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by Romeo Blue

I'd always considered myself a very jealous person. I thought I would be that way forever. Little did I know I would become less jealous to the point of watching my wife fuck another man and be excited by it.

My wife, so beautiful, so sexy and it turns out, so horny. Dari and I had been together for so long we were totally lost in our comfort. We stopped paying attention to each other because we both felt we didn't need to do anything to excite the other. We had used talk of her and another man being together to help us get ourselves horny enough to get in some good fucking. I would picture her in another mans arms, see her stroking his body and I would just lose my mind. I was angry, but the thought made me hornier than I had ever been.

One day she comes home from a trip to the supermarket and she's got this strange little grin on her face. I ask her what's going on, she smiles and says, later, I'll find out later.

After a nice dinner and getting the kids off to bed, she says now we can talk about it. Now we can get into the request she has. It seems she has met some guy at the store that she finds very attractive. At this point my wife is 25 and the young man she's met is 18. Young, virile and just so into her it's stupid. She wants to know if it's okay for her to take it a little further. I am a little unsure of this, I mean, this is my wife, the woman I love, the mother of my children, I didn't know if it would be a good idea. I think about it for a bit and she assures me I will be rewarded if I allow this to happen. She won't tell me how, which has me a little bit intrigued, so I give the permission she so badly craves.

She goes to the supermarket again the next day to let her new friend know that she can see him whenever he'd like to spend some time with her. Michael, the young man, is stunned and from her report to me, had a look on his face that made her panties wet on the spot.

They got together that very night, she went to him and they were together for a couple of hours and according to her she gave him the best blow job he had ever experienced in his young 18 years. I can attest to the fact that she is indeed one of the best cocksuckers whose mouth I've ever had the pleasure to shoot my load into. She is amazing in that she spends long amounts of time making the whole of the dick and balls feel like they are on fire. The best thing of all, she swallows, she always swallows. I can imagine his face when he started shooting off and she sucked it all into her mouth, swallowed and looked him dead in his eye with a smile on her face, licking any cum from her lips that she might have let slip like it was candy to her. I know when she first got to that point with me, I was fucking amazed. I loved it, and I know he must have also.

They met again, with pretty much the same action happening. She was new to this and though she was a bit unsure, figured that a simple blowjob wouldn't be all that bad as far as sexual play went with someone she hardly knew. Ah, but the third time is always the charm.

Dari called me at work and said she wanted to let me know that the kids would be at Grandma's for the evening. It being Friday, I figured we would be doing a little more fantasizing and having wild, torrid sex all over the house. Was I ever in for a surprise.

I got home a little late, some crap I had to deal with at work made me leave later than I'd wanted to. As I walked through the door the first thing I noticed was that the lights were low and indeed most of the house was dark. I called out my wife's name and she answered from the kitchen. I walked towards the kitchen putting my jacket on the couch on the way in. When I get into the kitchen I am totally tripping. My wife is standing there in this little teddy I had bought for her about 3 months earlier. She's got beautiful tits, a wonderful set of 38's with these big nipples and I can see their beautiful round outlines pressing against the thin silky fabric of the teddy. In her hands she's carrying a chilled bottle of wine and two glasses. I'm not a big drinker, but for something like I'm hoping tonight will be like, I'm willing to back down a bit of the grape. I walk up to her and attempt to kiss her, she turns her head and offers her cheek, I can smell her perfume, Poison, and it drives me crazy.

I look at her for a minute and realize she's got her make up on and her lips are covered in this deep fiery red lipstick. Her hair is done and she's got on black high heels and I now notice she's wearing that teddy and nothing underneath. I reach for one of the glasses and she pulls it away, telling me it's not for me. I'm slightly confused. She puts down the glasses, fills one of them and takes it to her lips. She sips the wine and starting to walk, takes my hand. She walks me into our room and points at a chair in the corner and says that the chair is for me. I sit down and she begins to explain what she has in store for this evening. She tells me that she has talked to Michael and told him of our exploring this lifestyle, that my fantasy has been to see my wife with another man. Between the two of them they decide it'' about time my fantasy came true. She stands up and starts this little strip tease type dance, glass in one hand, the hem of her teddy in the other. She starts dancing, swaying her hips and moving the teddy up higher and higher until I can see her nicely shaved tight little pussy, then the lower curve of those beautiful tits. I'm licking my lips in anticipation of seeing those rock hard nipples when there is a knock on the door.

She stops her dance and smiles. I am instructed to stay put while she gets the door and prepares for the night's festivities. She walks out the door and before going through says that I have to stay here. If I get up, the party is over and she'll have him leave. Reluctantly I stay seated while I hear her answer the door and greet him. I can hear them kissing, very wetly, very loudly. I'm growing a little anxious. I can hear them talking but I can't hear what they are saying. I hear her giggle and then she lets out a little whoop. Damn I wish I could see what the hell is going on. I hear her moan, then I hear him grunt and I'm thinking they are starting where I can't see them and I'm getting a little bit upset. I don't get up though, I don't want this to end.

They both walk into the room with a glass of wine and he looks at me and says hello. I say hi and just keep my seat. She's laughing and she has her arm around his waist, pushing him over toward the bed and telling him to sit. She downs the last of her wine in one large gulp and puts her glass up on the dresser. She looks at me then at him and she starts to dance again. Her hips are gyrating wildly and she's really getting into this. She bends over in front of him, facing me, giving me a great shot of her tits and him a great shot of her ass. She reaches back with one hand and lifts the bottom of the teddy, showing him that lovely pussy. He can't take it anymore and pulls her over to him. She sits on his lap and glances over at me, giggling. He starts kissing her tits and she, wanting to feel his lips on her bare skin pulls the teddy up over her head and drops in to the floor in front of me. I pick it up and put it to my face. Poison, I love it.

She stands him up and kissing him, starts pulling at his clothes. She undresses him and he doesn't seem the bit fazed. Standing there nude in front of me, this young, thin athletically built guy stands and stands, fully erect, at about 7 inches. Dari drops to her knee in front of him and starts that steady licking that always precedes her enveloping the whole cock in her mouth. His eyes are closed and I can see he just loves this. Dari goes to work beautifully on that hard dick, licking and stroking, sucking it into and out of her mouth with all the enthusiasm of a seasoned whore. She lifts his dick and starts working those sucking lips and eager tongue all over his balls. She's amazing. She stands up and pushes him down onto the bed. He doesn't resist. She crawls over his body, rubbing her tits all over him and she pauses briefly with her tits hanging down around his cock that at this point could cut diamonds. She squeezes them together and lets him tit fuck her for just a couple of minutes. Then she continues her journey upward until she rests her cute little cunt right over his face.

Michael shows that sometimes youth can be well served. He devours her pussy with his mouth and I am in the perfect position. I can see each thrust of his tongue into her gap, each drop of cum that drips from her pussy and each shiver that runs down her spine. I could see that she came, how many times I don't know, but damn could I tell she came.

I watch as she scoots that lovely round ass down his body until his cock is resting mere inches from her waiting, dripping pussy. She lowers herself down onto him and I can see his dick disappearing into her. It looks so...fucking...incredible. I hear her moan and I can see that it is into her up to its hilt. Then he starts to fuck her. I'm watching this guy fuck my wife and I'm happier than I've ever been, and from the looks of it, so is she. She's riding him like a thoroughbred. Her tits are bouncing in his face and he's trying like hell to tongue them both, one after the other. Damn my dick is getting hard.

She stops the fun for a second and changes position. She takes her time doing it, letting me see her pussy, all wet and creamy. She lies on her back and spreads her legs, puts them high into the air and tells him to put that dick deep into her pussy. He wastes no time. He sinks it into her and I hear her moan. She contorts her body so that she can put her hands on his ass cheeks and pulls at him, trying to get that dick as deep into her as it will go. He's pounding like there's no tomorrow, the bed is moving on the floor and her tits are jumping up and down with the force of each thrust. I see his dick thrusting in and out and I'm too fucking hard. I pull my dick free from my pants and start pounding my meat in rhythm with his pounding of my wife. My wife glances over and I see her looking at me and she nods, no. I stop and just continue to watch.

Michael has her in his hands and he turns her over onto her stomach. He lifts her ass into the air and drives his dick deep into her pussy, doggy style. This has always been one of Daris' favorite positions and she shows it tonight. Michael is just ram rodding his dick home and each thrust brings a moan from Dari that just drives me nuts. He's fucking her and she starts telling him to fuck her, yeah that's it fuck the shit out of her. She starts really getting into it and Michael can't take it anymore. He starts yelling that he has to cum. Dari, who I am now learning is quite the show person, doesn't hesitate in the least, pulling away from him, spinning and taking his cock into her eager mouth. She's sucking and stroking for all she's worth and then he starts to cum. She pulls away and keeps stroking that long piece of meat with her hands while cum starts to jettison forth. She opens her mouth and catches some of it with her tongue, the rest soaks her neck, her face and her big beautiful tits. She sits there, quietly scooping what she didn't catch into her mouth and savoring it like fine champagne.

She asks Michael to dress and she walks him out, motioning for me to remain seated. She kisses him goodbye and I hear the door close. She comes back to the room, still licking her lips and asks if this little show upset me. I nod no. She asks again, did this little show UPSET you. I finally understand, and nod that yes, yes it did. She looks at me kind of coyly and says "Then I guess I should be punished".

And therein lies a whole other story and one best saved for another time.

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