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Chinese Wife
by B.Beattie

My wife and I met when we were both 14 years old. May was the only Chinese girl in our sophomore class. She was little, skinny, very shy, wore glasses, very intelligent and had long blue black hair down pass her ass.

I was on the junior varsity football team and was failing math due to too much football practice and not enough time studying. May was assigned as my student tutor to help me. At first I was not very friendly with her. But I learned that she was very clever and had a great sense of humor. May had a way of making me want to understand and learn math. When I graduated from high school math was my best subject thanks to May. We never dated but were best friends through high school.

Upon entering university, May and I found ourselves in some of the same freshman classes. But had she ever changed! May was like the ugly duckling that matured into a beautiful swan. She no longer wore glasses, was now 5'5, 110 lbs., 34C tits and a great little ass. She also looks like she is 16 years old. She was always receiving attention from the guys in class. We just drifted together and started dating. It was not sexual at first. Just two good friends having fun.

I soon discovered that May liked to dress sexy and to tease. She would wear short skirts and no panties and hardly ever wore a bra. One day at the beach she wore a little yellow bikini that showed off her Asian skin perfectly. Her dark hard nipples were visible through the sheer top. She was receiving a lot of looks from other guys that day. We were both lying on our stomachs facing the ocean, raised up on our elbows talking. May had unfastened the back of her top to get more sun and being raised up like she was, all of her tits were showing. They were stunningly beautiful, very firm with dark little erasure nipples. She saw me looking and said that I never looked at her like that in high school. I laughingly told her she was flat as a board in high school and did not have any tits. Some guys walked by and she did not pay any attention to them as they looked at her tits. It excited me for someone to see May's tits.

I always had this impression of Chinese girls being standoffish, meek and shy. Not true at all. May always walks around the house naked. She told me some of her fantasies. May has always wanted to go to a nude beach, but was afraid. Always wanted dance naked before a crowd of men in a topless club. She also fantasized about fucking 4 or 5 guys at once.

One Monday morning neither of us had classes and I told May we were going to the beach for the day. May loves to go to the beach. She must have 10 drop dead killer bikinis. I packed the cooler with beer and snacks and we headed up the freeway. May ask which beach were we going to. I said to a nude beach. May did not believe me and kept saying no way, where are we going.

I kept telling her to a nude beach. We parked in a lot off the highway and she read the sign stating "Warning this is a nude beach." May was laughing saying she did not believe this. We got out of the car and started down the cliff to the beach. When we arrived at the bottom there was a couple lying there naked reading books. May stopped me and ask why? I said you once told me you wanted to go to a nude beach but was afraid to do it. She said she wants to but, was not sure if she could do it. I told her its OK with me whatever happens.

Being Monday there was not many people at the beach. We walked down the beach past a few naked couples. They were reading or sunning. I found a secluded spot in a small cove and we laid out our blanket and towels. I sat down and took off my tennis shoes, socks, T-shirt and shorts. I still had on my swimsuit. May did not even hesitate and took off her top and bottoms. Her beautiful 34C tits and little pussy were bare. She has a beautiful pussy covered with soft black pubic hair trimmed into a little triangle. I asked her how it feels. May said it was like doing something her mother told her never to do. She said it was exciting and felt good. May's nipples were very hard. I took my swimsuit off and had a raging hard on. May giggled and said she knew how to make it soft. Seeing that nobody could see us, she started slowly stroking my cock right there on the beach, asking if I wanted to fuck her right now. May climbed onto my lap, guiding my hard cock into her wet pussy. She was fucking me, telling me she wanted me to cum. She was squeezing my balls when I let go with streams of cum into her. I'll never forget that.

We were very nervous for awhile but finally settled down and had some beer and sandwiches and read for awhile. A couple of times another couple or some guys would walk by and look at May. They stared at her because May is a Chinese woman. You don't see too many of them on a nude beach due to their culture. The other reason people look at May is because she has a fantastic body.

We were enjoying the sun and the experience when another couple spread their things out near us. The girl was typical California, long blond hair, and healthy athletic appearance. When she took her jeans and top off I thought what a beautiful woman. Nice firm 36 or 37C tits, slim body and good long legs. What I liked was her shaved pussy smiling at me. They had a small stereo and played some nice music. I saw May looking at the man's cock. The guy had a huge 11 or 12 inch cock on him. When he was standing his cock almost reached his knees.

We got up the courage to go for a walk down to the ocean and along the beach. It was exciting walking around naked with May. Men we passed really looked at her. My cock was semi-hard and bouncing around. When we got back the blond girl came over and asked if we had a lighter they could use. Her name was Dee and her husband was Charlie. May gave her some matches and I had a good long up close look at the girl. She was beautiful and had some great tits.

They were drinking beer and playing backgammon. May and I were setting on our blanket facing them. Charlie was having some good looks at May's tits and the way she was setting, her puffy pussy lips and clit could be seen.

May and I had a couple of beers and we had brought some great joints. I was getting really stoned and in a good mood. May got up and walked over to their blanket, I couldn't believe her. My wife was standing there completely naked talking to these people. Charlie was sitting on the sand and his big cock was almost touching his knee. I knew May was getting a good look.

When May came back she could not stop telling me about Charlie's huge cock. I knew that May was an exhibitionist at heart and now she was having the opportunity to experience one of her fantasies. Charlie came over to us and brought us a couple of beers saying that they had more than they needed. I would kill for a cock like he had. He was standing in front of us, it was big around as my arm and almost touching his knees. Dee came over and ask if they could join us. We shared a few joints and was enjoying their company. It was exciting sitting on the beach naked with another naked couple, knowing they are looking at your cock as you look at them.

Dee and Charlie each took a pill and ask if we wanted a quaalude. We had heard of them but had never had one before. I told May why not, we are at the beach and won't be going home for a couple of more hours. We each took one with our beer. In about 15 minutes May said the pill, beer and joint was making her super horny. Dee started giggling and told May that she always gets extremely silly and horny when she does a lude. May and Dee were both caressing their pussies and tits, rubbing their wet clits. Charlie and I were both stroking our cocks watching them.

May was fascinated with Charlie's big cock. She told Dee she had never seen a cock as big as Charlie's and ask if it hurt when he fucked her. We all watched as Charlie slowly stroked his big cock. He would start at the base and slowly slide his hand outward to the tip, which was now almost at his knee. Pre-cum began to bubble out. May turned to me and said she wanted to play with Charlie's cock. May is not shy. I watched as May moved over and sat between Charlie's legs and began to slowly stroke his huge cock up and down with both hands. She began to rub the tip of his cock on her tits and hard nipples, covering them with his pre-cum. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was going to suck his cock and let him fuck her.

May was in another zone. My cock was about to explode watching May play with Charlie's cock. Dee saw me stroking my hard cock, moved over in front of me and started jerking me off with long slow strokes. Then she was sucking my cock as I watched May put Charlie's big cock in her mouth. I came in Dee's mouth is waves while watching May. I watched her run her tong in and out of the opening and take a couple of inches in her mouth. May had his big balls in her hand squeezing them.

She was moaning for Charlie to cum all over her tits and face. Charlie's cum filled balls began to jump up and down and May started choking on cum flooding her mouth and running down her chin onto her tits. She was using both hands to stroke his huge cock up and down quickly, draining ever ounce of his cum.

Dee got on her hands and knees, moaning for me to fuck her. I got up on my knees and rammed my cock all the way into her bald pussy with one push. She reached back between her legs and started caressing my balls. May turned around towards us. She was smiling and had cum all over her face, in her hair and running down her tits. She told me to watch her fuck Charlie's big cock. She rose up over Charlie, reaching down and holding his cock straight up, she lowered her pussy till the big tip disappeared in her little pussy. I could not believe his huge cock was going into my wife's little pussy. May was moaning saying how big it was. Lower she went, till about half of it was inside her. Lowering herself more, till she had taken almost all of his huge cock, saying no more, no more. Charlie rolled May over on her back and began to pound his huge cock into her little pussy. She was screaming, "it huts so good, don't ever stop, I'm cuming." Charlie's big balls were slapping May's ass with loud pops. I was really fucking Dee hard and fast. I was cuming again as I watched May receive the fucking of her life. May went into convulsions of non-stop orgasms. When she stopped cuming, May crawled over to me and laid beside me. We watched as Dee took May's place, climbing on top of Charlie and taking all of his huge cock in her bald pussy. She started fucking him slowly asking him how he like fucking May's little pussy. Telling him how she had been fucked really good. May was in my arms, both of us facing Dee and Charlie. I slipped my hard cock into her cum filled pussy from behind and started fucking her while watching Dee and Charlie. Her pussy was hot, very wet and sloppy. I came and added more cum to her pussy.

Later I fucked Dee again. This time very slowly and enjoyed watching May get fucked by Charlie again. When we eventually headed back to our car May was walking very slowly. She asked me not to fulfill any of her other fantasies anytime soon. We both had a good time and I will always remember May sitting on Charlie's giant cock. Dee and Charlie had invited us to their house Saturday for a Bar-B-Q and pool party. Sounds like fun.

Another fine story by B.Beattie.
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