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Changed Wife
Pt. I: Discovery
by Surgeon

When she went shopping downtown, she had no idea it would take so long. But looking at the time, she thought she had just enough in hand to go and surprise her husband. The hospital was not too far away, and in any case, he didn't mention he had surgery that day. Rosa walked into the busy hospital and smiled at a few of the friends she knew by now. She took the staff elevator to the top floor, where the senior staff had their offices. When she reached the top floor, she met Dr. Clark just outside his door. He was in a good mood and they chatted for a while about the next get together at the club. Then he left and she went on down the corridor to Martin's room. Most of the doors were closed, and she hoped that he was still there and had not left like everybody else.

She entered his secretary's cubicle, but there was no one there. But the door to his office was ajar. She went to the door thinking she would walk in and surprise him, with a big smile on her face. Just as she touched the door knob, the she froze to the spot and the smile froze on her face.

"Oh yeah, baby, suck my cock, suck it, you little slut....!"

Rosa was shocked to hear her husband's voice. It was him! And speaking like that!! But how was it possible. She leaned forward to peep into the crack of the doorway. And what a superb view she got.

There was Martin leaning against his big desk with his pants around his ankles, and kneeling right in front of him was nurse Celine. Her white blouse was open, revealing huge breasts in a white bra. The bra was roughly pushed aside to reveal the nipples. Her white skirt was bunched around her waist, revealing her naked buttocks, the panties lying on the floor. White thigh high stockings and shoes completed the sexy nurse's uniform.

Martin's long and thick cock was jutting out from under his shirt, and Celine was busy licking and kissing the huge, engorged organ. It was wet and sticky with her saliva and its juices. Celine was busy rubbing her tongue all over it, mewling softly, kissing and sucking his cock.

Rosa got the shock of her life, staring at her young and handsome husband getting a blow job from one of the nurses. It was something she could have never imagined in her whole life! "Oh, Doctor Martin, i just love to suck your big cock!" moaned Celine, grinning up at the doctor.

"And i love it when you suck me off, Celine," he smiled back at her, "and i love to cum in your mouth, you slut!"

Rosa couldn't help blushing with shame as she heard the words they spoke. She was mesmerized and just went on looking at the two of them in the room.

"But doctor, what about your wife," Celine smiled up mischievously, slowly pumping his huge penis in her fist. "Won't she find out!"

"That bitch doesn't suck cock like you do, Celine. She gets it from me three times a week, and even that is more than enough for her! She seems to think sex is dirty, and just cause you're married you have to do it!"

Rosa was shocked further, and stood with her mouth wide open.

"I wish she could learn a few tricks from you, baby, cause i sure love her, but i love sluts too!"

Celine dove right back onto his cock, engulfing the tube of flesh deep within her lips. She began to suck loudly, making soft moans in her throat every time he pulled out of her mouth. Martin caught hold of her blond hair and began to jerk his hips forwards. Celine kept on jerking his cock with her hand, while she sucked on the head, stuffing as much of the huge thing into her mouth as she could. The other hand played with the two jewels hanging below her chin.

"Here it comes, baby, suck my cum!" roared Martin.

Rosa watched helplessly as Martin began to jerk his hips wildly into Celine's face. His face was contorted in the way she was familiar with, a big smile on his face. His head strained back and he began to orgasm. Celine mewled with delight as his sperm began to fill her mouth. She began to swallow wildly, as the cum began to leak out of her wet lips and run down her chin, dripping onto her naked breasts. At last Martin slowed down and pulled his cock back out of her mouth. Celine began to lick at the wet cock and sucked up all the beads of his cum she had left behind, running her tongue over her wet lips to signify her pleasure.

Rosa could watch no more. With a sob that she stifled in her throat, she jerked away from the door and lurched out of the room. And then she got the second shock of the day. Standing behind her staring was Peter! She began to cry as he held out an understanding hand and led her out of the corridor into his own room. Shutting the door behind him, he let her sob for a few minutes. Then he got her a glass of water, which she gulped down thankfully. Getting her seated, he began to talk to her softly.

He was Martin's oldest friend and he and his wife Gina had know them both for a long time. At least the five years they had been married. Even Gina and Rosa were best of friends. Then Pete told her that Martin had begun to fool around on her about a couple of years after their marriage. He explained to her that though he knew about it all along and they both talked about it, he could never have told her.

But through the tears, Rosa heard something very strange. "Just cause he's a good surgeon, he gets his ego trips on power and fame; and good sex is a release for him. I know about you two ... ... .. well, a lot. But Rosa, believe me, he still loves you - loves you more than ever. Every few days he lands up in a drunken depression but he just can't help himself later!"

Rosa straightened herself up, and dried her face and eyes. She looked at Pete and smiled at him. He was such a good friend to both of them. The Pete asked her if she wanted to go home; but she didn't think she could face Martin right away. So Pete told her to go straight over to Gina and sit with her for some time. That sounded like a good idea, so he escorted her down to the car and looked after her drive out towards his home.

When Rosa reached their house, Gina was already waiting at the door with a worried look on her face.

"Oh you poor darling, come in and let me take good care of you!"

Rosa felt her resolve break again and started crying violently. She sobbed and moaned as Gina led her to the sofa and sat down with her, cradling her head in her arms against her chest. Gina held her close and rocked her gently, crooning to her like to a child, trying to calm her down. After a while, she did settle down.

Gina went and got them both some wine. Rosa took her glass and began to sip slowly, staring off into the distance. After a few minutes, Gina began to talk to her.

"Look, Rosa, why don't you calm down and think about it. After all, there are a lot of possible options. You can go and talk to Martin directly about it."

"I don't think i could do that, Gina, i just can't face him with this."

"Ok then, what else; you want out?!"

"Of course not," she cried out indignantly. "I love him, for what he is, i still love him!"

"Well, then, what do you think?"

"Maybe i have been slightly. . . . . . "

She faltered and became quiet again. Before they could continue, Peter drove up. He entered the house and gave them both a cheery hello. Rosa couldn't help smiling at him. After all, he was an old friend, and if the two of them had not helped her out right now, she couldn't think of what she would have done.

Pete freshened up and joined them both in the living room. All three of them were silent for a while. Then Pete got up and began to pace the room.

"Rosa, what i am going to tell you will hurt you, but you have to listen to what i have to say. I know this is a hard time for you, but it is the best time for me to tell you what is going on. Martin is an extremely horny guy, and he really craves sex all the time. When the two of you got married, he couldn't stop talking about you and what a great time the two of you had. But, and let me warn you before you say anything, there was one thing that changed soon. You seem to take a very down to earth approach to sex, while he needs to live out all his dreams and fantasies. When you couldn't do all that for him, he started turning elsewhere. But believe me, he loves you with all his heart. Every time he falls victim to his lust, he keeps thinking of you. Didn't you hear him with the nurse this afternoon?"

Rosa colored up at this, feeling a hot flush across her face when she remembered the site she had seen. And what she had heard.

"You see, Rosa, you have to give him a chance. If you want i can have a talk with him. Maybe you can talk to him directly. But don't waste the whole thing away like this. Please."

With that Pete walked out of the room. Rosa sat staring at Gina. Then they began to talk. About sex. And Rosa heard things she had just read about, or didn't even dare to imagine. Slowly, she began to grasp why Martin needed to play around. What he needed was a new wife. A changed wife.

That night, Rosa managed to get into bed before Martin came into the house. She could hear him get undressed, and feigned sleep. She was sleeping wearing just a t-shirt. She was a bit surprised when Martin came to the bed and tried to wake her up by fondling and stroking her legs and ass. But she just could not do it today. And she was more surprised when she felt his erection in his short poke her back. But he thought she was sleeping and went to sleep himself after some time.

To Be Continued...


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