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Church Tales
Ch. 2: Preacher's Daughter
b y Jimi Linden

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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Carolyn walked over and gently banged her head against the wall. Turning back to her sister she asked, "Do you know what that type of birth control is called?" Then before Cindi could answer she continued, "It's called the rhythm method! You know what they call people who use the rhythm method of birth control?"

Cindi just shook her head to her sister's apparent anger.

"They're called parents!" Carolyn shouted at her.

"All right, come over here and set up on the counter," Carolyn instructed her sister.

Pulling a chair from under the table, Cindi dutifully climbed up onto the kitchen counter. Carolyn went to her and none too gently pushed her knees wide apart. I loved the view.

Carolyn began to lecture Cindi on the various methods of contraception. I was both amazed and pleased to realize she had practically memorized every word I had told her earlier. Either that or she already knew as much as I did. Nah! No way!

Then to my delight, knowing how little Carolyn actually knew about birth control, she told me to hand her the spermacide. She sounded like she had been using the tube all her life and handled it like a pro. First she filled the applicator, then with an evil little grin shoved it slowly into Cindi's vaginal canal. When it was all the way in, she quickly pushed the plunger through the barrel causing Cindi to cringe away from the sudden cold invasion of her warm depths. Since I had taught Carolyn the use of this device only hours before, I found the whole performance quite amusing. Only with great difficulty did I maintain a straight face.

Eddy watched this little drama with avid interest. Particularly the part where Cindi spread her gorgeous little legs wide. As I looked at him, I realized he had an unfortunately massive hard on. I say unfortunate, because his dick was obviously much larger than mine. Actually he was bigger than any guy I had ever seen (not that I go around examining guys to see how big their dicks are). I noticed Carolyn staring at his enlarged member also.

By now everybody was pretty much calmed down and the two younger members of our gathering were beginning to see the humor of the stunt we had pulled on them. Eddy popped off something about literally having the shit scared out of him and Cindi joked that she had clamped her legs so tightly closed she didn't think she'd ever get her knees apart.

I looked at Carolyn and she looked at me. We knew each other well enough to read each other's evil intentions.

I walked over to Cindi and apologized for frightening her. As I stroked her naturally blonde soft fur I leaned close to her ear and whispered, "There! Now doesn't that feel better?"

She tried to pull away from me but I already had her clit firmly held between my thumb and finger. As I stroked the hard tip of her small bud, she moaned and said, "You better stop or Eddy's libel to bonk you".

"I don't think so," I crooned in her ear. "Look over there," I said as I moved out of her line of vision.

Carolyn had Eddy down on the floor and was already riding his huge member. He had his eyes closed and was obviously not about to "bonk" anybody. His body was rigid with sexual appetite as he pistoned up and down in time with Carolyn's movements.

Cindi was so busy watching her sister and her boyfriend fuck that she didn't even notice when I slipped my again rigid member into her quite slick tunnel. When she did become aware of what was happening to her body, she began to rock back and forth upon her cupboard perch in time with my strokes. I gently squeezed her little pointed nipples until they seemed rigid enough to poke holes in anything she pressed them against. I nursed and nibbled them 'til they got harder still. By this time her short little five-foot frame was almost completely off the counter and she had her legs wrapped around my waist, riding me like a bronco. I lifted her against me, carried her to the dining room carpet, laid her down on the soft material and began to pound deeply into her. I'm proud to say that at that point she ceased to watch the others.

It was almost nine in the morning before we were all sexually fulfilled. Then Eddy and I left the girls to sleep while we grabbed a bite of breakfast. Over our food, we discussed what had happened.

Our wondrous experience had taken place at a time when monogamy was the normal scheme of things. That applied to dating couples as well as old married folks. Eddy had never even considered having sex with anyone besides Cindi unless and until they were no longer a couple. He was full of questions (most of which I really didn't know the answers to) such as, "Did everyone in college change partners so indiscriminately?" I told him that only a special few were mature enough to share (God, what a bullshitter I was!)

Then he wanted to know how many girls I had fucked and did all of them swap partners like Carolyn. Neither of these questions was pertinent to the four of us, I told him. Also my sexual history was my business. I was not one to "kiss and tell".

He digested this bit of information and then seemingly without a breath he excitedly asked where I got the "can of rubbers" and did it really work. I corrected his terminology and told him most drug stores, especially in the area of the university would have what he foam spermacide.

"Like where?" he persisted.

Like the pharmacy at Nob Hill, or the one out where Ridgecrest comes into Gibson by Lovelace Clinic I told him. "Hell," I continued, "I'm not a pharmaceutical directory." (I hoped the big word would either scare him off or at least impress him) "Try the one down on Central across from the University Park, or the one by the Triangle, or if you're in the Northeast Heights there's one at Lomas and San Mateo, another out in Hoffmantown and yet another out by Princess Jean Park. There's drug stores all over and they all carry any number of different contraceptives. And I can guaran-damn-tee you that they're only too happy to quietly help you rather send you out to get your girlfriend pregnant.

Since he still looked a bit lost or maybe just dazed with all his new found knowledge I stuck my neck out and asked, "Where 'bouts do you live?"

"Oh I live with my parents out on Rio Grande Boulevard," he answered.

I now had to reevaluate my new acquaintance. Rio Grande tends to be either slums or mansions. Considering his wheels, I suspected he wasn't from one of the lower income areas. Before I could stick my foot to deeply in my mouth by asking where exactly, he solved any doubts I had by saying, "Yeah, my dad breeds horses out by Corrales." (Shit, we had to be looking at half a million-dollar property value alone here, plus the horses)

I just smiled like it was everyday I ate breakfast with the moneyed elite. Especially since I had just spent the last four hours screwing the Bejesus out of his girl friend.

By the time our food was consumed Eddy had a dazed look in his eye from all the information he had received and his own fantasies. Much of what I had told him was just plain crap because in actuality I was no more knowledgeable than he was. There was no way though I was going to let a kid two years behind me know I was less than an expert! Even if he was filthy rich compared to my straits. When he finally left in his car I couldn't help but wonder what sort of a monster I had loosed.

That afternoon I picked up Carolyn and we sat in a drive-in munching cheeseburgers and fries while we guzzled Pepsi Cola and reminisced about the previous evening and morning. I had one burning question I was dying to ask her but was afraid it might ruin our evening if I got too nosy. Fortunately Carolyn rescued me by inquiring, "Can I ask you a personal question?" As I nodded in the affirmative she continued, " I don't want you to get mad, but I just gotta' ask. Was that your first time?"

I wanted to grin from ear to ear because that was my question, but I forced a mock serious expression onto my face. "Now sweetie you know a gentleman never 'kisses and tells'. How would you like it if I told someone about us?" I teased.

"I'm not asking who. I just want to know if you've ever had sex before."

That was too good a straight line to resist, so I teased again, "Of course! I've been dating Susie thumb and her five sisters since I was eight years old."

"All right, Smartass," she snapped back. "Tell me the truth without making a joke of it, or I'll pour my drink in your lap."

"Tell you what I'll do. I'll trade you. I'll answer any question you ask me, truthfully for the next hour, if you'll do the same for me," I countered.

She quickly came back with, "Deal! Now answer my question."

"No, that was not my first time," I told her.

"I didn't think so," she mused. Then my dear friend went on to save me the embarrassment I had worried about earlier by saying, "It wasn't the first time for me either". And after a short pause she asked very quietly, "Does that ruin it for you?"

"Carolyn, if we weren't surrounded by cars and people, I'd rip the clothes from your body, right here, and show how much it matters to me," I answered with a randy leer. Just to emphasize the point I slipped my hand up her skirt and fingered her right there in the drive-in.

After a moment she pulled away and suggested we, "Get the hell out of here". I almost wrecked the car as I pulled into the street because right there, in the front seat of the car, on busy Lomas Boulevard, Carolyn slipped her panties off and poked them down the front of my pants. The soft, silky feeling of her slightly wet panties rubbing against my dick had me hard as a rock by the time we reached the church.

Saturday night is almost always dead at a church building. This time we lucked out and it was a normal night. There wasn't a soul close to the church nor a car in the parking lot when we arrived. I let Carolyn out close to the building and parked the car at the far back corner of the lot. Church members often used this location when they required a short term parking arrangement or church activities took them away by other transportation.

We practically ran to our little love nest in the downstairs chapel Carolyn had only her skirt and shoes on and the rest of her clothing in her hands by the time we arrived. I secured the doors and when I turned around even the shoes were gone. She stood before me in beautiful nakedness.

I dropped clothing all the way to the where she stood.

"Don't fool around. Just shove it into me," she pleaded. "I'm absolutely on fire I'm so hot," she breathlessly whispered as she pushed me back and mounted herself astraddle of my thighs. I was rock hard from the stimulation of her panties against my shaft all the way from the drive-in. Her pussy was drenched with love juice and when she lowered herself, my shaft impaled her immediately. We fucked and petted and ministered to each other for the next couple of hours. Then Carolyn said, "Let's get out of here. I've got an idea!"

I was reluctant to cease our enjoyment, but reached for the closest pieces of my clothing. Carolyn stayed my hand and said, "Come on. I want to show you something".

A bit hesitantly I followed her from the basement chapel, still stark naked, up into the main sanctuary. I was nervous as hell but she said not to worry. It was too late for anyone to be coming back into the church this night. The only person who ever came to the building on Saturday night was her father when he was finalizing a sermon. And he was out of town!

We walked naked, right down the center aisle of the darkened room. At the front Carolyn turned on the small reading lamp over the Assistant Pastors lectern. The she led me over to her father's side of the platform.

"Feel how soft the rug is up here." she directed. "It was just installed and it's got an extra thick padding to muffle sound."

She was right, of course. The floor felt almost like we were standing on a bed. The under padding was thick like an upholstered couch and the almost white carpet was extra soft. Shortly we were no longer standing.

I was in the middle of plumbing Carolyn's most inner depths when we heard the distinct sound of a door closing somewhere in the building. Frozen in panic, like deer in a light beam, we held our collective breaths. We could now hear footsteps on the tiled floor of the hall outside the sanctuary. There was no place to hide. The whole front of the chapel was exposed and it was too far to either the pews to hide under them or to any door to escape. All we could do was huddle behind the Ministers pulpit and hope the intruder would leave.

The heavy door at the rear of the sanctuary open with a fatalistic screech and clanking. We crowded deeper into the small cavity formed by the hollow under the lectern. Only our youthful slim figures allowed us to fit into the small space. It was almost like when a bunch of people "crammed" a phone booth. Our bodies were totally entwined. My knees were drawn up against my chest with my back against the wood on one side and my shins against the other. Carolyn sat in the virtually non-existent crotch of my lap with her knees in my armpits and her head bent against my shoulder. We breathed in silent, shallow gasps and hoped whomever was in the chapel would leave without coming up onto the rostrum.

At that moment we heard and felt the heavy footstep of someone mounting the stage where we were hidden.

Then her dad mumbled, "Huh! Who left the light on?" We listened as he continued talking to himself, "I'll have to ask Carolyn if she locked up last night," he muttered as he turned out the light. "She needs to quit thinking so much about boys and be more careful of her responsibilities." We could then hear him still mumbling to himself as he walked up the aisle. After an eternity the doors finally closed as he exited the chapel.

Neither of us moved until we heard his car start up outside. It seemed to take us forever to get out from under the podium. Our bodies were so intertwined we kept getting limbs locked and tender spots poked as we tried to unarrange our cramped positions. To this day I wonder if we could again fit into that tight wooden box even if we still had our youthful skinny figures.

"What the Hell's your dad doing here?" I demanded. "We put him on the plane hours ago and he's supposed to be in Dallas".

"Shit, I don't know. I better get home and find out," Carolyn worriedly said.

"Oh God! Do you suppose he went downstairs and found our clothes in the little chapel?" I practically whined.

"I don't think he'd have been so calm up here if he had," Carolyn answered.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," I said. "If he'd have found our clothes he'd have been raising Holy Hell till he found us." Then I joked, "I think I just had a near death experience!"

"If he'd found us we'd both have had near death experiences," she joked back. "Let's get outta' here. I don't know about you, but my moods kinda' ruined. I don't feel sexy right now and I'm worried why my dads back in town."

We hurriedly dressed and headed over to her house.

Her parents were their usual polite, friendly, wary selves when we went in. They told us that when they got to Dallas their hotel reservations had been messed up. They spent an extremely uncomfortable night at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. Unable to find other accommodations, without renting a car and traveling clear across town (not an option on his salary) they exchanged their tickets and flew back home. He mentioned he had stopped past the church building to make sure everything was secure. No mention was made of the errant reading lamp and surprisingly neither Carolyn nor I mentioned it. Both of us habitually suffered from "hoof in mouth" disease, so it was a miracle we kept our silence.

After such a close call we shifted our trysts to a much more secure out of the way classroom buried behind another outer classroom and deep within the basement of the church building. By locking and blocking both room doors we felt much safer from intrusion. Particularly since I had the lock to the inner classroom rekeyed and possessed the only key.

Carolyn and I continued to date and enjoy each other's bodies, as well as others, throughout our college years. Eventually we both married other people but were still so close we attended each other's weddings.

We still keep in touch and occasionally Carolyn and her husband, and my wife and I get together for a little fun and games. Fortunately we no longer have to hunt so hard for privacy as we did in the days of our wanton church escapades.

This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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