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Claudia's Wild Weekend
by Carl East

Claudia was a nice girl, someone who could be trusted around other women's men, if left alone, but she had a secret. A secret that nobody would believe or understand - she liked to be fucked by more than one man. That in itself, may not seem like such a revelation, but if you saw the things she did, you would wonder how someone so sweet, could possibly be involved in something so lewd.

Her daily routine was one of a demure woman that performed adequately in the work place and politely in the company of others, but when the weekends arrived, lock up your fellas, cause she was lose.

One such weekend was about to arrive, and Claudia looked forward to it. She had been going thirty miles up the coast to a club known as the night-spot, for the last three weekends, and had had a wonderful time.

She had no idea what the next two days would be like, but then that was half the fun. Packing a light luggage, she set out that Friday evening, hoping that this weekend would beat all others.

By the time she reached the night-spot, it was nine o' clock, so she decided to go straight to the bar. Once there, she was given her usual by a bartender that was getting used to seeing her.

"Evening Claudia, how's things with you?" He asked, opening up a conversation.

"Oh, can't complain, it's been a slow week, but it's over now, so I'm here to unwind, how are you?" She replied.

"I'm alright, it's been a pretty boring week for me too." He said, continuing to clean some glasses.

Claudia swiveled around on her barstool, taking in the music, and looking at the talent in the room. She liked what she saw, but most of the guys had gals, and she made it a rule, never to come between a happy couple. Then she was tapped on the shoulder, and upon turning her head discovered it was Gavin, he was a guy she'd met the week before.

"Hi Gavin, you're looking well." She commented.

"Hi Claudia, the same could be said for you." He replied.

"Well, the sooner you say it then the better." She said, smiling.

Gavin laughed, remembering she had a great sense of humour.

"I've got a surprise for you later." He said, getting her attention.

"If it's a nine-inch vibrator, I've already got one." She quipped.

"No, it's better than that, but before you ask, you'll have to wait and see." He said, ordering a drink.

Claudia was intrigued, but soon forgot about it, as the night wore on. Then by the time it came to making sure she had a room for the night, Gavin told her not to worry about it, for that was part of her surprise.

When they left the club, she'd had a few, but nothing she couldn't handle, and she kept asking what the surprise was. Eventually Gavin gave in and told her where they were headed, and for what purpose.

"Do you remember last week, when my friend Sean and I made love to you?" he said.

"How can I forget." She replied.

"Well, you gave away something that night..." He said, being interrupted.

"I gave that away, a long time ago." She said, laughing.

"No, you gave away the fact, that you enjoyed being fucked by more than one man." He finished.

"Yes, so?" She said, sobering up a little.

"The thing is, Sean and I have gotten a little surprise together, hoping that you would be game." He confessed.

"What do you mean, by a little surprise?" She asked getting more interested.

They suddenly came to the motel, which she'd stayed in the week before.

"Come and see for yourself." He said, parking the car next to a specific numbered room.

Getting out, he led the way, knocking on the door, Sean, who greeted Claudia with a hug opened it, and invited them in.

When Claudia walked into the smoke filled room, she was surprised to see four strangers, who just happened to be drop dead gorgeous, and knew exactly what the night had in store for her. Gavin whispered in her ear, that none of these men knew the first thing about the weekend before, so if she wanted them, she would have to initiate first contact.

They'd all arranged to be here, because the motel had cable, and there was a big football game on, so of course the drinks were plentiful. They all welcomed her, even going as far as offering their seats, which she thought was sweet, but she insisted, that she wouldn't come between a man and his game.

She did join in on watching the rest of the game, however, even going as far as discussing that stupid refs last decision. By now the drinks had been flowing for a couple of hours, so everyone was at least merry, laughing and joking about. Claudia wanted to liven, things up a little, so she went to the little girl's room, and removed her panties.

When she came back, she discovered that they'd made room for her in the middle, and were now talking about women. Sitting down she picked one out that was about to get an eyeful, she picked Jake, he was a well-tanned man, and also a muscular one. She sat down with her legs facing him, then turned her head to talk to Gavin, while slowly opening her legs slightly, for she didn't want to make it obvious.

She heard him choke on his beer, but ignored it, knowing that his cock would now be catapulting his briefs upwards. Then from the corner of her eye, she spotted Phil leaning towards Jake, who must have gotten his attention, in order to show him what he was looking at.

Claudia was starting to get wet, at this point, the mere thought that two men were at this moment in time, staring at her moist pussy, was really turning her on. She decided to open her legs just a little more then joined in the conversation that the others seemed to be preoccupied with.

"What part of a woman's anatomy turns you on, Grant?" She said.

"For me, it's got to be the breasts Miss." He said, very politely.

"Would these turn you on?" She said, holding her breasts up through her tight top.

"Yeah! They would do it alright." He replied, not expecting it.

The other guys cheered, encouraging her, then it started, she suddenly felt a hand creeping up her skirt, and turned to find Jake kneeling between her legs. His fingers suddenly brushed against her pussy lips, making her moan for the need she had in her groin. Once he could see she wasn't about to protest he pushed a finger in as deep as it would go, then opened her legs, and joined his finger with his tongue.

The room was suddenly deathly quiet, as they all watched in utter amazement, at the show before them.

Her eyes were shut, but she could suddenly feel hands starting to remove her clothing, then fondling her breasts from both sides, as Jake made her cum for the first time that night. She opened her eyes to see them all removing their clothes, and reached over for the first available cock, taking it into her mouth without hesitation.

Jake then looked up, seeing the mass of bodies who wanted to get in on the act, but as he had initiated it, he wanted to be the first to christen it too. Picking her up, he placed her gently on her knees, and pulled down his trousers, his cock leaping out like a gazelle on steroids. Then he guided it to her pussy, knowing exactly how wet she was, and pushed it in. By now Claudia was servicing the cock in her mouth again, and felt Jake enter her womanhood, gasping as he started to pummel his cock into her.

The actions being performed here must have been too much for the cock in her mouth, for he suddenly started to cum, emptying his sack load deep inside her throat. Then after a few seconds of sucking him dry, she found another who replaced him, and didn't even bother to check whom it belonged to, as he inserted it into her mouth.

Her second orgasm was upon her, as Jake moaned out loud, that he was coming, taking his cock out and finishing it off on her bare back. Then he too was replaced, only this time she wanted to know who it was, for her pussy was being stretched as he entered. She turned to see it was Phil, who was now pushing in a ten-inch love machine, that she could feel every last inch of.

She turned back to service the cock in front of her; feeling light headed as the cock in her pussy gave her yet another orgasm. Then her mouth filled with sperm again, catching her by surprise as the onslaught behind her continued. The cream ran down her chin as he was replaced by yet another, this one being Gavin, who she would have to thank later, for such a wonderful surprise.

Then she realised that she could thank him now, and proceeded to give him the best blowjob he would ever likely get, to good in fact, for within two minutes he was coming. Then Phil came which in turn took her over the edge once more, by now she had lost count of how many times she had climaxed, for her mind was set on getting as much cock as possible.

Phil was then replaced, by Sean, who she knew had staying power, and although he wasn't as big as Phil, he was a damn sight quicker, and proceeded to pound his cock into her love canal. Her mouth was then filled with another cock, and that was the last she remembered, for when she awoke the next morning, she was still naked and covered in dried cum juice.

She got up surveying the room, and finding that they were all still there, and fast asleep. She decided to have a shower, and proceeded to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, she mouthed the words 'you lucky bitch,' then turned the shower on. As she cleaned herself, she tried to remember the night before, but could only remember up to Sean.

Then the shower door opened, and in walked Phil, with a huge cock dangling between his legs. She immediately started to lather up his chest, while he did the same to her, making them both as horny as the night before. Claudia put a load of soap into her hands, then began to rub his cock, making it hard within seconds. She then looked down, seeing the monster in her hands, and deliberately rubbing the ridge to drive him crazy.

He then decided to play this game as well, and placed his hands between her legs, soaping her pussy up, and deliberately running a finger over her clitoris. They were causing the steam on the windows by now as much as the water, as Claudia started to kiss him. She then realised that she had not kissed a single person last night, but had made love to each and everyone.

Phil turned her around still rubbing the soap between her legs, then guided his cock into the promise land. His size was more than enough to get her wet, the soap just made it easier, as he slipped past her outer defences and penetrated the inner sanctum. Then the door opened again, with Sean stepping in fully naked and ready to go.

She hungrily mouthed his cock, feeling him pushing it into the back of her throat, and running her tongue around it as he brought it back out. Her first orgasm of the day was already approaching, which made her slight headache disappear, as Phil filled her womb with his rod of iron.

By the time Phil had cum, she had climaxed three times, and could feel that Sean was ready to blow. When he did, he held her head in place wanting to feel it going down her throat, and getting exactly what he wanted.

After that they got dressed, and decided to go to the café for breakfast, and were joined by all the others.

Claudia had had a wonderful first night, and couldn't wait to see what happened next.

Two of the men had to leave after breakfast, and both thanked her for a wonderful night, that one of them said, would remain in his mind forever.

Then with just Gavin, Sean, Phil and Jake left, they decided to go for a walk along the beach. Before long three of them, had decided to go for a swim, leaving Claudia and Jake to soak up the sun, and as Jake had the presence of mind to bring some sun lotion, he offered to cover her back.

She lay there, feeling his strong hands running over her topless back, and thinking how wonderful it was to be alive. Then she could feel her skirt zip being undone, as he continued his service further down. Claudia decided to pull her skirt and panties down, so that he could do the job properly.

His hand travelled straight to her cheeks, and kept being revisited as he opened her legs a bit. Then she could feel him brushing against her pussy, and knew he wanted to play. She turned over revealing her breasts, and telling him to do the front, as her nipples were starting to get hard.

Both his hands covered her gorgeous orbs, as she closed her eyes from the glare of the sun. Then she could feel his hand on her pussy again, and decided to just let him have his fun. Suddenly a finger was probing the inside of her womb, making her moan as he pushed it in, then a mouth covered her own, and she responded with her tongue, pushing its way past his lips.

They kissed like that for a few minutes, before he unzipped his trousers, and climbed on top. Pushing his cock against her outer wall, she put a hand down to move him into position, then he was in, and beginning to grind away.

"Don't you ever stop?" She heard someone say, looking up to find it was Gavin.

"Not if I can help it." She replied.

Jake ignored the conversation, as he was to busy plunging his cock into her delightfully tight pussy. Then felt his seed about to make an appearance, and commenced in coming deep inside her. Lying there for a few minutes just enjoying the moment, he rolled off, apologising that he hadn't made her climax.

"Don't worry about it, I've climaxed more in the last two days, than I did in the last three months." She said, making them both laugh.

"Could I have a go at making you cum?" Asked Gavin.

"You're always welcome to try Gavin." She replied, watching him remove his swimming shorts.

He then got down and started with a bit of foreplay, before getting it on, as they say.

Before long he to had cum, and without making her climax, but she still enjoyed it, then she went for a swim, cleaning any cum off at the same time, and joining the lads in having fun.

By the time the night had come around again, Claudia had had enough of running around, and just wanted to relax. Tonight she was joined by all six of the guys again, and commenced in having the best laugh and night of her life, a night that was about to come to an end, when she heard the barman shout 'last orders,' and knew the bar was about to close.

She still had the rest of the night though, and decided to make it a special and memorable one. They all packed into various cars, and drove to the motel once more, where someone broke out a case of Budweiser.

She decided to treat them all to a sight she knew they would like, going into the bedroom to change into a short see through nightgown. Stepping back into the room, she received several wolf whistles, then suddenly had hands all over her body. Then her panties were pulled down, with her nightgown following close behind. Hands were on her breasts, and in her pussy, as she watched them all undress in front of her.

Then someone said 'pick her up,' and got down on the floor, it was Phil, his hard cock standing tall, as the others picked her up and lowered her down. His cock entered her pussy with ease, then she felt someone at the back door, trying to push his cock into her anus. She told him to put some gel on, that she had in her bag, the bag was quickly located, then the gel found, and handed over.

It was Gavin who wanted to do this, and was soon trying again, once he'd covered the end of his dick. She felt him push, then slide in, and screamed with the pleasure she was receiving. Then a cock was pushed against her cheek, turning she found it was Sean, and immediately started to suck his shaft.

She now had all three holes being serviced, and wondered if life could be any sweeter. Then she felt two sets of hands, each fondling her breasts, and not wanting to be left out. Her first orgasm started to approach at that point, making her feel weak kneed, and light headed.

The cock in her arse was the first to shoot his load, being replaced straight away by another, then the one in her mouth burst forth, as his cream filled her mouth, and he too was replaced. By now her orgasms were back to back as one after another they took her again and again. Her mind awash with the thought 'if only they could see me now.'

- The End -


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