The Best Erotic Stories.

by Redbeard

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"What are you..."

"sweetness. Please. Shut up."

You clamp your lips together again. Slumping your head back on the pillow, you shut your eyes. You then feel my hands rubbing the tops and insides of your thighs. The cream feels cold going on, almost a shock after the warm oil. I rub up your legs almost to your pussy. Up along the fold of skin where your legs meet your hips. Then over and around your pubes. The cream starts to warm, first your thighs, then all around your crotch. Warmer. Almost uncomfortably warm. Then you feel my tongue flicking out at your nipple. You breath in quickly, surprised by my warm wet tongue.

I slide my tongue around one nipple, circling it, not quite touching it. The cream on your thighs and crotch heats up more, almost a burning sensation. A low moan escapes your lips as my tongue finally slides over your nipple. Your hips begin to wriggle as the cream continues to warm your skin. You feel me wiping off the cream that hasn't yet been absorbed into your skin with a towel.

My hands then move to your breasts. Massaging them. Caressing them. Squeezing then releasing them. My tongue flicks from one to the other, both nipples painfully hard and sensitive. Your thighs and crotch are burning now but you notice your pussy is feeling hot and damp as well. Hmmmmm, you think. This might not be so bad after all.

I run my tongue down between your breasts and then push them together. I slide them against each other, the nipples bumping against one another. I slide my tongue over both nipples at once. I suck one nipple into my mouth, hard, my tongue swirling over it, making your gasp and moan.

With my hands still playing with your tits, I slide my tongue down your body. It follows the trail of oil, down over your stomach, over one hip, then down your leg. My fingers pinching and teasing your nipples, I slide my tongue up the inside of your thigh. First the right. Then the left. I slip my tongue along the fold of skin where your leg meets your hip, then down the same way on the other side. Your hips buck up, trying to force your pussy to my tongue. But not yet.

I slide my tongue back up over your belly to your tits. Swirling it around them. Flicking lightly at your hard nipples. I trail gentle kisses up over your upper chest to your neck. Your hips squirm as I kiss up your neck to your ear. Your breathing quickens as my tongue slides around your ear. You strain your hands against the restraints, wanting to push my head back down to your pussy. My warm breath against your ear makes you moan as I whisper, "You'd like me to fuck you right now wouldn't you?"

My tongue slides back down your neck, over your chest to your breasts. Soft, flicking licks, then down over your belly. Tickling through your pubes. Your hips buck up again as my tongue slides down along the outside of your labia. You whimper in frustration as it travels up the outside on the other side. You strain against the restraints again, wanting to grab my hair and shove my face into your pussy. Or wrap your legs around my head as my tongue laps against your clit.

You moan again as my tongue slides up your pussy lips, the tip just barely separating the lips. You exhale explosively as my tongue flicks lightly over your clit. You feel my fingers spreading the tender folds of skin, exposing your already swollen clit fully.

Your thighs and crotch sill burn as your pussy's temperature rises. You feel your juices flowing as my tongue starts stroking playfully at your clit. Diagonal stroke up. Diagonal stroke down. Light flick across. Your hips are straining up to force your clit against my tongue. Long slow stroke down one side. Small semi circle to the middle. Small semi circle back to the bottom. You moan again as you realize what I'm doing - the alphabet.

C. D. E. F. You moan again at G. You feel yourself getting ready to come after M. When I trace my tongue in a slow circle around your clit for O, I suck your clit into my mouth hard. Oh, God... almost there, you think. You exhale loudly again in frustration as my mouth leaves your clit. You whimper between gasping breaths "Don't stop... Oh God... I was almost there..."

I don't say anything, but run first my hands then my tongue back up to your breasts. Flicking your nipples. Sucking them into my mouth. Your hips buck up, trying to make your pussy touch some part of my body, needing the release. My tongue slides back up to your neck. I nibble on your ear lobe, then whisper in your ear, "So you think you're ready to cum, now, hmmm?"

"Yes... oh yes... Make me cum, Red..."

"You will cum when I say it's time for you to cum. And then you will cum hard."

You moan as the full impact of my words work through the alcohol haze. You start panting in anticipation, your whole body on fire now. My hands slide down your torso again. I grab the bottle of oil and remove the top. The warm liquid drips down again in straight lines along your torso. Each drip, instead of tickling, this time feels lick a tiny lick of my tongue, making your already electrified nerve endings squeal to your brain. I set the bottle down and begin to spread the oil once again. Each stroke building on the pleasure of the last. My hands bush against your hard nipples and you moan. Loudly. Your hips squirming, trying to press your pussy against SOMETHING.

My tongue slides down over your freshly oiled skin, returning ever so slowly to your pussy. Each tantalizing inch my tongue travels make your breath come in shorter, faster gasps. By the time my tongue slides down your pussy lips, you feel like you're hyperventilating. But the touch of my tongue on your pussy makes you gasp in a lungful of air. My tongue slides back up your pussy and then is gone. You look down to see me looking up at you.

"sweetness.... You're going to cum now..."

You're panting heavily now as I reach over and retrieve another ice cube. Your frustration level rises a bit as I slowly take the ice cube into my mouth. You continue panting as I lower my mouth to your steaming pussy.

You moan loudly as I dive onto your clit, my tongue swirling around it, over it. Moving it all over in long, tongue-length strokes. The coldness of my tongue against your steaming clit makes you gasp for air, your lungs seemingly unable to suck in air fast enough. Your arms and legs strain against the restraints and you moan loudly as I suck your clit into my mouth, pulling it up away from your body. The ice cube in my mouth rubs against your clit and you imagine steam rising from your mound. You start to cum, my tongue stroking your outstretched clit. Your panting moans tell me you're cumming. I slip two fingers into your pussy and begin scissoring them up and down, pushing against to g-spots before they slip past each other. Your orgasm goes up another level when you feel my teeth clamp down on your clit, the hardness of my gentle bite a sharp contrast to my soft, smooth tongue. You are cumming hard now, your body rocked as wave after wave of your climax flow throu! gh your body. Your hips buck. Your arms strain. Your head rocks up then back. Behind your closed eyes you see red flashes racing across your inner screen, where earlier you had played out scenes from my stories.

You start coming down after what seems a timeless span. You realize my tongue and mouth are no longer on your pussy. You open your eyes slowly, trying to focus. You see me standing by the night stand, my back to you. The robe slips off my shoulders and falls to the floor. You look over me, checking things out. Hmmm. Hairy back, but not too hairy. Love handles, but not too fat. Firm ass. Tight thighs. Muscular calves. I turn toward you and your continue your perusal. Hairy legs, front matching the back. Hard cock pointing slightly up... not too big... not too small... Small pot belly. Hairy, broad chest. And finally, that softly bearded face.

You see the smile on my face and can't help but smile back. Without saying a word, I get onto the bed. I swing one leg over your chest. I settle my cock between your well oiled breasts. I push your tits together, enveloping my cock. You strain your head up as my cock start sliding between your slippery tits. The head appears from between them, poking out, followed by the shaft. With your head raised, the head comes close to your face. On the next up stroke, you strain further, your lips touching the end. I moan on the next upstroke when the head slides into your mouth, your lips wrapping around it, sucking it in. Your arms strain against the restraints, trying to move your head closer to my sliding cock.

I squeeze your tits together and release them as I continue to slide my cock between them. You catch it as it passes on each stroke in your mouth. You feels my balls rub against the bottom of your breasts each time your strain to capture my cock. The feeling of my hard shaft sliding between your tits and the taste of the precum from my cock have you hot again. You moan when I squeeze your nipples. You gasp as I slip another ice cube into your still wet pussy. It feels hard and cold at first, but your pussy is so hot that it melts quickly.

I feel my balls begin to tighten. You feel my cock pulsing as it slides between your tits. Just before I cum, I stroke up and slip my cock fully into your mouth. You hungrily suck in it as the cum explodes from my cock. Swallowing hard to keep pace, I pump the salty hot sticky fluid into your mouth. You almost cum yourself as you take in all I have to give you.

I slide off your chest and lay down next to you, resting my head on one hand. Smiling, out of breath, I say "My, you're a good little cock sucker."

You giggle and move your hand to twirl your hair. But of course you can't. You smile, looking at the restraints, and say, "Isn't it time for these to come off?"

"Not quite yet", I say grinning. I get up off the bed and lean over the night stand. Picking up something you can't see, I get back on the bed. Whatever it is I have in my hand I set down between your legs, where you can't see it. Returning to lay down next to you, my head leaning on my hand, I smile and say, "You did such a good job sucking my cock, I'm going to make you cum again. Harder this time."

You emit a sound, part growl, part purr, part whimper. Entirely erotic. I smile as my hand moves to your face, brushing back along your cheek, running my fingers back through your hair. Your head leans down to your shoulder as your tickle reflex reacts to my fingers brushing along your neck. Running my finger up along your adam's apple, over your chin to your lips. You playfully suck my finger into your mouth. I lean forward and replace my finger on your lips with mine, kissing you lightly at first. Our lips press together harder, your tongue slipping into my mouth. Our tongues wrestle as my hand slides down your body, caressing your skin, carefully avoiding your breasts and pussy.

I run my fingers back up your body, our mouths still locked in a passionate kiss. You strain against the restraints again, wanting to wrap your arms around me. My fingers run slowly up your inner thigh, tickle through your pubes, trace slow circles around your navel. You hum into my mouth when I finally reach your breasts. Your breathing comes in short bursts through your nose. You break the kiss and moan as my fingers gently pinch and twist your hard nipple. Your hips buck up, your body needing more stimulation.

I move my mouth to the other breast and suck the nipple into my mouth. With my lips covering my teeth, I bite at the same time my fingers pinch the other nipple. Then I suck in one nipple as my hand envelopes and caresses your other breast. Bite, pinch. Suck squeeze. Bite pinch. Suck squeeze. Your whole body is wriggling now, your hands and feet straining, twisting. You feel the muscles in your pussy tightening and loosening.

I release your breasts and turn to reach for your feet. I begin massaging the balls of your feet. Then your insteps. Massaging and caressing over your ankles, then your calves. You feel your legs relaxing, no longer straining and taunt. I reach for and pour some more oil over your legs and continue the massage. Then back of your knees with tantalizing circular strokes. Over your knees to your upper thighs. Down the outside to your hamstrings. Back up and over the top of your thighs.

Excitement builds inside as my hands massage their way up the inside of your thighs. I reach down and underneath to massage your buttocks. You gasp as my fingers run lightly over your anus, circling slowly around it, oiling it and loosening it. You moan softly as my fingers slide across your perineum to your pussy. Starting at the base, my fingers trace slow lines along the outsides of your pussy lips, up to and around each side of your vulva. You're humming now, your moans a low constant.

As my finger runs down over your hard swollen clit, you breathe in quickly through clenched teeth. You moan out the air when my fingers slide down between your pussy lips. Your head leans back when my fingers return to your anus. Slow, circular strokes.

I lean down and start quick, soft light butterfly strokes on your clit. Your hips buck up, trying to force your pussy into my face. My hand leaves your anus, but soon you feel something pressing against it. You then realize I had retrieved a butt plug from the night stand and was now getting ready to use it. Pressing gently but inexorably against your anus, I slide the two inch plug slowly in. My tongue is still flicking against your clit, rapid little strokes that are driving you crazy. You push your hips down, forcing the rest of the plug in. Your anus gets used to the intrusion. The initial discomfort begins to turn to pleasure, your anus flexing around the plug.

I change from light rapid strokes to long, tongue length strokes on your clit, lapping at it like a thirsty dog. My bearded chin is pressed between your pussy lips like a short hairy cock. You press your hips up and down, pushing my chin in and out of your pussy. Again you feel the wave building, your climax growing closer, closer.

I reach up to pinch your nipples as I suck your clit into my mouth. You moan loudly and feel your orgasm very near. I then slide my tongue down into your pussy, lapping up your sweet juices as your orgasm arrives. Your juices flow out, soaking my beard. Your hips start bucking again. I jump on your clit and suck it in hard. My hands caress your tits as my fingers pinch and tease your nipples. I reach down and give the plug a gentle push.

Your eyes closed, your head thrown back, your mouth hangs open in a wordless scream of ecstasy. Your breath seems trapped in your lungs as you cum, wave after wave coursing through your body. An animalistic moan finally explodes from your mouth when I push the plug in a bit deeper. You're gasping for breath now, the waves of pleasure blocking out the rest of your senses. You feel my teeth clamp down on your clit and the butt plug sliding slowly in and out of your ass. Another incredible wave hits you and you're cumming again, even harder. Just when you feel you're about to pass out, I release your clit from my mouth and your nipples from my fingers. You slump back on the pillow, your body quivering still.

You relax your arms and legs, then brush your hair from your face. It's then you realize I've untied the restraints. Jesus Christ, you think....

You open your eyes and see me lying next to you again, my head resting on my hand, a shit-eating grin on my face. You purse your lips as best you can while smiling and narrow your eyes at me again. With a "You little shit!" you push me off the bed. I land on the floor with a thunk, laughing hard.

I get up on my knees and lean against the bed with my elbows. You roll over onto your stomach so that our faces are inches apart. You look at me, a smile on your face and say, "Was that really necessary?"

"No... but did you enjoy it?"

Giggling, you answer, "Of course I did! Wasn't that obvious? But you really scared the shit out of me at the beginning." Your hips press down almost on their own, pushing into the bed. It's then you realize the butt plug is still plugged in. You glance over the side of the bed, looking down at my cock. "I see you've been enjoying yourself, too", you say with a smile. "But it looks like you've got some swelling we need to take care of."

I grin and begin to stand up. You start to roll over, but I put a hand on your back. Climbing up on the bed and moving around behind you, I pull gently back on your hips. Taking the hint, your raise yourself up on your knees, stretching your arms out on the bed in front of you, your ass poking up into the air.

You moan slightly as I run my thumb over the butt plug. I take my rock hard cock in my hand and run the head along your pussy lips. You groan, pushing your ass back, trying to slide my cock inside you. You moan explosively as I slide my cock all the way in, parting your pussy like a hot knife through butter. As my cock slips all the way in, my pelvis presses against the butt plug. Oh God, you think. This won't take long at all...

I leave my cock buried deep inside you, wriggling my hips so that my cock slides slowly around your pulsating pussy. Each wriggle also presses against the plug. I start fucking you in a slow rhythm, long strokes balls deep then back out so just the head remains in. Each stroke in gives you an extra thrill as I push against the butt plug. You start pushing your hips back to match my rhythm. Fucking in unison. My cock sliding deep into your pussy, your cunt muscles grabbing my cock as it slides out. And the butt plug rubbing against your anus with each thrust.

I use my hips to match your motions, propelling my cock into your cunt. I run my hands up over your ass cheeks, across your lower back. Your arch your back catlike as my hands slide across your smooth skin. The extra tingles running down your back send you on your way again. You feel your pussy dripping juices over my cock as it continues to slam into your pussy. We've picked up our pace so that my cock is slamming you harder and faster. You feel my hands run up your back and under your hair. You drop your head down, giving me a better shot at that sensitive spot at your hair line. You feel the beginnings of your orgasm as my hands stroke over your neck. A hard push at the butt plug does it. You start to cum. You feel my hands running through your hair. "oh yes.... Oh God..." you moan as the waves echo out from your pussy.

Suddenly, your head jerks up, your hair entwined in my fingers. Pulling your head back, my cock deep inside you, you feel my warm breath against your ear, "Now aren't you glad I decided to fuck you?"

Your only answer is an animalistic grunt as your climax blows your head apart. Fucking. Fucking. Yes. Good. Your body rocks with waves of pleasure - intense, toe-curling mind-blowing fuck-me-til-I-drop pleasure. You feel my cock pulsing and throbbing and know that I'm going to join you soon. You try to clench your pussy muscles through the waves of your orgasm. It must have worked, you think, when your hear me groan and feel my cock pulsing deep inside you. My thrusts become more erratic as the throes of my own orgasm blast through me. "Cumming... yessss... oh God..."

After what seems forever, we collapse down onto the bed. You snuggle back into my arms. Cuddling, our naked bodies entwined, we fall asleep.

Waking up, I reach up to scratch my nose, but can't. I look up and find myself tied to the bed, hand and foot, butt naked. I start to chuckle and look around for you.

You come out of the bathroom wearing my robe, carrying something in your hand. You settle down on the bed next to me when I realize you have my razor and shaving cream. With a giggling, lilting smile, you say, "Now it's MY turn!"

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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