in intercourse for some time. It started one night when Chuck used his hungry tongue to bring her to an orgasm. In order to quiet Dotty he slipped on top of her to kiss her into silence. Since he had his pants off, to enable him to rub himself while he licked her, and she had her legs spread in the heat of her climax, his hard shaft just naturally slipped into her dewy opening. Once the initial mountain had been conquered, they saw no reason to resist from then on.

We of the back seat, on the other-hand, were in actuality still virgins.

Though I had touched Leo's shaft twice and he had felt of all my most private places innumerable times, neither of us had ever had full, penal penetration, sexual intercourse. Things might have continued that way if we hadn't attended the same church.

(To this day I get a bit horny anytime I'm in a church. Leo and I share the opinion that there are few places sexier than a church. I can attribute part of my feelings to nostalgia and part to the many well dressed men who attract my lustful admiration. Leo's attitude stems from his opinion that he knows of no other place where so many women are dressed so nicely in skirts, hose and heels.)

(I can testify that Leo does love nyloned legs! Every time I wear stockings he manages to cause at least one run with his fingernails. He simply can't keep his hands off my legs when they're clothed in soft silky materials.)

When I arrived at the church Sunday evening for our young adult fellowship, Leo quietly asked me if I wanted to stay late and make out. We had done this several times previously by not calling one or the other of our parents for a ride until just before the church was locked up. Then whenever anyone offered us a ride, we would thank them, politely decline their generosity and say that our parents were on their way.

The church building had a portico entryway with a small alcove on each side of the outside arch. Either side formed a concealed retreat from inquisitive eyes. Access to the church itself was from a half block long parking lot. By the time our parents arrived across that stretch of asphalt we always had time to straighten both our clothes and appearance.

We also made it a point to complain about the length of time it had taken them to answer our summons for transportation. I had been promised a car, which was yet to be forthcoming, when I graduated high school. Leo had sold his vehicle to pay tuition and his parents simply would not let him borrow their wheels unless he paid the additional insurance premiums. Both of us kept hoping one or the other set of parents would get tired of ferrying us around and rectify our transportation problems.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Jimi Linden.

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