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Domestic Bliss
Part II: Man of the House
by The Prodigal Son

Without a word, Mom hastily left the room, leaving me wondering what the hell was going on. Not to mention leaving me to clean myself up, which I did using the discarded towel. Mom wanking me off had been the best experience of my life, but it was hardly something I could write about in English class, if you know what I mean.

I heard the faucets running in the bathroom next door, and I thought about Mom standing there, over the sink. I'd seen my mother naked many times before, but I'd never thought of her as a sexual object. Now though, my feelings about her were changing rapidly. I pictured her leaning over the sink to wash her face, bending over it, and the image excited me in ways I'd never known before. At 39, Mom had doubtless lost some of her youthfulness and vitality, but I couldn't say she'd lost her looks. She stood just shorter than me at 5'4", and had put on a few pounds like all maturing women, but it had been distributed well, and her figure was still good enough to be seen in a two-piece. If anything, age had improved her, making her previously ultra-svelte form fill out a little into an alluring and curvaceous figure. Sure, her un-dyed auburn hair showed a little grey around the edges (having two kids does that, I guess), and her 34C breasts and gorgeous ass both had a little sag (ditto), but she was still a knockout, and I wondered at myself then for not realising it sooner.

The faucets stopped. Thinking about my mother had caused my dick to rear up again, and for some reason this embarrassed me and I quickly covered it with the towel. My mother appeared in the doorway, seemingly unsure about entering. After only a moment's hesitation she did, but she kept her eyes down, not meeting mine as she slowly, almost reluctantly, crossed the room to the side of the bed on which I lay. There was an awkward silence. Her eyes wandered the room, looking at anything except me, but finally their meanderings brought her gaze to the bed, where she spotted the towel.

"You sure you need that, after what just happened?" she asked, trying to make light of things. But even she knew that it was futile, and her chuckle at her own joke died in her throat.

I didn't know what to say. Mom seemed unsure about what we'd just done but I, though I'm ashamed to admit it, was at that moment undressing her with my eyes, growing ever-more excited at the thought of what was underneath that robe. At length, she took a deep breath, and spoke.

"Look, I never spoke to you about the birds and the bees, did I? But I guess you all pick this stuff up at school, so I suppose you know what I just did. Right?"

"Yeah," I said softly.

"Right. Okay. Some people would say that what we just did - damnit, what I just did! - is wrong, and I guess maybe they're right - "

"No, no," I interrupted, "What you just did for me was great, Mom!"

She raised a hand. "Yeah, but even so, some people think it isn't right. And that's why I want to explain what happened."

"But I know what - "

Her hand shushed me, and insanely I thought of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers.

"Look, I want to explain. Okay. Son, you're father left me a long time ago. Since then, I've never seen anyone else, I've never... been with another man."

"Okay," I prompted.

"It's just..." She seemed to be struggling to explain. "It's just... it's a great thing for a woman to feel wanted, to feel desired, you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, sure,"

"Well, I haven't felt that way in a long time. And then tonight..." She trailed off.

"What!?" I said, dying to know what she was trying to say.

"Tonight, when I saw how you responded to my massage... I felt desired again."

I propped myself up onto an elbow. "But you should feel that way, Mom. You're beautiful."

She had been looking into her lap. Now she raised her eyes, and smiled wanly at me. "That's nice to hear, honey." Then her face grew serious again. "So, when I felt that rush of desire, it was hard to ignore, so I thought I'd... Christ, I don't know what I was thinking. But then after, when I realised what I'd done, I just had to get out of here and think for a minute." As a realisation seemed to hit her, she quickly added, "Oh God! I'm really sorry I rushed off, hon. That must've confused you a lot."

I smiled, very slightly. "It's okay, Mom. It actually helped to make things clearer to me."

Her brow furrowed as though she didn't quite get my meaning, but soon she shook her head quickly, dispelling any - or at least any more - confusing thoughts. She continued.

"The reason I got out of here was, I feared that maybe things would go further than they did, that my desire would take over. Because see, when I rationalised things in the bathroom, took a minute to get my head straight, I realised I'd stupid thinking that I'd made you react like that."

Now I was really confused. "What d'you mean?"

"Because I believe that the brain is the body's most powerful erogenous zone. And when I told you to fantasise about some sexy girl you knew, I realised that, if you'd been thinking about her, then it was her you were coming for, and not me. So for me to force things further would have been really wrong, never mind any other... issues."

I had to admit, it made sense. But it had one fatal flaw.

"But Mom," I said softly, "The sexy girl I was thinking about was you."

She took in a breath sharply, and drew back a little as though the words were a terrifying snake rearing up at her. Her voice was heavy and breathless. "You mean...?"

"Yes, Mom. I wanted to take things further too." Her brow knotted again as she processed this new information, and I felt some rationalisation of my own was necessary. "Okay, Mom. You haven't had a man in years. Well I haven't had a woman ever. And I can't think of any other woman I'd rather have."

She looked deep into my eyes, as though frightened but hugely excited by some unknown adventure. "Are you sure?" she asked firmly.

"Mom, I've never been surer of anything in my life."

She nodded, and her hand snaked out to remove the towel from over my midsection. Once again my dick bounced free, rearing up to its full height.

"You have a beautiful cock," my mother said softly. I looked down. It's not the biggest in the world (about seven inches at full stretch), but it has good girth and stands to attention straight. My mother stroked my member lightly as she had done only minutes before, and it pulsed under her expert touch.

"Take off your robe for me, Mom," I requested. My mother nodded demurely and stood, unfastening the belt and opening her robe slowly, letting it slide at last to the floor. I drew in my breath in wonder at her fabulous body, which for me right then held the best figure in the world. Her tits did have a little sag, but they still stood proudly, two lovely, milky globes each tipped with dark nipples and areolae. Her belly was slightly round, but still tight and with a cute little bellybutton and lower, I feasted my eyes upon her gorgeous pussy, her abundant curls of dark red hair already glistening with the evening's activities. I was breathless. "Oh, Mom, you're beautiful!" I said softly.

Mom knelt at the side of the bed, and took my raging hardon into her hands. "I want to see how this tastes, son." And with that, she plunged her lips over my cock, and pleasure swept over me like a warm blanket. As her fingers danced about my shaft, her tongue teased my helmet, and I nearly blew my load instantly as she rolled back my foreskin with her soft lips, as gentle as marshmallows. Building saliva in her mouth and mixing it with the pre-cum oozing out of me, she moistened my cock and sucked it like a glorious lollipop, occasionally driving me even wilder with a tiny nibble at the bottom of my glans, until I could stand it no longer and was overcome by the familiar feeling of orgasm.

"Mom, I'm gonna cum..." I muttered through my ecstasy.

Mom responded by plunging down further on my dick, signally that she wanted to take what I had to give her. As she felt the first spasms of my orgasm, she raised her head slightly, removing all but the head of my penis from her mouth as she jacked my jism from me. I knew that true deep-throating was the stuff of porn-movie sets and optimistic fiction, and I also knew that this was neither. But she didn't miss a drop, gulping down my spunk hungrily and lapping it up even as it threatened to overflow her gaping mouth.

"God, I love that taste," she said when she was done.

I didn't miss a beat. "Mom, I want to taste you, too. Let me eat you, please!"

She smiled, flattered no doubt at my eagerness, but I couldn't help it, I was more excited than I'd ever been before. My mother stood up and slid onto the bed. I was treated to a stunning view of her excited cunt as she swung one leg over to straddle me, and the sight got even better as she moved her pelvis towards my ravenous mouth.

"Just do what feels good, son," she said.

I took her hips in my hands, guided her towards me, loving the vision of her engorged twat thrusting forward to meet my tongue. At last I put my mouth to her, and my mouth was filled with a taste sweeter than Ambrosia. Her lips were almost pulsating, and her clit stood erect like a hungry chick. I licked gently at the love-button with my tongue, flicking it like I'd heard you were supposed to. Above me, Mom was in raptures.

"Yes, honey, yes," she was gasping, "You're doing great, sweety, that's right."

I covered her entire mons with my mouth, lapping at her pussy lips and teasing her clit and the area around it. My mother ground herself into me as she came, filling my mouth with her sweet juice and washing it all over my face. She withdrew herself from me and lowered herself down, until our eyes met. She kissed me aggressively, mashing her lips against mine as she sucked her juices from mouth, and I licked mine from hers. Suddenly she broke the kiss.

"Fuck me, son," she commanded simply. Turning onto her back, she pulled me over on top of her, spreading herself wide and opening her cunt for me. "Fuck your Mommy."

My cock was raging again. I aimed my knob at her, pushing the head against the opening of her pussy, she drawing herself tight suddenly to delight in the feeling of my dick rubbing at her piss-flaps. In time she relaxed, and I slid myself into her.

It was like entering heaven itself. Years of neglect had made her tighter than a mother-of-two should be, and she used the strong muscles expertly, pulling my cock into her and sliding it out as though it were her who was fucking me. But I didn't give a damn either way.

"Oh, Mom," I said in delight, "We're fucking, Mom! Jesus, Mommy, I'm fucking you!"

"Yes, my darling," she gasped, "Fuck Mommy harder! Give it all to me, my baby, give me all of your sweet cock!"

I thrust myself deeper into her. Our bodies found a rhythm as they pistoned into and away from each other, meshing seamlessly like well-oiled gears. My mother raised her lovely ass off the bed to meet me even deeper, and I pounded harder into her until I could feel the rush of orgasm.

"Mom, I'm gonna cum!"

"Me too, baby, me too, just a little more, baby, that's right, that's right... ah, ah, YES! Oh, GOD, YES! Do me baby, I'm cumming, you're making Mama cum, sweetheart!"

I blew my load into her as she orgasmed, filling her pulsing, contracting pussy with my jizz as we came together, years of sexual frustration being released into one another, and I held my jumping cock inside her as my mother shuddered to the last of her many orgasms.

I collapsed onto the bed beside her, stroking her head and kissing her again on the lips, but gently this time. Mom returned my kiss with closed eyes, letting herself drift into the pleasure of the moment, and we remained like that for a long time, softly kissing and nuzzling each other's mouth, me stroking her hair away from her sweat-soaked, beautiful face whenever it fell forward off the pillow.

We didn't speak. No words were needed. We just lay together, rejoicing in the love we felt for each other, and eventually fell into blissful sleep. In the early hours of the morning, when the rising sun awoke me and I realised that it hadn't all been a dream, I felt like the luckiest guy alive...


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