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Changed Wife
Pt. IV: Payback Time
by Surgeon

When Martin stepped out of the airport, he was surprised to see that Rosa was not there. He called up and found a message on the answering machine, telling him to reach home. He was a bit put off. The two residents from England had given him enough pleasure for the first three days. Then they found an old friend and had left him all alone and horny. And now Rosa was missing!

The cab dropped him off at his house, and Martin entered to find a note sticking to the hallway mirror. It further irritated him.

"Get dressed and come over to Pete's farm before 6. Rosa."

What the fuck was all this? Here he was hot and horny, waiting to fuck his sweet wife after so many days, and she was missing; asking him to come over to Pete's! He immediately called up Pete to talk to him. And Pete was very reassuring, telling him it was nothing, the girls had planned a little part. Do come over.

"And yes, forgot to tell you, the new nurse will be there too. Maybe you can make friends with her too!"

Well, that was enough to set Martin moving. He was ready and in the car as fast as he could, for the drive out to Pete's place. As usual, his cock was jumping around in his pant as he thought about another sexy young nurse he could add to his conquests.

Pete met him at the door of his farmhouse, and welcomed him in. As they walked into the living room, he saw just two more guys there, none of whom he knew. Pete and he chatted about the conference he had just attended for a few minutes. Then he was introduced to the two men, Donald and Michael. They were friends of his from his tennis club. He looked around for his wife, and Pete, noticing his stares, grinned and told him that she was upstairs, freshening up for the evening. They had a few drinks, and since Martin had not had anything to eat for quite a long time, he was pretty hard hit from the Scotch that Pete gave him. And the guys all saw that his glass was always topped up. There was small chat about the usual; government, taxes, working conditions, the club, traffic and so on. Suddenly, there was a loud crash from behind the kitchen door, like a big plate breaking or something. Martin rushed over to the door, thinking for a few moments like a surgeon, that somebody might be hurt.

The minute he opened the door, he stood there transfixed. Gina was lying on the kitchen table, with her skirt bunched around her waist, her long legs sheathed in nylons exposed to his eyes. And there was a dark haired head between her legs, apparently busy giving her a good licking. She had, in her throes of passion, jerked her hands and knocked off a large tray form the table top, and that had created the loud noise.

Martin stared blankly, his brain already a bit foggy with the alcohol, at one of his favorite fantasies. He had always lusted for Gina secretly, and staring at her naked, he felt a strong arousal. Gina stared back at him with glassy eyes and smiled. He walked over to her as she reached her hand out to him, grabbing his trouser front directly. He put down the glass of whiskey and opened his pants, freeing his rapidly thickening cock. Gina grabbed it and licked her lips, pulling him closer. His pants fell to the floor as she began to lick at the semi-hard cock, slurping it into her mouth. Martin was wild with lust now, his old fantasy coming true. The guy between her legs (later introduced as Steven) paused and grinned up at him with his face wet with her juices. Martin grinned back and began to take his jacket and shirt off.

Gina was splayed out on the kitchen table, her legs spread wide with Steven licking her cunt, and her face in Martin's crotch sucking his long thick cock into her mouth. Martin reached down and undid the front of her blouse to reveal her soft breasts in the black lacy bra. Steven got off his knees and began to undo his trousers to reveal his own erection. He stepped up and pushed his cock into Gina, making her moan out with pleasure and arch her back. She jerked between the plunging cocks of the two men on either side of her body with pleasure. Martin looked up to see Pete standing at the kitchen door and looking on with pleasure, his hand rubbing the bulge in his pants. He gave a smart "thumbs-up" to Martin and walked away.

Gina was going crazy, squealing loudly deep in her throat every time Steven thrust his cock into her pussy. Her ruby lips were locked tight around Martin's cock and her lips and chin were slick with saliva and juice. Steven's cock was making squishy sounds every time he shoved it in and out of her sopping cunt.

Martin was stoned out of his mind. Gina's talented hot mouth was driving him crazy, and he began to pump his hips to fuck her face. With a loud roar, he began to cum in her mouth, and stared at his cum flowing out of her lips. Steven too was turned on by that and pulled his cock out of her, jerking it to spray his cum all over her tummy and her pussy. Gina gave a satisfied grin to the two men, who were trying to recover their strength!

Martin pulled his pants off and walked naked into the living room. There he saw another erotic sight. Pete was sitting in a sofa chair, naked with his legs spread out. And between his legs was kneeling a dark haired girl in a nurses uniform, her head pumping up and down over his crotch. She was dressed in a white uniform dress, barely covering half her thighs. The tops of her white thigh-high stockings and the clips of her garter belt. Her high heeled shoes were white too. A tiny white nurses cap rested on her dark hair. As he watched, Donald walked over and knelt behind the nurse, and pulled her skirt up over her ass, exposing two beautiful globes of flesh, with a narrow white triangle trying to cover them, but failing miserably.

Don swatted her ass playfully a couple of times, making her squeal out, and making the soft flesh quiver. But she never raised her head from Pete's crotch. Her head continued to slide up and down. Don inserted his hand between her fleshy thighs, and she readily spread her legs a little to let him put his had up against her pussy. The little white panties she was wearing were already wet at the crotch. Michael too walked over and began to take off his clothes.

Steven, now naked himself, came and stood besides Martin.

"Horny little slut, that nursie! Wonder where Pete found the little bitch. I used to think Gina was a horny one, but this little baby takes the cake; or rather, the cock!"

Martin was curious as to who this new nurse that Pete had got his hands on before himself. He saw Mike stroking a long, slender cock as he felt her ass with his other hand. Donald was now taking his clothes off, revealing a shorter but very thick penis. He couldn't help but start to feel his own penis responding to the sight before him. Gina walked up behind the two men, grinning away, wearing just a lace bra and panties in black. Her fleshy boobs were flowing over the bra cups, and her nipples were dark and pointed. She stood between the two and with both hands, held one cock on each side.

Donald, now naked, walked over to the nurse. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head up, and into his crotch, making her suck his own rigid penis. She happily obliged, and again Martin could see the back of her head over Don's crotch. Pete got off the couch and lay down on the carpet. Gina was pumping both the cocks in her hands now, and the two men were getting turned on more by the sight before them. Then Don jerked her back again, throwing her across Pete sprawled on the floor. Mike pulled her panties aside from her wet crotch and Pete reached down to start pushing his cock into her pussy. She lowered herself onto it with a loud moan, her head jerking back and her hair flying.

Martin felt his blood freeze in his veins when he heard that moan. And that hair. But it couldn't be. Pete's cock disappeared into her pussy with a wet sucking sound. He looked down for a second when he felt Gina's hand leave his erect penis. She was kneeling before Steven again, and waving her upturned ass at him.

"Steve, darling, fuck my ass with your lovely cock!" she smiled.

Steve knelt behind her and began to rub the head of his cock in her wet pussy and over her little rosebud. Martin continued to watch as he slowly began to push his glistening wet cock into the tiny little hole. Gina gasped as he penetrated, then pushed back against him. It was obvious she was used to it, and that she loved getting fucked up her ass.

A low wail from across the room made him snap his head back.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Oooohhhhhhhh, yesssss, yessss, fuck my ass, shove your big hard cock into me...... do it, you fucker, fuck me, fuck me......"

Martin thought he would die of a heart attack. All his senses went numb and his jaw fell. His eyes widened as he stood and stared at his pretty young wife.

Rosa was kneeling over Pete with his cock deep into her cunt. Mike had torn the white blouse she was wearing off her chest, and her tits were being mauled by his rough hands, as he pinched and squeezed her nipples. And Donald was slowly pushing his hard erection into her asshole. Her back was arched and her head thrown back as her mouth gaped in a silent scream, but the look of pleasure on her face betrayed the joy in her.

Rosa, his pretty little Rosa, who rarely ever got off her back when they made love, getting double fucked! And Mike wasted no time in pushing his pulsating penis past her wet lips, filling all her holes at once.

"You like it in your ass, you little cock-sucking whore!" gasped Donald, grabbing her waist and pumping harder into her.

Pete continued to enjoy the sensation and played with her nipples. His cock was already wet and coated with her cuntjuice, pouring from her pussy.

Mike grabbed her face in both hands and stared at his cock slipping in and out of her lips.

"Oh yeah, you fucking bitch, suck my cock, slut, suck it!"

Martin walked over to the four lying tangled on the floor, as if walking through quicksand, in a haze. He could vaguely hear Gina screaming at Steven about her ass and his cock. He could just see Rosa, her eyes glazed over with lust, her mouth and lips wet and drooling as she sucked on the long cock, rocking back and forth between the two cocks in her ass and her pussy. She barely noticed him standing next to her, so lost was she in her ecstasy. And then he heard an unfamiliar sound, the sound of his own wife having an explosive orgasm.

He went through a spectrum of emotions within a few seconds, feeling surprise, followed by a burst of rage and anger, then betrayal; and finally lust.

"Oh yes, i'm cumming, i'm gonna cum now, fuck me, fuck me...... Yeah baby, shove it into me, fuck me...... i love it, love your cock, fuck, suck, make me cum......"

Her body jerked about between the three as she gasped in the throes of her orgasm. As she calmed down, Don pulled his cock out of her tight ass. He jerked his cock, spraying his cum all over her ass in thick globs. Pete began to orgasm next, jerking his cock deeper into her pussy, filling her with his sperm. Mike leaned back and let go, her cum flying onto her mouth and face, as she tried hard to suck it into her mouth.

Pete pushed her off his body, and she fell back on the floor. She lay there with her splayed legs still clad in the stockings and high heeled white shoes, the thin crotch of her panties soaked with her cum pulled to one side. The blouse ripped open revealed her full breasts with their erect and reddened nipples, after the fondling they had received. Her mouth, face and chin were wet.

Martin was suddenly aware that he was holding his massively swollen cock, feeling like it had never felt before. He was crazily jerking himself, staring at his wife lying there like a slut with cum all over her body, smiling up at him. Suddenly, Gina was standing next to him, and she reached out to hold his cock in her hand, continuing to jerk him off. It was too much for Martin, and he began to cum, as Rosa raised herself up to catch his sperm in her mouth.

She licked her lips, grinning up and him and said, "Welcome home, darling; now you can have your nursie at home!"

The end?


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