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Church Tales
Part VII: The New Church
by Jimi Linden


Leo had been asked by The Reverend Ronnie Joe to speak at his church. Although originally I suggested that this was like asking Hitler to chant at a synagogue, the day had gone exceptionally well. It culminated with two of the ladies from the congregation sharing their bodies and memoirs of their first sexual encounters with us.

Our playmates of the previous evening and early hours of the new day having departed we slept until late the Monday morning. Sometime shortly after sunrise (about noon) our neighbor, the Reverend Ronnie Joe Wilson shook us awake and asked for a full account of what had transpired the night before. He had seen us leave with Joni and Sue in the early evening. His curiosity whetted almost beyond endurance he had lain awake until our return in the early morning. What these two "devout" members of his congregation could have found in common with Leo and me stretched the limits of his imagination.

Purposely teasing him I slipped from beneath the sheets in my full birthday glory and padded to the bathroom. Leo, taking my cue, mumbled, "Susie can tell you better than me," and rolled over pretending to snore again. I languidly relieved myself, washed my face, combed my hair, brushed my teeth and added a bit of color to my lips. Poor Ronnie was bouncing up and down on the edge of the bed like a four-year old awaiting Xmas by the time I finally returned to the bedroom.

Casually I said, "Oh we went out to supper with Sue Monroe and Joni Ferguson. They were quite impressed with Leo's remarks yesterday and wanted to ask him for more specific instructions." Then as I headed out the door I hollered over my shoulder, "Come on sleepyhead! Get up! I'm hungry."

Ronnie Joe followed me down the hall leashed behind me by his nosiness and my nudity. "What did they want to know? You didn't tell them about us ... I mean, you didn't tell them about Dianna and me having sex with you guys did you?"

"Oh sure," I nonchalantly yawned. "They didn't think it was anything special. Just a bunch of people enjoying each other is all they said about it. WHY, are you ashamed you made love to me or embarrassed that your wife slept with my fiancé? Oh, I know! You're embarrassed about how turned on you were watching your wife fuck Leo!"

"NO! NO!" he practically whined. "I mean no, I'm not ashamed of having made love with you." Then after a short pause he quickly added, "or anything else we've done. I'm just worried that maybe, some people in the church might not ... understand ... about our ... relationships ... yet."

"Yet?" I asked with a happy squeal. "Then you're planning on telling everyone in your congregation about your new commitment to free love? Oh, Ronnie! I think that's wonderful," I said as I threw my arms around his neck and wrapped my indecently exposed body tightly around him, "and so brave!" As our lips met, I could feel his reaction rising against my bare flesh.

"Well, I really would like to," he stammered. "But I just don't know where, or how, to begin. I don't dare antagonize anyone. We're just barely making enough now to survive so I need every bit of their support I can get. This is the only way I've ever made a living. There's nothing else I know how to do. If I drive my congregation away, I'll be in real trouble. I'll be out of a job!"

"Oh how disappointing! Here I thought you were dying to tell everyone how wonderful I am," I teased as I unfastened his pants. His ready, randy tool sprang from its confines as if released by a trigger. "Um, now that's not disappointing! That's how I like to see a man react to me," I purred.

Ronnie stood up straighter and his next comment truly surprised me. Depreciatingly he said, "Yeah, but you know you don't really have what I like in a woman." As my eyes widened in astonishment, he grinned and continued, "ME!"

"Oh, you're so wonderfully naughty," I said as I nibbled on his lower lip. My tongue sought his tonsils while I wrapped both legs around his waist. His upthrust shaft slipped easily into my very wet depths and he leaned back against the wall. Because he had been ogling my young body ever since I had slipped from the sheets his staying power was compromised. His hot seed sprayed against the depths of my pleasure within a deplorably few strokes.

Leo had quietly entered the kitchen while Ronnie was relating his financial woes. Quietly observing our union had strengthened his attitude to rock hard proportions. No sooner had Ronnie filled my wanton tunnel than Leo pressed against my back. I was now sandwiched between my two lovers. Ronnie pulled his rapidly deflating shaft from me and Leo pressed into the vacated space. "Don't pull away," he admonished. "Keep your legs wrapped around Ronnie," he instructed as he began a slow penetration. "Oh god I love a wet deck," he moaned as my breasts stroked up and down against Ronnie.

What he said was obviously true, for he proved it by quickly making my deck wetter. Conveniently, the thrill of having such a delightful communion against him had revitalized Ronnie. Leo shrank from me and Ronnie replaced him so quickly I almost failed to notice the changing of the guard. This time we took delectably longer than the first session. I also insisted that Ronnie lower me to the floor so I could raise my legs to his shoulders. While he probed my backbone Leo kissed and nursed me. I cuddled his balls and stroked his eagerly waiting shaft so that when Ronnie again added to my moisture Leo would be truly ready to enjoy my wet deck.

Like Ronnie he positioned my ankles on his shoulders and proceeded to grind my backbone into the carpet. Much as I hate rug burns, I never seem to be able to avoid them in the heat of passion. Ronnie had stroked me to three climaxes and now he was positioned behind Leo watching our pleasure.

"This is absolutely beautiful to witness. Every time you plunge into her some of our cum trickles out and runs down that gorgeous little rear. I'm getting hard again just watching. Now, I don't want you be startled but I'm going to rub my finger in that lovely white stream until I feel you cum, Susie."

Because his fingers were tracing an erotic path down the crack of my ass, I did just what he asked. I came with mind-boggling intensity! Then he gently began to probe my nether hole with his finger. "Don't," I beseeched him. "I'm not into that,"

Slipping his finger gingerly into my rear caused me to pucker tightly and squeal. Then he pressed that finger against Leo's shaft inside me causing me to pleadingly screech, "Oh yes! Finger me Ronnie! I'm cumming again! Oh! Don't stop! Push it up against Leo!" I shrieked my pleasure when I exploded again, thus causing Leo to implant his hot elixir deep within me. Wonderful warm cum slithered down between my ass cheeks as he lowered my legs and snuggled against me with his arrow still in my quiver. Ronnie spooned against my backside so that I was sandwiched between the two as I allowed myself to drift off for a few moments recuperation.

When I woke Ronnie was gently stroking in and out of me while Leo was puttering around the kitchen. It soon became apparent that Ronnie wasn't trying to bring either of us to a climax. He was just intimately sharing our post coital relaxation. Our mutual stimulation lasted several minutes until we were both pleasantly vanquished.

"Maybe I have a few suggestions that might increase your fortune, Ronnie. That is, if you two could leave off with the early morning sex long enough to have a bite of breakfast ('Yeah, right!' I thought, 'early morning at one o'clock in the afternoon!') " Directing his attentions to me, Leo asked, "You want to cook or make coffee?"

"Actually I was rather expecting you to serve me breakfast in bed," I teased back.

Dodging his soft caress (I assume that was why he was swinging his hand toward my bare bottom) I skittered across the room to the coffee maker. Leo started bacon frying, had bagels in the toaster and eggs already broken out into coffee cups. While I watched he gracefully slithered the eggs from their containers into a large skillet without breaking even one yolk. Four distinct circles of two eggs each were slowly cooking by the time I had the coffee measured and the water poured. He slapped hash brown patties along side the bacon then sat down at the table with Ronnie and me. I will never understand how anyone, not trained as a professional chef, could cook as efficiently as my Leo. Especially I admire his dexterity with hot grease and a naked body. I'd have burned permanent messages into my tender skin.

At Leo's suggestion I phoned Dianna and asked her to join us. She was momentarily disconcerted when she discovered the three of us sitting naked at the table. "I swear I'll never get used to living next door to a nudist colony," she burbled. Leo silenced her comments with a deep kiss as he slowly removed her clothing. While his hands lovingly slid the garments from her body, she massaged his direction finder with her hands. She stood in nothing but her panties with her ample breasts tautly pointing at him as he ran his once again rigid rod up the front of her crotch. Quickly kissing down the length of her body he dropped the last barrier of her modesty and buried his tongue in the depths of her desire. "Breakfast is almost ready, but with your permission I would like a quick appetizer. That is if it's O.K. with you," he kissed into her ear. Their union was quick and frantic lasting less than a minute but both seemed satisfied with their "appetizer".

Seated back at the table with our various attributes exposed didn't seem to bother anyone, so he began, "Now Ronnie, I needed Dianna here because this discussion concerns her too. How many people do you actually have in your congregation? Counting even the ones who only come once or twice a year."

"Maybe forty five or fifty if I count everyone who ever attends our church," Ronnie answered after a moments thought. Dianna nodded her affirmation.

"How much money did all those folks donate to you last year?" Then before either could answer, Leo held up his hand to forestall them and continued, "I don't really want you to tell me that. What I want is for you to consider these next questions and then allow me to make a few suggestions. Do you think you're going to receive as much money this year as you did last year? From what you've told me attendance is down and your church is already headed for financial trouble, right? Your livelihood would truly be hurt if someone quit attending, wouldn't it? What you really need is new blood, not just loyalty from the people you have now, wouldn't you agree?"

Reflectively nodding his head in the affirmative Ronnie mulled over the questions as Leo returned his attention to his cooking. An instant later Leo placed a beautiful breakfast before us and calmly began to eat. The bacon was just crisp enough to hold its shape, the potatoes were golden brown on both sides, the egg whites were firm while the yolks were still soft. Bagels should always be toasted and buttered as Leo had prepared ours. Then from somewhere within Leo's magic kitchen appeared orange juice to go with our coffee.

I have seen Leo do this trick numerous times but try as I might I have never been able to get everything to come out just right at the exact same moment. Knowing from the instant I opened my mouth that I was going to stick my foot in, I asked, "How do you do that? I mean, how do you get everything to come out perfect, all at the same time and even have time to enjoy a quickie while you wait?"

The corners of his mouth slyly wrapped around the back of his ears as he nonchalantly answered, "I just turn all the fires down real low."

Damn, he's smooth! Had I been Dianna, I think I would at least have bitten him for the "low fires" comment.

While he munched contentedly on his repast I again marveled at my fortune to have such a talented cook, mechanic, housemate and devoted lover. Now I suspected he was about to reveal another of his numerous talents and rescue Ronnie Joe from financial ruin. I wasn't disappointed!

"Ronnie, I assume you've answered all those questions I asked you? Now come the hard ones. First question, for which I actually want an answer, is why do people come to your church?"

Without a moments hesitation, Ronnie Joe spouted his indoctrinated answer, "Why, to hear the word of the Lord, of course!"

"Bull shit," sneered Leo. "They come by habit. If you really believe any one of them comes to 'hear the word', I challenge you to find one of them who can tell you what was said five Sundays ago. People have been taught to believe in the duty of church attendance. Most of the American population has been propagandized into the acceptance of Christianity as their belief. I'm not criticizing your religion here; I'm pointing out that the majority of people in this country are brainwashed into the mainstream of religious doctrine before they are old enough to make rational decisions. What do you suppose would happen if you were to deviate from the normally accepted teachings of your faith?"

"I'd be kicked out of my pulpit," Ronnie quickly answered.

"What if you slowly introduced new ideas which your group liked but were not within the mainstream concepts of that religion? Do you suppose there might be a possibility that before you lost your pastorate you could develop enough of a following to begin a new church? If most of the congregation left that building they now meet in and pursued you could you be their leader somewhere else? SURE YOU COULD! The only remaining question to be answered then is where would you meet. Would it be possible to meet in your home until another building could be found?"

I could see by the dazed look in Ronnie's eyes that he was about to overload on questions. Dianna's eyes were also beginning to glaze over. Hoping to rescue them, I asked Leo, "What kind of new ideas are you thinking of?"

"Our experiences last night convinced me that there's an opportunity to establish a whole new concept of religion in this area. If we carefully recruit a core group of like minded individuals (by that I mean people who think alike) I believe this thing can quickly grow beyond anything you've ever seen before," Leo mused (I caught the 'we' though Leo seemed unaware of it).

"You've lost me," Ronnie said, then began firing questions back to Leo. "What are you talking about? What happened last night? How am I supposed to begin this wondrous undertaking? You actually believe there might be a way to make this idea of yours pay off?" (His eyes really glazed during that last question.)

"Sorry! I didn't mean to leave you behind there," Leo laughed. "O.K. I'll try to explain my thoughts more precisely. Last night I enjoyed an extraordinary sexual interlude with two of your members as well as my own lovely Susie (I turned red clear to the tips of my ... toes). They're probably not going to be overjoyed that I told you about it, but I believe they'll forgive me when all is explained."

"What I propose is to use Joni and Sue to build a congregation for a church which recognizes the sanctification of sex. I suspect there a lot of people who would enjoy stimulating their sexual desires while attending to their devotional needs. My idea is to ask the ladies to bring one other sexually liberated person, preferably male, to my house tomorrow evening. In my devious little mind, I'm planning an orgy when they get here. Then I will ask each of those four people to bring someone new here Sunday evening. If we can do that each Sunday for two months and everyone actually brings someone new each week, we would have over five hundred people by the end of the period."

Dianna held her hand up like a school pupil and asked, Do you really think people will be cooperative about combining religion and sex?"

"Not only do I think people will be interested, but I'll stake my future on it. Next month, when classes end, I'll not register for the spring semester. Instead, I'll devote my full time efforts to helping you build this organization," Leo enthused.

Both of our guests' eyes brightened at the thought of such a large group. Obviously, the prospect of so many people donating to their finances never crossed either of their minds. I felt certain both were only thinking of spiritual prospects.

"Keep in mind though, it's highly unlikely that everyone will bring someone new each week. Still, I suspect that we could have a core group of well over a hundred members by the end of the two-month period. That's more than twice the number of members you now have, right?" Then after a moments reflection he said thoughtfully, "You know, I'll bet to get this off the ground financially we need as many men as possible. Uh huh. Yeah! I'll have to remind the ladies how much fun it is to have more than one partner. How does my idea sound to you, Susie?"

"I think you better concentrate on getting as many females as possible. No gal is going to want to have sex with a hundred guys. At least not every week," I giggled.

Leo contacted the ladies and presented his idea to them. Even he was surprised at how quickly both forgave him and embraced the opportunity. We tried Leo's idea Tuesday evening with marvelous results. Dianna, Sue, Joni and I, having conspired by phone, agreed among ourselves to all dress similarly. Each of us had on dresses with hose and heels with not a bra among us. Ronnie and Leo of course knowing what was coming, were randy and ready most of the day but by mutual agreement no one would even give them a kiss on the cheek.

Our two new guests were both successful local businessmen. Ralph had his own chain of small fast food outlets and Ben was a major appliance salesman for a large department store. Both were quite aggressive and more than interested in our concept. Joni and Sue had chosen well.

The evening began with a very relaxed atmosphere. Ronnie explained Leo's ideas while Leo served drinks to everyone. We ladies positioned ourselves opposite our guests and began demurely acting quite unladylike. We made quite sure that every movement of our bodies, and there were many wiggles, exposed either an enticing expanse of thigh or an into-the-blouse view.

Ralph actually launched the evening revelries when he asked if we were serious. Some months previous Dianna had accidentally walked into him at church and discovered he was hiding a massive hardon. She now decided the time was ripe to follow up on her earlier interest. Walking over to him, she leaned forward, thus exposing her more than ample cleavage to his roving eye. Then she whispered something in his ear. None of us was ever able to pry from her exactly what she said, but it immediately motivated him to rise to rapt attention. Hiking up her skirt, she straddled him as he sat on the couch and began kissing him.

Poor Ben just sat and watched with his mouth open. He had come as the guest of Sue so Joni sat beside him and started to smooch with him. Resistance was obviously not a word with which he was acquainted for he offered her none.

Sue sat down on Leo's lap while I cuddled up to Ronnie. We just kissed and fondled because none of us could quite bring ourselves to let go until we saw how our guests were going to react.

Joni wasted no time in making her intentions clear. Unfastening Ben's trousers, she promptly buried her head in his lap. Because Ralph and Ben were seated on opposite ends of the divan, they each had a good view of what the other was experiencing. Both men's interest grew as much from what they were watching as from the attentions being conferred upon them. Soon blouses disappeared and nipples were being titillated.

I decided that to make this experience a new awakening for these gentlemen we should do more than just pair off. Ralph seemed the more reserved of the two, perhaps because he appeared to be over the big four-oh mark. His stomach was beginning to droop slightly and there seemed to be an abundance of skin on his forehead. Still he was definitely an attractive man with his dark hair, wide set green eyes and six-foot height.

Carefully disengaging myself from Ronnie, I suggested he go help Leo entertain Sue. Dianna jumped when I pressed up behind her but quickly acquiesced when I began to kiss Ralph. She even guided one of the hands buried up her blouse to my breast. The man almost seemed to enjoy playing with two women at once. My! My!

While I entertained his tonsils, Dianna bared his assets for all to see. The quick brush she had experienced from him previously failed to warn her adequately for what now commanded our attention. He was definitely one of the blessed few who deserved the name "Hoss"!

Both of us had on crotchless pantyhose so while I lowered onto his cherished tool Dianna helped me out of my skirt and blouse. Then I returned the favor. Since I had ingested his tool to begin with Dianna was forced to endure the torture of having to cum first. She handled it like a trooper with screaming, ribald panting, sonorous supplications and ultimately a wonderful flood of fluid at her climax. Thank modern chemistry for ScotchGard!

She had given me a tough act to follow so I decided not to even try. Pulling him to the carpet I wrapped my legs around him, dug my heels into the small of his back, clenched my vaginal muscles and milked him until he erupted.

Meanwhile, Joni had been languidly riding Ben's young thirtyish frame. After watching Dianna's and my exercises, she was inspired to elongate her body over the length of the couch. Short as she is that was not a lot of stretching. To her surprise though, Ben buried his mouth between her legs to begin a meticulous feast. As she squirmed in ecstasy Sue bounced over and began to fondle Ben's equipment. Soon she was licking him from the bottom of his scrotum to the tip of his nicely sized scepter. Her soft blonde hair tickling his skin along with the glory of her tonguing had him visibly ready to explode within seconds. Taking his elongated desire in her hand, she guided him into Joni. Then while he stroked frantically Sue cuddled his testicles in her soft hand. Not until he emptied his seed did she softly squeeze him more firmly. When he collapsed exhausted onto the couch beside Joni, both women began to entice him back to health.

I was still horny so I joined Joni and Sue as they caressed Ben's small, wiry frame. A short man, barely as tall as Sue's sixty-four inches, he was quite sinewy. He also was quite recuperative. Within minutes, he was again ready to provide pleasure. Though I was dying to mount his granite shaft, I realized Sue had not enjoyed any pleasure so far. Grudgingly I mounted his tongue while she impaled herself on his nicely thick tube. Watching her twinkling green eyes cloud over with pleasure, made my sacrifice worthwhile. Ben's energetic tongue did help a bit also.

So our initial "meeting" went. Four very contented ladies had been pierced by the shaft of each male present at least twice during the evening. Both of our guests decided our new church should be a rousing success and promised to become actively involved in recruiting new members. Thus initiated one of the most exciting weeks of my life

Our original core group surprised us by asking if they might continue recruiting throughout the week instead of waiting until Sunday. Accordingly, our two new men and the girls brought four new ladies to our home Wednesday evening. Poor Ronnie and Leo had to sacrifice their evening to help with the new recruits. Thursday night we had twenty naked bodies happily rolling from one to another on every soft, flat surface in the house as well as our living room carpet. Friday night we had to send some of the people over to Dianna and Ronnie's house (the kids were overjoyed to be given the opportunity to visit their grandparents again).

Saturday night I found myself in our bedroom with three men I had only met a few minutes previously. The idea of having sex with someone I had just met excited me immensely. None of the three seemed to be terribly turned off by the prospect of having sex with a willing twenty-year-old college girl. I asked them to all undress, as I wanted to witness their responses as I exposed myself.

Much as I hate to admit this, I don't remember any of their names. I know they were all in their early thirties and each was successful in their respective businesses but I really know little about them above those tidbits. I hope to see them again when I come home for Xmas vacation. It would be nice to get to know them better since that first wonderful evening was so fantastic.

Anyway, they stripped for me exposing their most personal assets. None of the three was exceptional, but neither were they lacking in potential. All three were slightly hard so I decided to see if I could increase their attention.

I had worn a short yellow shift just for the occasion. Underneath I had on a push-up bra and crotchless pantyhose. After I unzipped the back of my dress, I carefully lowered the front to expose my black, see-through bra. As I freed my mammaries three beautiful shafts of meat began to grow accordingly. When I slithered out of the little yellow dress and stepped out of my panties all three members strained to escape from the skin holding them in place. I sat on the edge of the bed and carefully spread my legs as I removed my heels. This caused all three to stretch to their utmost so I rewarded their efforts by stroking and kissing each in succession.

Holding two by their fleshy leashes and propelling the third with my rock hard nipples, I walked them over to the bed. I pushed the gentleman I had been stabbing with my volcanoes back onto the mattress then leaned over and kissed the tip of his manhood. He almost lost his control. "I want one of you to nurse me and the other one to let me suck his dick. You, I said to the man I was straddling, I want to excite my already very wet channel. When you think I'm wet enough I want you to enter me and fill me full of your seed. Then I want you," I said looking at the man who was pointing his spear at my mouth, "to take his place. And then you," I directed to the man who had already begun nibbling my nipple, "come here so I can suck you."

Each took his position and I lowered my mouth around the gorgeous shaft before me. I've never been good at deep throating but my accomplice seemed to enjoy the actions I was providing. The man who was working between my legs ran first one finger, then two and finally all four fingers clear up to the web of his thumb into me. Initially I was leery of his probing but it only took a few strokes and I was totally committed to his actions. He worked his hand slowly in and out of me until I exploded in a flood of ejaculatory juices. I had shot before, but never from such a slow, delightful rhythm. As my fluids trickled down my legs, he slid down and began to lick me. His tongue probed deep into my slit then slithered up to circle my clitoris with tender care. My nipples were being nursed and squeezed while my most delicate lips were being licked to ecstasy. I couldn't restrain myself! I came again with a great gush of liquid.

Then I was mounted doggie style and his firm rod was stroking my bellybutton from the inside. All too soon I felt his hot plasma spray my insides. I clenched the muscles of my love hole as tightly as I could to milk every drop from him. When his tool began to shrink, we played 'musical Susie' and I straddled the man whose backbone I had been trying to inhale through his shaft.

Since I had already been caressing the genitals of the man nursing me, I led him by his ready leash to my mouth. While I rode my second lover I worked this man up to the point where he was just about to explode then squeezed the base of his shaft until he calmed.

Meanwhile I had told my first paramour to relax and recover. He would have none of it and insisted on bringing my nipples to their most extreme heights. It didn't seem to matter where his ministrations were engaged; he was fantastic at whatever he was doing. Never has anyone, who brought me to enjoyment by nursing my breasts, failed to receive my devoted attentions.

Again, much too soon my lover filled me full of his sperm. As I lifted myself from him, I could feel a stream of warm fluid trickling from my wanton lips. Not only did this not bother him but he pulled me back down onto his shaft to repeat the performance. Evidently Leo was not the only one who enjoyed a cum filled pussy.

Telling my third lover I was tired, I asked if he would mind if I lay on my back for him. He said that was perfect because it was his favorite position. Crawling between my legs, he popped easily into my twice-filled hole. The other two gentlemen rotated positions on my breasts and mouth while I enjoyed the feeling of yet another strange shaft in my body. After a couple of minutes of energetic pumping the man at the core of my being pulled out.

My first thought was that he was turned off by the looseness of my sloppy hole. Then he gently but firmly grabbed my clit with his teeth and enthusiastically began to eat me. I couldn't believe he had his tongue in me with all the cum from his partners. Not only did it not seem to bother him; he appeared to be truly enjoying his task.

Naturally I came quickly but that didn't stop him. He continued to eat me until I came a second time. That time my reaction was so violent, I almost bit the man I had in my mouth. I wanted to tell my enthusiastic gourmet to stop but the man probing my tonsils seemed equally determined to prevent me from saying a word. As I approached my fifth zenith in less than twenty minutes both of my other lovers pulled back from me. My explosion was punctuated by ejaculatory liquor shooting excruciatingly from my body and drenching my wonderful tormenter. Only then did he enter me again.

"You're beautiful when you cum you know," he told me as I strained to pull him deeper into my tight tender core. "The nipples on those exquisite breasts strain so hard it's a wonder they don't pop like overripe cherries! Did you know your eyeballs roll back up into your head? Were you in ecstasy?"

"YES!" I screamed. "Now shut up and ram it deep into me. I want every inch of you as far inside me as you can drive it! Don't waste your breath talking. FUCK ME!"

When I woke up all three of my lovers were softly stroking me. Dreamily I mumbled, "Did I pass out?" I remembered the pleasure of feeling hot cum shooting into me again but then there seemed to be a period when I was just asleep.

"You scared us you came so violently," someone told me. "I've never seen a woman cum that hard," another voice confirmed.

"That was fantastic," I purred to them. "And what you're doing with your hands now is almost as nice." Then they began to use their lips as well as their fingers. Soon I was again in an advance state of excitement. They took turns stroking into my happy shaft until the early hours of the morning. I was one very tired little lady as I boarded the plane to take me back to school in Los Angeles.

I have no idea how many times each of them had intercourse with me but I'm sure it must have been at least ten times each. For a week afterward I was sore but I glowed with happiness everywhere I went.

Well to make a long story short, the idea took off like the proverbial skyrocket. By the end of the first two months, they had over two hundred members. Surprisingly the ratio of females to males balanced almost from the first. The group quickly outgrew both Leo and Ronnie's houses. Afternoon "services" at the church building were soon in order but that also quickly became overcrowded. One of the new members knew of a large vacant building over on the west hill of Albuquerque and within a surprisingly short time the new congregation acquired it. Leo told me the presence of a couple of attorneys, several real estate people and some building contractors on the acquisition committee helped a bit also.

The building required extensive renovation and remodeling but it easily held our little flock. People eventually discovered they were actually happier dispersing into smaller groups at various members' homes than all trying to find space in the chapel building, Leo reiterated. The church building once again became a place for meetings, worshipping and socializing. I'll forgo comment on why they met, what was being worshipped or how social everyone became. He also advised me that the members were definitely a very appreciative group! The more he and Ronnie shared with the group, the more they gave back. I assumed my men were only sharing their time and energy though I suspected they occasionally might still be called upon to provide other services.

In addition to all the folks who dispersed to various homes, a typical afternoon would usually find anywhere from ten to forty people in the church building. Modesty had been one of the first things our pastors (Yes, Leo was taking an active part in the clergy of the unit) had disposed of. Now, Leo told me, it was quite common to see our members in various stages of exposure and sexual activity, just about anywhere in the building. Almost any room you entered there was some type of sexual activity being performed. If a person was not receiving what they desired in the place where they were all they needed to do was go to another location. Third (or forth or fifth or whatever number might come up) parties were always welcome in any of the groups.

Dianna and Ronnie had moved to a new house in the Paradise Hills addition and had been able to trade their old clunker for a reliable vehicle. They had also sworn off beans, spaghetti and macaroni with cheese for life. That is unless one of those previously overworked menu items was served in a restaurant.

The more Leo described these exciting events the more anxious I was becoming for my Xmas vacation to arrive. I had an itch I was dying to have scratched. Of course, I felt sure it had nothing to do with my three lovers of an earlier evenings entertainment.


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