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Dave and Karen
by Dayna Jo

Dave had set up this fantasy with the help of an escort service. Five men were selected and sent to his house to act out a gang rape of his 36 year old wife. The stipulations were that Dave be allowed to watch and that they not hurt Karen in any way. They could do anything they wanted, but she was not to be hurt. Dave had no idea what they had planned.

Karen knew of Dave's fantasy but she had no idea he actually planned to act it out. On a specified night, the five men arrived, sneaking into the couples bedroom late at night. Three of the men grabbed Karen as she slept and pulled her to her feet. Two of the men grabbed Dave, one holding a knife to his throat. They threatened to use it if Dave and Karen did not cooperate. Karen was informed that they were here to have a little fun with her. The men instructed Karen to not make a sound and just enjoy the evening.

With that, Dave was tied to the bed, his arms and legs in a spread eagle position. What the hell are they doing Dave wondered. The five men then turned their attention to Karen. She was wearing only a thin white T-shirt and a pair of blue underpants. Dave knew his wife had a great body. At 36, a triathlete, she was fit, firm and fat free. Although her breasts were small (and firm), she had the sexiest stomach and the greatest ass he had ever seen. The men were impressed. Dave watched as they began groping at her small body, through her T-shirt, while one of the men held her firmly, her arms pinned behind her back. Hands played with her breasts and hands found their way between her legs. All five men were groping Karen as Dave lay helpless, tied to the bed. Karen tried struggling but the men held her firmly and had her completely surrounded. One of the men began kissing her mouth passionately, exploring her mouth with his tongue.

The "leader" of the gang then spoke to Karen. If she could get away them, they would let her be. And with that, the men released her. Was she up to the challenge? Before he could finish speaking, Karen bolted from the bedroom. She surprised the men with her speed, but they were still quicker. Dave could not see what was happening but from the sounds coming from the next room, he knew they had caught Karen quickly. He could hear her struggling with the men as they attempted to get her under their control. Not sure what was going on, Dave could only listen to the grunting of the men and Karen. Eventually he heard a ripping sound and knew that Karen was losing the struggle.

Karen could not believe what was happening. In a matter of moments she had been shocked awake, watched her husband get tied to their bed, and now she was fighting with all her might against five obviously horny men. These men were going to have their way with her and she didn't see any way she could stop them. Karen assumed this was all a part of her husband's scheming, but she was not going to give in and just let these men fuck her. She loved her husband and would do anything for him. In fact, she was kind of turned on at the thought of being gang raped by these actually handsome men. Might as well go along with the game.

Karen tried to escape but they were quick and strong. Now they had her pinned on her back, each man holding an arm or a leg, while the leader stood over the top of her. No matter how she struggled, they were too many and too strong. With a quick motion, he ripped her thin T-shirt from her body. The men holding her began exploring her chest and stomach with their hands. One of the men began sucking at her nipples. Even though she was scared, Karen's body began to react to the men's caresses and sucking. Karen could feel their hands exploring her firm stomach and chest, gently yet firmly. One of the men began kissing her stomach and small hips. A few moments later she felt the leader run his fingers along the waist band of her underwear. He then began to slowly pull them off her hips. Karen again struggled, not wanting them to see her neatly shaved private area. Unable to stop him, the leader pulled her underwear off. And then the gang forced her Karen's legs apart.

Oh my God, she was completely exposed and helpless to stop as these men began to explore her most private regions. Only Dave, her husband, had seen or touched her pussy and now five men would have at it. She struggled to stop these men as one of them gently touched her and ran his fingers all around her most sensitive area. Karen realized that all the gentle caressing and sucking had caused her to get wet. The men now playing with her pussy obviously knew she was, to some degree, enjoying herself. One of the men then kneeled between her legs and began to lick and suck her pussy. Karen couldn't believe the sensation as this man sucked on her pussy while others sucked on her nipples. Fingers joined the exploration of her pussy as two of the men probed her opening and fingered her ass. At the same time, the men holding her arms continued sucking and playing with her breasts. All the attention to her body was incredible...Karen began to relax.

Back in the bedroom, Dave had listened to the ongoing struggle, unable to see what was actually going on. His imagination did the work. The leader then appeared in the bedroom, holding Karen's torn T-shirt in his hands. He grinned at Dave and threw the shirt on the bed. Dave could imagine Karen, pinned to the floor of their living room, naked from the waist up...the men probably groping at her breasts. The leader stepped out of the bedroom, only to reappear seconds later carrying Karen's underwear. Dave knew she was now totally naked and at the mercy of these five men.

Dave grew more anxious. The plan was for him to watch as his wife be ravaged by these men. What in the hell were they up to? As if to answer his confusion, the men reappeared in the bedroom, carrying Karen in their arms, as she continued to struggle. What were they going to do now? Dave caught on immediately as Karen was laid on top of him, on her back. Her arms were tied to the bed and her legs were pulled apart and tied. Now Karen was lying on top of Dave, tied spread eagle to the bed. Dave realized that he was about to get a front row seat of his wife's gang rape.

Dave watched as the men admired their work. And then they admired Karen's body. Dave watched as the men began to maul her with their hands and mouths. Dave watched over her shoulder as hands grabbed at her breasts and mouths found her pussy. Karen squirmed at their touching but she was helpless to stop them. Eventually the leader climbed to the top of the bed. He had removed his pants and his enormous penis hung between his legs. Kneeling at Karen and Dave's head, he smiled at Dave, and then shoved his cock into Karen's mouth. Dave watched as she was forced to take as much of this 8 inch cock as she could. At the same time, one of the other men had removed his pants and was now kneeling between their spread legs. Dave watched as his wife was about to be entered by a stranger. Until today, Dave had been the only man to ever enter his wife's beautiful pussy. Tonight that number would increase by five men. The man between her legs rubbed the head of his 7 inch cock around her opening and then pushed his way in. Karen groaned, the sound muffled by the cock in her mouth. Dave could feel the force of the man as he forced his way into his wife. Inch by inch the man fully imbedded his cock into Karen's pussy. And then he began fucking Dave's wife. Dave could feel each of the thrusts as this stranger drove into Karen. Dave felt the rocking motion as he pushed in and pulled out.

Karen had become more comfortable after the men carried her back into the bedroom. Somehow she felt safer being this close to Dave, even though they were both helpless. She could not believe how her body was reacting to all the hands and mouths. And when the leader had placed his swollen cock to her lips, she had taken him into her mouth without hesitation. His head was huge, but she did her best to take him deep into her mouth. And then another had climbed between her legs and placed his cock at her moist opening. Karen had never experienced any cock other than Dave's. She was scared and excited at the same time. As he pushed his way in, she continued to suck on the cock in her mouth. The man entering her was very thick, bigger than Dave. The pressure was incredible. With the cock in her mouth, another filling her tight pussy, and several pairs of hands playing over her body, Karen began to feel an orgasm coming on. On top of it all, she could feel Dave's hardening cock against her backside...she knew he was enjoying the show. The man fucking her kept a steady rhythm. Karen could feel every inch of his thickness as he pushed and pulled against her tight pussy. The cock in her mouth had grown larger and stiffer.

The two men continued fucking Karen for several minutes, while the remaining men continued to pull and suck at her nipples. They also removed their clothes. Dave couldn't believe the sizes of these other men, all probably 9 inches and very thick. Soon the leader began to breathe loudly. Dave knew he was going to cum in Karen's mouth. Sure enough, the leader grabbed Karen's head and held his cock in her mouth, as his hips thrust deeper. He forced Karen to swallow as he shot his cum down her throat. At the same time, the man fucking Karen came, driving deep into her pussy. Dave felt the force of both men as they ravaged Karen.

Karen tried to swallow as this stranger came in her mouth. She had allowed Dave to cum in her mouth before, but she had never actually swallowed. This guy seemed to cum a glass full, but she did what he wanted and swallowed it all. She also felt the man cum in her pussy, felt the pulsations of his giant cock as he drove deep, felt the heat of his orgasm. This combination pushed Karen over the edge and she shuddered with her own orgasm. Never before had she cum with a cock inside her. Dave could always make her cum, but only with his mouth. Now she was nearly convulsing, squeezing this giant cock and sucking another.

As the two men recovered from their orgasms, they moved aside, to be replaced by their partners. The next two cocks were much bigger than the first and the man at Karen's pussy had to take his time getting himself fully inside of her. At the same time, Karen did her best to take the other cock into her mouth. For the next 20 minutes, the five men took turns fucking Karen or making her suck them. Three of the men came in her mouth, making her swallow their cum, some dripping down the side of her face and on to Dave's neck. Four different times the men came in her pussy. Dave experienced all the thrusting as each man reached orgasm and came in his wife.

The men then untied Karen. They explained that Dave should get to enjoy her special talents. With that, they turned her onto her stomach and spun her around so that her face was now at Dave's crotch. Her soaked and seeping pussy was at his face. Karen was instructed to give her husband a good sucking. Dave felt Karen free him from his boxers. As her warm mouth took him in, Dave nearly came at that moment. He forced himself to hold on. One of the men then grabbed Karen's hips and pulled her ass into the air, onto her knees. Dave would now get an up and close view as the men fucked her pussy, which was suspended over his face. The first man placed his thick cock against the entrance to Karen's pussy and pushed his way in, with little effort. Dave watched as cum poured from her pussy, spilling onto his chest. As the man fucked Karen, he used his thumb to moisten her smaller entrance, using the plentiful fluids. He then explained to Karen that he was going to fuck her in the ass. That she needed to relax. That any tension might cause her discomfort, as well as her husband while she continued to suck Dave. And with that, the man pulled out from her pussy. Dave watched as his cock came away shiney and slippery from her well fucked pussy. Dave then watched as this stranger began to ease the head of his cock into Karen's ass. Dave watched in awe as the cock slowly worked its way in. Dave could feel Karen's sucking intensify as she tried to relax. Eventually, the man had buried his cock completely into Karen's ass and he began slowly fucking her. Dave couldn't take it anymore and he exploded in a powerful orgasm as Karen continued to suck him.

Karen had never been fucked in the ass, although Dave had certainly offered. When the men turned her over and told her to suck her husband, she figured they would just fuck her doggie style, so Dave could get a good show. She never imagined they intended to take her in the ass. Dave's cock felt huge in her mouth as the first man began to play with her ass. And then, when he started to work his way in, with his cock, Karen tried her best to relax. It helped having Dave in her mouth. She was surprised at how good the pressure actually felt as the cock pushed into her virgin hole. And then Dave exploded in her mouth. He had been building up for some time and the volume of cum was proof. Dave's orgasm distracted Karen just long enough to allow the man entering her ass to press the rest of the way in. Karen continued to suck Dave as she tried to enjoy the action in her back door.

The man fucking Karen eventually came. He was then followed by two more of the men, each fucking her ass as Karen gently sucked and licked Dave's cock, which had once again grown hard. When the men had finished fucking Karen's ass, she was again turned, this time laying face down on Dave, facing him. Dave could smell the cum on her breath and cum on her face. The men positioned Karen and then slid her onto Dave's hard cock. Dave was now inside his wife's used pussy. She buried her face in his neck. And then Dave watched as one of the men climbed on top of his wife's back. Oh my God they were going to continue fucking her. Karen was about to get a D.P. Sure enough, the men again took turns fucking her ass. Dave could feel each man as he entered Karen, through the thin wall separating them.

Karen thought the men were finally finished when they turned her over and lowered her on to Dave's stiff prick. She figured they'd let Dave have a turn and leave. Instead, as she started to ride her husband, one of the men climbed behind her. Grabbing her breasts from the front, he pushed his way into her dripping ass. Now she had two cocks in her at the same time. The pressure was incredible, having one cock in her ass and Dave's cock in her pussy. The sensation was too much and Karen came again, harder than the first. As she was catching her breath, one of the men standing around climbed on the bed and stuffed his cock in her mouth. She now had three cocks at the same time, one fucking her ass, one fucking her mouth, and her husband in her pussy. In a matter of moments, the man in her ass drove deep and came. He was replaced by a second man. The man in her mouth then came, with most of it spilling onto her chin and dripping down onto her husband's chest. Another cock replaced him.

Dave did all he could to contain himself as he watched and felt man after man drive into his wife's ass. At the same time, cocks were placed at her face and she did her best to suck each one. Eventually the men wore out. They pulled a blanket over Dave and Karen and left quietly.

Dave told Karen how incredible she was and how sorry he was about what happened. Karen didn't speak a word. She pulled herself from Dave and then re-mounted him, this time guiding his cock into her slippery, tight ass. Within a matter of seconds Dave exploded with his second orgasm. What a night!

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