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Chinese Wife Pt. II
by B.Beattie

When Saturday morning came, May ask if we were going to Dee and Charlie's house today. I said yes if she did. We arrived at their house around noon and were surprised at their huge house. It was two stories and must have had 5 or 6 bedrooms. Charlie met us at the door in a swim suite. He told us he was happy we had come. The pool was very nice with a waterfall and enclosed by a brick wall.

There were 8 other couples there. The women were all topless. Dee came up to us topless, those beautiful 36C tits swaying. She took us to the bar and fixed us a margarita. Her 36C tits were stunningly beautiful. Dee led us to the pool dressing room and showed us where to leave our things and told us to come out and meet everyone after we changed. May put on a little white tong and nothing else. Her whole ass showed. It was so transparent her little black pussy was visible. I put on my suite and May and I went outside. Dee took us around and introduced everyone. May was a big hit and received lots of looks and attention. We found a place to get some sun and laid out our towels.

Dee came and got May and they went off and joined the other women chatting and making pitchers of margaritas and rolling joints. All of the women were between 20 and 30 years old and had great bodies. There were 10 women here, all topless, and all beautiful. I went to the bar for a beer and noticed there was a bowl of joints on the bar and another bowl with pills. There were so many beautiful tits I did not know which to look at. Dee handed me a couple of joints and asked me to give them to Charlie. I joined the guys and we talked sports and drank beer and smoked pot for awhile. Lunch was self serve from dishes.

May and I were relaxing in the shallow end of the pool when Dee over with the pill bowl and ask if we wanted a quaalude. Dee had gotten rid of her bottoms and was now naked. Both of us took one with our beer. The margaritas, beer and quaaludes worked quickly. I was so horny. I had my arm around May and was playing with her tits. My cock was hard and sticking out of my suit. May pulled my suit off and soon her hand was underwater stroking my hard cock. May ask if I wanted another beer and went to get them. I watched her walk topless to the bar. Her 34C tits have a nice bounce to them. There were four guys and two girls standing around the bar drinking. The guys started teasing May. Pointing to the two girls who did not have anything on, they were naked. The guys were pointing to a row of women's swim suite bottoms hanging above the bar. Two of the guys put their arms around May and had their hands over her tits. The other two pulled her bottoms off and hung them over the bar with the others. May was standing there naked with the guys looking at her pussy. One guy reached down and caressed her pussy.

May picked up the beers and walked back naked, laughing. She told me what happen. She had to trade her bottoms for beer, a joint and two pills. We smoked the joint and did the pills while drinking our beer. Everyone was now naked. May and I watched a couple of girls getting fucked near us in the pool. May raised up and lower herself on my cock and started fucking me saying she was so horny. Both of us came quickly. Dee came and joined us in the water. She asked if we were having a good time. May told of having to give up her bottoms for beers and joints.

May went to get some more beer. She looked great walking around the pool naked. She has a tight firm ass. Soon as May left Dee began playing with my cock. Dee told me to watch the bar, May was going to have to pay again for the beers. She told me it's a game everyone plays called "cashier." If a guy goes for a beer, he has to pay by fucking a girl there. The girl is the cashier. If a girl goes for beer, she has to fuck a guy. The guy is the cashier.

There were five guys and two girls at the bar drinking when May got there. I saw her being escorted to a bar chair by the guys and heard them ask what she wanted. Three beers were soon sitting on the bar and they explained how she had to pay for them. May was laughing with the two girls in disbelief as two guys took her legs and placed them over the arms of the bar chair. Even from across the pool, I could see that Mays pussy was wide open. One of the guys was fingering her pussy and two others were playing with her tits and nipples.

Dee raised up and sat on my hard cock saying May seams to be enjoying the game. Dee started gently fucking me. Her pussy was hot and felt wonderful. I came quickly but she kept on fucking me as we both watched May. I looked at the bar and saw one of the guys was between Mays spread legs fucking her. The other four guys were gathered around her playing with her tits and stroking their hard cocks. May was holding one guys cock in her hand stroking it. The guy fucking her came and another guy quickly took his place. I came again in Dee. Dee said that May sure likes to fuck. Dee and I went over to the bar to watch May.

Soon everybody was there watching May get fucked. All the guys had their cocks in their hand. After the fourth guy fucked her she had cum all over her. The black pubic hair covering her pussy was a white mass of cum. I stepped up and shoved my hard cock into her now sloppy pussy. May was gone, having multiple orgasms. She looked at me and said she is getting fucked like she has always wanted to be fucked. It was very exciting having everyone watch me fuck my wife. I came very quickly.

After I came, I stepped back and Charlie stepped between Mays spread legs. It became very quite. His huge cock looked like a horse's cock. It was hanging down almost to his knees. The weight of his big cock prevented it from sticking out like a normal cock. A good 12 or 13 inches and was big around as my arm. May was wide eyed and breathing very hard. She told Charlie, "fuck me with your big cock."

Charlie took his big cock in both hands and guided it to May's swollen cum covered pussy lips. Cum was dripping out of her pussy. Charlie rubbed the big tip of his cock around May's pussy lips and then pushed it in a couple of inches till the tip disappeared. He relaxed. May was moaning, squeezing her tits, humping her hips and telling everyone how good his big cock felt. Charlie pushed more of his big cock into her pussy. Over half of his huge cock was buried in my wife's pussy. Now May was coming. She was squeezing her own tits so hard there was scratch marks. Charlie pushed again and he was all the way in. May's little pussy was filled. She was coming and coming, shouting for Charlie to "never stop and to fuck her." Charlie started to move his hips. First slowly. Then he went into overdrive and began to really pound May, giving her a real fucking. His big balls were making a slapping noise every time he rammed his cock home.

There were 16 people watching May get fucked. The women were all moaning, holding their tits and fingering their pussies and the men were stroking their cocks. Some guys were already coming, I was shooting cum everywhere. I heard Charlie moan and say he was coming. May shouted at him to cum on her face and in her mouth. Charlie pulled his huge cum soaked cock out of May's pussy. It made a sucking noise as it came out. May was out of the chair and dropped to her knees. She took Charlie's slippery big cock in her hands and began to pump it with long quick strokes. Telling Charlie she wanted his cum in her mouth and on her face. Two other guys, stroking their hard cocks, stepped up to May and started to cum all over her face and tits. She kept pumping Charlie's cock and opened her mouth for each of the guys, they started coming in her mouth, across her face, in her hair and on her tits. Charlie moaned, shoved his cock in Mays face as long strings of white cum began to rocket into Mays mouth. Her mouth was already overflowing with cum as she opened her mouth and took as much of Charlie's cock as she could.

Charlie came in big white globs. May had cum everywhere when she took Charlie's limp cock out of her mouth. Four more guys, one after the other, stepped up and unloaded their cocks in Mays mouth and on her face.

It was very quite. Everyone had cum. May was literally covered in cum. Every guy there had cum in her mouth, on her face and tits. I helped May up from the terrace floor and half carried her to the pool, picked her up and jumped in the cool water.

Another fine story by B.Beattie.
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