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Changed Wife
Pt. III: Corruption
by Surgeon

Martin was off on one of his conferences. She managed to avoid making love to him for two more days, still feeling strange and not sure about what to do. In any case, he would be gone for a few days, and she could make up her mind then. After seeing him off at the airport, she drove back slowly to meet Gina. It had been a few days now, since the day they had all made love, and she didn't know what she was going to say for sure. The confusion in her mind was immense, and everything seemed to be jumbled up.

Gina was all smiles when she opened the door for her. They had a few awkward moments initially, but then their friendship took over, and they began chatting like before. Then Gina gave her an invitation.

"We're having some friends over for dinner tonight, Rosa, why don't you join us?"

Well, there was no harm in enjoying herself, after all, she would be alone in the house in any case.

So after some more gossip, Rosa left for home, promising to be there in the evening.

Later that day, she started to get dressed, wondering what to wear. Finally she decided to be bold, and wore some more of her new clothes and lingerie. Again, she wanted to be convinced that she could look sexy and confident if she wanted to.

Pete met her at the door with a hug and welcomed her in. She was still a bit awkward thinking about him, but his big smile put her at ease. In the living room, Gina was sitting dressed up too, chatting with three of guys. They were young and smart, introduced as William, Tony and Joe. She kept expecting to find more guests, but after half an hour of chatting, there was nobody new. Then Gina walked over to Pete, whispered something in his ear, kissed him on the cheek and went out of the room.

"Well, guys," said Pete, "shall we show Rosa how to have a good time? As for you, Rosa, this is a special night for you. You are going to learn all about sex, and how to enjoy making love. You are going to learn what it feels like to love a man's cock, and how to make love to it. We are going to change you completely tonight!"

Rosa felt the blood drain from her face. She gripped the glass of wine tightly in her hand, and just stared at Pete as he smiled down at her. She was unsure of what she had heard, not being able to believe what was going on. The the anger rushed in and she stood up.

"What are you talking about?" she screamed. "What change? I...., you....., what is all this?" she stuttered.

"This is all about sex and how you enjoy it, darling," came Gina's voice from behind her.

She turned around to find Gina standing there, smiling at her. But Gina was almost naked. She was wearing a dark blue bra with a lace border that pushed her breasts up, barely managing to conceal her nipples. A dark blue lace thong covered her clearly visible shaved mound. Black stockings clinging to her thighs completed her dress. And the silver high-heeled sandals kept her balanced high. Her lips glistened a dark red, and she flicked her moist pink tongue over them, grinning at Rosa.

Rosa went wild. She just couldn't believe what was going on! Angrily, she turned back to Pete, and found him standing close to her. He raised his hands to her shoulders, but she jerked back, and tried to step away from him. And shrieked as she felt a couple of hands on her buttocks. Jumping around she stared up at the tall Bill, who smiled back at her. He reached out and took the wine glass from her nerveless hand. She was still gasping for breath, staring around wildly, when she felt her body being grasped from behind by Pete. His strong hands came around her and held her arms by her side, clasped in front of her. Then he bent and began to kiss and lick at her exposed shoulder.

Rosa struggled to get out of his grip, but couldn't manage to do it. Then Bill bent his head and began to kiss her. She tried to jerk her head away, but he held her cheeks firmly in her hands, and began to kiss her lips. Rosa now began to feel afraid, unable to comprehend what was happening. Then Bill stepped back, and Rosa saw something wild.

Gina was kneeling in front of Joe, with her face in his crotch. His zipper was open, and a huge penis jutted out of his pants, Gina busy licking at his balls below. Her ass cheeks were totally naked, the thin band of the thong vanishing between them. Her tongue was busy lapping away at Joe's cock, leaving shiny wet trails of saliva all over it.

Rosa was confused beyond belief. She felt somebody take her hand, and turned to look at Tony standing next to her, completely naked. She was still tightly held in Pete's grip, and felt his cock hard against her body, as he stared at his own wife suck Joe. She couldn't help staring down at Tony's long and slender penis, as it hung half erect before him.

Pete grabbed her long hair with a fist and jerked her head back towards him, making her cry out in pain and bringing tears to her eyes.

"Ok, baby, I know you can suck and you love to suck too, so why don't you show Joe here what you can do!"

"No, Peter, please don't, it hurts!" she cried out.

"So just do what I tell you to do, baby, and you'll feel real nice! Come on now, be a good little slut, and start sucking his cock!"

Still holding her hair, he began to force her face down, making her bend over, right in front of Tony. The long cock was right in front of her face, and she stared at it in shock. The Pete released her body, just gripping her hair hard, and stood back. He used his other hand to swat her across her upturned buttocks, making her cry out again.

"Come on, little slut, SUCK!"

Rosa was in a daze as she stuck her tongue out and licked the head of Tony's cock. He moaned and his cock jerked into her face. She opened her wet lips and kissed the head, feeling it get harder. She tasted the salty taste of his cock, a different taste from Pete's. It was nice. She began to suck him into her mouth.

Joe put his hands on both sides of her head and began to moan.

"Suck, babe, let me fuck your wet mouth!"

His cock was hard now, and really big. Rosa felt it push into her mouth. Tony was jerking his hips slowly back and forth, feeling his long cock slip in and out of her soft lips, fucking her mouth. He held her head in his hands, and stared down at her.

Another swat on her upturned ass by Pete made her kneel in front of Tony to suck his cock. She was aware of Pete taking his clothes off, while the sounds from Joe and Gina told her that they were obviously enjoying themselves.

Tony pulled his now hard long cock out of her mouth. She couldn't help staring at it, glistening wet from her saliva and throbbing. She turned her head to stare at Gina kneeling in front of Joe, sucking his huge cock into her mouth. Peter was standing behind her naked, his own penis bobbing half erect, staring down at her. He reached down and began to unhook her bra behind her back. She lowered her arms just long enough to shrug it off, then reached up again, to grasp the massive organ with her right hand, and fondle his balls with the other.

Suddenly she found the third man, Bill standing in front of her, and her eyes widened in surprise. If she thought that Martin had a big cock, even Pete, this was amazing. It must have been at least 9 or 10 inches long, and still wasn't even hard! Bill grinned down at her.

She tentatively reached up her tiny hand to touch the huge organ.

"Don't worry, sweetcheeks, little Willie won't bite! Just give him a kiss to make him your friend!"

By now, Rosa was in a state of sexual arousal like she had never known before. There was a burning in her crotch and a wet warmth between her legs like she had never felt. Her breasts were feeling heavy, and her nipples were hard against the lace of her bra. She felt a hot flush throughout her body and dizziness in her head. AS if in a trance, she reached out and grasped the long cock swinging in front of her face.

Bill gasped when she stuck her wet tongue out and ran it over his soft glans. She began to lick, running her tongue all over the head of his cock, kissing and crooning over it. Her lips opened to engulf his cock head, her cheeks sucking hard at his penis.

Rosa felt her dress being opened as the zipper slid down her back. It was Joe, and he stepped back to admire her. She was wearing a dark red bra and matching panties, with lace frills along the margins. Black stockings ending at her thighs completed her underwear. The black high heeled shoes were a turn on for him as well. He motioned to Bill, who had the biggest grin across his face, to sit down. Bill reached down to grab Rosa by her hair and pull her face back. She stared up at him, her lips, cheeks and chin wet with saliva and his juice. Then he sat down on the couch and splayed his legs wide, pulling her between them. She crawled upto his crotch and once again, bent her head to lick his cock and balls.

Before she could realize it, Joe knelt behind her upturned ass and pulled the narrow crotch of the panties aside, to expose her wet pussy. Turned on as she was, with his cock wet and glistening after her oral efforts, he placed it at the moist opening and pushed. Rosa arched her back and raised her head to moan out loud as he began to push his long cock into her waiting cunt. As if from a distance, she heard her own voice speaking.

"Ohhhhhhh, yesssssss! Fuck me, yessssss, I love it!" she moaned.

Then she dove back to engulf Bill's huge cock in her mouth, as much of it as she could get into it. Both her hands were not on the large cock, and her head bobbed up and down on it. Joe clutched her hips with both hands, and began to thrust in and out of her, rocking her body back and forth with his.

It was a new sensation for Rosa, having a cock in her mouth as she was fucked by another, and she began to climax. Her body began to shake and jerk violently, and she screamed into Bill's crotch, incoherently crying out in her climax.

"Oh, yess, I love it, fuck fuck fuck me...... i.....i'm cumming, yess , ohhhh, yesss....."

Joe, watching her jerk under him, and feeling the heat and fluids in her cunt envelope his cock deep insider her pussy, began to orgasm himself. Rosa felt her his cock thrust deep into her cunt as he pulled her hard towards himself and began to cum. His cock began to spurt inside her, and his sperm mixed with the wet juice she had just secreted. Spurt after spurt filled her up, and the wet mixture began to run down her thighs. The feeling made Rosa dizzy, and she closed her eyes to savor it! Joe fell back, pulling his cock from her cunt with a sloppy sucking sound, and she knelt there, waiting to recover.

Bill reached down and picked her up from the floor, pulling her onto his lap. His mouth engulfed her engorged nipple and she moaned out in ecstasy. He roughly tore the bra from her breasts, exposing them to his gaze, and began to play with her tits. His lips, teeth and fingers tormented her breasts as she continued to squirm around in his lap. Then he placed his large hands on her waist and raised her up. She felt the tip of his huge cock nudge the wet opening of her pussy. Slowly, he lowered her onto his cock, and she sighed as it penetrated her, pushing the narrow canal wide open.

Gradually, his whole cock sank into her, and she began to rock back and forth on his lap, feeling the wonderful distension of her pussy as she was impaled on his cock. Bill continued to play with her breasts. She moved her body up and down on his penis, enjoying the lovely sensation of getting fucked.

Pete came and stood behind the couch, his cock erect. He grabbed Rosa's head and pulled her face towards his cock. She smiled up at him, and lowered her mouth to engulf it again. Once more, she was getting fucked while she had a cock in her mouth. Bill began to play with her ass cheeks, fondling the firm globes and rubbing his finger over her tight little bud. She squealed a bit when one of his fingers entered her behind, but continued to bob up and down on his cock, with the other one fucking her mouth.

The delicious friction in her cunt made her gasp with pleasure, every time Bill thrust up into her. And the warm and wet sensation of Pete's cock in her mouth was wonderful. Rosa felt orgasm after orgasm burst in her mind and body.

Bill picked her up again and stood up, putting her on the couch facing him. She at once engulfed his huge cock in her mouth and began to lick and suck it. Bill roared and came, his cum spurting into her mouth. The thick sperm filled her mouth and began to drip out of the corners of her lips, onto her chin. Even as she swallowed, she was amazed at the amount of cum he was spurting into her mouth. She held his sticky slick cock in her hand and began to lick it clean. Pete came and stood beside her, and she grabbed his cock with the other hand. She alternated between the two cocks, licking and sucking. Then Bill sat back with a happy look on his face, and she turned her attentions to Pete. Jerking him off with little licks and kisses on his cock, she felt it swell in her hand. The first load landed right on her face, across her lips and nose, she quickly pulled him into her mouth, as she felt the cum on her face drip onto her neck and breasts.

As she lay back, tasting the cum in her mouth, feeling it on her face and boobs, and running down her thighs from her wet cunt, Rosa felt satisfied and happy. She stared at Gina crouching over Tony as Joe penetrated her ass as she screamed out loud from the double penetration. Well, thought the pleasantly exhausted Rosa, as she closed her eyes, that's something I'll have to try soon!

To Be Continued...


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