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Dreams Can Come True II
by AnonSky

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Vicki moved away and began to remove her clothes. She had tried to keep them to a minimum for the quick trip through the snow. As she stripped off her clothes, she could hear Beth moaning and telling Tony to fuck her, to fuck her harder. Naked, Vicki moved back to the entrance to the family room. She wasn't going to go in till they were finished, so she merely stood there, watching and listening to her best friend fuck her son.

Beth moaned, "Oh Tony, fuck me deep and as hard as you can. You feel so good." Beth raised her body up and pushed back trying to get his prick even deeper into her pussy. "I wanted you so much this morning....I hoped you would come over." She collapsed forward onto Tony's chest and began to move her ass up and down even faster, ramming his prick into her pussy. "Make me cum, Tony. Oh God, make cum."

Tony cupped Beth's tits in his hands and pushed upward, helping her get more upright on his prick. Vicki could see the muscles in Tony's legs and thighs straining as he pumped his prick up into Beth's pussy. "Damn, I wish I had my video camera," Vicki thought. "This is better than any sex movie I've ever seen." Vicki felt a sudden concern for Beth. "God, the School Board and administration would crucify Beth if they ever found out she was fucking a student."

"I hope I'm right," Vicki thought to herself as she reviewed her plan. "If I just know about her fucking Tony, it's something I have on her. If I participate, it's something we share, an experience that we share together." Vicki was so immersed in her own thoughts that the sudden move by Tony and Beth caught her by surprise. Beth had collapsed forward onto Tony's chest. He had gripped her tightly and rolled over putting Beth on the bottom. Tony wrapped his arms around her legs, raising them and pushing them back toward her body so that her legs were in front of him against his forearms. Beth was bent almost double, her ass pulled up off the mattress putting her pussy directly under Tony as he continued to pump his prick almost straight down into her pussy.

Vicki rubbed her arms; she was getting a chill in the cold kitchen. Crouching down, she eased into the room staying directly behind Tony, staying out of Beth's line of sight. The sound of Tony's soft grunts and Beth's low moans merged with the sound of his prick driving in and out of Beth's wet pussy, was arousing Vicki even more. Vicki cupped her mons and vulva in her hand and gently massaged herself. "Damn, if this keeps up, I may cum from just listening to them," she thought.

Beth moaned loudly and cried out, ""Oh Tony.....Tony, NOW....NOW, make me cum. I can't wait....I'm going to cum. Oh God, I want it....want it now. Fuck me...fuck me as hard as you can."

Tony began to drive his prick into Beth's pussy even faster. The wet, squishy sounds of his prick driving into Beth's pussy just excited Vicki even more. She could see Beth's hands grasping the sheet, balling it up in her fists as she moaned, "Oohhhhhh Tony, that's good," she moaned. "OOhh My God....I'm cumming. DON"T STOP --- HARDER....FASTER....FUCK ME....OH GOD, DON"T STOP!!!"

Vicki watched as Tony drove his prick into Beth's pussy as fast as he could, and then, with a loud groan, he rammed his prick into her and held it there, grinding himself against her upturned pussy. Vicki knew he was cumming, his prick erupting in Beth's cunt. "Lord, I didn't realize what a turn on it is when you verbalize what you're feeling," thought Vicki. "If turns me on just listening to them, imagine what it does to the guy fucking you. I'll have to be more vocal the next time," she vowed to herself.

Tony moved his arms, letting Beth's body unfold, her legs falling to the mattress, and he collapsed forward onto her body, burying his face against her neck and shoulder. Beth wrapped her arms around him, both of them breathing heavily, not saying a word.

Vicki moved silently up beside them. Beth had her eyes closed, and was obviously trying to catch her breath. Beth's skin, her neck, chest, and breasts still had the rosy body flush left by her orgasm, but it was spotty, beginning to fade away. Vicki dropped to her knees beside them, the movement of the mattress startling them. Beth's eyes opened, confused and unfocused at first, and then a range of emotions flashed through them as she cried out Vicki's name. Shock, when she recognized Vicki; fear, when she realized what Vicki must have seen; puzzlement, when she finally became conscious of Vicki's nakedness; and relief, a happy relief, when she realized what Vicki's nakedness and broad grin had to mean.

Since Tony had rolled off Beth to the other side, Vicki stretched out beside Beth and gently pulled her over into her arms. Beth hesitated and then came willingly, rolling her body against Vicki's, wrapping her arms around Vicki.

"Oh God, Vicki, you scared me to death," whispered Beth in a shaky uncertain voice. "I've been so afraid....afraid you would find out." She started crying softly. "I never meant for it to happen.....really I didn't."

Vicki hugged her gently and whispered softly, "Honey, it's okay. I understand....don't cry."

Trying to control her sobbing, Beth began talking, the words flowing out of her in a rush. Vicki just let her talk and, every now and then, murmured a, "I understand," or "Honey, it's alright." Tony got up and mouthed a silent 'bathroom' to his mother and left quietly as Beth continued to babble away.

Finally, her anxiety talked out, Beth paused and pulled back some, so she could see Vicki's eyes. "Vicki, you've got to believe me, I would never do anything to hurt you or Tony - I love you both too much." Beth glanced up at Tony as he crawled back onto the mattress beside her. "Oh Vicki, I'm sorry for what I did. It wasn't Tony's fault; it was mine. I should have stopped it. I knew it was wrong."

Vicki chuckled softly and kissed Beth's forehead. "Beth, I'm not blaming anyone and I'm not upset about it. Why do you think I'm over here like this, in my birthday suit?" Vicki told her about the events of last night, about waking up and having sex with Tony. Vicki laughed and said, "This morning I was feeling so guilty about it that I was going to put an end to it, pretend it never happened. I tried, but the next thing I knew we were making love again." She gave Beth a quick kiss. "Like I told Tony, we've let that Genie out of the bottle - we might as well enjoy it, because we sure as hell can't get him back in there."

Beth laughed and hugged Vicki as Tony asked, "How long were you watching us?"

"Long enough. You two were beautiful together. I thought I was going to cum just watching and listening to you two. If it had gone on much longer, you would've probably heard my pussy juices dripping on the floor."

Reaching across Beth, Tony cupped his mother's vulva in his hand and slipped a finger between her moist pussy lips. "Let's see how wet you are," said Tony. "Jeez, you are ready, aren't you?" He withdrew his hand and took Beth's left hand in his. "Here, feel her, he said, placing Beth's hand on his mother's pussy and guiding her fingers between Vicki's wet, swollen pussy lips. He did it so smoothly and swiftly that neither Beth nor Vicki had a chance to protest.

Vicki gasped and moaned softly when she felt Beth's fingers on her pussy. When Beth started to withdraw her hand, Vicki quickly put a hand on top Beth's hand, holding it in place. "Beth, leave it, don't move your hand - I was aching for someone to touch me there. Lord, I've never had a woman touch me there - it feels good."

Tony was propped up on one elbow watching them. "If you want to get off, you two are going to have to do it yourselves. I'm exhausted." He laughed and said, "I think that's a great idea. I'd like to watch you two make love. The way you two feel about each other I'm surprised you haven't ever done it together."

Blushing furiously, Beth said in choked, soft voice, "Lying here like this, naked with my fingers in your mother's pussy, I'm wondering the same thing."

Vicki was looking in Beth's eyes and she could see the concern there, the fear that maybe she had gone too far, that Vicki would reject her. Smiling, Vicki pulled Beth closer and kissed her. She let her tongue tease and probe Beth's lips as her hand slid down Beth's body and between her thighs, cupping Beth's pussy in her hand. With an audible sigh of relief, Beth opened her lips and sucked Vicki's tongue deep into her mouth.

To Be Continued:

This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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