The Best Erotic Stories.

Christy/Todd, Todd/Christy
by Anonymous

Christy and I had been going out for just a short while but we were already very much in love. We shared a common worldview, sense of humor and hunger for each other's bodies. For although neither of us would ever be cast on BAYWATCH, we both have physical attributes that just drives each of us wild with sexual desire whenever we're around each other.

I can still recall the first night Christy stood fully naked before me. After stepping out of her blue satin thong, she tossed her silky, shoulder-length blonde hair off her face and looked up at me with her big, crystal blue eyes. She smiled shyly and dropped her hands from shielding her body. I had to sit down as the often-used phrase: "Oh, my God," escaped my lips like a gasp.

hristy, while only 5'4" and barely 100 pounds had the largest breasts I had ever seen. They are firm, perfectly formed 34D's with silver-dollar sized aureoles and nipples that looked like erasers at the end of a No. 2 pencil. They sloped downwards slightly and then stood straight out. Even more spectacularly, they were definitely all natural. Now, on any woman these would be tremendous. But on my little Christy, with her girlish face and frame (that made her look much younger than her 24 years) they appeared enormous and hungered to be caressed and sucked. My cock began to grow in my jeans.

As my eyes continued to trace her body past her flat, gymnast's stomach I was next greeted with the sight of a perfectly trimmed, light brown pussy that was already dewy with her excitement. I've never wanted to consume a woman as much as I did Christy at that moment. "Christy, you have the sexiest body I have ever seen in my life. You are so beautiful ... I'm speechless. Your breasts," I said as I reached forward, felt their heft in my hands, and massaged them tenderly, "they're so huge and perfect! I've never seen breasts so huge." She smiled lovingly at me and let out the sexiest sigh as I ran my thumbs over her hardening nipples.

"Wait, Todd," she gasped, "I want to see you now." She untucked my T-shirt and lifted it over my head. I'm not a big gym freak, but I do 100 pushups and sit-ups every morning and Christy definitely appreciated this work as she closed her eyes and squeezed my hard chest and pinched my nipples. Her fingernails traced a line down my stomach to my belt buckle she looked up at me with those gorgeous baby-blues and kissed me as she undid my belt and practically ripped off the buttons on my jeans.

My pulse was racing so fast at this point that my cock was ready to burst. I wanted to slow things down a little as well as to build the suspense for her. For just as I had stroked myself for countless hours imagining what her body looked like, I knew that she was fascinated by what, until now, she had only felt inside my jeans. I turned her around and sat her down on the edge of the bed, stroking her incredible breasts as I stepped back from her. I slowly pulled down my jeans and kicked them off. Christy bit her lower lip erotically and started to grind her naked pussy into the edge of my mattress. Only my boxers (barely) hid what she so wanted to know.

She looked up at me with pleading eyes as I began to lower my boxers at a torturously slow pace. As I lowered, I pressed my rock hard cock downwards so that it would be revealed to her from the start of the shaft; inch by inch to the rosy mushroomed head. As each inch was revealed to her, Christy's jaw lowered increasingly and her breathing quickened. As she began to comprehend the magnitude of my best attribute her hands involuntarily began to massage here enormous breasts. When my boxers had finally been lowered past all eleven inches of my thick cock, it sprang back and hit my belly with such a loud "smack" that Christy jumped and gasped "Oh, my God." (I told you it was often used) She shook her head and smiled as she looked up at me and huskily said to me, almost as if I had hidden a great truth from her: "Todd that is the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life. It's ... It's so fucking big and beautiful and ... and..."

"Do you see how hard you've made me?" I looked at my cock and indeed I had never seen such a big cock, either. Her sexiness had engorged me tremendously. It almost looked comical as it now jutted out nearly a foot from my thin 5' 10" frame. "My cock has never been so huge, Christy. It's you. You and your incredible breasts and body and ... God, I want you so badly."

"I want you too, Todd," my love said as she stood up and gave me the most passionate kiss I had ever received. As our tongues snaked around each other's I felt for the first time the feeling of those naked fleshy globes pressing into me. My hands caressed her back and worked there way down to her tight ass cheeks, each fitting so nicely in my palms. As I cupped her incredible ass cheeks, I realized that my cock was poking out between her legs. I grabbed the head and lifted it creating such an electric contact with her soaking pussy that we both broke the kiss and moaned.

Christy slid down my body kissing, biting, and sucking all the way. Finally, when she was on her knees in front of me she stopped and stared reverentially at my manhood. My cock glistened as if it had lubricant on it because so much pre-cum had been running out of its fat head down to my heavy balls. She cautiously reached out, seemingly in awe, wrapped her sweet little hand around my thick shaft, unable to completely close her hand around it, and slowly stroked it from the base to the head. She smiled and shook her head in disbelief and gratitude as she now fully realized the girth and length of this cock that was now, for all intents, hers. She looked up at me with an erotic hunger I had never seen in such an innocent face. I ran my fingers through her hair as she continued to stroke my cock and told her: "It's all yours" Her lids suddenly became heavy as she moaned out my name and shuddered as if she was orgasming. She closed her eyes, stuck out her beautiful pink tongue, and swirled it around my dripping purple mushroom, lapping up my juices. My knees buckled as she popped the whole head of my cock in her mouth like a jawbreaker and bathed it with her hot saliva and velvety tongue. She popped it out again and ran her tongue down the length of my shaft getting it even wetter than it already was.

"Mmmm, your cock tastes so good!" moaned Christy as she continued to lube my cock with her tongue. She stared down the length of it and said, almost challengingly: "I want all of it." She grasped it with both hands as if to gain control over it and slowly stretched her lips over the head again. She continued to swirl her pillowy tongue around and around my cock as she moaned and lowered her head down the length of my enormous shaft. "Ooh, Christy," I moaned "your mouth feels amazing on my cock. So warm and soft. You make me want to cum so badly."

This seemed to turn her on even more as she started to stroke the length of my shaft that she was unable to fit in her sweet little mouth. She bobbed her head up and down amazing me with how much she was able to get in her mouth and down her throat. I felt my cum start to boil in my balls but I didn't want it to end quite yet. "Christy, that feels sooo good, but I want to taste you now." She let my cock pop out of her mouth with a "Mmmmmmmm," as she held my cock with both hands and rubbed it all over her face. Leaning down to lift her up, I licked up all that pre-cum off her cheeks and lips. I have to admit I liked the salty taste on her face and in her mouth as I hungrily kissed her.

I lay her back on the bed as I kissed her - - all the while she never let go of my cock. She had found her new favorite toy and she was not going to let it go. Slowly I began kissing my way down her neck, causing her to moan and squirm. My tongue traced a line down between the huge mountains of her breasts and Christy squeezed those fleshy orbs around my face until I was suffocated in the sweet scent of her mighty chest. I licked a line around the base of her right breast - - the extra-sensitive part where her incredible mammary met her ribs and she gasped. No one had ever kissed her there. I worked my way up to her right nipple and slowly swirled around that gorgeous pink circle until it glistened like a seashell. The light blue of her veins beneath her translucent skin, stretched to it's utmost by the sheer magnitude of her enormous breast seemed to pulse with excitement and her nipple hardened at each flick of my tongue. All the while I kneaded and pinched her left breast. The more I mauled them the more she writhed in pleasure.

"Ohhhh yes, Todd. Suck my tit! Bite my nipple, please. Ooooo. Yesss. Harder, love Harder. Yesssss. Yessssss. Oh, GOD!!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!" She came with such a spasm that I had to kiss her and soothe her before I continued my downward descent.

After drilling into the navel on her flat belly, I worked my way down to her pussy. My cock was positively throbbing as I started to smell her sweet muskiness. I licked the inner area of her thigh, truly the softest place on any woman's body. Christy began to squirm again and her breathing quickened. Her hand began stroking my hair. I moved towards her pussy and just stared. It was perfect. The lips were puffy with excitement and her clit was already visible as it hardened and poked out from beneath its sheath. "Your pussy is so beautiful, Christy." I stuck my tongue out and lapped up some of the juices off her lips. "Mmmmmmm and you taste incredible." I could no longer control myself. I dove face first into her magnificent muff, burying my tongue as far inside her as it would go. Christy began pounding the mattress with her fists and calling my name over and over.

I moved my tongue up to her clit and began lightly flicking it. When I looked up now I saw that Christy had taken one of her huge breasts and had lifted it to her mouth. They were so large that she didn't need to crane her neck at all. She was licking, sucking, and biting her nipple in between moans and shouts. That just about did it for me. After continuing my assault on her glorious love hole I moved back up to her breasts and squeezed them as hard as I could. Then I licked and lubricated her ample cleavage. I think we were on the same plane of thought at this point. As I began to straddle her torso, Christy squeezed her breasts together as I slid my throbbing cock between them. I had never tit fucked anyone (as no breasts had ever been able to contain my cock), nor had Christy ever had this done to her. It felt like fucking a cloud. Her breasts were so soft as they completely encompassed my enormous cock, my head just barely poking out the other side as I thrust into them. She massaged my cock with her tits as slid the length of my cock in and out of them. "Ohhhh, Todd. That feels so good. Fuck my breasts! Yes. I've never felt anything like this. It's so.... Ohhhhhhhhh" I could only wonder what it felt like for her, because to me it was heaven. As my engorged head would poke out from her breasts she would give it a little lick, removing the drops of pre-cum that continued to flow from the ever-growing hole at the tip.

"Oh, Christy, this is so incredible, but I think I'm gonna cum and I want to cum inside you."

"Oh, Todd, yes. Please. I want that huge cock in my pussy. I've never wanted anything more. Make love to me now. Cum in me. I'll cum with you. Now. Please!"

I didn't need anymore coaxing. I kissed her hard and placed her hand on my monstrous manhood. Her hand shook with anticipation as she drew me towards her soaking pussy. She slid my head up and down her lips as we both gasped. Slowly I started pushing forward as the head of my cock forced it's way through her lips like a sausage being forced into it's casing. She made a noise like I was hurting her so I mad sure to go slow and allow her small, tight pussy to grow accustomed to the girth of my cock. She surprised me when I only had a few inches in and she wrapped her legs around my ass and forced me all the way into her. We both screamed. I was convinced I must have come out her other side. She was so little, but she took all eleven inches of my cock and went wild. Her warmth and wetness completely enveloped me and I lost myself.

""Christy you feel so amazing. Your pussy fits me like a glove. This is where my cock always was meant to be. I wish you could feel what this feels like. You're everywhere!"

"Your cock is soooooo huge. I feel you all the way up in my chest. I've never been filled like this. Ohhhh. Oh, my God. I'm going to cum, Todd. I'm going to cum! Cum in me. Please. I want to feel your cum shoot out of that horse cock of yours now!"

I pulled myself out to the tip and rammed back in to the hilt. I felt the wall of her pussy butt up against the head of my cock as she began to grind her pussy against me and that's all I needed. My cock shot off like a fire hose as we both came together. Her pussy spasmed around me, milking every drop of cum out of my balls. I shot off so much that it leaked out of her pussy while I still plugged her up. Christy stroked my cock as I continued to move it in and out of her and she scooped up a couple fingerfuls of our co-mingled love juices. She put some in her mouth and some in mine. It was ambrosia. We kissed and mixed our juices some more and fell asleep with my still hard cock inside of her.

Now this is just a prelude to what is the real story I wanted to tell you. Have you ever wished for something so hard that, defying all odds, it came true? Well, Christy and I had grown so close over time and loved each other's bodies so much that we often wished we could switch bodies so that we could feel what the other felt when we made love. One night I came home and Christy had set up a special candle and made some tea from herbs she had gotten at an occult store. The candle was in the shape of a man and woman making love. She told me to drink the tea and make a wish on the candle and if we both wished the same thing the wish would come true. We did this and, of course we both wished for the same thing. We made love and went to sleep.

I began to groggily awaken the next morning to a strange sensation. I was lying on my stomach as usual, but somehow a pillow had gotten stuck up under my chest. Without opening my eyes, I lifted my body somewhat to remove the pillow. What my hand grabbed was not a pillow however, it was a breast ... my breast. I quickly sat up and looked down at the biggest pair if tits I had ever seen - - They were Christy's tits! I picked them up in my hands, which suddenly seemed so small. As I stroked the breasts I began to feel a tingle down in my groin. I pulled back the sheets, lifted the band of my boxers and found that two puffy pink lips and a tuft of light brown hair had replaced my huge cock. It had worked! I was in Christy's body. I looked next to me and ... there was me. Asleep and wearing Christy's panties. I couldn't believe it. I didn't know if it was a dream or not, but I didn't care. I got out of bed and went over to the mirror by the closet to look at myself. I was Christy. I had the most incredible body and I was turning myself on. Just as I was about to shout and wake Christy up a strange thought occurred to me: What if she wanted her body back before I got a chance to explore it. I decided to let her rest and went into the bathroom.

Standing before the full-length mirror I began to rub myself. I felt the heft of my breasts, they felt even heavier than I had remembered and they loved being touched. I lifted on towards my face. What an amazing sight. To look down and see my own pink nipple so close to my mouth. I swirled my tongue around my nipple and felt a stirring down ... in my pussy! It was a much different feeling than with my cock, more internal, I felt myself getting wet from deep inside and I loved it. I bit down hard on my nipple and a shock wave went through my body almost knocking me over. I dropped my breast and felt the incredible thud of it against my ribs. Each breast had to weigh a pound. I remembered watching Christy inadvertently turn herself on with some lotion one day and I decided to try it. Pulling out some cocoa butter tanning lotion from a drawer I squeezed a line on each breast. The cold of the lotion made my mammaries tingle. I began rubbing the lotion in, kneading my huge tits. It took both of my little hands to handle each breast and my hands slid over and around each one of them until it was a ballet of figure eights as my hands slid from one breast to the other. My entire body felt as if it was vibrating and moans escaped my lips completely involuntarily. I had never experienced a feeling like this. Usually all my sexual energies were focused on my cock and balls but this ... I suddenly realized that my inner thigh was very wet. I looked in the mirror and saw that my pussy had dripped down my leg and had actually made a small puddle on the ground. Instinctually my hand went to my pussy and began massaging my swollen lips. Oh my God, this is so incredible, I thought. It seemed less primal and more substantial than what I was used to.

I slowly slid two then three fingers into my pussy and felt a sensation that was like nothing I had ever felt. To have something in side me, touching me gave me a pleasure like none other, it over took my entire body and I moaned loudly and began pumping my fingers in and out all the while massaging my huge breast and pinching my rock hard nipple. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a wild woman pleasuring herself and then ... I came! A wave of pleasure completely took over my whole body. "Oh, God!" I screamed as my knees buckled and I fell to the floor unable to stop rubbing and touching myself. Smaller orgasms followed as my fingers discovered my hardening clit. Each touch sent a shock through me that went from my anus to my throat. I rubbed my clit faster and faster, pressing against it until I felt my whole body contract. I couldn't breathe. And then suddenly a flood of warmth took over my body and I was released in such a wave of ecstasy that my body spasmed and shook. I never knew so many orgasms could occur one on top of the other. I may have passed out. Al I know is that when I finally opened my eyes I saw myself standing above me looking in the mirror stroking that huge cock.

My moans had woken Christy up. "I see you're enjoying yourself," she said with a grin. "I can't believe it actually worked," she said. "Look at my cock! I feel so powerful. What an amazing feeling. My hand fits around it finally and each stroke just makes me feel more powerful. I love my cock." She began stroking it with one hand and cupping her new balls with the other as she looked down at me.

"Do you want me to make it feel even more powerful?" I asked as I began to finger my pussy again. She finally looked down at me and started to giggle a little.

" Look at you. You just can't keep your hands off of yourself ... I mean me! You look so sexy. How do you like my body?"

"Your breasts are amazing and your pussy is so sensitive. I could have never guessed that this is what it feels like. But now I look at you or me or whatever and all I can think about is sucking on that huge cock and sliding it in my tits and having you fuck my brains out with it. Just fill me with that cock!" With that I crawled towards Christy and grabbed her cock in my now little hands. It did seem even bigger from this angle. It seemed to have grown at least another inch. Now I knew why Christy always shook her head in disbelief when she looked at my dick. If you've never stared straight on at a huge, fat, eleven-inch cock (I never had!) it's hard to believe that such a thing could actually exist as just a part of someone's body and not be an entirely separate being. It throbbed before me and I could hear Christy's breathing quicken in anticipation. The head was a vibrant red/purple and looked like it might explode (the skin was stretched so tight) and the veins looked like ropes. I had always wondered what a cock would feel like in my mouth and now that I was going to find out, my pussy started to drip again and a new voice inside me begged me to rub it. My hands were full with this cock though, I needed both my hands to get a good hold of it. I licked the oozing pre-cum out of the hole on the head. It tasted better than I remembered and suddenly I was actually hungry for this incredible cock. What was happening to me?

"Are you sure you want to do this, Todd? I would understand if it seems weird."

"I want to suck your cock more than anything right now. It's a little weird, but it's really turning me on."

"I know, I want to suck your pussy, my pussy I ... I ... Ohhhhhhhh"

Already her cock was in my mouth. I couldn't wait. I stretched my lips to their limit and felt it press my tongue far down into my mouth. I loved the feel of its weight and heat as I swirled my tongue around it. It twitched, throbbed, and grew in my mouth and that only turned me on more. My tongue lubricated that eleven-inch shaft as I lapped up all the pre-cum that had oozed down that flesh pole. I opened the back of my throat like I had seen Christy do and surprised myself when I found my lips at the base of that enormous tool. I felt as if it must have reached all the way down to my lungs. The jet-black pubes tickled my nose. I held Christy's cock there for a second as I gently squeezed her balls, just like I liked. Christy began to moan and I could feel her balls tightening up. I knew she was close to cumming and I wanted nothing more than to drink down her cum ... my cum. I proceeded to fuck her cock with my mouth sliding up and down as fast as I could, my little hands pumping like pistons up and down on the lower half of that monstrous tool. It felt so huge and stretched my lips so far. I had no idea how big and fat my cock really was until now. But I loved it and I began to have another orgasm as Christy shouted out."

"Oh, God, Todd. What's happening I ... I ... Ohhhh am I gonna cum? I think so. OH, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!''

It was as if someone had turned on a fire hose filled with warm salty-sweet syrup in my mouth. The force of the first spurt almost caused me to gag, but I just opened my throat and began swallowing. Oh, it tasted incredible and it made me feel so warm as it slid down my throat. I kept licking that wonderful cock so I could get every last drop as Christy fell back against the sink.

"Oh. Oh, my ... Todd ... your mouth ... it was like ... there was a soft, warm velvety blanket covering me and..."

"I know," I said as I rubbed her slowly softening cock against my cheek. It felt hot. "You've made me feel like that countless times. I could never understand why you would orgasm while you were pleasing me. Now I know why you like to do it so much." We both started to laugh as I took Christy's hand and led her back into the bedroom.

We stood and caressed each other's bodies - - our bodies - - with a new appreciation. And we kissed. Such deep, loving, passionate kisses. It felt strange to feel a rough face against my now soft flesh, but the scratchiness definitely turned me on. Christy was the powerful one now, and I liked it. I wanted her to ravage me and I could feel the passion building in her as her cock hardened between my thighs.

She kissed her way down my face and lingered on the nape of my neck, biting and sucking. It was as if a wire was connected from every part of my body down to the deepest depths of my pussy. When she got to my breasts she rubbed her face against them, letting them completely cover her as she moaned with pleasure. She began to lick the underside of them and found a spot so sensitive that my whole body trembled and she had to lay me down on the bed.

"That's a secret spot you taught me about," she said with a sly grin. "Todd, I've always loved my breasts, but seeing them like this ... touching them like this..." With that she dove her face back into them and I actually squealed. She licked and slobbered all over them until they were shinier than they had been with tanning lotion all over them. Then she began her assault on my nipples. She would flick them with her tongue and, as they hardened, she would slide her tongue up and down the length of my pink buds. While she would work on one nipple, I would lick and suck the other one, which only turned us both on more. A couple times she would bite down hard on my nipple and pull it out so far that I was afraid it would rip off, the pain was so exquisite.

"Yes. Yessss. Bite it. Harder. Oh, Christy yes! Fuck my tits, please! Fuck them now! I want to feel that huge cock of yours between these mountainous breasts!" I couldn't believe I said it and by the look in Christy's eyes neither could she, but it seemed to ignite a fire in her. She shoved her face in between my breasts and lubricated the area with as much saliva as she could as I squeezed my tits together. Christy then stood over me and started stroking her new cock while she stared down at me. I was almost frightened and that only made my pussy drip more. She slowly squatted down and slid the head of her cock in between my breasts. Little by little she continued to slide it in further and further until two inches of the tip poked out the other end. What an amazing feeling. That cock felt like it was on fire. To have a hot, steel-hard rod lying between my soft, fleshy mounds felt incredible. Her eyes were closed and when I tilted my head and tongued that hot mushroomed head she exhaled loudly and started moving her cock in and out of my tits. At first her rhythm was awkward but soon she was pumping away like an engine as I massaged my breasts against her tool. I could tell she loved how it felt ('cause I always did), loving the sensation and the power. The electricity that it sent through me was almost too much. I kept licking the head of that magnificent cock every time it came at me. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I let my breasts go, grabbed on to that beautiful cock, and thrust it into my mouth.

Christy groaned in appreciation but soon she grabbed my hand and held my panting face. She looked at me with such desire. My love kissed me hard on the mouth, tasting her cock. "It's your turn now," she said. She kissed me some more and kissed her way all the way down my body. My pussy felt so hot and wet as I anticipated what would be coming next. I craned my neck to look down and see Christy shaking her head and smiling like she always did when she was between my legs, but this time she was face-to-face with her own pussy.

"It's beautiful, Todd. Look at how pink and puffy the lips are. They really look like lips." She touched them gently with a finger and I gasped. "You're so wet, Todd. Are you sure your not gay," she said with a laugh. "My cock really is driving you wild, isn't it?"

I began to laugh also, but my laughter sharply turned to a cry as she frenched my pussy lips and darted her tongue inside of me. I don't know who moaned louder as she moved her hot hard little tongue in and out of my hole. She slid it up and down my lips, occasionally sucking on one of the lips and pulling on it until my involuntary squeal told her that I had had enough of that. With her free hand, she reached up and started massaging my breasts, which only intensified the feeling that was growing in my pussy. I felt so vulnerable suddenly. Now her tongue had found my clit and she teased it. I wanted so badly for her to bite it and flick her tongue as hard and as fast as she could over it. Instead she kissed it gently and licked it slowly as I squirmed. She brought a finger up to my mouth and I sucked it like it was her cock. Being as rough on it as I wanted her to be on my clit. She knew exactly what I was doing and only toyed with me more because of it.

"Pleeeeease!" I begged. With that Christy stopped and brought her soaking digit down towards my pussy. But she didn't stop at my dripping twat; she brought it down to my anus and started circling my asshole with here finger. This was such a new feeling. But it felt great.

"I've always wanted you to do this to me and I've wanted to do it to you but if you don't want..."

"Oh, Christy Yessss! Do it. Anything you want. Pleeeease. Ohhhhhhhh, God!" She had started to move her finger into my ass and it tickled me high into my stomach. Farther and farther she pushed it and then ... she added another finger.

"Is that good?" She said as she started to pump my ass with her fingers.

"You're gonna love it!" I said with a gasp.

"Let's see if I can make it even better." With that she dove down on my clit and began sucking it and licking with a vigor I had never seen in her. She was hungry for my pussy. I don't know how many times I came as she ate my pussy and fucked my ass, but I finally had to ask her to stop as I was in danger of hyperventilating.

"Christy, you are incredible. Why didn't you ever tell me you wanted me to play with your ass more?"

"I don't know. I guess I wasn't sure you'd be into it or that I would like it. But watching you just now - - well, I guess I do like it!"

"Hmmm. I wonder about me." I said naughtily. I kissed her hard and turned he rover on her back. I licked her nipples. I never realized how small my nipples are compared to hers. Still, I bit into them and felt her hold her breath. I knew the kind of shock that sent right down to my cock and it invigorated me to know exactly what I was doing to her. I dragged my enormous breasts up and down her body. God, that felt so good and I knew Christy was digging it, too. When I got to her raging hard-on, I started licking up and down the shaft. Then I gently popped one of her balls into my mouth and gave it a nice warm bath in my mouth, swirling it lightly with my tongue. She stroked my hair and I could tell she liked this new sensation, but I wasn't done with her yet. She had opened a new door for me and I wasn't going to miss out on returning the favor. I sucked on her other ball and continued stroking that huge cock, I snaked my tongue down towards her anus (boy was I glad that I had showered before I went to bed!). I flicked that rosy starfish with my tongue and got it all wet. Then, I started pushing my tongue into that musky hole.

"Oh, God, Todd! That is amazing! Oh, Yesssss. Mmmmmm!" Her cock started dripping pre-cum and my hand was getting soaked as I continued to drill her ass with my tongue. But I wanted her to feel that deep penetration I had felt. I took my hand that was now dripping itself and slowly pushed a finger in her. It was so tight and I could feel her muscles open and then contract around my finger as Christy moaned and writhed in pleasure. As I pushed a second finger in her ass I sat up a little and started to suck her cock again. It had only been an hour or so since I had first sucked this cock and now I couldn't get enough of it.

I let her cock pop out of my mouth and I asked her: "How do I like you fucking my ass?"

"You LOVE IT!" she screamed as I quickened the pace. I dropped my head down and began bobbing up and down on that apple headed monster.

"Oh, Todd! Yesss! Yesssss! Oh, GOD that feels so good! I want you now. I want my cock in your pussy now." Having said that she powerfully sat up and flipped me over and before I knew what was happening, the back of my calves were on her shoulders and my knees were by my head and that huge cock was poised at the opening of my sopping pussy. I was so turned on by the power that she had over me and I could tell Christy loved being in charge. She stared at how huge her cock looked next to my tiny opening and shook her head. Her cock stood straight out in front of her ... eleven inches of pure man meat and she drove it into me. I screamed as a painful heat raced through my entire body. I had thought she would be gentle, but the power and the passion overtook her and in truth ... this is what I wanted. I never imagined how good it could feel to have a cock inside you. It filled me entirely. I don't know how else to describe it other than to say it felt like that cock took over my entire body. My pussy, my stomach, my chest and even my mouth seemed to be filled with this hot solid energy.

"ARRRRRRGH! Oh, GOD!! Yes! Fuck me Christy. Fuck me Hard. TAKE ME!! Fill me with that huge cock of yours. I love you so much. YESSSS!! MORE! HARDER! You are making me cummmmmm"

Christy rammed that cock in and out of me with a might I had never felt. I reached down and stroked the length of cock that just wouldn't fit all the way in my little pussy. My huge breasts rocked back and forth only giving me more pleasure.

I looked up and saw Christy watching her cock piston in and out of me. Sweat made her entire body glisten. Our eyes locked. "Todd, your pussy is so tight! It's like I feel you everywhere. You are so hot and so wet. I feel you surrounding my whole body. GOD! I LOVE YOU!! I'M GONNA CUM AGAIN!! OH, MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!"

Her body tensed up as she rammed all eleven inches into me and tried to hold back. "OH, Christy. I'm cumming! Oh GOD I'M CUMMING!! CUM IN ME! CUM IN ME NOWWWWW!!"

The pulsing of my orgasm was too much for Christy and she let loose a howl as her cock splattered my insides with her hot cum. I swear I could feel it hit the back of my throat. What amazed me was that usually after an orgasm like that I was ready to sleep, but as smaller orgasms went through my system, I found I craved another big one. I knew that my cock stayed good and hard for at least fifteen minutes after I came so I wrapped my legs around Christy so her cock couldn't escape me. I kissed her hard and while she tried to catch her breath I rolled her over onto her back. Now I was on top. Sitting on top of that flagpole. I started to slide my pussy up and down the length of that wrought-iron shaft as I felt our juices drip out. Christy exhausted as she was, reached up and grabbed my tits and began kneading them. This was really turning me on. I was glad that Christy's legs were in such good shape, because lifting up and then sitting back down on an eleven inch cock is hard work, let me tell you. But it also penetrated me even deeper this way. I quickened my pace and started to rub my clit. Now I was ready to burst all over again. What finally pushed me over the edge was that I actually felt Christy's cock getting harder in side me. She was fully hard again and I saw that animal look come back into her eyes. She started to meet my thrusts with her own and she impaled me on her cock over and over.

"I want to take you from behind. There's still something you haven't felt yet." She said. I lifted my self off her cock and as it popped out more of our co-mingled juices poured over her chest. I knelt down and hungrily lapped it all up. It tasted so good. "Don't forget to share," said Christy. I kissed her and squeezed our love into her mouth. We both swallowed as our tongues roped around each other. Then Christy got up and stood behind me at the edge of the bed. I was on all fours and felt more vulnerable than ever. My breasts hung heavily down, swaying across the sheets. This made my nipple hard and sent those now familiar shock waves down to my pussy.

"You always get my 'G Spot' when you take me this way. Let me see if I can find it, too." She was gentler this time as she slowly moved her cock into my pussy. I could feel every inch of it as it moved in. Suddenly I felt a pressure near my belly and at first I thought I would have to pee. A squeak came out of my mouth as the discomfort turned to pleasure. "Ah, I think I've got it now," said Christy. She began to move the head of her cock against this spot. Any pleasure I had felt up to this point could not compare with what was now happening in my body. A tension built in me that felt more like what I was used to. Except I usually felt it building in my balls and in my cock. This was building in my entire body. Christy quickened the pace as I discovered new muscles inside of my pussy and clamped down on her huge fucking rod. I wanted it right on that spot and nowhere else. My entire body started to clench in on itself. I heard Christy start to groan at the tightness around her cock as I started to lose all control. I wanted to hold back, this feeling was so extraordinary that I didn't want it to end. I felt myself start to sweat as every ounce of strength I had was being used to contain this ecstasy. But the more I fought it the stronger it got. Then Christy reached around, grabbed my swinging breasts, and pinched my rock hard nipples and that was it. I felt a literal explosion throughout my body. Juices sprayed out of my pussy splattering Christy's belly. My pussy starting contracting and pulsing and that made Christy lose it too.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" She screamed with pleasure as she shot load after load of hot sperm into my pussy and my pussy loved it! It just kept pulsing and milking her cock of every last drop as she collapsed on top of me. Her cock still throbbing inside of me. My pussy still pulsing as wave after wave of orgasm swept through my body.

"I love you so much, Todd." This was the last thing I heard as I lost consciousness.

When I awoke the sun was setting. The room had a rosy hue to it. I groggily opened my eyes and looked down at Christy's beautiful blonde hair. My hands raced to my chest. Gone were those magnificent tits. I looked further down and saw that my cock was in Christy's pussy. It was limp but as I saw the crusted juices all over my belly and began to realize that maybe I hadn't been dreaming my cock stirred back to life and began to stretch out Christy's lovely pink pussy lips. I heard her moan slightly and begin to swing her sexy hips and ass as I moved my cock slowly in and out of her as it hardened. I felt the power surging through me, but I contained it.

"Mmmmm. Todd?" Christy said sleepily.

"I love you, Christy. Just pretend this is a dream."


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