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Church Tales
Ch. 2: Preacher's Daughter
b y Jimi Linden

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

I froze momentarily, then attempted to find some illumination to guide on. I thought perhaps some glow might filter through from under the entry doors. I had forgotten that I had already turned out the hall fixtures. Because the chapel was "darker than a hundred midnight's down in a cypress swamp" (to plagiarize James Weldon Johnson) I slowly turned, hoping to locate the reading light I had just extinguished. Instead my heel slipped over the edge of the steps leading up to the pulpits (this church's architect had a thing for raised daises) and I fell backward into the aisle between the first row of pews.

The next thing I remember Carolyn was worriedly bending her pretty blonde head over me and asking if I was all right. I believe my exact answer was "Not only no, but shit no!"

At the blasphemy in the chapel her blue eyes sparkled and she quickly giggled with the mirth of a youngster doing something forbidden. "If you can still remember to swear, you'll be all right" she declared.

She then wrapped her arms around me and apologized for causing me pain. I in turn hugged her back and professed that I'd live.

We sat there, on the hard carpeted aisle, and held each other for much longer than was necessary for simple comfort. Finally she snuggled her lips against my face and whispered into my ear, "This feels pretty good!"

Since I agreed whole heartedly, I slowly kissed her cheek from earlobe to lips. When our mouths met we began a too long postponed desperate kiss. Her tongue slipped between my lips and I returned the favor by trying to extract her tonsils with the tip of my own tongue. Cuddling her from my still scrunched position placed her breast between my arm and rib cage. I gently squeezed and then whispered, "Anyone ever tell you you've got nice boobs?"

Maliciously biting my tongue she whispered back, "Only every boy I've ever dated."

"Ow," I howled. Then I sarcastically asked, "Oh, you let every one of them feel you up, huh? Hey, how come we're whispering?"

"Because we're in the house of worship and the damn place echoes!" she giggled. And who I've let play with my body is my business, Mr. Nosy Smartass!

We began to date after that night, much to her parent's displeasure. They didn't necessarily have anything against me, but since I was a year older than Carolyn (and a college man) they may have been worried for her innocence. Actually we never really had time to do anything because everytime we went to a drive-in movie her dad would check the show times and Carolyn's curfew would be just a few minutes after the end of the picture show. If we were destined for some other function, he always made sure we were part of a group. I sometimes suspected he didn't trust me.

Truly they need not have worried as much as they did. Carolyn and I were such good friends we never did more than neck; though occasionally I would pet her soft breasts through her clothing as we sat in a drive-in movie. These drive-in theaters were really a bit public for my taste. People were always walking by on their way to the snack bar or restrooms and if your windows were fogged over you could expect a knock on the glass. If you parked behind the concession stand, to avoid the walk-bys, the drive-in's rent-a-fuzz would stroll by every few minutes and each of those dedicated denizens of the law carried a flashlight.

So the small chapel at the church served nicely for our trysting ground but we were always afraid to get too involved for fear someone (her dad maybe?) might come back into the church and catch us. We were quite careful to present an attitude of studious, devout study.

One weekend a church in Sante Fe asked Carolyn's dad to fill in for their ill pastor. This gave Carolyn and I a chance to explore each other's bodies more thoroughly than usual, as we knew he would not be back until very late Sunday evening. We had also discovered that her mother possessed no keys to the church building. A sensible policy her father had initiated to prevent his wife from being rousted out to open the building for every TOM, with a DICK that was big AND HARRY (as we used to say).

Things went splendidly. I managed to strip my preacher's prize child of her blouse and bra. Then she reclined in the corner of one of the front pews while I investigated all the true magnificence of her nicely endowed chest. Her breasts were supremely proportioned with full, perfectly round areolas and the swelling erections at their tips were rock hard buds. When fully ripe, as they had now become from my attentions to them, they had to be more than half an inch in diameter. When I closed my lips around these wonderful protuberances and nursed them I discovered they were as hard as solid bone.

Carolyn couldn't receive enough of this new rapture with her naked mammaries. She laid her head back and moaned loudly with each inducement from my suckling mouth. Soon she was very quietly panting "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Since I was kneeling beside the pew on the floor, my hand just naturally slithered to the nylon surface of her knee. I rubbed my fingers over her stockinged thigh until I reached the bare skin between the top of her hose and the bottom of her girdle. As soon as I began to stroke this creamy soft white altar she clamped her knees together trapping my hand. I could no longer move my fingers up and down her thigh so I reached out with my index digit and began to stroke the crotch of her panties.

Carolyn vented her own blasphemy into the chapel air, "OH YES! SHIT! OH GOD, that feels good!" Then she moved her lovely legs apart and I slipped my fingers inside the band of her smooth, soft baby blue panties. As I moved my finger up, down and side to side within her depths she leaned forward, pulled my head to her lips and kissed me clear to the back of my throat. I continued to finger fuck her with one hand while my other hand began a rhythmic kneading of her soft firm breasts.

Calling upon the stamina of youth we continued our manipulations for over an hour. Only when we both realized we had been at the church way too long and her mother might become worried (or curious) did we cease our enjoyable interlude. I took Carolyn home and then drove to my own home playing with my throbbing, ungratified erection all the way.

The next evening Carolyn informed me, that she had told her mother, we had stopped at the Nob Hill Orange Julius for a drink after church and got to talking. She still caught Holy Hell for staying out too late on a school night. And, her father repeated the same sermon in the morning with much more gusto and overlong lectures. We vowed to be more careful in the future though we were able to enjoy new, additional, more exciting actions on our dates now.

That future was not too long in coming. Just a few weekends after our explorations in the private chapel, her father went out of town to a church convention in Dallas. Not only would he not be a threat for three whole days, but his wife went with him. This left only Carolyn's little sister at home and, since she was also dating, meant no one would be aware of our hours. We felt it would be pushing our luck to go to her house, as little sister just might come home early from a date and catch us in a compromising position. But we figured the church was a logical and now guaranteed private place for our assignations.

Friday afternoon I helped drive the good Reverend and his wife to the airport. As soon as they were safely away, Carolyn and I grabbed a couple of shakes and cheeseburgers and headed for the church. Our disappointment at finding the Boy Scouts in the building preparing for a weekend excursion was, to say the least, intense. We wandered around after the boys and the Scout Master while they packed their gear, then for the second time in one day waved goodbye as someone departed.

Now we had the whole church to ourselves without anyone likely to interrupt us. Perhaps because of the forced wait or maybe just because we were horny youth we were both so hot by the time we got to the chapel we felt in actual pain. Just to be on the safe side I wrapped a short length of chain, which I had purchased specifically for the purpose, around the panic bars of the chapel doors.

This night we both got totally naked. I nursed Carolyn's nipples to their usual randy rigidity while I fingered her unmercifully. Eventually she reached out and took my throbbing tool between her fingers. As she stroked the length of my shaft I just knew I was going to explode. I warned her of my impending eruption and she said she wanted to watch. For years she and her girl friends had talked about how a man ejaculates, but almost none of them had actually witnessed this all consuming event.

Without further encouragement I expelled a large missile of sticky white cum into her hand, up her arm and onto her stomach. She wiped the residue from her hand and arm then ran a finger through the mess on her abdomen. Scooping a bit of my cum onto the tip of her finger she touched it to her tongue. "Uggh, kind of salty" was her only comment.

I kept waiting for either more remarks or actions but that was all she said or did. Though I was a bit more experienced than my preacher's dear daughter, I didn't know what to suggest she do with the mess. Or, for that matter, how to do anything with it. So, I used my shorts to clean the rest of the spume from her body.

We went back to our fondling of each other and before long she was pleasurably moaning. She was stretched full length on the pew and would raise her hips from the hard wood and squirm against my intruding fingers as her excitement mounted. When I kissed the insides of her thighs she screamed her enjoyment so loud I was afraid the sound might carry clear to the outside of the church. I started licking the juices flowing from her and as I lapped her clit she stuffed a hand into her mouth to keep from shouting her happiness at the top of her lungs. Having heard her sing many times I could testify that she did have powerful lungs.

I used my tongue to thoroughly replace the juices trickling from her tight little crack with my own mouth waters. When I began to stroke her mons, from the point closest to her tight little asshole up to her clit over and over, she practically fell off the pew she was arching her back so high. My attack upon the hard bud of her clitoris was almost anticlimactic. All she did was pass out momentarily as she climaxed.

In order to reach her better I had slowly been climbing onto the wooden bench and was now kneeling between her wide spread legs. I'm not sure I was really planning anything. Then again I'm not sure I wasn't. I just seemed to require ever closer and closer contact as we stimulated each other. I also needed to be higher to follow her rising crotch as she was lifting her hips. When I reached a position with my knees between her broadly opened thighs she made no protest as I rubbed my bloated shaft against her dripping slit. I put my lance into the palm of the hand with which I had been fingering her dripping wet hole. For several minutes I rubbed the tip of my erection through the wetness between her lips and used its bulb to massage her clit. She was so moist and ready that I had been stroking in and out of her for several seconds before she realized that I now had both hands kneading her gorgeous chest orbs.

Startled she looked at me for a moment then pulled my lips to hers. While we kissed she began to buck faster and faster, while her legs pinioned me to her wanton crotch. My self-control evaporated immediately into the depths of her small, almost impenetrable pussy and I shot another large load of warm cum deep inside the hidden wonder of her tight passage.

When we could breath again Carolyn cooed, "Fantastic! Can we do it again? I think I can get hooked on that."

Smiling at her pleasure, I asked her, "Uh. I don't suppose you're on any kind of birth control, are you?"

Her face turned a sickly shade of greenish white as she answered, "Oh God! No! Oh shit! Damn, you got me so excited I forgot all about getting pregnant." Then as the tears began to come she continued, "My parents will kill me. "

Kissing her I calmed her down and introduced her to foam spermacide. Not only was she not familiar with such a product, she thought the only preventative for pregnancy was a rubber. A product she had heard of, but was totally ignorant of exact details. I gave her a quick lesson on various contraceptive methods, all of which her parents had failed to teach her about. Then I eagerly injected the creamy froth of the contraceptive deep into the same cavities I had so recently vacated.

Now that she felt protected, Carolyn wanted more of the penetration she had just enjoyed. We screwed almost continuously for the next six hours. Only later did I consider the possibility that perhaps I was not actually the first male to penetrate the wonders of her depths. When I thought back, I realized she accepted my manhood awfully well for it to be a first time experience.

Because of our lack of fear of interruption we didn't leave our private cubbyhole until after three in the morning. Fearing her little sister would make a fuss about her getting home at almost four in the morning, Carolyn and I walked the last half block to her house and snuck quietly in the back door. We needn't have bothered. Little sister was not home yet herself.

We took advantage of her absence and made out for another hour.

I slipped back to my car and was just getting ready to quietly coast away when I noticed another car across the street from where I had been parked. Because the windows on this car were completely fogged I suspected it wasn't there just because there were no parking spaces somewhere else. I couldn't see in, but the occupants couldn't see out either. The noises coming from within the car though left little doubt as to what was happening. I could hear rhythmic moans, cadenced panting and the vehicle was rocking slightly on its springs. Somehow I didn't suspect an earthquake had quietly shaken Albuquerque.

Not bothering to be quite so quiet as I had been before, I hustled back to the house and brought Carolyn to the subject vehicle with me. She quickly identified it as her little sister's boyfriend's car. Being the evil pair that we had always been, we couldn't resist a bit of fun. I coasted my car up close to the boyfriend's auto and plugged my hand held spotlight into the cigarette lighter.

"All right in there" I said in my most authoritative voice, "Open the door and come out with your hands up. NOW!"

Of course much scrambling from the interior of the foggy windowed car followed this, so I continued "Open this door now, or I'll shoot the window out".

Carolyn was cracking up.

The door slowly opened and I immediately shone my spotlight in the kid's eyes. Two jaybird naked teenagers exited the vehicle with their hands trying to cover of much of their nudity as possible.

"Put your hands on top of the car and spread your legs. Assume the position! NOW!" I barked at them.

Both reluctantly complied and I, with the light still blinding them, said "My partner will now frisk you for weapons. Do not lower your hands or move in any way unless you want to get shot. This was ludicrous. There was no place, other than inside their bodies; either of them could have been hiding a weapon.

Carolyn quickly caught on to what I was doing and ran her hands over loverboy's shoulders, down his sides (purposely tickling a bit I suspect), up his legs until finally she gave his balls and dick a thorough inspection. Then she carefully relieved me of the spotlight so the kids wouldn't realize it had changed hands. I gave the same thorough scrutiny to her sister as Carolyn had given to the boyfriend. Little sister Cindi had just as fabulous body as her older sibling.


When I slid my finger deep up into her tight little love hole I think she began to suspect something wasn't right about the situation. On the other hand she was still hoping to avoid being dragged downtown and subsequently turned over to her parents. To avoid such complications she evidently figured she could put up with a bit of improper search procedure.

I nodded to Carolyn and she turned the light out. When their eyes adjusted to the dark again a momentary flash of anger offset the relief on the youngster's faces. Before they could get out of hand though, Carolyn very authoritatively ordered them both to get in the car and drive to her house. She then reached into their vehicle and confiscated their clothing. Giggling, we followed them up the driveway in my car.

The scene in the kitchen was something I wish I could have filmed. Both Cindi and her boyfriend Eddy were sitting at the table totally naked. I had brought their clothing but before they could even ask for any, I tossed the garments out into the laundry room. Cindi wanted to at least put her panties on but Carolyn yelled at her to forget it. The poor little girl was so scared of what her big sister was going to do, or tell, that she complied without question.

Of course Carolyn and I were cracking up because we realized that had the younger couple arrived just a bit earlier it could have been us caught instead of them. We had worked together too long though, to let our mirth show. Our faces were as stern and unforgiving as they really should have been. Of course Carolyn had years of watching her dad to know how to act like a domineering asshole. (Needless to say I didn't share that insight.)

I wasn't too sure what big sister was up to at this point either, but I really didn't care. I was enjoying looking at Cindi too much to interrupt whatever Carolyn had in mind.

"Just what did you think you were doing out there?" Carolyn demanded.

Eddy started to answer but was cut off with a gruff, "No one asked you!"

Cindi hung her head and mumbled something to quietly for anyone to hear.

Carolyn was not going to let her get away that easily. She demanded that her sister speak loudly enough for us all to hear what she had to say.

Glaring at Carolyn, Cindi stated, "We were making love".

"Oh, bull shit!" roared Carolyn. "You were fucking! Weren't you? That's not love. That's just plain old lust! What do you think dad's going to say when he finds out about this?"

Cindi started to argue, then thought better of it and pleaded with Carolyn not to tell their parents.

Now that was dirty pool. I knew there was no way she was going to tell her parents what we had stumbled across. If for no other reason than that they might ask what I was still doing at the house at four in the morning.

"All right. That's better," Carolyn continued in a much calmer voice. "What were you using for protection?"

"We had the doors locked," Eddy stated in a hushed voice.

"You had the doors locked," echoed Carolyn. "Didn't do you much good, did it?" she scathingly scolded him. "Besides, that's not what I'm talking about".

They both looked at her with pathetically obtuse stares.

Carolyn slowly and calmly now said, "My question was not about how you expected to not be caught. What I'm asking is, what are you doing to keep from getting pregnant?"

"Oh, I just had my period," Cindi blubbered. "It's the wrong time of the month for me to get pregnant."


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Jimi Linden.

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