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by OddAngel

Delilah watched as Lancaster faded out of view she did not realize she cared so much until she watched him go. Out of the door. Out of her life and now out of her mind... no not really out of her mind and certainly not out of her heart.

She knew it was her fault he was gone, she had made a mistake a big one that hurt him badly, it all started in august the hottest month of the year in Indiana. She had gone shopping for a new central air unit but when she arrived at the store the salesman was not what she had expected. An ex-boy friend from college. One she still carried feelings for!

When Gavin asked how she had been she reluctantly answered "oh all right I guess?" immediately after she said it she asked herself why? I am happily married to Lancaster Jones the most successful man around not to mention only the hottest man in the state; he was tall built to perfection long dark hair, and the most beautiful green eyes you've ever seen. And here she was setting herself up to cheat on him. Gavin had been "the one that got away" - he dumped her for a college cheerleader named Bambi Demarco it was crushing to Delilah but here was her chance to get back what she lost. Or better yet felt she failed at!

Delilah was a very successful woman in her own right; she couldn't stand to lose at anything. She was medium height, small-framed and barely 110 pounds long red hair and big blue eyes with a temper to match the hair. So the chance to fix something she failed at years ago was overpowering her common sense at this point. Gavin spoke to her again and asked what he could do for her today she replied I need a new central air system it is so hot in my house I could melt ice on my soaking wet chest.

He stepped back a bit and then smiled is that all you need Delilah or do I sense a need for something a bit more personal? Delilah blushed she looked away and played bashful. Gavin if you help me out with the new ac unit will you be the one to come over and install it? Yeah baby if that's what you want. That would be wonderful Delilah said it will give us a chance to talk about old times I'll see you there. As she sashayed out of the store she felt like a schoolgirl again, all excited at the possibilities for just one second she pulled her head out of the clouds and thought about what she was doing and her husband and their happy marriage. But the thought of Gavin back in her arms again over powered her common sense.

Delilah knew the store would deliver the ac unit today. She spent most of the morning anticipating Gavin's arrival and getting ready for him as she did, she thought of how they were in college, how they were voted cutest couple, and how the sex was phenomenal her mind went back to a time they made love in the fountain by the library the cool rain beating down on her naked body as Gavin's warm body covered hers he thrust in and out of her with the power of a freight train, she had forgotten what that feeling was. The feeling of hot uncontrollable passion as she waited for Gavin to get there with the ac unit she reached down between her milky white thighs and started touching and feeling every inch of her swollen little clit.

She was getting wetter and wetter still just before she reached orgasm the doorbell rang she hopped up from the chair she was in and threw herself together and answered the door. It was Gavin a full 2 hours earlier than expected. Hi she said your early, but I was just I mean, well I was just hanging out huh, come on in. Gavin stepped inside the door of her very nice house he had already driven around for an hour stroking his rock hard cock. And as Delilah glanced down she noticed exactly how hard he was his cock was poking out the top of his jeans which hugged his gorgeous body perfectly, as he noticed it he re- adjusted his jeans and said oh I'm sorry I guess you just have that effect on me so is it just me or were you wanting me to come over and fix more than just your ac unit?

Delilah blushed looked Gavin straight in the eyes and said "I just want one more of those incredible fucks before you walk out the door and I never see you again my husband is at work he wont be home till this evening. So what do you say will you fuck me one last time the way I like it? Rough and sensual at the same time? Gavin looked at Delilah her hand was now in her panties stroking her clit till she almost got off right there in front of him he smiled and pulled his hard 12 in long 4 inch round cock out of his pants Delilah then walked over to him letting her robe drop on the floor she was now completely nude! Gavin continued to take off all of his clothes.

They took a moment to look at each other and get aroused by the sight of each others naked body, Gavin moved in closer and plunged his tongue in Delilah's mouth from there he proceeded to kiss her so passionately she felt as though she would cum down her leg, Gavin must have sensed her excitement. Because he slipped a finger deep inside her pussy he furiously finger fucked her till she came all over his hand at this point it was too much for Gavin to hold back any longer he laid Delilah down on the kitchen floor he kissed her mouth and fingered her a little more to get her pussy wet and ready to take his erect bulging cock. He reached down and guided his enormous hard on to her wet pussy---- he pushes the head just inside the opening of her cunt, he tethers his huge cock back and forth a few times so when he's ready he can force it all the way in without hurting Delilah too bad, just then he apples force and his enormous cock slides all the way in her tight little pussy.

Delilah digs her nails in Gavin's back. Gavin likes the nails and starts hitting it hard he flips her over and does her doggie style grabbing and clawing at her sides, he starts to thrust harder and harder until he slides it all the way up inside her and keeps pushing deeper as he releases his seed rich cum deep inside her pussy. Delilah was cumming at the same time she released her pussy juice all over his twitching cock both of them collapsed in a heap on the floor smiling but exhausted. Gavin Delilah said. Thank you that was amazing I haven't got off like that in years. But you had better go install my ac unit or my husband will wonder what we were doing all day! ha ha Gavin laughed yes ma'am I'll get straight to work, he gather up his clothes and walked out the door to start his job. As he walked out he said thank you baby you make me cum harder than anyone else I've ever been with.

Delilah pulled herself together feeling better than she had in a long time. She took a shower and started working on a real estate deal she had up in the air she must have fallen asleep because the next thing that happened was Lancaster leaning over to kiss her. He said did you have a good day today sweetheart? She said oh yes very good indeed. Lancaster asked did the ac unit come today? Yes dear they installed it this morning. As she noticed a tear in her husband's eye's he said that's not all he installed now is it?

Delilah knew he knew what happened somehow, she asked how did you I mean how do you know? Lancaster was packing his things. He turned to her and said do you remember when you called me at work this morning? Yes said Delilah well you never got the phone all the way back on the hook I sat at work today and heard another man make my wife cum like I've never been able to.

I can't even look at you, Delilah how could you have done this to me. To us and with that he threw his stuff in the car and drove out of my life I'm gonna miss him but now I have all the time in the world to let Gavin make me cum.

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