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Changed Wife
Pt. II: Plans
by Surgeon

The next day, Rosa and Gina met up at the shopping mall. Rosa felt confident today, and she and Gina walked hand in hand, looking for all the stuff she needed to buy.

Carrying a lot of little parcels and bags, the two women stumbled exhausted into Gina's house. After settling down with some Coke, the two of them began chatting about their purchases.

"But Gina, I wouldn't know how to use most of this stuff!" cried Rosa.

Gina just smiled and told her to try on some of the new clothes they had bought.

Rosa went into the bedroom to change. Gina sat on the couch with a magazine waiting for her to reappear. There was a soft whisper at the door, and she looked up. And what a sight it was!

There was Rosa, standing with her new dress on. Her long, dark hair, for once, was open and hung down lushly to her shoulders, highlighting her face. Her round and full breasts were encased in a white lace bra, which allowed most of her cleavage to bulge out, and let her dark nipples be visible clearly. Her slim, curvaceous waist led down to the soft outswell of her hips, just above which ran the white garter belt. Suspender straps ran down to thigh-high white stockings. Her crotch was barely covered with a little satin triangle. A pair of high-heeled white sandals with ankle straps completed the picture.

Gina was shocked at the transformation, and she cheered out in delight. Rosa blushed at the compliments she was getting.

"Oh, come on Gina, this is the first time I am wearing something like this; do you think it suits me at all!?"

Gina couldn't help laughing out at her. "Sweetheart, your body was meant to wear this stuff all its life! If you think lingerie doesn't suit you, think again! My God, and Pete thinks I look sexy in my outfits!"

"Do you wear them too, Gina?" asked the still innocent Rosa.

"Of course, darling, all the time. Pete keeps going wild every time he takes my clothes off! That's how I keep him tied down to me; you think he'd wait given a second chance!? No way, I know that guy, and I love him too!"

"You mean you're wearing sexy stuff like this right now too?" asked Rosa.

"Sure am, honey! Would you like to take a look!"

Gina began to take off her sensible dress, opening the buttons down the front one by one, staring at Rosa. The dress came off her shoulders, and this time, it was Rosa's turn to gasp out loud.

Gina was looking equally stunning in a black satin bra that hugged her breasts tightly. The cups were cut low, so her nipples were almost peeping out over the top. She wore black satin panties with little white roses all around the waistband. Self-retaining thigh-high black stockings completed the outfit. She stepped out of her shoes to pose in front of Rosa.

She raised her hands above her head, her curly blond hair falling sensually down, and thrust her breasts out. Raising one leg on the toes, she looked at Rosa with a smoldering look and grinned, "you like?"

Rosa could only smile back and nod her head. Gina looked really beautiful! She only hoped that she looked like that too.

As if reading her mind, Gina said "Of course you look really sexy too, Rosa! Come, take a look in the mirror."

The two women stood side by side in front of the long mirror in the hall and looked at themselves and each other. A new feeling of sensuality and power came over Rosa. If she and Gina could feel aroused by this, no wonder the men went wild. After all, she just wore cotton bras and panties before this. No wonder Martin thought other women were sexier.

Suddenly, she realized that Gina was standing behind her, her hands on Rosa's shoulders. She began to rub the soft flesh, and Rosa spontaneously put her head back into Gina's shoulder and sighed deeply. Gina bent her head and began to nuzzle Rosa's cheek softly. Rosa felt wonderfully calm like that, and though she had heard lots of things, this was the first time she was touching a woman. Gina's hands came up and gently cupped Rosa's firm breasts. The fingers began to rub on the aroused nipples, bringing delicious moans from her throat. Without saying a word, Gina unhooked the bra and let is fall off the shoulders. Rosa's first response was to raise her arms over her breasts but when she looked at the lust in Gina's face behind her in the mirror, she dropped them slowly to her sides. They stood out proudly in front of her.

Gina ran her hands lower, all the time kissing and nibbling Rosa's throat and neck. The soft patch of Rosa's bush under the little satin panties felt wonderfully warm. Her fingers went further she gasped at the wetness she felt. Without a word, she led Rosa to the sofa, and made her sit on it. She stared helplessly at Gina as the sexy woman knelt at her feet and pushed her knees gently apart. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on Rosa's nipple, making her moan and clutch at her head, crushing it into her breast, loving the soft wet kisses. Gina trailed down with her wet tongue, and Rosa cried out in surprise as she felt her kissing her wet mound through the panties.

Gina pushed the panties aside and her tongue snaked out to lick the wet lips of Rosa's cunt. Rosa arched her back, pushing her groin into Gina's face, loving every bit of it. She didn't want her to stop licking her, it felt so good, so good. It took only a few more expert licks of Gina's tongue on her little bud to bring her to an orgasm, and she moaned and screamed softly, running her hands over her breasts in the heat.

Suddenly, she was shocked to hear somebody speak out.

"Well, well, is this a ladies only, or may I join the fun!?" chuckled Pete.

Rosa screamed and tried to cover her nakedness with one of the little cushions as she saw Pete standing in the doorway grinning down at her. Gina stood up and ran over to him, kissing him wetly on the mouth. Rosa just sat there speechless, staring at the two of them. Then she got the second shock of the day when the near naked Gina knelt before Pete and unzipped his trousers. His almost hard erection slipped out in front of her face. She held it in her little hand and began to jerk him,

Rosa could only stare as Gina began to lick the tip of Pete's huge cock. She was mesmerized by it, and looked at Gina's wet tongue licking it all over, making it wet and shiny. She lost all control over herself. The next thing she new was Gina calling her over, beckoning her closer. Silently, she stepped off the sofa and walked over to the two. Pete gave her a look of such lust that she shivered. Then Gina held her hand and made her kneel, right in front of Pete, staring at his hard cock.

Gina took her hand and wrapped it around the thick flesh. It was soft and smooth, yet hard deep inside. Slowly, she put her head closer and kissed the wet tip. Pete moaned as she licked her lips and tasted his pre-cum. Then her tongue snaked out, and she licked at the swollen glans. Rosa knew now what she had been missing. She began to suck the cock into her mouth, feeling it enter slowly. Her tongue began to lick it around, and the taste seemed new and wonderful. Gina smiled at her proudly, willing to share. Rosa just closed her eyes and felt the thick cock move in and out of her wet lips. Pete gently held her hair in his hands and began to fuck her mouth slowly.

"That's it, baby, suck it, suck it slowly. It feels wonderful to fuck you hot wet mouth," he moaned.

Hearing that spurred Rosa on even more, as she felt his cock begin to swell in his mouth. "i'm cumming," he gasped, and she sucked him in deeper. The gush of sperm into her mouth amazed her, and she almost choked on it. Recovering quickly, she began to swallow, amazed at the amount of cum his cock was spewing into her mouth. It began to leak out of her mouth, dribbling down her chin.

She let go of his cock with a slurp, and looked up at him. He was dazed, staring down with a wild look in his eyes. She looked at Maria, who happily leaned forward and kissed her hard, licking at all the cum sticking to her face.

Then she was lying on the floor, kissing Gina, their lingerie clad bodies entwined with each others. Pete stared at them both and began to strip. His cock began to rise again as he stared at the two hot and sexy women at his feet. Rosa found herself lying on her back with Gina's groin over her face, slowly lowering her wet and shaved pussy towards her waiting mouth. Her first tentative lick gave her a new taste, a bit sharper than a man's cum, but definitely nice! She began to probe Gina's pussy lips with her tongue, feeling the woman above her get aroused, as she began to shake her hips. Then it was her turn to get pulled into Gina's pussy, grinding her face into it, feeling her juice making her face wet, feeling her cum above her.

Gina lay back with a satisfied smile, watching Pete. Pete was kneeling between Rosa's legs, waiting. The minute Gina rolled off, he reached forward with one hand and pulled Rosa's tiny panties to one side. Then before she could say anything, he was on top of her, guiding his massive cock into her wet pussy. She was wet and waiting, and his huge cock slid right into her. She cried out lout and grabbed his body to hers. He bent his head and began to suck and bite at her nipples through the filmy bra. She humped her hips back at him, wanting to engulf his whole penis in her warmth. Pete felt her squirming and moaning beneath him. Then she began to cum, her body spasming in uncontrollable jerks, her fingernails tearing into his back, crying out loud.

That night, Rosa was all alone in bed. Martin called up to say he had an emergency, and not to wait up for him. But she knew what he was up to this time. At first she began to cry a bit, but then made up her mind. She resolved to change things.

That afternoon, she had rushed out of Pete and Gina's house hurriedly, waiting just long enough to throw on her clothes. She couldn't understand what had come over her and what she could say to them both. They just stood by and helped her. They both gave her reassuring hugs when she left.

Now late in the evening, she lay thinking about what she had done. And she realized that she couldn't deny the fact that she had liked it. Most of all, it was the look on Pete's face that had turned her on, and made her do it. She felt like she was in control, and she could give him ultimate pleasure. That was what sex was all about! Now she began to realize the truth.

But the anger at Martin still would not go away. He could have talked to her, shown her movies; anything but this. And as she thought about it more and more, she resolved that she would get back at him. And thinking of Pete's cock, sleep would not come. She kept thinking over and over again how good it had felt in her mouth, what it had tasted like. For the first time in many years, she found her hand drifting to her crotch, feeling the heat and wetness in herself. Her thighs parted and she raised her flimsy nightgown over her waist. Her fingers pushed past the elastic of her white cotton panties to probe her soft pubic mound. The fingers found her sensitive clitoris and she gasped out into the silence, feeling her wet cunt herself. She began to moan, her hips jerking as she dreamt of Pete's big cock slipping into her mouth, the taste of his cum, slurping, licking, sucking, as she began to cum herself, squealing into the darkness...

To Be Continued...


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