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Church Tales
Part IV: The Minister's Wife
by Jimi Linden

The story you are about to read is true. All events and behavior are faithful accounts of past occurrences, although names have been altered to protect my ass and keep me out of court. Writer's license and humble discretion have been utilized where and when I felt it necessary to avoid embarrassment or legal action.

The Reverend Ronald Joseph Wilson came knocking on my door at a truly ungodly hour. Being a student at the University Of New Mexico with no early morning classes had spoiled me. I had forgotten that there even was an hour called Seven A.M., especially on a Monday morning.

Had it been his wife ringing my doorbell so early I would have been the epitome of forgiveness. My door was always open to her luscious little body. Dianna was about ten years my senior, had two children and had lost her girlish figure but I could have cared less. There was something about the lady that made my body break out in a lustful sweat every time I was near her.

Ronnie Joe, as he had originally introduced himself, was another matter. Not only did the man have no tools or equipment, he seemed a bit low on pride also. He was always in some type of mechanical crisis and needing to borrow something to survive. I could never refuse his requests though, both from my kind heart and his genuine need. This morning was no exception. Of course how could I complain about a person saddled with two names? We here in America try to forgive the type of folk who are so defiled. Of course, most of these poor wretches are the same dumb stoops who are prone to wear hats while they eat and drive. We try to veil their existence.

After heartfelt apologies (and who is more heartfelt than a minister in trouble), he told me he had two flat tires and was overdue at his church to escort a group of youth to a weeks retreat at Glorietta. (note: For those not familiar with the splendors of America, the Baptist folks have a youth camp on the road between Santa Fe and Las Vegas, New Mexico). He also mentioned that he would be spending the week at camp with the young people. My lecherous heart skipped a beat.

Ronnie Joe went to get the first wheel from his car while I dug out my air compressor and tire repair kits. I had him on the road within half an hour but by then it was too late to return to my dreams and too early to go to my first class. Having nothing better to do, and being the good neighbor that I am, I went next door to assure Dianna that I would be available should she need anything. She gave me a bit of a scare when she told me she had to attend a church meeting that evening. I feared she was about to ask me to babysit the kids.

Now don't get me wrong. Her kids were nice enough children. Rachael was about ten and Jacob was seven or eight. They were both good eggs, as far as eggs run; if you like runny eggs.

All Dianna wanted from me though was to keep an eye on their house while she was gone. The kids were looking forward to an evening with their church friends. Far be it from me to spoil the little rug rats good time. I watched, they enjoyed, and I drifted off to sleep to my wonderfully lustful dreams.

The next day I awoke to the patter of rain on my patio roof. Albuquerque isn't plagued with an overabundance of rain and especially not the steady, lengthy type. When we get rain it's usually short, plentiful and violent. This mornings drizzle was definitely not our norm.

Much as I love the Duke City, I dreaded the trip down to the campus because I knew there would be a multitude of accidents on the way. Since it never rains or snows in Albuquerque (if you believe that, I have this bridge for sale), many of our local denizens have no idea how to drive in inclement weather. It does sometimes get quite interesting and quite entertaining. I remember one morning when it had snowed, a driver in a full size GM product had the front wheels tight against the curb of the center divider, the back wheels going full bore and was bouncing down the median at about a city block an hour. I chickened out and left before the car reached a break in the divider.

This morning though, the only driver I encountered who needed assistance was Dianna. She had taken the kids to school and was pulled over to the curb about a mile from our houses. Her car was surrounded by a puddle deep enough to almost cover the wheels on the driver's side. I was afraid to look at the passenger's side. I feared the water level was up to the window level. Rain or no rain, I walked over as close as I could to her door and asked her what had happened. The vehicle had just quit running as she was headed home. When she stopped there was just a small amount of water in the gutter. Unfortunately, as she sat there the water level had risen dramatically. Then she also mentioned she had run the battery down trying to start the car.

Of course, I immediately offered her a ride home with the assurance we would retrieve her car later when the rain stopped. She hesitated to leave her dry sanctuary and I assumed she was just reluctant to get wet. I told her that I had no umbrella, but she could put my jacket over her head to stay dry. I also assured her there was no way we could properly diagnose the car's problems and jump-start it in the middle of a lake.

She still seemed reluctant to accompany me and I felt a moments trepidation for fear she recognized my carnal desire for her. Then she turned a beautiful shade of red and told me she still had her bathrobe and slippers on. She was embarrassed to try to walk to my car in her state of apparel. Assuring her I would do my best to preserve her modesty, I waded through ankle deep water over to her door. When she started to exit the car, I told her to stand on the doorsill and not to step down into the water. My shoes and socks were already thoroughly soaked and since I saw no reason for her to get her feet wet, I swept her up in my arms and carried her to my car.

Of course we were both soaked from the rain, but at least she hadn't taken a complete dunking. When we got to my house, I used the garage door opener to get us inside without any further showers. She thanked me and asked me if she might borrow my umbrella for the short trip next door. I noticed as she got out of my car that she was no longer holding her robe quite so tightly about her.

Taking a big chance, I told her I'd help her home but she had to do me a favor for rescuing her. Like the truly naive innocent she was she answered, "Sure! What do you need? I'll be glad to do anything for you. You're always helping Ronnie or me somehow."

Encompassing her small hand in my callused paw, I led her to my kitchen. Without asking, I began to prepare a pot of coffee although she protested she should be getting home. It didn't take a lot of arm twisting to convince her that warm coffee, warm company and a warm kitchen precluded a hurried, wet trip home to an empty house. While the coffee brewed, I stripped off all my wet clothing except my skintight pants and threw the whole mess into the dryer. Retrieving a bathrobe from my bedroom, I asked Dianna to stand up and then without warning I pulled her robe from her shoulders. She uttered a self-conscious squeak but I wrapped my robe around her so fast she had virtually no time to feel embarrassed. Then I adjusted the dryer to its lowest heat setting and set the timer for two hours.

The robe I had given Dianna was shorter than her full-length modest garment and ended just above her knee level as she sat savoring her coffee. It was also a bit small through the hips which caused it to barely close over her crossed legs. I kept getting exciting glimpses of her shapely stems.

The few downy hairs upon my chest seem to fascinate her for she couldn't seem to quit staring at my naked pectorals as I sat opposite her at the table. Breaking the ice when a man is trying to seduce a woman is always difficult. You're afraid to come out and declare your intentions and desires for fear of rejection; arrest; lawsuits and even possible physical retribution from the female's significant other. On the other hand, silence breeds frustration!

We had wasted almost forty-five minutes of my two-hour dryer time before I finally got up the gumption to commit myself. Standing up, so Dianna could see my rigid excitement mounding the front of my still wet jeans I decided to step off the cliff. Facing her I said, "At the risk of embarrassing you I've got to get out of these wet pants before I catch my death of cold." Then I walked to the dryer, removed my all the rest of my clothing, put them in the dryer and reset the timer for another two hours.

Dianna jumped up from her chair and spilled almost a whole cup of hot coffee down the front of herself. As I patted her chest with my kitchen towel, she looked pointed at my nudity and blustered, "I've got to be going now! Thank you for saving me and for the coffee and for ...". She gasped a breath in midsentence and froze staring at my rigid manhood.

I caught her in my arms and pressed my lips to hers. Her jaw was clamped so tightly shut that her lips were almost as unyielding as her teeth. I ran the tip of my tongue across the obstinate rejection of her mouth. Eventually she made the mistake of trying to say something to me. The moment I felt her jawbone muscles begin to calm, I sucked her tongue into my mouth and we traced each other's lips and teeth until she relaxed in my arms.

"This is wrong", she stammered. "I can't do this. I'm a married woman."

"Uh huh, and I'm a twenty year old college student whom you excite to no end", I countered.

"Stop this", she pleaded. "Do you realize I'm thirty two years old? I'm almost old enough to be your mother! I'm going home now and let's just forget this silly incident ever happened, " she sternly told me as she pushed me away.

"You're the best preserved little mother I've ever seen", I teased. "I find it hard to believe you're thirty two. Twenty-two maybe, or even twenty-five but not over the big three-oh. You are definitely much too sexy to be such an 'old lady'. Are you sure you're not kidding me?"

By this time I had walked her into my living room so taking her hand, I gently spun her around to face me. Before she could protest, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her again. At first, she tried to push away from my attack but after just a moment her lips parted and I explored through her teeth and along the roof of her mouth. She ceased her efforts to push my body away and wrapped her arms around me.

Finally I broke our lip contact, rubbed our cheeks together and began to lick and nibble her ear.

She asked with what I hoped was feigned indignity, "What do you think you're doing? I'm a married woman! I'm a faithful married woman, with kids!"

I caressed her ear with my tongue as I whispered, "Are you as soft and warm under that robe as you are from the outside?" Then I kissed her again as I slipped my hand inside the bathrobe. Before she could resist I bunched the back of her nightgown at her waist and ran my hand up the bare skin of her back.

Her next words were, "Oh, don't!" However, she kept her arms wrapped around my waist.

Pulling her closer with the hand on her back, I slid my other hand up the front of her nightgown. When I cupped her breast, her nipple immediately pearled for me. "Take your robe off", I told her.

Slowly, almost reluctantly she slowly complied with my request. Then she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my lips to hers. After a moments kiss she pulled away from my mouth just far enough to whimper, "This is wrong, you know!"

"Uh huh", I answered as I lifted her nightgown over her head. Quickly helping her down onto the couch, I lay her back while I explored a wet path across her neck with my mouth and tongue, moved over her collarbone and down to greedily suckle a breast.

Dianna gasped a shuddering breath and moaned her pleasure at the suction tensing her nipples to full bloom. Her eyes were closed and she was obviously in a state of erotic acceptance. As my tongue danced across the bud of her nipple, I began to glide my hand over the tender skin of her inner thighs.

The slow drag of my fingers down the length of her leg allowed her senses to slowly and vibrantly come alive. Each time my hand skimmed through the soft fur at the core of her sex she would utter a small mew and arch her back. In response, I pushed my finger into her inch by wet inch, pulling back, only to dip deeper the next time. When my hand was damp with her, I spread her wetness along the length of my desire. Then I crawled between her legs and lifted her ankles to my shoulders. As I sank inside her, she gave a small gasp. I pulled back until I was almost completely out, then thrust deeply into her again, drawing forth another louder gasp.

Our joining was slow and intimate. Neither of us needed the rash exuberance of youth. We were content to luxuriate in the depths of our melding. I brought my hand to where her pubic mound protruded above my slowly pistoning manhood and stroked her extended bud with my thumb while I clutched her little knoll in the palm of my hand. She stiffened her body and arched her back as she soared over the top of her personal heaven.

I maintained the same steady pace, position and continued to stroke her clitoris with my thumb until she again climbed her own mountain of pleasure. She stilled for a moment and I knew she was collapsing into her own tiny world of dreams. When she awoke and stirred her body I lowered her legs to the couch and stretched full length upon her. The softness of her body pressed into the roughness of my brawn was bringing me close to my own explosion.

After another deep throat searing kiss I peppered her body with butterfly wing kisses from her collarbone, down across her ripe breasts, down through the valley of her belly and through the soft, wet fur of her most private being. She started to protest but I stilled her by murmuring against her moist core, "I want to taste the marvelous juices you created just for me. I want to savor the extract of your personal flavor and I want to watch your body as it responds again to my hunger. I love to watch your nipples bud, feel your stomach muscles clinch and hear your breathing quicken as your enjoyment builds.

Combing her cleft I lapped upward until I touched that small damp bud that excited her so violently. Placing my hands under her hips I lifted her to me and begged, "Explode for me please. Erupt against my tongue and flood me with your happiness."

Slipping my thumbs into her I spread her lips and drove the tip of my taste buds deeply into her. My nose and chin thrust past her outer resistance and I lapped the normally buried depths of her womanly channel until she was weeping massive quantities of her sweet dew. Lifting my tongue to her elongated and very erect button of femininity, I had only to caress that swollen membrane a few strokes before she doused me with her release.

While her body subsided with throbbing convulsions, I again entered her as a man, filling her more deeply than I ever could with my tongue alone. I knew she was close to another excursion into ecstasy and I was able to hold my own release so that we flooded each other at the same time.

We lay side by side, occasionally petting each other, for the rest of the morning and even found energy to make love twice more. By noon the rain had stopped, our clothing was long dry so I escorted her home. She was hesitant to invite me in until I asked her what more I might do in her home than we had already done. Dianna giggled at the absurdity of her procrastination and allowed me to help her shower and dress. We only were sidetracked twice.

Typical of Albuquerque the city dried out in a very short while once the rain had stopped. I found and quickly repaired a broken vacuum line that had caused Dianna's car to quit earlier. A quick jump-start and she was able to pick her children up at school right on time. That evening as a reward for being such a good neighbor and rescuing her, she invited me to enjoy supper with her family.

By the end of the week we had established both a loving relationship and a workable schedule for shared intimacies. While Ronnie Joe was in town we found a couple of times every week to enjoy each other. On those occasions he was called away we delighted in one another for lengthy interludes of wanton lustfulness. We were both much happier.

Our relationship lasted throughout my college years (it's a wonder I ever had any time to study) and we still see each other about once a month.

I was extremely anxious to share my experience with my fiancé Susie. She had recently enjoyed a new lover out in Los Angeles and had shared all the wonderful details with me.

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