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Daddy & Me: The Beginning
by Sharlann

I've said that my dad knows just how to take care of me ... actually, we learned to take care of each other after Mom left. It was just a normal daddy-little girl relationship till I was about eighteen. I began to develop early, needing my first bra at about ten. Until I was eighteen, I used to run jump on Dad's lap, hugging him and laying smooches all over his face. We'd laugh and giggle and then he'd toss me up in the air, catching me and hugging me to him.

One day, right after my eighteen birthday, something changed between us. In retrospect, I suppose it was to be expected. A girl and her dad living alone at the end of a rural highway. Both of us lonely, even though I had many school chums and Dad had his poker buddies. No one would ever know, or even suspect the change that took place in our lives. No one, that is, except the few special people we invited "in" to our innermost, secretive world, who would join us time and again. Ooops, I'm ahead of myself - back to the story of that eventful day:

It was early fall and still quite warm. I'd just come home from school, removing and dropping my clothes as I entered the house ... first the shirt ... then the skirt ... kicking off shoes ... only new bra and skimpy panties left. I opened the refrigerator to get a glass of lemonade when I stopped dead in my tracks! Dad was standing in the doorway, having watched the entire clothes removal scene, and he was grinning the biggest grin I'd ever seen. Setting the lemonade on the counter, I raced past Dad for the stairs and ran to the top wailing "Oh no Dad! I'm sorry! Don't be mad!" I heard Dad calling "Stop Sharlann, stop and come here."

I threw myself on the bed, burying my head on my arms. I didn't know exactly what to expect. But I knew that "something" was about to happen. Soon I heard Dad open my door and come into the room. Sitting down on the bed, he touched my arm and said, "Sharlann, let's talk about it." "IT?" I said to myself "What is IT?" I didn't move a muscle or even breathe for seconds so Dad, never one to be patient, picked up my small frame by the shoulders, turned me over his lap and smacked my bottom twice. Hard! "Sharlann! That was for removing your clothes before you were really into the house ... and for running up here instead of answering me when I called out to you to stop running!"

My bottom hurt a little and my embarrassment was overwhelming. Since I had no mother to tell me about keeping "covered up" in front of men and boys, I wasn't quite sure why Dad so was angry. It was just some kind of instinct that kids have that registers "uh-oh" in their little brains. I tried to extricate myself from Dad's lap so I could get clothed, but he held me firmly by my arm and sat me down on his lap. A lap that had never before had a big fat bump on it. Having read my girlfriends' brothers magazines, I knew what the bump was, and I knew what sex was. However, it was just "book learning" at this point. I didn't know what to do. Dad pulled me to him tightly and stroked my back. "Sharlann," he said, "when a man sees a beautiful little body like yours, it is quite natural for him to want it. And you've made me want you very much. I know you can't understand all this, but I'm your dad and I would never hurt you." As he said this, Dad's left hand slipped down to my bottom, caressing it, as his right hand slid up my tummy enclosing one tiny new breast tightly.

I shivered involuntarily. Dad's hands felt good and, at eighteen, with no mother or sister to teach me otherwise, I had no reason or knowledge to keep me from enjoying his touch. I smiled at Dad and shimmied out of my training bra, pushing it down to my waist. "Here, Dad, hold the other one, too." With that, the gleam in Dad's eye turned to something I now know as lust, and he laid me carefully down on my back. Wrapping his arms around me, Dad proceeded to suck on each of my nipples and lick my budding breasts. It felt sooooo good! I hugged him to me and with a child's animal instinct, my hand slid down to Dad's now huge cock. "Here, Baby, let me show you what that is...," said Dad. Unzipping his pants and pushing them, together with his jockeys, down to his knees, Dad placed my hand on his warm and throbbing cock. My eyes grew huge. I had never seen Dad's cock. It intrigued me and I knew I wanted to touch it with both hands. "Dad, what should I 'do' with it?"

Rolling onto his back, Dad gently pushed my head toward his cock. "Baby, I want you to taste it ... suck on it a little. Make Daddy feel good, Baby. Please make Daddy feel good." I leaned over and began to lick this new toy. I kissed and licked it as if it were the best lollipop in the world. Dad began moaning and writhing under my kisses. He clutched his nuts and caressed my head. With new inspiration, I began to suck him hard, like I would a baby's bottle. Dad was moaning quite loudly now and moving so much that I had a difficult time keeping his huge cock in my mouth. Suddenly, Dad groaned loudly, clutched his balls and my head, pushing my face into his crotch. "OH GOD Baby ..... I'm cummming .... I'm cummmming!" he groaned. As Dad's cock began to spasm furiously, he shot gobs and gobs of cum into my mouth, and I swallowed it. Every drop. It seemed like the reasonable thing to do. Dad's orgasm lasted an eternity, or so I thought. "Oh Baby, oh Baby ... you've made your Daddy very, very happy!" Those words were music to my ears. I was quite excited and I wondered what might be next in this newfound playtime with Dad.

After Dad caught his breath, he inquired "Baby, did you really SWALLOW all my cum? Or did you secretly spit it out?" "NO Dad! I swallowed it! What should I have done with it?" Dad clutched me like a rag doll, pulling me tightly to his chest in an embrace that I didn't yet understand. "My Baby, my Baby ... you ARE Daddy's girl for sure! You did exactly right. You make Daddy very, very happy."

That was enough for me. I was proud to make Dad happy and I decided then and there that that was my goal in life: to make Dad happy.

"Now," said Dad, "I'm going to make you feel as good as you make me feel. OK?" "Sure Dad," I responded. With that, Dad laid me again on my back and pulled off my bra and panties. I didn't know why, but my pussie was very moist. Dad had stripped and he now laid his naked body down on mine and began to suckle my tiny breasts again. I felt a funny stirring in my tummy and found myself feeling very happy with what Dad was doing to me. Then he began scooting down slowly, licking and kissing my tummy and navel all the way. As his lips reached my smooth, pink pussie, he moaned several times and then slipped his tongue inside the small folds hiding my budding womanhood. I moaned involuntarily! Dad's warm, wet tongue felt wonderful! I was liking this a lot!

"Sharlann, Daddy's going to put his finger inside you ... if it hurts, you tell me, OK?" Hurt? How could it hurt, I wondered. With his saliva coating my pussie and his finger, Dad gently, slowly inserted his finger inside me. I shrieked with pleasure! I couldn't believe how huge Dad's finger felt inside me. I closed my pussie muscles tightly around his finger wanting to suck him clear up into me. I moaned softly. "Relax, Sharlann, relax Baby." All of a sudden my stomach cramped and I felt a sharp, breathtaking pain in my tummy. I screamed and started to cry. Dad rested his finger inside me for a moment and massaged my tummy. "There, there Baby ... now you ARE a woman. Daddy just made you a woman Baby." The massaging felt good and the pain began to subside. Tears streamed from my eyes and I wished that "becoming a woman" hadn't been so darn painful.

Soon I felt Dad's little finger at my tiny rosebud. Massaging around and around, he eased his little finger inside my anus. "OH! OHHHH! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH DADDDDDDY!!!!!" I squealed at the top of my lungs. With one of Dad's fingers in my little pussie and one in my anus, I was experiencing sexual excitement for the very first time. And it was thunder and lightening! Something was about to happen ... I could feel it starting in my tummy. And this time there was no pain. Only a great deal of unexpected pleasure.

I squirmed and wiggled as Dad probed gently around and around inside me. I threw my arms above my head, tossing from side to side and gasping for air. I was scared and excited and afraid! "DO it Baby, DO it!" encouraged Dad as he continued massaging me from inside. "Cum for Daddy ... just like I came for you." Then it happened. I felt like I was a firecracker and everything inside me became stars and lights! I came from my toes! I squealed in delight and cried out. My body was thrusting up and down against Dad's fingers. My pussie was now very wet and soon Dad removed his finger and began licking me clean. His tongue was aftershock! My little cunt was soooooo sensitive and sooooo happy!

Later, as we snuggled together and drifted off for a nap, I shivered at this new feeling. I liked it a lot. And I knew that it would get better and better each time Dad and I did IT.

The end.
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