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CumWars [battle 1]
by Attik

Inspired by the BBS cum war.

In a house far far away from where you live, there was a couple making love. To them, and to the rest of the world it didn't seem like such a big deal, but it would start a war between men and women. It would start a cum war, a war to decide who should swallow, do you swallow?

James and Christi were on their bed, moans coming from their lips. Christi was screaming his name like he was miles away and she desperately needed his attention. James continued to pound into her wet tight pussy with everything he had in him, watching her tits bounce back and forth as he slammed his cock into her again, and again. Finally after a few minutes of fucking James felt the cum boil in his nuts. He quickly pulled out and asked Christi for a blowjob, she agreed and went down on him. While she sucked on his hard corndog James felt the cum shooting up from his balls, through his hard beef missile, and it shot directly into Christi's mouth! Once Christi felt his cum land on her tongue she flipped out, spitting the cum and James' cock out of her mouth. She started yelling at James: "you're a sick bastard James! How could you put that shit in my mouth?" James was in shock, he didn't know it would be such a big deal. All he could think to say was how sorry he was, but she didn't listen. "I don't think you're sorry! I think you enjoyed doing that! It's fine though, I'll let it go this time."

After that there was peace among James and Christi for quite some time, until the next time they made love. James made a fatal mistake, and asked for another blowjob when he was about to cum. Christi put her lips around his stiff pole and began to run her lips up and down. She could feel James' big floppy balls begin to tighten up, but she continued to give him a wonderful blowjob. She was almost daring him to cum in her mouth again, and sure enough, he did. "Mmm." Was all that Christi said this time. James was in shock at this response, until Christi got up. She began to lean down, as if to get a kiss from James, but a kiss is not what she was after. James went in for the kiss he was expecting, only to feel a warm liquid splash onto his face. "What the fuck!?" James began to scream. Christi just stood there smiling, almost laughing. She had spit her lovers cum right back in his eye, and she was proud of herself, amused even. "That's what you get for cuming in my mouth you bastard!"

This started a war between the two, that would eventually have men and women all over the world fighting each other. Every time James and Christi would make love it was a war of cum, sometimes Christi would have him cum in her pussy, then sit on his face. Driven by revenge, James would jerk himself off on her face when Christi slept. It was a pure battle, starting out as a bit of a joke and turning serious.

One day James came home from work, walking through the front door. All of a sudden a white fluid came falling onto his head. "The old bucket above the door trick?" He yelled.

"Yes, but with a little twist," replied Christi.

"What twist? What is this shit?" He asked.

"It's your cum, honey." Christi laughed.

"You bitch! I'll make you pay for this!" James yelled while walking into the bathroom.

A week later Christi told her friends about her continuing battle with James, and they quickly told their friends. Once the word started to spread, there was no turning back.

Now let me introduce you to a couple, two college freshmen, out on a little date. The word traveled there also. Ricky and Michelle had just gone to the movies, they saw a lovely romance, and decided to go for a walk. While walking and talking on the beach, they began to make out. They stood there on the beach with their tongues in each others mouths, trying to lick the back of each others throats. When they finally broke their kiss, Ricky looked at her, he felt bold and confident, so he spoke "Hey Michelle, wanna go do it in the back of my mommy's car?"

Michelle looked at him in shock. "What? Do I look like some kind of cheap whore to you? Do you think a movie and some pop corn buys you some pussy? You fuckin perverted dickhead!" Michelle screamed as she started walking away. Ricky stood there confused, he thought about running after her, but figured it was a lost cause.

He continued to walk down the beach until he heard a loud hum, and a bright light was shining down on him. he looked up but couldn't see anything past this bright light. All of a sudden gravity was no more, and he began floating straight up towards the light, until everything went dark. When he finally woke up he was surrounded by green men with little heads, and BIG cocks.

He suddenly realized he was tied down, he struggled to get free, but couldn't break the red ribbons holding him down. He began panicking, especially when he felt a cool jelly of some kind being rubbed onto his asshole. He screamed "What are you doing? Let me go goddamnit!" They laughed, but didn't let him go. All of a sudden Ricky felt a sharp pain in his ass as one of the aliens inserted it's giant cock into Ricky's anus. The alien pumped himself inside of Ricky's virgin ass for hours, cuming again, and again, and again, and so on. Ricky screamed and begged for it to end, but it didn't end for a while. Once the first alien was done with Ricky's ass, another stepped up to the plate. They took their time fucking Ricky in the ass, each one of them cuming inside him multiple times. When they were finally finished with him 70 years later (10 minutes our time) they set him back on the beach where they found him, but not as the horny Ricky he was before, but as the alien madman known as "Ricky Retardo, The sperm warrior".

To Be Continued...

Stay tuned for more words of madness, and find out what happens when "The sperm warrior" hits NY, and follow the other battles between men and women spewing cum in later additions. I hope you enjoyed it..

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