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by Ms Mistressnight

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She slowed down and hesitated. What was he expecting of her now? Was he going to take what he thought was offered without thinking about what was the right thing to do? If it was what she wanted? Did he think she offered herself to him just like that? The fear returned. Was that it? If she refused to accommodate him, would he make it impossible for her to still work here? She didn't want to believe it... but she didn't know him. He looked at her and turned around and pressed the button. When the elevator arrived she quietly went inside and stood next to him but at a distance. He smiled a little, noticing that, which made her furious and embarrassed.

The elevator reached the ground floor and they got out. After a polite 'good evening' to the guard they went out through the bit glass doors and continued towards the parking lot. The he stopped and turned to her. "If you like you can follow my car, to my place. You decide and I don't expect anything. But we need to talk about this. We can't ignore what happened today. You are a valued colleague and I don't want to loose my best engineer. But I don't want to give up on what we found out today. But it is your call. I will drive home now. You follow or go home. What ever you do is fine." He didn't give her a chance to respond but headed for his car and got in. He sat there with his motor running until he saw her getting in to hers. Then he calmly drove off.

The first part of the trip they had the same way home. On the freeway he drove faster and since the traffic was scarce she could easily follow him and turn when he turned. Like under hypnosis she followed him, three cars in between them. It was like the distance between their cars gave her some protection.

He slowed down and turned up next to a small stone house in the outskirts of town. There were plenty of space for her to park in, she stopped the car, her heart pounding. She remained in her seat, like paralysed behind the wheel. Her thought stirred like mad birds in her head and the bashfulness that overpowered her made it impossible for her to open the door.

Raoul studied her for a while from across his car. Then he went around it and opened her door. "Come on", he said and held out his hand. She grabbed it like a lifeline and followed him the few steps to his door.

The hallway was dark but got a cosy light from small lamps when he turned a switch. He helped her with her coat and with a firm grip around her hand he led her to the kitchen and placed her on a barstool next to the counter. "Sit here and I will fix us something to eat", he said abruptly. He returned to the hallway to hang his jacket. "Do you need help?" she asked hoarsely. He gave her a look that didn't encourage further smalltalk and then he whipped up an omelette and cut a salad while he at the same time managed to open a bottle of white whine without any problems. All she could do was to admire his efficiency. They ate during silence. It wasn't exactly restful or peaceful, but it wasn't unpleasant either. It was like she was on hold before confronting him and herself with what no doubt was going to be.

When the dishes were tucked away into the dishwasher and the coffee was being brewed her turned to her so suddenly she involuntarily took a step back and almost fell. "Take off you jacket", he said. She could just stare at him. "Do as I say. Take it off." With slow, uncertain movements she unbuttoned her jacket and let it slide off her shoulders. The short sleeved silk blouse felt inadequate. She hung her jacket over a kitchen chair and entwined her fingers in front of her. "Sit down again", he said with the same relentless voice and pointed at the barstool she had sat on before. Scared and fascinated she obliged. He came closer and then stepped behind her. Without warning she felt the hairpins disappear from her hair and the shoulder long hair tumbled down in thick curls. "And you hid this for three years", he muttered with a tone of anger. Why was hi angry? He put the hairpins properly on the counter and stood in front of her leaving some space between them. "Unbutton the top buttons in your blouse." She shook her head. "Elena." Her name from his lips made her jump. It was said with such softness and yet with such sure, dominant voice. She obeyed, blushing. "Are you getting angry? Good. Now touch yourself like you did in my office. That is all I have been able to think about all day." She was going to refuse. She was just about to shake her head and jump off the barstool when she caught a glimpse of something vulnerable with him. Something weak in his eyes that went by so fast she must have been mistaken.

Uncertain, embarrassed and afraid she raised her right hand and softly touched her breast. She trembled at her own touch and slowly started to massage the soft roundness. The nipple immediately stiffened and strained against the fabric and the palm of her hand. "Moist your lips." A new demand. Her tongue automatically did as he said and made her full, naked lips glow. Without needing any more instructions her other hand found the other breast and her head tipped back, revealing her throat. "No", he whispered hoarsely, "look at me." She raised her heavy head and looked at him while her hands seem to live a life of their own, caressing her, teasing her shallow nerves. The knowledge that she was doing it again, but now fully aware of him looking at her, eating her with his narrow eyes, made her shiver... wanting to... "Pull up your skirt", he told her quietly. "I want to know what you are hiding." Now she became self-conscious and uneasy again. She was naturally shy and it was a very lit up kitchen.

Then she softly cleared her throat and pulled up the short blue skirt as far as she could without raising herself from the barstool. Without really knowing where it would lead, what he wanted, she spread her thighs and let her nails slide against her nylon stockings. She wanted to be sexy for him, she realised. How much was he able to see in the shadow beneath the pulled up skirt? Did he see the white silk briefs, the white skin over the lace trimmed stay-ups? "Do it", he suddenly said and changed position against the counter behind him. "Do it, Elena." She knew what he meant and lowered one hand towards her inner thighs. With soft movements she caressed her smooth skin there. Sometimes barely touching the briefs but was afraid to, couldn't go any further.

As if he read her mind he took two steps to close the distance between them. He put his hands on her knees and pulled them further apart. She held on to one of his arms not to fall. Raoul lifted her a bit, one arm around her waist and with the other hand he managed to slider her skirt in a wrinkled ring around her waist. Now she was just in her briefs and stockings. When had the shoes fallen off her feet? She had missed that.

"You have trust in me, haven't you?" he asked, his lips against her ear. "You trust me not to hurt you, not to go too far. Not any further than you want to yourself, my beautiful Elena." She trembled against him. She couldn't believe the turn everything had taken during the day. He was not indifferent to her but kept a distance she couldn't fully understand. As if he couldn't let go of his role as her employer. He was after all still giving orders. "Raoul, what is it you want?" she managed to say. "We don't know each other. This is crazy." "Sure we know each other. Don't you think I haven't noticed how you look at me? If you hadn't been sitting in my chair the way you did today I probably wouldn't have acted on it. There are something called sexual harassment... But this is something entirely different, isn't it?" He now stood between her knees, his hands around her cheeks. Mild, careful hands, but with an underlying strength that made her tingle inside. HE was controlled... but what would happen if that control was lost. Elena shivered again.

"So you have noticed the way I have looked?" she whispered and wet her lips again. "Of course I have. You are very good at hiding in a crowd. But not for me. I saw you stand in the middle of my employees. So anonymous and professional. But your eyes followed me. You looked... hungry." He stopped talking when she gasped, eyes wide at first and then suddenly closed behind the hands she quickly covered her face with. "No, no.. not so", he told her and pulled them down. "Don't hide. Admit your feelings, what ever they may be."

He started to unbutton her blouse and pulled it off. The thin lace bra seemed whiter than ever against her blushing skin. He looked down on the beautiful breast beneath it and slowly raised one hand and embraced one of them. The nipple stiffened immediately in his palm and it made him smile a little. "Are you eager, Elena? Longing for my touch?" She couldn't answer. Her body's answer were obvious enough, though. His hand sneaked to her back and undid her bra. It fell into her lap and his hands returned to her breasts. Greedily he filled his hand with her flesh, massaged them, pinching her nipples. Elena moaned and clung to him to keep from falling when the pleasure swept through her like hot summer wind. This was unbearable. He was fully dressed, she was half naked in his kitchen. Now he let her go and took one step back. Without words he studied her where she sat on the barstool. She clutched her hands around the silk blouse in her lap, unconsciously wrinkling the frail fabric. His gaze, what did it mean? "Touch yourself again." She shook her head. "Elena." The voice was not urging her at all. It just spoke her name and she surrendered. Her excitement made her want to move around on the barstool, which would have been far to revealing. She touched on of her breasts, couldn't quite believe what she was doing in front of him, of all people. The other hand found its way to the skin above her stockings. He went closer and grabbed that hand. Brought it closer to the edge of her briefs. She resisted a little, embarrassed and a little scared, but his touch was gentle and his eyes warm. When her fingers touched the part between her legs through the thin fabric she sighed and leaned her forehead against his chest. Her legs shivered visibly and she was afraid to fall of her chair. As if he guessed her thoughts he lifted her up and placed her on the counter. The cools surface under her naked bottom gave her a chock, he had slipped off her briefs in one single movement.

Now she was seated higher which gave him more or less a clear view. The part of the counter he had placed her on was wide and had no appliances on it, obviously meant to be a working area, she understood in some clear and focused part of her brain. Raoul spread her legs again. "You are beautiful", he said. "You must let me look at you. Touch." With these words he let one hand slide up along her inner thighs. When they reached the hair covered triangle she whimpered and tried to close her legs. He didn't allow it. She found his way in between the blood-filled lips, into the moist darkness where her lust was concentrated. A long moaning sound from her made him look her in the eyes when he carefully felt his way. "You are hot and moist, you are ready, aren't you? You are ready to be swept away by it all, Elena?" She stared at him, a part of her excited beyond everything, another part anxious, afraid of the unknown.

"Do you want me to give you what you want? What you long for? Or are you afraid, my friend?" "I... don't know", she whispered. "I am burning... but I am afraid. I don't know you, don't know what you ... want." Now he smiled again. A genuine, warm smile. "I want to bury myself in you, devour you, make you stay and never leave me. I am about to burst and it is taking all my self-control to keep from taking you here, on the counter." He let one finger enter her and she twitched, moaned and then her inner muscles squeezed him rhythmically. "Here is where I want to be, Elena. Exactly here."

He provokingly moved his finger and at the same time his thumb found the erected bud at the front of her. Flames licked her, in the pit of her stomach, along her legs, under her feet. She couldn't sit up any longer, she had to slowly lie down on the counter. In a distance she noticed he used his free hand to bend her legs and put up her feet. The exposed position should have mead her react but she was so far gone in her daze of desire, she didn't care. His breath was now clearly strained. He caressed her, urged her on, with the same touch over and over again. She was reaching her climax but when he felt her leg muscles tense up he withdrew his hand. Elena protested, moaned and looked up at him. At first she was startled when she saw the clenched look on his face but then he disappeared from her view. Dizzy and without understanding anything she lay down again, gasping for air. His warm tongue against her genitals was a shock. She had never experienced it, only read about it in books and magazines. He spread her with his fingers and his tongue was there and found her bud again. Now the feeling was so intense she cried out loud. This was impossible. Him doing this to her... so intimate... so forbidden.

He alternated by sucking lightly and then licking her softly, pushing her from one edge to another. But each time the orgasm was close he stopped and blew softly instead. Now she was so frustrated and without inhibitions, she begged him to take her. "Raoul, now... please, now... don't do this to me... you have to let me... now..." Her hoarse whispers make him finally react. He took her in his arms and carried her through the kitchen, passed the hallway and into a room further down on the left. His bedroom. She only had eyes for him, kissed him where ever she could reach. The sheets were cool against her back. Raoul helped her undress but left the stockings on. His own clothes were lost in an instant. Eagerly he came over her and placed himself between her thighs. Then she suddenly acted on impulse, felt little horns growing out of her forehead. So he really though he could be allowed to dominate her completely. Oh, no.

She caught him completely by surprise when she sat up and pushed him down beside her. He grunted and tried to get up again, using his elbow. "No", she said calmly. "It is my turn now." He stared at her, amazed. "Lie down", she said. He obeyed, still slightly shocked by the way she had turned the tables on him. She sat down on her heels next to him. One of her heels was just beneath her and she couldn't help but rub herself against it. She was so turned on, she could have taken him there and then, but he needed some of his own medicine. He was not her superior, she was his equal and he might just understand that right away.

"Now touch yourself, Raoul", she said tenderly. Ha looked at her with dark eyes, not moving a muscle. "Do as I say. Quid pro quo." She guided his passive hand to his chest. "There, your nipples are as sensitive as mine." His eyes softened a bit even if his mouth stayed thin and pressed together and his face blank. His hand moved aimlessly over the black-haired, curly chest and found one of the nipples. Hesitantly he pinched it, rolled it between his fingers. A shiver went through him and Elena rewarded him by bending over him, taking the other nipple between her lips. He moaned and touched himself harder than before. Elena sucked at him and gently nibbled at him with her teeth.

"Ah", she heard him say and glanced at his tortured features. He sat up and now his eyes had a dangerous sparkle as he gazed at her. She was skating on thin ice, she realised that, but she wasn't afraid. No doubt he would punish her but she wasn't finished with him by a long shot. She took his free hand and brought it to his throbbing erection. His eyes narrowed even more and he obviously resisted. "Oh no", he hissed at her. "I haven't done that since I was in my teens." "Sure you have", she answered, convinced. "You have thought about me and my yearning looks and in your solitude, perhaps in the shower, Raoul, your hands have found their way here. Wished for me to be there with you... felt it grow, throb and wished again for me to be there, to bury it in me... anywhere in me... You have closed your hands around yourself, touched yourself... Pulled the foreskin on and off, stronger and stronger, almost hurting yourself. Pretending it was me, my mouth, my cave, surrounding it. And when you have reached the point of no return, you have overflowed... shameful but relieved..."

Her bold words shocked her, excited her and made him crazy. Weather she was right or not he grew even more before her eyes and he let his hand be guided there and his fingers finally curled around the unbearably excited erection. He closed his eyes, but at her request he looked up again, into her eyes. His eyes was burning and now he couldn't keep his hand still anymore. With long, lustful movements he caressed himself, as exposed to her gaze as she had been to his.

"Don't be embarrassed, Raoul", she continued whispering. "It has been the same for me. I have felt your gaze all over my body and in my loneliness, naked and unprotected in my bed, I have let my hands do your job. With my fingers I have tried to imitate the feeling of your erection buried between my legs. And when I have come, I have shouted out your name." Now he panted her name hoarsely, only to repeat it loudly when she without warning bent over him and caught the tip of him between her lips. He twitched and lost his rhythm for a couple of seconds and she sucked him in, let her tongue encircle him. Now he moaned incessantly, stuck in his passion. His hips pushed towards her, his free hand in her hair.

She sucked on him with pleasure, gave him what he gave her but when she sensed him becoming feverish, she stopped and sat up. "It is time, Raoul. I can't wait any longer." He nodded and reached for a drawer in his nightstand. He took out a condom and quickly rolled it on. His care for her made her melt even more. "How do you find it the best, pretty lady?" ha asked with his arms around her, kissing her tenderly. "It has been ages. Years", she admitted a little shyly. "I don't know." "Me too", he whispered. "But think... should I bury myself in you from behind, perhaps... or do you want to be on top, set the pace? Or should we do as the missionary do?" Now he was smiling and had a boyish look about him. Pleasantly surprised she felt the last of the fear and awareness disappear. His words also had added to her excitement and she was like a child in a toy store The thought of being taken from behind, she had never experienced that, made her tremble. But on the same time she wanted to be able to see him. She shyly confided her thoughts to him.

"Then I know", he answered calmly and made her lie down, her back against his stomach. Slowly and carefully he entered her and then turned her upper body towards him so he could kiss her, look at her. His right hand found its way in between her legs, pulled up her right leg over him and then started the magical caresses he had been doing in the kitchen. Right away the flames were back. His erection filled her completely, her tissues inside, not used to this invasion, stretched and the inexorable fingers against her most sensitive parts made her turn and moan loudly.

With a quicker rhythm he thrust in her, gently at first, but then more uncontrolled and hard. His fingers danced across her and he mumbled words in her ear that should have made her blush but all she knew was that they added to the fire in her. "This is what I wanted to do with you this afternoon", he whispered. "When I came into my office and saw you sitting there, caressing yourself, unaware of anything around you. I wanted to pull off your clothes and put you across my desk. Take you from behind without pardon, drown myself in your moist cave. I saw you rub yourself against the leather chair, enjoying its warmth against your skin. How do you think it felt sitting on the same chair, pretending to be totally serene?" She could only shake her head. She didn't know, but she could guess. "When I saw you actually following me home, I was so happy, but also scared... what if I wouldn't be able to control myself, what if I would take you right there, in the hallway, scared you away forever..."

Now his voice were muffled and scratched at her nerves. His movements were passionate against her back. She was close now but a sudden feeling of shyness and being exposed made her hold it back. Of course he noticed. His fingers didn't let her escape, they massaged rhythmically her moist bud, his erection caressed her from inside. She was on the threshold but couldn't give in. She hid her face by his throat, didn't want to see the lusty expression on her face. Without words he understood her again. With a firm grip and a sudden movement he had placed her on her hands and knees and with one arm around her waist and the other one still stimulating her between the swollen lips, he thrust forcefully into her. Free to show her feelings without him seeing it, she could give in. She followed him in the dance, in the rhythm and met his body without hesitation. Then time stood still and the orgasm flowed through her like an enormous ocean. Her stomach twitched in spasms, her toes curled up, her inner muscles squeezed his erection with an almost unbearable strength. A high pitched voice screamed, whimpered, moaned in surrender. It took her a while to realise it was her own voice. "Ah, now... Raoul, now... Ah, God... It is burning me... Raoul!" Her hoarse screams made him loose control and he came in wave after wave. His dark voice mixed with hers, also calling on Gods feeling the magnificent explosion.

They lay in one single, sweaty pile and tried to catch their breath. He had kissed her lips swollen a number of times. It made her feel so good. Her body ached and she could still feel herself twitch in very pleasurable after-effects. She would never have guessed it could be like this. "Raoul", she said, still short of breath. "I have to ask... what will happen now?" "You mean, will I respect you in the morning?" She frowned and looked at him, worried. Was he kidding her? But his eyes were wide open and happy. Satisfied. "Elena... it is you and I now. This is nothing that happens all the time. Feeling like this... building up over time and leading to this. We have watched each other for some time now and today we acted on it. First you and then me. It is special. You are special. I won't let you go. Maybe it is too soon to talk about love, but I am definitely in love."

She ought to have known. A man with his integrity and strength would never have reacted like this otherwise. He was to careful with himself and his reputation for that and for that matter, his pride. "In love is the right words", she smiled. "But I guess I will have to hear about how I flaunted my weakness for you in your nice leather chair, many times." He laughed and held her closer. "You bet. Every time you get too stuck up or try to become one with the wall, which you know is your speciality, I will sneak up behind you and remind you. I will demand that you walk around without your briefs sometimes, with just me knowing about it... and having free access to make you aware of my longings." "Only if you walk around without your briefs", she smiled teasingly. "That will allow me to capture you, lead you... make you burn in the middle of a traffic jam, for example. Or in a movie theatre. Sitting there in the darkness and hearing you trying to compose yourself, control your breath..." He growled and bit her softly on her throat, aroused again by her bold words, so unlike her official image. "Raoul..." Her whisper were the last words heard in a long time.

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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